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Azuma has been a crime scene investigator in the police force for over 15 years. His tough attitude and tall stature may give him a commanding presence that intimidates both criminals and colleagues alike, but he is a caring and kind gator at heart. He rarely ever shoots his gun outside of the shooting range, but is well known among the police for his speed and accuracy. Whenever the police are investigating anything that may be only a little dangerous, they are always sure to bring Azuma along. Ever since he lost his best friend and sidekick in an incident with the mafia, stress has taken its toll on him. To make matters worse, his wife has fallen ill with something doctors can’t quite identify. For the sake of his wife and his mental health, Azuma has taken leave from detective work for a while, but he knows he can’t relax completely. If he’s truly needed for an investigation, he won’t be able to say no.

Also known as Azuma-keiji, or Investigator Azuma in English.


Recommended Types: Stamina/Parry/EX

One of the two slowest characters in the game, Detective Azuma is a long-range bully using GUN. GUN does higher damage than fireballs, but it's slow. To add to his arsenal, jumping GUN is an overhead that halts his air momentum, making it even slower to throw out repeatedly. Fortunately, Azuma is blessed with one of the best supers in the game, his near-instant Ultra 1 does massive damage to anyone not willing to respect the detective's authority. Azuma suffers from his low mobility and his EX moves do nothing to assuage this. He can try to keep opponents out with his bear trap, 2X, and his high-damage 2B, but will rely on parry in many defensive situations.


Input Damage Guard Notes
5A 5 Mid 2 frames. Pretty standard jab. Good anti-air, since Azuma is pretty tall.
2A 5 Low 2 frames. Azuma's only low.
j.A 15 Overhead Big kick. A regular jumping move.
5B 25 Mid Detective door kick. Knocks down on hit.
2B 30 Overhead Hammerfist. Does a lot of damage, but Azuma is rarely in the space to make use of it.
j.B 20 Overhead The people's elbow. Sends Azuma downwards.
5X 18 Mid Instant fullscreen hitbox. Only Masao, Garasha and Jakor can crouch under it.
2X 10 Mid Bear trap. Stays on the ground for about 180 frames.
j.X 18 Overhead Jumping GUN. Angled downwards, but doesn't go fullscreen.
5EX 15*2(28) Mid Invincible GUN. More or less the same as 5X, with EX properties.
2EX 20*2(38) Overhead EX version of 2B. More reliable as a reversal than 5EX.
j.EX 15*2(28) Overhead Fast invincible instant overhead that can lead to juggles.
Ultra 1 (Y) 30*5(120) Mid Same hitbox as 5X, but five times. Huge threat at all times.
Ultra 2 (j.Y) 30*5(120) Overhead Same hitbox as j.X, but five times. Azuma can move left and right as he shoots.
Throw 15*3 (45) Grab
Taunt - - Adds 20 damage to Detective's next attack. Easy to get off if you hit GUN on a jumping opponent.

Sample Combos


A , Ultra 1


j.EX , j.EX , Ultra 1 , 5B , 5AA (150 Damage)

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