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Game Version Date Notes
0.65.8 2021/09/09
  • Debug Ref: Fixed button text being really long in the for SFX section
  • Debug Ref: Removed broken, unused "Launch" SFX
0.65.7 2021/09/08
  • Menu: Entering the Debug or Mod menu stops the menu music. It will resume when you leave
  • Debug Ref: Added SFX (sound effects) section
  • Modding: Upgraded engine to 5
  • Modding: CharacterSFX (the values for FrameConfig.sound) have been converted from numbers to descriptive strings. Existing mods will be converted with the engine update. See the Types doc for which strings to use going forward
0.65.6 2021/09/07
  • Modding: Added CharacterSFX to the bottom of the Types doc
0.65.5 2021/09/07
  • Gameplay: REJECTION is now -2 on block
  • Gameplay: REJECTION no longer gains you or the opponent any meter for making contact
  • Gameplay: BURST no longer gains you or the opponent any meter for making contact
  • Modding: Upgraded engine to 4
  • Modding: Renamed version > engine and modRevision > modVersion, to better match how people discuss their mods
  • Modding: Added "meterCost" to SequenceConfig. Rapid, Burst, and Rejection have been converted to use this new field
  • Modding: Fixed bug where the Sound Toggle was still visible while testing mods
0.65.4 2021/09/07
  • Buffed Noodle/Rice: Whip's close hitbox has been made 25% taller
  • NOTE: This is to fix a bug introduced in 0.65.2, where the slightly higher launch on Swat meant that doing Swat > RC > Whip in the corner would whiff
0.65.3 2021/09/05
  • Settings: Fixed RenderFPS, which wasn't having any effect before now
  • Settings: Mobile players are now defaulted to RenderFPS=30 to ensure a smooth framerate. Feel free to increase it if your phone is fast enough
  • NOTE: RenderFPS can dramatically increase performance on weaker devices by processing the game at 60 FPS, but drawing at a reduced framerate (30/40/45)
0.65.2 2021/09/05
  • Fixed Rice: Fixed bug where Swat Slam (the second hit of Swat) would whiff in the corner
0.65.1 2021/09/05
  • Adjusted Noodle/Rice: Whip Splash startup increased 10 > 13 for consistency with new attack "Whip Around". This should not affect existing combos
  • Buffed Rice: Added new attack Whip Around, a variant of Whip Splash that crosses up. Press Forward + Heavy during Whip Pounce to cancel into Whip Around
  • Buffed Rice: Fixed bug where Swat was +0 on hit. It is now +1 as originally intended
  • Buffed Rice: Swat now places the opponent slightly further away, to better match the art (Spice Sweep still reaches)
  • Nerfed Rice: Removed ability to cancel Whip Pounce into Swipe
  • Nerfed Rice: Reduced meter gain on Swat 200 > 100
0.65.0 2021/09/04
  • Buffed Onion: Cackle has been redesigned to lead to more combo opportunities
  • Cackle now attacks 10 frames after the parry freeze with a lightning bolt, dealing 100 damage and leaving Onion +12 on hit to continue a custom combo at close range
  • Cackle has the same freeze/startup timing as Beef's Flex, making it viable as an anti-air attack (though still difficult to time)
  • Cackle's animation has been adjusted to fit this new timing and make the lightning bolt more visible
  • Cackle's attack reaches far, has no pushback on hit, deals 100 damage / 50 chip, and is safe (though minus) on block
  • Cackle's meter gain on activation has been reduced 200 > 100 (though the followup attack now adds 100 meter on hit)
  • Cackle is vulnerable before the lightning bolt, so you still want to parry multiple times against Frenzy and other multi-hit attacks
  • Cackle's attack hits once, but acts like 5 attacks for scaling (the followup combo will do much lower damage than normal)
  • Modding: Added "addScaling" to AttackConfig
0.64.8 2021/09/04
  • Redeployed 0.64.7
0.64.7 2021/09/04
  • Buffed Onion: When parrying a multi-hit attack (eg Frenzy) by canceling Cackle into another Feint, the followup Feints have a larger parry window (5 > 10 frames), making those followup parries very easy to time
  • Training: Change default meter setting to "Refill"
0.64.6 2021/09/04
  • Hall of Fame: Added recent events
0.64.5 2021/09/04
  • Welcome: Fixed bug where the controller config button was visible on the Welcome screen
  • FAQ: Added picture of Paul and Amy
0.64.4 2021/09/04
  • Mobile: If you connect a gamepad, it will automatically open the controller config menu
  • Admin: Added hidden "Kiosk" mode for running TLA in an offline context without a mouse or keyboard. More news about this coming soon!
  • Kiosk Mode: Removed introduction, patch notes, and EULA
  • Kiosk Mode: Removed "Play Online" from the main menu
  • Kiosk Mode: Automatically open the controller config when a new controller is plugged in
0.64.3 2021/09/02
  • Admin: Added alternate boot option for manual testing
0.64.2 2021/08/29
  • Character Select: Color selection UI has been redesigned to support more than six colors (coming soon)
  • Character Select: You can no longer see colors that you have not yet unlocked
0.64.1 2021/08/29
  • Gameplay: Fixed bug where the "KO buffer", a small gap before the KO plays (in case of rollbacks), was not working
0.64.0 2021/08/28
  • Gameplay: Added a win/lose pose to each round (using existing art for now)
  • Gameplay: You can cancel out of the win pose by walking left/right
  • Gameplay: Winning via timeout with full health now rewards a T victory, instead of a P
  • Gameplay: Fixed bug where the KO sound/visual would play a little early
  • Modding: Added "poseWin" and "poseLose" to ActionConfig
  • Hall of Fame: Added recent events
0.63.9 2021/08/28
  • Menu: When you go back in the menu, your previous selection is now highlighted and scrolled into view
0.63.8 2021/08/28
  • Gameplay: When playing while logged in, it will now display your character's name under your account tag
0.63.7 2021/08/25
  • Garlic: Fixed bug where Dash's cancel window was accidentally increased in 0.62.10
  • Modding: Fixed bug where the "boss popup" could appear for a modded character
  • Modding: Added more comments to the docs
0.63.6 2021/08/25
  • Hall of Fame: Added recent events
0.63.5 2021/08/22
  • Gameplay: If you do an attack with reversal timing (ie on the first frame possible after leaving stun/knockdown), a little "Reversal" text will appear
0.63.4 2021/08/21
  • Training: Added new "Dummy Behavior" setting with the choices [Player2 / Cpu / Record / Loop / Reversal]. The first three options are the same as before. Loop has been moved from Key5 to here. Reversal is a new option that will play your recording once as soon as the dummy comes out of hitstun, blockstun, juggling, or knockdown
  • Private Match: The example code has been fixed to match the current code length (7 digits)
0.63.3 2021/08/20
  • Modding: Added optional "modAuthor", "modDescription", and "modRevision" fields so you can better document your modded files (see the docs in the mod tool). These do not currently show up when loading/selecting mods, but that will be added in a future update
  • CPU vs CPU: Fixed bug where it would show your account name in the P1 spot, when it should just be the character's name
  • Changelog: Added some admin tools to help automate sharing updates with Twitter and Discord
0.63.2 2021/08/20
  • Redeployed 0.63.1
0.63.1 2021/08/20
  • Training: When recording inputs for P2 playback, it will now say READY TO RECORD and won't start recording until you start inputing controls
  • NOTE: This is in prep for upcoming Training Mode options which will require recordings to more precise with their timing
0.63.0 2021/08/18
  • Nerfed Noodle/Rice: Whip, Whip Pounce, and Whip Splash have all had their damage reduced 80 > 70
  • Nerfed Rice: Swipe damage reduced 100 > 80
  • Nerfed Beef/Pork: Heavy Punch damage reduced 100 > 90
  • Nerfed Beef: BEEFCAKE damage reduced 200 > 160
  • Buffed Pork: Caber Toss now launches into a free juggle state, like it did before 0.54.1
  • Adjusted Pork: Caber Toss damage reduced 100 > 10, but this is more than made up for by the juggle state
  • Adjusted Pork: Caber Toss is no longer unburstable, since you are now able to bait the BURST
  • Nerfed Pork: Caber Toss recovery on whiff has been increased 10 > 20 to make whiff punishing easier
  • Buffed Onion: Onion can cancel Hopkick into "Empty Hop" during startup by holding back, giving a small "hop dash" to help mixup during pressure and allowing Onion to hop over Lemons without committing to an attack
0.62.11 2021/08/18
  • Modding: Added "ignoreScaling" to AttackConfig
0.62.10 2021/08/18
  • Onion: Fixed bug where the last 5 frames of Cackle's recovery could not be canceled into Feint
  • NOTE: This was due to a larger bug within the cancel system, and how it treated large cancel windows without attacks. Onion appears to be the only affected character. You can now consistently double parry Noodle/Rice Slap, as was originally intended
0.62.9 2021/08/17
  • Replays: Fixed bug where loading a Replay via URL would fail if your local replay storage was full of more recent matches
0.62.8 2021/08/17
  • Modding: Fixed bug where "mirrorImage" didn't work when facing left
0.62.7 2021/08/17
  • Modding: Added "mirrorImage" to FrameConfig so you can now mirror sprites
  • Modding: Update will convert any usages of Garlic's unique Dash Back sprites to normal Dash sprites with the new mirroring method
0.62.6 2021/08/17
  • Lobbies: Added new "Host Only" option for uploading mods, to make running mod tournaments easier
0.62.5 2021/08/16
  • Modding: Added versioning to mod files along with an automatic updater, in prep for larger engine changes
  • Modding: Added new modding popup for communicating errors and info (this will eventually replace the disruptive browser alerts)
  • Replays: Fixed bug where the Fullscreen button covered the options button
  • Frame Data: Fixed input notation for Indecisive Lemon
  • Hall of Fame: Added recent events and backfilled some VOD links
  • About: Updated YouTube url to our new personalized address
0.62.4 2021/08/02
  • Hall of Fame: Added recent Tough Love Gauntlet events
0.62.3 2021/08/02
  • Redeployed 0.62.2
0.62.2 2021/08/02
  • Training: Added setting to hide HUD
0.62.1 2021/07/17
  • Lobbies: Added mod support to Lobbies
  • To play with mods, the host needs to enable it during Lobby creation
  • From the Lobby waiting room, click the button "Load Mods" to upload mods to the Lobby
  • Everyone can upload mods, but only the host can delete them
  • Once in Character Select, you should see the mods that you and others have uploaded to the Lobby
  • Lobby mods are stored separately from the Offline mods added in 0.62.0
  • Lobbies: The lobby waiting room UI has been slightly redesigned to make room for more features
  • Menu: Fixed UI bug where the Fullscreen button wouldn't close to the corner on certain menus
0.62.0 2021/07/17
  • Ranked: You can now choose Random (it will select a character for you, and then continue as normal)
  • Character Select: Random and Boss Characters can now be selected via keyboard / controller
  • Modding: Added MOD option to Character Select in most offline game modes (online coming soon!)
