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[[Under Night In-Birth/UNICLR/{{{Character}}}|Overview]]



[[Under Night In-Birth/UNICLR/{{{Character}}}/Strategy|Strategy]]



[[Under Night In-Birth/UNICLR/{{{Character}}}/Combos|Combos]]





  • Character: Add character name, must match character page
  • OverviewCompleted: Add completed items on Overview page
  • OverviewTodo: Add to-do items on Overview page
  • OverviewScore: Assign a completion score between 0 and 50
  • StrategyCompleted: Add completed items on Strategy page
  • StrategyTodo: Add to-do items on Strategy page
  • StrategyScore: Assign a completion score between 0 and 25
  • CombosCompleted: Add completed items on Combos page
  • CombosTodo: Add to-do items on Combos page
  • CombosScore: Assign a completion score between 0 and 25

The total completion score is calculated automatically by adding all other score values (should not be higher than 100)