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Data table values for UNI's somewhat universal Infinite Worth EX.


  • name: Move name.
  • subtitle: Move name in Japanese.
  • image: Image of the character performing the move.
  • damage: Damage done.

Optional Parameters

  • mindamage: Minimum damage done.
  • description: Extra description of IWEX if wanted.
  • character: Not really needed as it will use the subpage name, but for example's sake it's here.



 |name=Raging Roar


Raging Roar
UNI Hyde ABCD.png
Damage Guard Cancel Property Cost Attribute
[Min: 1316]
Mid, Air - Knockdown 200 EXS, Vorpal or GRD Break Strike
Startup Active Recovery Overall Advantage Invul
1+15 6 46 67 -25 1~26 Full

Hyde becomes surrounded by a pillar of light which goes into a cinematic on hit.

  • Must have less than 30% health (orange health) to use.
  • After the cinematic, characters will be moved to the middle of the stage, regardless of where they were positioned before.
  • Due to the cost, it is usually not recommended to use this move unless it will kill the opponent.

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