  • Modding: Using the MOD option on the Character Select screen opens a menu where you can load multiple mod files at once, choose modded characters, and remove them
  • Modding: Added Modded characters to the Frame Data Menu (also with the ability to load / remove modded characters)
  • Modding: Playing with a modded character now updates the Version in the bottom left to make it clear that any footage captured is with modded characters
  • Modding: You can now share Replays with modded characters, but you will be unable to view them without first loading the same (unaltered) mod file
  • NOTE: When you "load" a mod file, this does not upload it to a server, but instead stores it in local memory. When you close or refresh your tab, anything loaded will be deleted. Please keep copies of your local mod files
0.61.6 2021/07/13
  • Nerfed Beef: Reduced meter gain on whiffed Flex 200 > 100
  • Menu: Improved active player count tracking. Status page counts for Casual and Ranked will include people who are queued to play
0.61.5 2021/07/12
  • Modding: Added ability to download and upload mod files
0.61.4 2021/07/12
  • Modding: Added keyboard shortcuts and additional documentation
  • Modding: Added the Character Select BGM music to the Modding screen
  • Modding: Added the menu sound toggle (so you can mute the music during modding and/or test gameplay)
0.61.3 2021/07/12
  • Gameplay: Fixed UI bug caused by overkilling an opponent (post KO combo) who had blue life before the game-ending combo started
0.61.2 2021/07/12
  • Loading: Added error popup for the Loading screen that logs stats and instructs to restart the game
  • Modding: Added special error popup for the Loading screen that trys to instruct what caused the error and lets you go back to modding
0.61.1 2021/07/11
  • Modding: Fixed bug where the Mod menu was hidden
0.61.0 2021/07/11
  • Modding: Added prototype Modding page within Extras menu
  • Allows you to quickly and easily edit existing characters and play with the engine
  • Please let us know what features you'd like to see added!
0.60.2 2021/07/11
  • Admin: Refactor character config for upcoming feature
0.60.1 2021/07/10
  • Admin: Updated internal dependencies
0.60.0 2021/07/10
  • Gameplay: While your character is in hitstun, blockstun, being juggled, or knocked down, you can be slowly pushed by the opponent's pushbox
  • Gameplay: Blue Life passive regeneration has been reduced 0.2 > 0.1 per frame
  • Gameplay: Blue Life now regenerates in small chunks when you attack and it makes contact with the opponent (each heal is equal to 2 seconds of passive regen)
  • Gameplay: Landing a parry (Flex, Feint) vs a projectile (Lemon) now armors the projectile and does not trigger the parry followup
  • Nerfed Beef: Lemon blockstun reduced 32 > 30. This changes the advantage of up close Lemon +2 > +0
  • Training Mode: Fixed bug where frame advantage in the top left wouldn't refresh for projectiles
  • Hall of Fame: Added recent Tough Love Gauntlet results
0.59.2 2021/07/08
  • Fixed Beef: Fixed bug where Lemon could be RAPID cancelled without meeting the LOVE meter requirement
0.59.1 2021/07/08
  • Tutorial: Fixed strategy guide for Feint to match new behavior
0.59.0 2021/07/08
  • Changed Onion: Cackle has been redesigned
  • Cackle no longer has a follow up attack. Instead, Onion slides back for 10 frames of Recovery, then can act freely
  • You can cancel the recovery frames of Cackle into another Cackle (to parry multi-hit attacks)
  • Buffed Beef: Lemon can be RAPID canceled for the 10 frames after throwing
  • Nerfed Onion: Feint whiff recovery increased 30 > 35 to match Beef's Flex
  • Fixed Noodle: Adjusted Frenzy pushback to work correctly with the changes made in 0.58.7
0.58.7 2021/07/08
  • Gameplay: While your character is in hitstun, blockstun, or being juggled, they cannot be pushed by the opponent's pushbox
  • NOTE: Translated, fast-moving attacks like Hopkick and Uppercut will no longer push the opponent's body unnaturally quick
0.58.6 2021/07/08
  • Replays: Fixed bug where new internal Replay tracker would accidentally flag new Replays as duplicates
0.58.5 2021/07/08
  • Replays: Replays are no longer uploaded automatically after every match. Instead, they are uploaded when a Replay is shared. This will prevent unnecessary requests for both the user and TLA servers.
0.58.4 2021/07/06
  • Gameplay: Fixed bug where getting hit by BURST would drain Blue Life (only attacks that deal damage can drain Blue Life)
  • Animation: BEEFCAKE effects animation has been changed to be less disorienting
0.58.3 2021/07/06
  • Buffed Pork: The first hit of Caber Toss is now unburstable, matching the behavior of normal throws
  • Nerfed Noodle: Grounder can no longer hit airborne opponents
  • Nerfed Rice: Fixed bug where Swat Slam was missing hurtboxes during recovery and could not be hit by BURST
0.58.2 2021/07/06
  • Fixed Noodle/Rice: Jump's first active frame now appears at the correct height to hit a standing opponent
  • Buffed Noodle/Rice: Jump now travels further, effective startup reduced 37 > 35
  • Buffed Noodle: Fist now cancels to Jump on both hit and block, enabling corner combos and fake frametraps respectively
  • Nerfed Noodle/Rice: Added 8 frames of Recovery + Blockstun to Whip Splash, making it easier to react and punish on block. The juggle trajectory on hit has been slightly altered to ensure the safe jump still works
  • Tutorial: Removed chip damage reference from Palm's strategy tutorial
0.58.1 2021/07/05
  • Gameplay: Added "Punish" label above combo counter when the combo starts by hitting the opponent during recovery frames
  • Hall of Fame: Added YouTube link for the 6 Month Anniversary Tournament
  • NOTE: A "Punish Combo" does not confer any bonuses (like Counterhit), it is merely cosmetic
0.58.0 2021/07/04
  • Added two new gameplay mechanics: Blue Life and REJECTION
  • Blue Life is recoverable life that you receive when blocking most Heavy and Special attacks
  • Blue Life recovers slowly over time, but will be instantly lost if when hit
  • REJECTION is a new defensive mechanic that costs 1 bar of LOVE METER and is performed by pressing Forward + Special while blocking
  • REJECTION pushes your opponent away and quickly recovers 100 Blue Life, if present
  • Gameplay: Chip damage has been removed from all attacks except Noodle Fist, Rice Swipe, and Beef Lemon
  • Gameplay: Most moves that used to do Chip instead deal a comparable amount of Blue Life
  • Nerfed Noodle: Chip damage on Fist reduced 40 > 30
  • Nerfed Rice: Chip damage on Swipe reduced 40 > 30
  • Training: Added Normal/Refill/Freeze options for Blue Life
  • Tutorial: Added information about Blue Life to the Blocking section in Basics
  • Tutorial: Added REJECTION to Advanced
  • Frame Data: Added Blue Life info for all attacks and added REJECTION
0.57.8 2021/07/03
  • About: Added a Special Thanks for shygybeats, the organizer of the Tough Love Gauntlet tournament series
  • Hall of Fame: Added the Potato Weekly tournaments
  • Changelog: The changelog is now downloadable in JSON form (scroll to the bottom)
0.57.7 2021/07/03
  • Emotes: Replaced "Oops" with "Thank You"
  • Emotes: Added number key to emote menu
  • Hall of Fame: Fixed inaccuracies
0.57.6 2021/07/03
  • Hall of Fame: Added general description and "last updated"
  • Hall of Fame: Added more events
0.57.5 2021/07/03
  • Extras: Added "Hall of Fame" page with tournament results and links to brackets + VODs
0.57.4 2021/07/01
  • Gameplay: Added unpushable pushboxes to BURST. This fixes weird scenarios where fast travelling moves (like Uppercut) could pass through BURST and then be hit from behind
0.57.3 2021/06/30
  • Mobile: During Character Select, you can now undo a character choice by pressing the "Unselect" button that appears at the bottom
  • Replays: You can now restart a Replay by pressing Light attack at the win screen
0.57.2 2021/06/29
  • Win Screen: Fixed visual bug where some text was cutting off the winner's portrait
  • Win Screen: Fixed text on the Unlock screen to reflect recent lobby changes
  • Gameplay: Fixed bug where a full-health normal character losing via timeout to a slightly damaged (but higher remaining health) boss character would award the boss a "Perfect" win
0.57.1 2021/06/29
  • Frame Data: Mystery Meat data is visible after they are unlocked
  • Frame Data: Fixed bug where some character tables would appear more than once
0.57.0 2021/06/29
  • Versus CPU: Added boss character "Mystery Meat"
  • Buffed Garlic: Reduced Backflip recovery 14 > 10 frames
  • Buffed Secret Spice: Divekick now has armor vs air attacks, making it more consistent as an invulnerable answer to jump attacks
  • Versus CPU: AI now uses reversal options more appropriately
0.56.8 2021/06/26
  • Gameplay: While playing or spectating a match, you can now hover your mouse in the bottom right of the screen to view the Fullscreen button
0.56.7 2021/06/24
  • Tutorial: Fixed bug where landing a meaty attack after knockdown would prevent the combo tracker from resetting
0.56.6 2021/06/24
  • Training: Added option to set LOVE meter to Empty
0.56.5 2021/06/23
  • Tutorial: Fixed Onion Combo #5: Hopkick Juggle to start in the corner (as of patch 0.51.0, it is impossible midscreen)
0.56.4 2021/06/23
  • Tutorial: Fixed bug where the starting positions were sometimes wrong
0.56.3 2021/06/23
  • Online: Mitigated packet loss by sending the last 10 inputs with every frame
  • NOTE: Desyncs should occur less often. If you notice any adverse effects / new bugs, please let us know.
0.56.2 2021/06/17
  • Ranked/Casual: Increased server timeout 1 > 30 minutes. You should no longer disconnect from the server while waiting for a match
  • Private Match: Fixed bug where an error screen would appear when you closed voluntarily
0.56.1 2021/06/15
  • Online: Reduced input prediction 120 > 60 frames
  • Admin: Added monitoring to track missing inputs in online matches
  • Admin: Removed old, unused handshake logic
  • NOTE: Online play should be unaffected. These changes are merely in preparation for upcoming desync work. Please report any bugs.
0.56.0 2021/06/14
  • Buffed Beef/Pork: Heavy Punch hitbox expanded vertically, making it more reliable for anti-airs and juggles
  • Nerfed Beef/Pork: Gutpunch hitbox reduced vertically, making it impossible to anti-air
  • Nerfed Beef/Pork: Uppercut juggle limit reduced 4 > 3
  • Changed Pork: Caber Toss now launches close with juggle limit 4, but automatically combos into Jump. You can RAPID before the Jump and do a custom combo for a closer knockdown.
  • Tutorial: Updated the affected strategy guides and combo trials
  • NOTE: The hitbox changes restore the Meats to the original design for their normals. The Uppercut nerf only slightly reduces corner damage. The Caber Toss change should play similarly to the current version, but with more consistent execution, more options, and less corner carry.
0.55.8 2021/06/14
  • Online: Switched over to new handshake server
  • NOTE: P2P connections should "handshake" and complete a little faster and more consistently. If your online experience gets worse, please let us know.
0.55.7 2021/06/14
  • Private Match: ID codes are now prefixed with PM (eg PM-1234567)
  • Lobbies: ID codes are now prefixed with LB (eg LB-12345)
  • NOTE: You still only need the numbers to join. If you copy & paste the prefix, it will be ignored. This is to make it more obvious which game mode a shared code is referring to.
0.55.6 2021/06/14
  • Accounts: Added Carb, Meat, and Spice as name options
  • Online: Added infrastructure to support new handshake server
  • Admin: Cleaned up old Rice assets
0.55.5 2021/06/11
  • Versus CPU: Adjusted the AI
  • Private Match: Fixed bug where you could double-click JOIN, creating orphan connections to the handler
  • Lobbies: Fixed bug where selecting a custom rotation did nothing
0.55.4 2021/06/08
  • Local Versus: The win screen now shows a two prompts and requires both players to hit rematch
0.55.3 2021/06/08
  • Lobbies: The host can now forcibly move other players to spectate and vice versa
0.55.2 2021/06/08
  • Lobbies: The host can set different rotation options: Winner, Loser, or Random
  • Lobbies: The lobby settings (roundtime, rotation, etc) are now visible in the lobby view
0.55.1 2021/06/08
  • Changed Garlic: DashBack > Roundhouse startup reduced 18 > 12 to match normal Roundhouse
  • Changed Garlic: DashBack > Roundhouse forward movement greatly reduced
  • Changed Garlic: DashBack > Trip replaced with DashBack > Jump
0.55.0 2021/06/07
  • Animation: Rice has been fully animated and polished
  • Animation: Rice has new options for alternate colors
  • Changed Rice: Swat hitbox has been slightly shrunk to better match art. Gameplay should be unaffected
0.54.23 2021/06/05
  • Replays: Migrated replay system to new infrastructure
  • Replays: Replay code length increased 8 > 10 digits to reduce frequency of collisions
  • Patch Notes: Fixed notes box to be constant width
  • NOTE: Like with a balance patch, replays before 0.54.23 will not be accessible. Please report any bugs going forward!
0.54.22 2021/06/01
  • About: Fixed link to Rice & Onion guide to show table of contents
0.54.21 2021/06/01
  • About: Added community-made Rice guide
  • About: External guides/resources are now visible on mobile
0.54.20 2021/06/01
  • Menu: Added Patch Notes popup that appears the first time you load the game after an update
  • NOTE: This won't be visible until the next update goes out
0.54.19 2021/05/30
  • Changed Beef: Canceling Lemon > Indecisive Lemon is now performed by holding back during Lemon startup frames, rather than timing a Light Attack
  • Tutorial: Added section for Indecisive Lemon under Beef's Character Guide
  • Todo: Cleaned up and organized Phase 1 goals by category
0.54.18 2021/05/29
  • Tutorial: Fixed bug where boss characters were visible (they did nothing when selected)
  • Menu: Fixed bug where changing menu options would temporarily hide the Custom Controls button in the bottom right corner
0.54.17 2021/05/29
  • Lobbies: Host can now set the max number of players, best of X, round time, and whether bosses are allowed
0.54.16 2021/05/29
  • Ranked: Fixed bug where the Round Time could be set to something other than 60 seconds
  • Options: Fixed bug where "Restore Defaults" reset some Training settings. Restore defaults will now only affect the settings you see in the Options menu
  • About: Added links to Infil's FGC Glossary and community character guides
  • Admin: Refactored and tested user settings and localStorage to be less error prone
0.54.15 2021/05/28
  • vs CPU: Added setting to remember chosen CPU difficulty
  • Tutorial: Fixed bug where it would "You're done with the Advanced tutorial!" prematurely
0.54.14 2021/05/28
  • vs CPU: Combined two menu items (Easy and Hard) into one (Human VS CPU)
  • vs CPU: Added difficulty option to the Character Select screen (defaults to Easy)
0.54.13 2021/05/27
  • Tutorial: Added Counter Hit tutorial under the Advanced section
  • Character Select: Fixed bug where secrets were visible in screens where they don't actually work (aka would cause disconnects)
0.54.12 2021/05/27
  • Character Select: Pressing Special Attack now cycles the Stage
  • Character Select: Secrets are now clickable with mouse / touch. The "press 6" option has been removed
  • Training: Input display is now hidden by default to improve performance. You can show it via the Training popup menu
0.54.11 2021/05/27
  • Online: Improved clock sync algorithm to be less error-prone
  • Online: Calibration is now much shorter
0.54.10 2021/05/26
  • Changed Noodle: Fist now does a normal amount of pushback on block (it was previously 0 pushback)
0.54.9 2021/05/26
  • Admin: Fixed bug where FAQ, Todo, and Changelog wouldn't load
0.54.8 2021/05/26
  • Admin: Fixed bug where developer tools were accessible on production
0.54.7 2021/05/25
  • Nerfed Pork: Caber Toss throw range decreased 0.6 > 0.8 (reverts 0.54.1)
  • Character Select: Fixed bug where the incomplete boss character "Mystery Meat" was selectable
0.54.6 2021/05/25
  • Admin: Update misc copy
0.54.5 2021/05/24
  • Versus CPU: Rebalanced Secret Spice and added Backflip
  • Versus CPU: You can no longer pick custom rounds/time for Boss Fights
0.54.4 2021/05/23
  • Gameplay: Fixed landing frames after BURST to be coded as Recovery instead of Startup
  • Gameplay: Fixed "gap" frames, the frames in between actives frames for multi-hit attacks, to be coded as Startup instead of Recovery
  • Frame Data: Menu has been updated accordingly (more info about gap frames coming in a future patch)
0.54.3 2021/05/22
  • Training: Fixed bug where reseting position and/or loading state erased your input recording
  • Training: If looping playback while you reset positions, the loop will now restart after reset
  • Training: If looping playback while you save state, the loop will resume at the same time on load state
0.54.2 2021/05/22
  • Gameplay: Fixed bug where throws could not Counter Hit
  • NOTE: Startup normally cannot be thrown. This only affects attacks with armor.
0.54.1 2021/05/22
  • Adjusted Beef/Pork: Spike now sends slightly further away
  • Adjusted Pork: Caber Toss juggle points adjusted 9 > 4
  • Buffed Pork: Caber Toss throw range increased 0.6 > 0.8
  • Nerfed Pork: Caber Toss launch angle now sends much further away
  • NOTE: We want to keep Pork's 50/50 traps, but slightly reduce the frequency. Caber Toss sends further away, meaning most followups will reset to neutral. You can still vortex with meter or corner. To compensate for this slight nerf, Caber Toss's range has been slightly increased (it now matches the animation).
0.54.0 2021/05/22
  • Gameplay: Added Counter Hits
  • Counter hits occur when you hit the opponent during the startup frames of their attack
  • Normal combo damage scaling goes 100, 100, 90, 80, 70, 60, 50, 40, 30, 20, ...20
  • On counter hit starter, damage scaling becomes 150, 100, 90, 80, 70, 60, 50, 40, ...40
  • On counter hit, the word COUNTER appears above the combo counter
  • The counter hit combo counter is pink instead of red (until RAPID, when it becomes purple as per usual)
  • Jump attacks cannot be counter hit once airborne
  • Garlic's Dash cannot be counter hit
  • Training: Add option to Force and Randomize counter hits
  • Frame Data: Added combo scaling information
  • NOTE: This mechanic is designed to create a niche for double RAPID combos and reward confirming. We will be keeping an eye on whether the damage becomes problematic
0.53.11 2021/05/21
  • Ranked: Reaching "Hot" rank or higher now unlocks the "Plaid" skin for that character
  • Character Select: Removed version overlay in bottom left to reduce clutter
0.53.10 2021/05/21
  • Online: Slightly shortened calibration time (reduced amount of time spent auditing new method)
  • Admin: Added more auditing for new calibration algorithm
0.53.9 2021/05/20
  • Ranked: Added "Max Input Delay" setting within the character select
  • Ranked: Added preview of what your input delay will be before confirming a match
  • Ranked: Fixed bug where search range preference wasn't being preserved across sessions
0.53.8 2021/05/20
  • Ranked: Fixed bug where you could fight yourself in another window/browser
  • Admin: Added auditing for new calibration algorithm
0.53.7 2021/05/19
  • Admin: Fixed bug in calibration monitoring
0.53.6 2021/05/19
  • Admin: Added additional monitoring to calibration
0.53.5 2021/05/18
  • Buffed Garlic: Dash > 4S now cancels into new move "Dash Back" instead of Backflip
  • Dash Back has all the same cancel options as Dash, except 4S and 6S both cancel into Dash Again
0.53.4 2021/05/17
  • Ranked: Ranks have been reset
  • Ranked: MMR boundaries for Spice Levels have been adjusted
  • Ranked: A new Spice Level has been added
  • Ranked: Ranked has been restored
  • Leaderboard: Leaderboard has been been restored
0.53.3 2021/05/17
  • Ranked: Ranked is temporarily disabled as we perform a database migration and reset
  • Leaderboard: Leaderboard is temporarily disabled as we perform a database migration and reset
0.53.2 2021/05/16
  • Admin: Migrated Leaderboard view to a new server with a 1 minute cache
  • Admin: Removed client-side Leaderboard cache management
0.53.1 2021/05/16
  • Tutorial: Fixed misc typos
0.53.0 2021/05/16
  • Buffed Noodle: Fixed bug where the opponent gained much more meter than intended when blocking Grounder and Frenzy
  • Nerfed Noodle: Grounder hitbox is now shorter, making it less likely to catch opponents jumping
  • Nerfed Noodle: Frenzy damage reduced 200 > 180
  • Buffed Beef/Pork: Uppercut travels slightly further, making combos off Heavy more reliable at max range
0.52.3 2021/05/15
  • Status: Updated active player count to update more frequently
0.52.2 2021/05/15
  • Admin: Migrated active player count to a new server
  • Admin: Modified UI to better identify footage from a dev build
0.52.1 2021/05/12
  • Animation: Premium colors can be selected in Training Mode without a Premium Account (coming soon)
0.52.0 2021/05/12
  • Animation: Noodle has been fully animated and polished
  • Animation: Noodle has new options for alternate colors
  • Menu: Character select has been slightly redesigned
0.51.3 2021/05/09
  • Nerfed Noodle: Grounder meter gain reduced (100, 100, 100) > (30, 30, 40)
0.51.2 2021/05/09
  • Buffed Garlic: Adjusted distance traveled during Dash and Dash Again to match level before 0.51.0
  • NOTE: Dash's nerf in 0.51.0 was an accident caused by the Sweep rework. Dash should now travel the same distance as before when done alone, done out of Sweep or Dash, or when cancelled into a followup. However, changes that are staying for now include: removed pushboxes near the end of Dash + the beginning of Dash Again AND the Dash Again being 1 frame shorter
0.51.1 2021/05/08
  • Tutorial: Fixed typo in Rice's Swipe tutorial
  • Menu: Fixed audio bug when choosing Basic or Advanced tutorials
0.51.0 2021/05/08
  • Nerfed Noodle/Rice: Walk forward speed reduced 60 > 45, walk backward speed reduced 40 > 35
  • Nerfed Beef/Pork: Walk forward speed reduced 60 > 55, walk backward speed unchanged at 40
  • Nerfed Onion/Garlic: Walk forward speed reduced 75 > 65, walk backward speed reduced 70 > 60
  • Gameplay: The walking forward animation is now throw invulnerable
  • Gameplay: Normal throw will still trigger against an opponent that's close and walking forward, but if they continue to walk throughout the active frames, the throw attack will whiff
  • Gameplay: Normal throw active frames have been increased 2 > 5
  • Buffed Noodle/Rice: Throw range has been increased 2x
  • Buffed Noodle/Rice: Whip recovery decreased 20 > 16
  • Buffed Noodle/Rice: Whip advantage on block increased -7 > -5 (no longer punishable)
  • Nerfed Noodle/Rice: Whip active frames decreased 5 > 3
  • Nerfed Noodle/Rice: Whip cancel window reduced 20 > 12
  • Nerfed Noodle/Rice: Whip Pounce no longer re-juggles for 2 hits everytime, now juggles normally for 3 hits
  • Nerfed Noodle/Rice: Whip Splash launches a much shorter distance
  • Nerfed Noodle/Rice: Whip Splash can no longer RAPID on hit or block
  • Buffed Noodle: Added new attack "Grounder" that you perform by pressing Back + Heavy
  • Buffed Noodle: Whip can now cancel into Grounder by pressing Light
  • Buffed Noodle: Fist hitbox is slightly larger
  • Buffed Noodle: Fist can now hit grounded AND airborne opponents
  • Nerfed Noodle: Fist and its followup Fist Hit has been combined into 1 hit, indirectly nerfing meter gain on hit
  • Nerfed Noodle: Light/Heavy Fist have been removed
  • Buffed Rice: Swat has been split into two separate moves. "Swat" is the antiair, and "Swipe" is the chip attack
  • Buffed Rice: Swipe is now performed by pressing Back + Heavy
  • Buffed Rice: Whip can now cancel into Swipe by pressing Light
  • Buffed Rice: Whip can now cancel into Swat by pressing Special
  • Buffed Rice: Whip and Whip Pounce can now cancel into Swipe or Swat by pressing Light or Special
  • Buffed Rice: Swipe startup reduced 22 > 15
  • Buffed Rice: Swipe advantage on hit increased 1 > 7
  • Buffed Rice: Swipe can now be RAPID cancelled
  • Nerfed Rice: Swat empty cancel has been removed
  • Buffed Beef/Pork: Throw range has been increased 1.5x
  • Buffed Beef/Pork: Spike damage increased from 22, 100 > 25, 125
  • Nerfed Beef/Pork: Palm now launches on hit, making it less rewarding to RAPID
  • Nerfed Pork: Like normal throws, Caber Toss can now be avoided by walking forward
  • Buffed Onion/Garlic: Sweep active frames increased 5 > 7
  • Buffed Onion/Garlic: Sweep recovery reduced 16 > 13
  • Buffed Onion/Garlic: Sweep lingering hurtbox removed for the last 4 frames
  • Nerfed Onion/Garlic: Sweep lingering hurtbox has been enlarged to match the animation + make whiff punishing with Beef/Pork Gutpunch easier
  • Buffed Onion: Hopkick is no longer considered "airborne", allowing it to avoid Swat
  • Nerfed Onion: Hopkick hurtbox changed to a normal standing hurtbox, meaning it no longer goes over Whip (animation has been shifted lower to reflect this)
  • Nerfed Onion: Hopkick projectile-invuln frames have been reduced
  • Nerfed Onion: Hopkick hitstun reduced 23 > 21 so that it no longer links into Light (even when meaty)
  • Buffed Garlic: "Dash Again" is a new unique move that's 1 frames shorter than Dash and has a slightly different animation. Dash Again is what you get when cancelling Sweep or Dash into Dash
  • Nerfed Garlic: Removed cancel options off Backflip
  • How To Play: Updated Tutorials and Combo Trials
  • --- Explanation--
  • Walk speed: Carbs were always meant to be slower than Meats, and this is fixing an oversight. Everyone has also been slightly slowed down / brought closer together to help prevent faster characters running away
  • Throw avoid: Walking forward to avoid throws is admittedly strange, but we're trying it out for a reason. It's simple, stays in the spirit of throws (they only work on blocking), and fixes the difficult scenario of consistently avoiding Caber Toss (just hold forward)
  • Throw ranges: These been expanded in proportion to walk speed. This is to help slower characters successfully throw faster characters before they can walk out of range
  • Noodle has had their damage capability and corner carry nerfed. In exchange, they gained more zoning tools
  • Rice has also lost the Whip loops, but retained big damage via Swat. Swipe has been split off of Swat and tuned to be a viable attack in neutral. Rice can also now can force a guessing game by choosing to cancel into Swipe or Swat after landing a Whip
  • Beef's Palm attack got a little too strong in 0.41.0 with the RAPID addition. By making the RC worse, the strength is dialed back a bit, while keeping the chip setups. Spike was buffed to make it more appealing as a combo ender
  • Pork has the same Palm and Spike changes as Beef. Caber Toss is meant to be unaffected by the Throw Change, as the 50/50 of meaty attack or toss still works if the opponent holds forward to escape the throw (instead of perfectly timing an attack)
  • Onion's Sweep has had the recovery reduced to make it less risky to whiff. Hopkick has been changed to a grounded attack to make the Noodle/Rice matchups less swingy. The walk speed change has made Roundhouse conversions more situational. When they get in, they should be just as strong as before
  • Garlic's Dash has been reworked under the hood to work the same as before with the new, shorter Sweep. Backflip cancels were a niche tool and were removed to make meaty situations simpler for the opponent
0.50.9 2021/05/07
  • Gameplay: Fixed major input buffer bug where input delay (when playing Online) lined up incorrectly with hitstop, potentially causing inputs to buffer extremely long (eg doing Garlic's Dash and getting Sneak without the second press)
  • Online: Limited max custom input delay 20 > 10
0.50.8 2021/05/07
  • Canary: Disabled Ranked when playing on Canary test builds
  • Canary: Fixed bug with URL routing
0.50.7 2021/05/07
  • Ranked: Expanded search range for Similar Opponents 100 > 150
  • Ranked: Expanded search range for Stronger Opponents 300 > 400
  • FAQ: Added info about Ranked and how search ranges work
  • Training: If you pause gameplay, and then tab out and back, the gameplay will now stay paused
  • About: Added link to new official TLA YouTube channel
0.50.6 2021/05/06
  • Gameplay: Fix very minor animation/positioning bugs with the transitions into BURST and the followup falling animation
0.50.5 2021/05/04
  • Ranked: Fixed bug where a ragequit was detected without both players agreeing to play
  • Ranked: If the opponent chooses to exit at the win screen, you now get a error message rather than going straight back to the main menu
0.50.4 2021/05/04
  • Ranked: Disabled the Escape key during connection setup and gameplay
  • Lobby: Disabled the Escape key if you're playing (spectators can still leave)
0.50.3 2021/05/03
  • Ranked: Fixed bug where input delay was defaulting to 0 regardless of connection quality
  • Menu: Added input delay indicator on the loading screen
0.50.2 2021/05/03
  • Menu: Only show the Ranked warning (about the upcoming reset) once per browser session
  • Menu: Only show the Lobby warning (about the host leaving) once per browser session
  • Menu: Added brief loading screen during Online connection flow to fix race condition that would show the wrong screen for a very brief moment
0.50.1 2021/05/01
  • Gameplay: Fixed bug where Beef was vulnerable during BEEFCAKE's active frames and was trading with multihit attacks (eg. Frenzy)
0.50.0 2021/05/01
  • Gameplay: Parry attacks now have 10 frame startup after freeze, making them safe-jumpable
  • Gameplay: Parry attacks now have hurtboxes during recovery frames
  • Gameplay: Parry attacks are negative on block, but not punishable (-5)
  • Gameplay: Parry attacks can now be armored and parried
  • Gameplay: Activating a parry no longer causes hitstop, and instead additional freeze frames with animation have been added to the parry attack
  • Buffed Beef: BEEFCAKE now juggles for 3
  • Nerfed Beef: BEEFCAKE hitbox reduced to match animation
  • Changed Onion: Cackle animation now uses Roundhouse to animate the hit
  • Nerfed Onion: Feint recovery increased 25 > 30, bringing the total duration to 35 (Beef's Flex is still 40)
  • Nerfed Onion: Cackle damage reduced 100 > 50
  • Nerfed Onion: Cackle hitbox reduced to match animation
  • Nerfed Onion/Garlic: Trip hitbox has been made shorter so it will no longer anti-air
  • NOTES: The changes to Parry startup and recovery should open up interesting opportunities for safe jumps and projectiles. However, in situations like neutral, blockstrings, and anti-airs, Parries should be functionally unchanged. Onion's recovery on Feint has been slightly reverted, making it just a little easier to whiff punish up close.
0.49.4 2021/05/01
  • Leaderboard: Added local caching for leaderboard requests (should help with errors)
  • Leaderboard: Added clickable icons on top for faster navigation
  • FAQ: Added information about Ranked and MMR
0.49.3 2021/05/01
  • Ranked: You can now choose your preferred stage
  • Leaderboard: Added character icons for better visual parsing
  • Leaderboard: Added a clap emoji 👏 next to your own name
  • Leaderboard: Replaced "Coming Soon" with empty rows, for Character leaderboards that are temporarily empty
0.49.2 2021/04/30
  • Leaderboard: Fixed bug where character-specific leaderboards never loaded
0.49.1 2021/04/30
  • Stats: Added Ranked view to Account Stats
  • Admin: Updated stats logging to track Ranked play
0.49.0 2021/04/30
  • Added Ranked Match and Leaderboard
  • Ranks are tied to your account. You must sign up for a free account in order to play Ranked
  • Ranks are unique to each character. Playing a Ranked Match as Onion won't affect your Beef rank
  • Each character starts out Unranked. You must play at least 10 games with that character to see your Rank and appear on the Leaderboard
  • You will have a chance to see your estimated delay before committing to a Ranked match
  • Once matched, you are welcome to rematch against that person as many times as you wish, but you cannot change character
  • If you "ragequit" during a game, that will be counted as a loss for you and a win for the opponent
  • If you close the browser or lose connection at any point during Loading, Calibration, or Gameplay, that counts as a ragequit
  • All Ranked and Leaderboard data will be reset on May 17
  • Please report any bugs!
0.48.2 2021/04/30
  • Online: Calibration now uses the stage background to make the transition to gameplay less jarring
  • Online: Distance is no longer shown during matchmaking
  • Online: Restarted matchmaking server
  • Updated APIs and common menus in preparation for Ranked Mode release
0.48.1 2021/04/29
  • Menu: Fixed bug where the current scoreboard wasn't being shown on the Character Select screen
  • Todo: Updated TODO, organized/labeled tasks by project area
  • Changelog: Fixed dates on older Changelog versions
  • Lots of progress "under the hood" on Ranked and Leaderboard (coming soon!)
0.48.0 2021/04/26
  • Gameplay: All attacks can now be parried except throws and other parries
  • Gameplay: Parries overall have been made harder to land, less rewarding on hit, and harder to punish (less risk, less reward)
  • Menu: Renamed Onion's parry starter "Deflect" > "Feint" and ender "Deflect Success" > "Cackle"
  • Menu: Updated tutorials to account for the renames and new parry changes
  • Buffed Beef: Flex now gains 200 meter on whiffs (cause they flexin)
  • Buffed Beef: Flex total animation on whiff reduced 65 > 40, making it harder to punish on reaction
  • Buffed Beef: Flex recovery frames reduced 40 > 35
  • Nerfed Beef: Flex parry frames reduced 25 > 5
  • Nerfed Beef: BEEFCAKE meter gain reduced 1000 > 500
  • Nerfed Beef: BEEFCAKE now launches into knockdown (no juggle points)
  • Nerfed Beef: BEEFCAKE no longer reaches fullscreen and can now whiff (but be safe) against very long range attacks
  • Buffed Onion: Feint total animation on whiff reduced 38 > 30, making it harder to punish on reaction
  • Buffed Onion: Feint recovery frames reduced 28 > 25
  • Nerfed Onion: Feint parry frames reduced 10 > 5
  • Changed Onion: Cackle now launches nearby opponents with 4 juggle points. This should be easier to convert into a combo, but lead to less damage than previous max damage
  • Buffed Garlic: Sneak now does 20 chip damage on block
  • NOTES: We have been unsatisfied with the Parry mechanic thus far because (1) the risk/reward was too high, making matches too random and (2) it overlapped too much in function with Armor moves (Frenzy and Chop). To address (1), we reduced the risk and reward across the board, reducing the time to punish but also reducing the max damage possible. This should make people more willing to go for parries, while making the attacker less afraid of them. For (2), we decided to make the parry timing much stricter and universal (first 5 frames). This allows us to open it up for anti-air use (not trivial to use), adds a skill check, and helps distinguish it from Frenzy and Chop with their long armor frames. We are sad to remove the "custom combo" nature of Onion's parry, and are open to restoring it in the future if we can find another elegant way to cap the max damage. Lastly, unrelated to these parry changes, Sneak has been given a little chip to make it more viable at high level play as an option, and to encourage players to more proactively try to anti-air it.
0.47.5 2021/04/26
  • Animation: Added back in screen shake as a setting you can enable in Options (turned off by default)
  • Menu: Parry frames are now counted as Active frames, and other misc cleanup on the Frame Data menu
  • Canary: Modified UI to better identify footage from a Canary build
0.47.4 2021/04/24
0.47.3 2021/04/23
  • Menu: Added a few solutions for common network problems to the FAQ
  • Menu: Fixed bug where you could not Emote using the keyboard on a few menus
  • Training: Separated settings for P1 vs P2 blocking, with P1 defaulting to Enabled and P2 defaulting to Auto
  • Admin: Added stats to track usage of Block List
0.47.2 2021/04/17
  • Online: Added "Block List" to Casual Match
    • You can now block players for 24 hours at the match confirmation screen
    • This allows you to stop endlessly rematching against the same opponent
    • You must be logged in to block. You can only block users who are also logged in
    • If you change your mind, you can delete blocks early under the Account menu
0.47.1 2021/04/15
  • Menu: Fixed bug where player count wouldn't load before the main menu
  • Menu: Fixed typo in distance: KMs > KM
  • Online: Restarted matchmaking server
0.47.0 2021/04/10
  • Gameplay: Meter now gains at 50% rate after RAPID, instead of 0%. This reduced meter gain state is represented by the same purple combo counter as before
  • Buffed Noodle: Frenzy now keeps opponents grounded for the first 4 hits, allowing for more interesting RAPID followup options
  • Buffed Noodle: Short Fist (5SL) now appears slightly closer to Noodle, making conversions off Slap / Frenzy more consistent
  • Buffed Pork: Chop now slides slightly forward during armor frames
  • Nerfed Pork: Chop hitbox size has been slightly reduced to match the art (but it reaches net-further if you take the new forward slide into account)
  • Nerfed Pork: Chop active frames reduced 10 > 5
  • Buffed Garlic: Backflip now travels slightly further
  • NOTES: The recent April Fools patch had a lot of wacky stuff, but some of the changes were experiment balance tweaks. These are some of those smaller changes after being further tuned. Noodle's buff isn't large, but is merely meant to give Noodle more interesting options in an existing scenario. Pork currently feels very feast or famine when it comes to matchups, so the Chop changes are intended to make them less polarizing. The new slide should help in the difficult Noodle/Rice matchup (making it easier to armor through Whip), but hurt in the easy Onion/Garlic matchup (Chop is now easier to punish on a close block/whiff). Lastly, Garlic buff is a correction, partially undoing the 0.41.0 nerf that went too far. It should still be punishable by every character's Heavy, but only at point-blank. As for the other characters, we are still evaluating changes for Rice and Beef that are simply not ready at this time, and Onion is getting an indirect buff from the new meter rules.
0.46.5 2021/04/10
  • Menu: Moved player count to bottom left as part of prep for Ranked
  • Tutorial: Added Multi-Slap to Noodle/Rice Character Guides
0.46.4 2021/04/08
  • Mobile: Tabbing out to a different app/page will now mute the volume until tabbing back in
  • Lobby: Host message now has a max character limit of 30 to prevent breaking the UI
  • Lobby: Fixed bug where no music would play in the Lobby screen after finishing a match
  • Stats: Fixed bug where global stats could appear as decimals
  • Win Screen: Improved issue with random "dead pixels" that would appear on the win screen
0.46.3 2021/04/06
  • Animation: Screen shake has been reverted
    • After mixed feedback from players, we are looking to make it more contextual + add the ability to disable it entirely
0.46.2 2021/04/06
  • Animation: Added screen shake on hitstop
0.46.1 2021/04/05
  • Finish cleaning up April Fools code and assets
  • Created
    • This is a standalone version of the Aprils Fools patch, preserved for posterity
    • This version does not have Online and will not be updated
0.46.0 2021/04/03
  • April Fools patch has been reverted
0.45.5 2021/04/02
  • Lobby: Added fullscreen, sound toggle, and version display to Lobby view
0.45.4 2021/04/02
  • Lobby: Added free-text message so host can communicate rules
0.45.3 2021/04/02
  • Lobby: Added button to show/hide the ID to help streamers prevent unwanted guests from joining
0.45.2 2021/04/02
  • Mobile: Reverted changes made to touch controls in 0.44.5 until a fix is found for user reported bugs
0.45.1 2021/04/01
  • Online: Fixed bug where the Emote button wasn't showing up during Character Select
  • Training: Adjusted random block logic to improves randomness during a block string
0.45.0 2021/04/01
  • April Fools patch!
  • Balance changes have been made for all six characters
  • A few Easter Eggs have been thrown in as well
  • Character Tutorials, Frame Data, and Debug Ref have been temporarily disabled. No spoilers!
  • This patch will be reverted at 11am EST on Saturday, April 3rd
0.44.7 2021/04/01
  • Mobile: Hide input display in Training Mode to reduce visual clutter + help with performance
  • UI: The version number in the bottom-left now has a semi-transparent background to make it more readable
0.44.6 2021/03/29
  • Mobile: Increased size of "Sound Toggle" in the top right corner of menus to make it easier to tap
  • Admin: Added monitoring to track color and emote usage
0.44.5 2021/03/29
  • Mobile: Touch controls should no longer accidentally fire from dragging across attack inputs
    • You can drag for left/right, but attacks now require a distinct touch
    • The goal is to make mobile controls feel more responsive. If this starts causing you problems, please let us know!
0.44.4 2021/03/28
  • Online: Calibration now occurs before every match, preventing desyncs during long Casual/Private sets
0.44.3 2021/03/27
  • Menu: Fixed bug where it wouldn't notify you there was a new version live if you stayed in certain Online menus
0.44.2 2021/03/27
  • Training: Added "Infinite Meter" option for practicing impossible combos with 3+ RAPIDs
  • Training: Added grey hitbox colors for Armor and Anti-Air-Armor frames
  • Casual Match: Added a Confirm screen with "Estimated Frame Delay"
    • This should match the recommended input delay after calibration
    • Note: the recommended input delay on the Character Select never goes below 3
    • This is a test for a similar feature in the upcoming Ranked Mode
    • Please report any bugs or weird behavior!
0.44.1 2021/03/26
  • Noodle's new animation has been reverted back to the rough beta sprites
    • Noodle will be updated once all their sprites are complete
  • Added menu sound effect when finding an opponent in Casual Match and when finishing calibration
0.44.0 2021/03/24
  • New animation: Noodle's color has been adjusted to match the brighter blue on the Character Select screen
  • New animation: Noodle's standing, walking, and Slap animations have been fully animated with the finished design
  • NOTES: We are currently experimenting with updating the art as it's ready. We are open to feedback on whether this is exciting or confusing
0.43.6 2021/03/24
  • Adjusted Frenzy meter gain
    • Meter gain per hit changes 0,0,0,0,200 > 25,25,25,25,100
    • This is only relevant if Frenzy is RAPID cancelled before the last hit
  • Fixed blockstun and hitstun on the first hit of Noodle/Rice Jump Attack
    • If the Jump Attack trades on the first hit, the opponent was incorrectly stunned for a very long time
  • Added character preview images + color select to Debug Reference
0.43.5 2021/03/23
  • Fixed UI bugs with Replay Controls by removing the controls when the replay is over
0.43.4 2021/03/23
  • Added proximity throw hitboxes (purple) to Training Mode
0.43.3 2021/03/22
  • Added controls for watching Replays
    • You can toggle hitboxes
    • You can pause, step, rewind, and fast forward the gameplay
  • Fixed gameplay bug where if a "capture" move traded, the opponent was frozen for the rest of the round
0.43.2 2021/03/19
  • Lobbies have been reworked a lot under the hood. Please report any bugs!
    • Fixed bug with spectator latency. Spectators should now be 4-5 seconds behind and experience minimal rollbacks
    • If one of the active players disconnects (eg: closes browser), everyone will get kicked back to lobby instead of getting stuck
    • Common errors are now explained with a popup
  • Training Mode > Blocking Setting now applies to both characters for more control while recording
  • Fixed bug where the "same color prevention" system wasn't working for Lobby spectators
  • Added PayPal link to EXTRAS > ABOUT
0.43.1 2021/03/12
  • You now must agree to the EULA everytime you log in to your account
  • Added green/red color to buttons on EULA to make it clear which is confirm vs deny
  • Additional refactoring of online play modes
    • Casual has been split from Private / Lobby matches in preparation for Ranked
    • Gameplay should not be affected. Please report any bugs
0.43.0 2021/03/12
  • New animation: Hit Sparks have been recolored
  • New animation: Burst startup is a little smoother
  • New animation: Rice Swat has been animated
  • New animation: Rice Swat followups (chip on block vs slam on hit) now look different
  • New animation: Noodle/Rice Whip Splash has been animated
  • New animation: Noodle/Rice Jump Attack startup is a little smoother
  • Removed the "light stripe" color variation due low popularity + visual ambiguity
  • Removed unused colors from the game files
0.42.11 2021/03/12
  • Updated EULA
0.42.10 2021/03/11
  • New animation: Throw startup, recovery, and whiff for all characters
  • New animation: Beef/Pork Palm recovery
  • New animation: Pork Caber Toss Launch
  • Fixed typo in tutorial
0.42.9 2021/03/08
  • Changelog formatted to emphasize larger updates. Patch versions are now clickable for easier direct links
  • Additional refactoring of online play modes
    • Spectating has now been split out from other online modes and simplified
    • Gameplay should not be affected. Please report any bugs
0.42.8 2021/03/07
  • Added "Copy to Clipboard" button for Lobby IDs (host view only)
  • Fixed UI bug where Player 2's portrait would be incorrectly flipped during Character Select
  • Started refactoring online play modes
    • Gameplay should not be affected. Please report any bugs
0.42.7 2021/03/07
  • Added new game mode "VS CPU: SECRET SPICE" where you can fight against one of the WIP boss characters
    • This character is designed to be a little stronger than normal :)
    • This will be eventually replaced with other boss fights and a larger Story mode
  • Boss characters now have their intended health bars (they were previously set to 1HP)
  • If you try to choose a boss character in an online match, the game will now desync
    • You normally cannot choose boss characters. This is to mitigate cheating / griefing
    • For you sneaky players, offline modes and private matches are OK
0.42.6 2021/03/06
  • Refactored offline play modes to use a simpler architecture
    • Gameplay should not be affected. Please report any bugs
0.42.5 2021/03/06
  • Fixed bug where you could cause an early hard knockdown in Training Mode by depleting the enemy health to 0
    • Now health cannot go below 1 in Training Mode or Tutorial
    • This does not affect the damage shown in the combo counter
0.42.4 2021/03/06
  • Increased Emote cooldown 1 > 5 seconds to mitigate spam
    • Emotes are still visible for 3 seconds on the opponent's screen
  • Fixed UI bug where Emote menu wouldn't disappear when returning to the main menu
0.42.3 2021/03/06
  • Added effect animation to Debug Reference
  • Refactored internal "SequenceId" system to be less error prone
  • NOTES: Refactoring work should not affect gameplay. It is necessary code cleanup that will make future work much easier and safer. We are only listing it here in the Changelog as any refactoring has a chance to introduce bugs.
0.42.2 2021/03/05
  • New animation: Onion Deflect
0.42.1 2021/03/05
  • Redeployed 0.42.0
0.42.0 2021/03/05
  • Changed armor: You can no longer cancel your attack if you hit armor frames
  • Buffed Pork: Chop grounded armor starts on frame 5, versus frame 6
  • Nerfed Onion/Garlic: Sweep hurtbox is now full height (it no longer low-profiles)
  • Nerfed Onion: Hopkick can no longer cancel into Roundhouse
  • Adjusted Onion/Garlic: Jump arc is slightly lower
  • Adjusted Pork: Caper Toss throw animation to better match normal throws
  • NOTES: With light attacks being positive on attack, certain pressure sequences became a little too strong. We approached this from two angles: nerf the attacker, and buff the defender
    • Onion/Garlic can no longer bully Beef/Pork with a Sweep that goes under their Heavy Punch
    • Onion can no longer use Hopkick to reset pushback AND get chip from Roundhouse, they will have to choose
    • Armor moves were weak to pressure, as the attacker could RAPID to make it safe. We have removed this RAPID option to make armor frames more closely match parry frames: if you guess right, the opponent cannot escape
    • Pork's Chop armor have been moved earlier so they can armor out of 2 light attacks when done back-to-back
0.41.9 2021/03/05
  • New animation: Being thrown
  • New animation: Garlic/Onion jump
  • Fixed gameplay bug where you could KO during Tutorials
  • Fixed UI bug where the transition of Character Select > Loading would lag, making the Character Select screen seem unresponsive
  • Fixed UI bug where menu buttons were too large in Training Mode > Character Select
  • Fixed rare network bug when it tried to reconnect to the Replay database
0.41.8 2021/03/02
  • Fixed gameplay bug where Caber Toss played its sound clip twice
0.41.7 2021/03/02
  • Updated animation for Caber Toss
0.41.6 2021/03/01
  • Buffed BURST: Hitbox is slightly taller, making it easier to hit when getting juggled
  • Changed Garlic: Sneak now appears slightly lower
  • Updated attack animation for Sneak
  • Added more emotes: Rematch, LastOne, Nice, Oops, Yeh, Nah, Lag
  • Fixed gameplay bug where Hopkick > Roundhouse was missing pushboxes for a few frames
0.41.5 2021/02/27
  • Added unique music to Notebook stage
  • Updated stage selection to possibly default to Notebook (before, Notebook was choosable, but never the default choice)
0.41.4 2021/02/26
  • Added input notation to Frame Data menu
  • Fixed move ordering on Frame Data menu
  • Added launch values to the hitstun column in Frame Data Menu
0.41.3 2021/02/25
  • Nerfed Beef: Lemon chip reduced 40 > 30
  • Nerfed Beef: Lemon hitstun reduced 44 > 40
  • Nerfed Beef: Lemon blockstun reduced 44 > 32
  • Fixed Lemon and Swat cancels to be marked as Recovery frames (vs Startup frames) so you can now punish them with throws
  • NOTES: With the recent addition of "Indecisive Lemon" (aka empty cancel), we are trying to change Lemon from a high risk, high reward move to something that more actively shapes Beef's neutral. Watching match footage, we like that Beef players are using Lemon more, and the feints can be exciting! But we think the risk/reward is now too rewarding. Therefore, we have decreased Lemon's strength slightly, while trying to keep all the core play patterns. Lemon at close range will still easily combo and be advantageous on block, but reducing chip and stun overall should make approaching Beef a little less difficult
0.41.2 2021/02/25
  • Fixed bug where you could not reset Training Mode position with a controller
  • Fixed joystick mapping for Qanba PS3 Joysticks
0.41.1 2021/02/24
  • Increased damage scaling
    • Scaling now starts on the third hit, rather than the fourth
    • Minimum damage is now 20%, rather than 30%
    • The pattern is now: 100, 100, 90, 80, 70, 60, 50, 40, 30, 20, 20, 20 ... 20
    • Frenzy's damage has been adjusted to still scale to 200 with all five hits
0.41.0 2021/02/24
  • Buffed Noodle: By pressing Light or Heavy (or nothing) during the startup of Fist, you can now Fist at 3 different distances
  • Buffed Rice: By pressing Light during the startup of Swat, if it did not anti-air, you can cancel the slam down attack
  • Buffed Beef/Pork: Palm can now be RAPID cancelled
  • Buffed Beef: Lemon can now be "empty cancelled" by pressing Light during the startup
  • Buffed Pork: Chop now sends airborned opponents straight down for better midscreen oki
  • Buffed Onion: Hopkick can now cancel into Roundhouse by pressing Heavy
  • Nerfed Onion: Chip damage on Hopkick has been removed
  • Buffed Garlic: The cancel window for Dash has been increased 5 > 10 frames
  • Buffed Garlic: Dash can now cancel directly into Backflip OR another Dash by pressing back and forward Special respectively
    • Special without direction still does Sneak
  • Buffed Garlic: Backflip can now cancel it's landing frames directly into Jump or Roundhouse by pressing Light or Heavy respectively
  • Nerfed Garlic: Backflip intangible frames reduced 20 > 16 and travel distance significantly reduced
    • Punishing Backflip on a read should be much easier now
0.40.6 2021/02/24
  • Rolled back desync disconnects while we look into mitigation options
  • Updated startup animation for Sneak
  • Fixed bug where, if you were playing online and went back to Character Select at any point, the next round could rematch without you pressing anything
  • Added Stages to ArtRef (so if you want the stage backgrounds in 720p, they are now much easier to access)
0.40.5 2021/02/23
  • If game state gets desynced (due to network issues) and stays desynced for 5 seconds, the game will now disconnect with an error message
  • Buffed Beef: BEEFCAKE now launches more vertically, making corner combos easier
    • This fixes a bug where the recent "freeze time" changes made combo trial #6 impossible
  • When spectating in a lobby, you can now see the player names while they are selecting characters
  • Fixed bug where throwing opponent into the corner and then walking into the corner crossed up
  • Fixed bug where "Player 2" Garlic's Dash could not crossup in corner
  • Fixed the Frame Data menu for Lemon to show damage/chip/hitstun/blockstun
0.40.4 2021/02/22
  • Fixed bug with how global stats are counted + displayed
  • Global stats have been reset (account stats should be preserved)
0.40.3 2021/02/20
  • Updated FAQ and TODO
0.40.2 2021/02/15
  • Redeployed 0.40.1
0.40.1 2021/02/15
  • Added social + FAQ links to the Main Menu for easier access
0.40.0 2021/02/13
  • Added new stats menu under ACCOUNT > VIEW STATS, where you can view your personal win/loss records + global stats
0.39.25 2021/02/13
  • Updated admin tools
0.39.24 2021/02/13
  • Added stat tracking for online matches (viewing stats is coming soon)
0.39.23 2021/02/12
  • Fixed bug where you could not cancel during the first frame of hitstop
0.39.22 2021/02/12
  • Added character select countdown to CASUAL MATCH. If you don't choose within 15 seconds, it chooses for you
0.39.21 2021/02/12
  • Buffed Beef: Flex recovery reduced 50 > 40 frames (the parry whiff animation)
  • Fixed bug where Beef using Flex > BEEFCAKE on a BURST would whiff by making two changes:
    • Reduced BURST active frames 5 > 2. This should only affect BURST's interaction with BEEFCAKE
    • BEEFCAKE now "unfreezes time" while the attack is still active
0.39.20 2021/02/08
  • Added support for upcoming Account features
0.39.19 2021/02/08
  • Fixed bug where chip KO would not register
  • Fixed bug where Armoring an attack with chip would show the chip block sprite (Armor ignores chip, and instead takes 1/2 of damage on hit)
  • Fixed bug where a chip move could KO through Armor (you cannot be KO'd while Armoring an attack)
  • Fixed typo in tutorial
0.39.18 2021/02/07
  • Fixed Account information display during Character Select
  • Added support for upcoming Account features
0.39.17 2021/02/07
  • Added new character colors: polka dots and plaid (plaid is unavailable for now)
0.39.16 2021/02/06
  • Fixed bug where certain network menus did not respond to keyboard/controller
0.39.15 2021/02/05
  • Added Dummy Recording/Playback to Training Mode
  • Added "Random Block" option to Training Mode
  • Redesigned Training Mode menu to be more mobile friendly
0.39.14 2021/02/05
  • Fixed bug where the KO screen rarely didn't trigger (usually with Noodle Frenzy)
0.39.13 2021/02/02
  • Increased starting matchmaking radius
  • Fixed UI bug where keyboard emotes didn't work on the Lobby win screen
  • Fixed UI bug where keyboard shortcuts working before win screen was done rendering
  • Fixed UI bug where certain menu buttons were impossibly small (options, replays) by setting a minimum height for menu buttons
  • Added Resolution and Render FPS options to mobile (they were hidden before)
0.39.12 2021/02/01
  • Changed Noodle: removed Frenzy hitbox directly above Noodle's head. Frenzy should work like it did before in 99% of situations. This is to fix a rare bug where Frenzy could hit behind Noodle when sliding through an opponent without a pushbox
  • Buffed Beef: Flex meter gain increased 500 > 1000
  • Nerfed Onion: Parry meter gain decreased 500 > 200
  • Nerfed Onion: Parry recovery increased 20 > 28 frames
  • Added "chip" victory, indicated by a C in the round heart
  • Added input delay option to Training Mode
  • Added some small tools to Replays (these aren't documented yet, but will be soon):
    • Press 2 to toggle hitboxes
    • Press 6 to pause/resume time
    • Press 7 to step forward one frame
    • Press 8 to rewind 3 seconds (within a round)
    • Press 9 to fast forward
  • Fixed bug where pausing/resuming the game loop in Training Mode could have a delay
  • Added links to status page, merch, and fan wiki on the ABOUT page
0.39.11 2021/02/01
  • Server maintenance
0.39.10 2021/02/01
  • Server maintenance
0.39.9 2021/01/31
  • Fixed bug where RAPID was vulnerable during it's first frame
0.39.8 2021/01/31
  • Added distance based matchmaking!
  • When you enter CASUAL MATCH, the server guesses your location based on your IP address
  • You start with a small search range that expands every few seconds
  • By 25 seconds, you should reach max range, and start matching with anyone
  • You will match with someone when you fit inside their search range, and vice versa
  • For temporary debugging purposes, you will briefly see your distance on the calibration screen
  • If you wait longer than 35 seconds, your size on the map will start growing to help you find a match
  • If you are far from all other current players, you will become more likely to match the longer you wait
  • If you find yourself matched with someone from outside of your current search range, it's because they've been waiting a long time. This is not a bug :)
  • The algorithm is a bit more complicated than we've explained here, but these are the basic rules
  • Please give this a try and let us know if the matchmaking feels better or worse!
0.39.7 2021/01/29
  • Added color select with two more "striped" colors per character. This works with keyboard/controller/mouse/touchscreen
  • Added "Render FPS" option. If you have trouble maintaining 60 FPS, please try lowering the Render FPS
0.39.6 2021/01/26
  • Fixed bug where sound effects were all preloaded at the main menu. Now they download only when needed (like sprites)
0.39.5 2021/01/25
  • Redeployed 0.39.4
0.39.4 2021/01/25
  • Changed Victory music (bell + stringer) to use Music volume instead of SFX
  • Fixed bug where karaing could play two sound clips
  • Fixed some debugging tools
0.39.3 2021/01/24
  • Updated TODO
0.39.2 2021/01/23
  • Redeployed 0.39.1
0.39.1 2021/01/23
  • Added a small buffer before showing KO + playing the bell to help prevent KO rollbacks
  • Replaced infinite time option with 150 seconds (infinite time outside of Training/Tutorials could cause performance issues and replay bugs)
  • Lobby: Spectators receive inputs in larger batches + a little later. Should help with spectator rollbacks
  • Lobby: Fixed bug where Spectators might not get post-KO inputs
0.39.0 2021/01/23
  • Fixed meaty attacks to grant additional frame advantage
  • You can no longer cancel into other attacks or RAPID if your opponent parries
  • Advantage for all blocked light attacks increased +0 > +1
  • Buffed Noodle/Rice: First hit of Slap can repeatedly cancel into itself by pressing H
  • Changed Noodle/Rice: Damage for first hit of Slap reduced 5% > 4%, but second hit increased 5% > 6%
  • Nerfed Noodle/Rice: Removed L > S cancel
  • Nerfed Noodle/Rice: Fist/Swat chip damage reduced 5% > 4%
  • Nerfed Beef: Cannot start Lemon attack if there's already one on screen
  • Nerfed Beef: Lemon chip damage reduced 5% > 4%
  • Nerfed Pork: Chop can no longer RAPID on hit or block
  • Buffed Onion/Garlic: Roundhouse now does 2% chip damage
  • Buffed Onion/Garlic: Roundhouse's extended hurtbox disappears near the end, making it harder to punish on block
  • Nerfed Onion/Garlic: Adjusted hitboxes & hurtboxes such that Sweep will still go under Meat Punch, but NOT go under light attacks
  • Buffed Onion: Increased slide distance after landing. With that + the meaty change, Hopkick can now link into Flick at max range
  • Nerfed Onion: Frame advantage on hit and block slightly decreased +4 > +3 and -4 > -5 respectively
  • Lobby: Don't change player order if only two fighters
  • Lobby: ID is now hidden when the lobby is locked
  • Lobby: Fixed bug where Controls Reminder appeared while Spectating
0.38.4 2021/01/22
  • Fixed bug where you could join a broken "default lobby" by entering an empty ID
0.38.3 2021/01/22
  • Added Lobby [WIP] mode
  • You can make a private lobby to spectate matches with your friends or host a tournament
  • Players can switch between winner-stays-on fighting or full-time spectating
  • The host has additional controls for locking a lobby (nobody new can join) and kicking players
  • Lobbies are new and not very well tested. If any bugs arise, please report them!
0.38.2 2021/01/19
  • Added Training Mode feature: Save/Load State
  • Added Training Mode feature: Frame Advantage Display (top left, very WIP)
  • Training Mode "Reset to position" reduced to a single key, resets to corner if you're holding left/right
  • Training Mode meter refill sped up to refill 5x faster
  • Fixed bug where Training dummy would autoblock right after Reset
  • Set boss character health to 1 to further discourage online use
0.38.1 2021/01/18
  • Changed Noodle/Rice: Reverted 0.38.0 change to Whip Pounce recovery
  • Nerfed Noodle/Rice: Whip Pounce juggle points reduced 4 > 2
  • Buffed Rice: Swat, when hitting grounded, is +1 on hit (was bugged at -2)
  • Nerfed Rice: Swat, when hitting grounded, no longer juggles + can no longer RAPID
  • Nerfed Rice: Swat, when hitting grounded, holds the extended hurtbox for longer during recovery
0.38.0 2021/01/18
  • Removed guardbreak mechanic
  • Buffed Noodle/Rice: Whip Pounce has a larger cancel window
  • Changed Noodle/Rice: Whip has 2 frames shorter recovery (net hitstun/blockstun kept the same)
  • Buffed Noodle: Slap can now cancel into "Close Fist" for a frame trap (but it does not juggle)
  • Nerfed Noodle: All Fist attacks can now be parried
  • Nerfed Noodle: Frenzy meter gain on block now matches meter gain on hit (500 > 200 if all hits connect)
  • Buffed Rice: Slap can now cancel into Swat
  • Buffed Rice: Swat now always slams down, juggling on hit and doing chip on block
  • Buffed Beef/Pork: Reduced Palm startup so it's a true blockstring from Heavy Punch if done quickly
  • Buffed Beef/Pork: Increased size of Palm hitbox upward to make juggles easier
  • Buffed Beef: Lemon startup reduced by 3 frames, spawns a little farther forward
  • Buffed Beef: BEEFCAKE hitbox expanded to cover entire screen
  • Buffed Pork: Increased size of Chop hitbox downward to hit Sweep cleanly
  • Changed Pork: Chop now causes knockdown on aerial hit
  • Buffed Onion/Garlic: Jump Attack hitbox is larger, harder to anti-air / trade with certain attacks
  • Buffed Onion/Garlic: Sweep hurtbox shrunk during startup + active to make it easier to go under high attacks
  • Nerfed Onion/Garlic: Sweep hurtbox expanded during recovery to make it easier for high attacks to whiff punish
  • Added small movement backward to Uppercut's recovery
  • Fixed bug with cancel window on Uppercut's second hit
0.37.2 2021/01/17
  • Fixed cache issue with new assets
0.37.1 2021/01/17
  • Updated animation for Chop, Spike, and Beef/Pork Jump (no changes to frame data / hitboxes)
  • Fixed bug where touch controls were visible during replay / spectating
  • Fixed bug where menu text could be selected/highlighted
0.37.0 2021/01/17
  • BURST now penetrates armor moves
  • Added rising animation to the end of knockdown
  • Increased total knockdown duration 30 > 40 frames, enabling more oki situations
  • Increased throw recovery on hit by 10 frames, keeping throw oki unchanged
  • Beef/Pork Spike launches with less horizontal speed, making mid-screen oki possible
  • Reduced Spike startup 20 > 10 frames, recovery 15 > 10 frames
  • Added "Canary" mode for special event testing
  • Fixed bug where users who participated in Canary testing couldn't load assets
0.36.22 2021/01/12
  • Fixed bug where Player 2 hitsparks didn't appear if Player 1 had a Lemon on-screen
  • When online, stop sending inputs after the game has ended (prevents rare disconnect error)
0.36.21 2021/01/11
  • Fixed performance bug affecting Training and Replays where the input display was still sampling the entire round
0.36.20 2021/01/11
  • Reverted scrolling fix, needs more testing
0.36.19 2021/01/11
  • Nerfed Hopkick's hitbox to be lower, making AA and juggles harder
  • Fixed Chop to be throwable during ArmorVsAirborne frames
  • Fixed bug where armor moves could trade with throws by making active frames unthrowable
  • Fixed bug where the game would freeze if both players RAPID on the same frame
  • Fixed scrolling bug on the Frame Data menu
0.36.18 2021/01/11
  • Fixed bug where input display (Training, Replays) was affecting performance
  • Fixed bug where Player 2 controls, if mapped, could control the dummy in Tutorials
0.36.17 2021/01/10
  • Split up Changelog vs TODO
  • Added FAQ
0.36.16 2021/01/10
  • Fixed critical bug in common "median" helper. This affected network measurements, so those should be more accurate now
  • Fixed bug where Replay inputs could be saved incorrectly
0.36.15 2021/01/09
  • Fixed bug where EMOTE heart wouldn't disappear when leaving an online match
  • Fixed bug where EMOTE keyboard shortcut didn't work properly on the Winner screen
0.36.14 2021/01/09
  • Added EMOTE system. Click the heart in the top left when playing online
  • You can also access the EMOTE system with the keyboard using 1-3
  • You can disable sending + receiving emotes in the OPTIONS
0.36.13 2021/01/08
  • Slightly reduced size of recovery hurtbox on Sweep
  • Slightly increased size of hitbox on second attack of Uppercut (to prevent dropping out)
  • Fixed bug where Roundhouse recovery hurtbox wouldn't appear until the end of recovery
  • Added a little more forward movement to Trip to ensure that the "L > H > L, L" link wouldn't drop
0.36.12 2021/01/07
  • Added RANDOMIZE button to quickly change names in ACCOUNT > EDIT
0.36.11 2021/01/07
  • Fixed bug where ACCOUNT menu wasn't reachable
0.36.10 2021/01/07
  • Added ONLINE > ACCOUNT menu, where you can log in via email and customize your display name
0.36.9 2021/01/07
  • Updated account logic for production testing (coming soon)
0.36.8 2021/01/07
  • Redeployed 0.36.7
0.36.7 2021/01/07
  • Decreased size of zip (WIP offline version)
  • Updated known issues
0.36.6 2021/01/07
  • Replays now have a submenu where you can copy the replay URL without watching the entire replay
  • Fixed UI bug where text was too large on the win screen when watching Replays on mobile
  • Fixed Frame Data menu to fit on mobile displays
  • Removed the FPS test and Art Ref menus from mobile EXTRAS menu to reduce clutter + there are currently non-functional on mobile
0.36.5 2021/01/07
  • Improved draw performance by scaling graphics down if resolution is greater than 1080 (720 for mobile). If you wish to keep the higher fidelity, change your Resolution to HIGH in Options
0.36.4 2021/01/06
  • Fixed major bug where hitstop was eating inputs. Cancels should feel MUCH easier and work earlier now
  • Fixed bug where scoreboard (win count above health) would break online when the opponent went back to Character Select
0.36.3 2021/01/06
  • Fixed rollbacks caused by large gaps in inputDelay preferences
0.36.2 2021/01/06
  • Enlarged win screen on mobile to be easier to tap
  • Hid touch controls during win screen
  • Added Recovery frames to Training Move hitbox display
  • Fixed bug where some active frames were marked as Recovery
  • Removed some debug codes that still gave access to unfinished Boss characters
  • Boss characters now have 10% normal health, so if any sneaky cheaters manage to use them, they should die in 1 hit
0.36.1 2021/01/06
  • Lemons now clash when they hit each other and disappear
0.36.0 2021/01/06
  • Burst hitbox is larger
  • Meter gain reduced for most multi-hit moves
  • Added meter gain explanation to Frame Data menu
  • Updated Noodle, Rice, and Beef combo trials
  • Nerfed Noodle/Rice: Whip hitbox is vertically shorter to make it harder to hit airborne opponents
  • Nerfed Noodle/Rice: Whip Again advantage on block decreased -2 > -5
  • Nerfed Noodle/Rice: Jump startup increased 25 > 30
  • Nerfed Noodle: On hit, Frenzy meter gain is reduced 500 > 200, and it gains all the meter in the final hit (after RAPID window)
  • Buffed Rice: Swat advantage increased -4 > 0 on hit
  • Buffed Beef/Pook: Gutpunch advantage on hit increased 4 > 5 to match other Light attacks
  • Buffed Beef: Can now juggle after Flex in the corner
  • Buffed Pork: Toss startup decreased 12 > 10
  • Nerfed Pork: Toss range reduced
  • Nerfed Pork: Chop has larger hurtbox, making it easier to whiff punish
  • Buffed Onion/Garlic: Jump startup decreased 35 > 32, also goes higher
  • Buffed Onion: Hopkick now feints back before moving forward. Net distance moved is the same
  • Buffed Garlic: Empty Dash recovers 2 frames earlier, making Sweep > Dash +2 on hit
0.35.28 2021/01/05
  • Update known issues
0.35.27 2021/01/05
  • Migrated active player count to new system. This new system will make less network calls and use less bandwidth
0.35.26 2021/01/05
  • Fixed major bug with custom inputDelay where the lower delay pushed the rollbacks onto the other player. It is now working as intended, so if you choose a lower inputDelay (like 0), you will get the rollbacks
  • Added DEL to FPS counter when playing online (DEL = current frame delay)
  • Added ROB to FPS counter when playing online (ROB = number of rollbacks in the previous second)
0.35.25 2021/01/05
  • Fixed bug where certain menu sounds were not firing
  • Frame Data can now be exited by pressing Heavy, matching other menus
  • Renamed Detailed Frame Data > Debug Reference for more accurate label
  • Updated internal logging
0.35.24 2021/01/05
  • Updated internal logging
0.35.23 2021/01/05
  • Preserve input delay choice when going back to Character Select screen
0.35.22 2021/01/05
  • Updated internal logging
0.35.21 2021/01/05
  • Added Random character select (click ? next to character grid)
  • Getting disconnected puts you back at Online Menu instead of Main Menu
  • Fixed bug where default keys controls conflicted with custom controls in menus. Custom controls now take priority.
0.35.20 2021/01/05
  • Fixed bug where connection to matchmaking server wasn't being closed
  • Added links to mobile introduction about how to install to home screen
0.35.19 2021/01/04
  • Reduced matchmaking timeout 30 > 10 seconds
  • Added 2 second buffer for setting up networking handshake
  • Added more information and logging about matchmaking errors
  • Added ability to copy Private Match ID to clipboard
0.35.18 2021/01/04
  • Added logs for debugging
0.35.17 2021/01/04
  • Fixed bug where opponent would float in the air if defeated while airborne
0.35.16 2021/01/04
  • Redeploy of 0.35.15
0.35.15 2021/01/04
  • Fixed bug where RAPID stopped meter gain on true blockstrings
0.35.14 2021/01/04
  • Fixed bug where mashing while landing would prevent the combo counter from resetting
  • Throws have increased hitbox to prevent walking out (still have to get very close to trigger)
  • Nerfed RAPID: Doing a RAPID makes the rest of your combo build no meter. This is shown by the combo counter turning purple
  • Nerfed Noodle: Frenzy reverted to normal damage scaling, does 200 damage raw. RAPID still gives unique juggle opportunities
  • Buffed Rice: Swat now produces small juggle state which can be followed up via RAPID
  • Nerfed Pork: Lost the ability to cancel Gutpunch > Toss
  • Buffed Pork: Toss startup reduced 15 > 12
  • Non-damaging attacks no longer contribute to the combo counter (eg throw startup)
0.35.13 2021/01/04
  • Added Player 2 controller support to Training Mode
  • Removed old debug param from URL when installing TLA to mobile home screen
0.35.12 2021/01/03
  • Fixed bug where private matches timed out before guest could join
0.35.11 2021/01/03
  • Fixed bug where new network errors weren't being shown
  • Reduced signal timeout back down to 10 seconds
0.35.10 2021/01/03
  • Changed mobile detection to (hopefully) fix touch controls on iPad
0.35.9 2021/01/03
  • Capped saved replays to 50 to avoid hitting browser LocalStorage limit
0.35.8 2021/01/03
  • Compressed backgrounds and other large images for better performance
0.35.7 2021/01/03
  • Updated sprites with better PNG compression (same resolution), massively shrinking file size
  • Increased matchmaker timeout from 10 to 30 seconds
0.35.6 2021/01/03
  • Casual matches now have more time to try and establish a P2P connection before timing out and disconnecting
0.35.5 2021/01/03
  • Added more descriptive network errors + logging
0.35.4 2021/01/02
  • Added sound effects to round end and victory screen
0.35.3 2021/01/02
  • Fixed bug where custom controls would quit offline modes by pressing Heavy
  • Fixed bug where custom control ID would be so long, it broke menus
  • Made Touch controls smaller and closer to the edges (you can turn off Touch display in options)
0.35.2 2021/01/02
  • Fixed broken Discord link in EXTRAS > ABOUT
0.35.1 2021/01/02
  • Reverted change to Throw hitbox (accidentally buffed range)
0.35.0 2021/01/02
  • Fixed bug where Teleport and Dash did not cross up correctly in the corner
  • Changed Frenzy damage to be fixed to 200. This is a nerf when done raw, but a buff when used to end a combo.
  • Frenzy can no longer RAPID on block
  • Buffer Throw hitbox to make it harder to walk out after the throw has started
  • Increased RAPID window on Chop
0.34.39 2021/01/02
  • Fixed bug where menus stopped being traversable via keyboard/pad
  • Removed Custom Controls button when playing on mobile
0.34.38 2021/01/02
  • Custom Controls popup is now accessible via corner button and can no longer be accessed by holding two buttons
0.34.37 2021/01/02
  • Removed debug keys to play as WIP boss characters
0.34.36 2021/01/01
  • Nerfed Onion/Garlic guardbreak from 25% > 15% for both Sweep and Roundhouse
0.34.35 2021/01/01
  • Added link to bandcamp in About
0.34.34 2021/01/01
  • Fixed bug where Beef didn't attack during Onion's deflect trial
0.34.33 2021/01/01
  • Updated Discord link to point to welcome channel
0.34.32 2021/01/01
  • Fixed Winner screen on mobile
  • Changed touch hover from black to white to be more visible
  • Added intro explaining "touch timer to exit" for mobile
  • Updated discord link
0.34.31 2021/01/01
  • Changed FPS correction to skip drawing 1 frame when behind
  • Increased startup on throw 2 > 5
  • Buffed Beef's Punch to no longer be punishable by light attacks
  • Nerfed hitstun on Uppercut's first hit, keeping RAPID combos still possible but tighter
  • Fixed air-based attacks to match new damage scaling algorithm
  • Fixed bug where auto-cancel moves would fail if they hit on the last active frame
  • Renamed Suplex > Toss to match new animation
  • Added Copyright to Welcome page
0.34.30 2020/12/31
  • Added FPS counter to top right of gameplay screen
  • Overhauled loop timing to better mitigate slowdown
  • Removed Max resolution, to be eventually replaced with High (file sizes too large)
  • Shortened recovery on Whip Again, net stun unaffected
  • Updated art for Whip Again
0.34.29 2020/12/31
  • Updated EULA
0.34.28 2020/12/31
  • Drafted EULA
0.34.27 2020/12/31
  • Updated combo scaling to be harsher
  • Nerfed hopkick range
  • Removed online-mandatory FPS test for reworking, moved to Extras for now
  • Updated tutorials based on feedback
  • LOVE meter no longer flashes
0.34.26 2020/12/31
  • Reverted 0.34.15 changes to hit timing because it broke tutorial's hit detection
0.34.25 2020/12/31
  • Updated art for Palm, Suplex, and Fist
  • Simplified intro menus on mobile
0.34.24 2020/12/30
  • Added ability to publish realtime "News" notifications w/o a code change
  • Fixed HUD meter bars that were slightly misaligned
0.34.23 2020/12/30
  • Anti-airs give 2 juggles instead of 1, give 4 juggles if falling from BURST
0.34.22 2020/12/30
  • Improved debugging tools
0.34.21 2020/12/29
  • Scaled HUD and Ready/Fight messages for lower resolutions
0.34.20 2020/12/29
  • Simplified resolution options to Low / Medium / Max
0.34.19 2020/12/29
  • Added graphics test before playing online
0.34.18 2020/12/28
  • Changed hitboxes + timing to Onion's hopkick
  • Updated art for hopkick, backflip, and deflect
  • Added thunder effect for deflect
  • Added Master Audio Toggle (top right icon) to saved settings
  • Master Audio starts off until you finish the Introduction, where you have a chance to disable it
  • Added corner menu buttons (audio, fullscreen) to Character Select
  • Added BETA logos
  • Updated ABOUT page, added link to Patreon
0.34.17 2020/12/28
  • Changed Noodle/Rice's Whip hitbox to be worse at anti-air but better at juggling
  • Changed Noodle's juggle state when RAPIDing Frenzy
0.34.16 2020/12/28
  • Added lower res backgrounds for slower machines
0.34.15 2020/12/28
  • Added "Best of X" selection to Character Select menu
  • Changed hits to visually land the frame after active frame is visible
  • Added FPS debugging tools
0.34.14 2020/12/27
  • Added Round Time selection to Character Select menu
  • Added juggle info to Frame Data
  • Added option to show/hide the controls reminder at the bottom of the HUD
  • Fixed volume bug when launching the game in a particular way
0.34.13 2020/12/25
  • Added check + message for new version when choosing Play Online
0.34.12 2020/12/25
  • Added version.json for auto-updater
0.34.11 2020/12/25
  • Fixed matchmaker API to prevent cross-version matches
0.34.10 2020/12/24
  • Updated art for KO and TIMEOVER
  • Fixed bug where the wrong menu options were shown after a replay
  • Disabled noisy logs on production
0.34.9 2020/12/24
  • Updated art for READY and FIGHT
  • Updated About
  • Optimized canvas memory
  • Simplified presence server (X players online)
  • Added different matchmaker for development
0.34.8 2020/12/24
  • Added Licenses to About
  • Add WIP to Changelog
0.34.7 2020/12/24
  • Added EULA with Lorem Ipsum
  • Fix combo counters to scale with HUD
  • Fixed visual bug when game ended in a Draw
  • Fixed debug stats to scale with retina display
  • Removed stage art parallax POC (caused too much lag)
0.34.6 2020/12/23
  • Combo damage is now also displayed via red health
  • Added round hearts to HUD
  • Updated design of the timer
  • Fixed bug in Training Mode where resetting while paused broke the FPS
0.34.5 2020/12/22
  • Added Character icons to HUD
0.34.4 2020/12/22
  • Added new custom HUD, changing how health and meter are displayed
  • Nerfed Beef's Lemon hitbox to match sprite
  • Changed Garlic's Sneak to appear slightly further behind the opponent
0.34.3 2020/12/21
  • Updated Grocery Store background art
0.34.2 2020/12/21
  • Added loading spinner where waiting on network calls
  • Misc menu improvement
0.34.1 2020/12/21
  • Updated assets for move notation
  • Non-combo tutorials are now also repeatable
  • Updated About menu
  • Fixed bug where leaving an Online match showed an error
0.34.0 2020/12/20
  • Swap movesets for Onion / Garlic
0.33.2 2020/12/20
  • Update tutorials for Sneak
  • Improve design of Frame Data menu
0.33.1 2020/12/19
  • Fixed bug where juggling the opponent from behind pulled them into you
0.33.0 2020/12/19
  • Added new Onion attack: "Sneak"
0.32.29 2020/12/17
  • Fixed bug where P2 controls were hidden in the Local Versus character select
0.32.28 2020/12/17
  • Updated matchmaking to use new API
0.32.27 2020/12/14
  • Changed ordering of stages
  • Fixed deployment bug
0.32.26 2020/12/14
  • Migrated to dedicated matchmaking server
  • Updated Grocery Store background art
0.32.25 2020/12/13
  • Fixed touch detection on mobile
0.32.24 2020/12/12
  • Added Changelog
  • Fixed graphics scaling on mobile