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Investigator Azuma



Azuma has been a crime scene investigator (get it?) in the police force for over 15 years.
His tough attitude and tall stature may give him a commanding presence that intimidates both criminals and colleagues alike, but he is a caring and kind gator at heart.
He rarely ever shoots his gun outside of the shooting range, but is well known among the police for his speed and accuracy. Whenever the police are investigating anything that may be only a little dangerous, they are always sure to bring Azuma along. Ever since he lost his best friend and sidekick in an incident with the mafia, stress has taken its toll on him. To make matters worse, his wife has fallen ill with something doctors can’t quite identify. For the sake of his wife and his mental health, Azuma has taken leave from detective work for a while, but he knows he can’t relax completely. If he’s truly needed for an investigation, he won’t be able to say no.

Also known as Azuma-keiji, or Investigator Azuma in English.
The community refers to him under a few different nicknames, they are: "InAzuma", "Azuma", and "Deka".
This resource refers to him as InAzuma, although others may vary.


UFDK2 InAzuma Colors.png



Recommended Types: Stamina/Parry/EX

One of the slowest characters in the game, Investigator Azuma is a long-range bully using GUN.
He builds meter so that he may shoot U1, which is his lifeblood. Simply put, hit shots so you can hit the bigger shot. As such, his offense and defense are severely lacking outside of his GUN, forcing him to make difficult decisions on meter spending and relying heavily on parries to keep himself alive and to clinch out rounds. Sounds bad right?

Despite all this, GUN is one of the best tools in the game, being an insanely disjointed poke that invalidates match-ups by itself.
It props up this character solely and allows him to compete as a top-tier despite his insanely weak moves and very simple gameplan. (Which of course, is to shoot his GUN.)
He has some obscure FB-bonus combos but he mainly relies on counter-hits and air-hits to put distance between his opponent and him while he scrounges for every last scrap of meter so that he can do Ultra 1 again.


As one of the simplest characters, he lacks very much in tech.
Although there are a few odd things he can do, they're listed in the move-list section of this page in the descriptions, so don't worry.


Notation notes:

If you see something like, 5(5)5(5) for Active, that means that all #s outside of parenthesis are active frames and anything in parenthesis are inactive frames in-between each hitbox.
Also taunt recovery refers to the length of the taunt, if you see a # for startup frames, that will be how long until the taunt's effect activates.
However, if the taunt has a hitbox (i.e. Spike), it will be formatted in the same way that a normal move would be.
(Damage buff taunts will not do this, since there is no way to accurately measure when the buff kicks in.)

UFDK2 InAzuma 5A.png
Multi-purpose Smack
Multi-purpose Smack
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
3 (Hi-hit) - 5 (Low-hit.) Mid 0 2 5 0 ? ? ? N/A

A quick ""multi-hit"" jab that can anti-air in rare cases or multi-hit on very tall opponents or people in the air.
Applies well in corner combos, doesn't reversal despite being 0f due to poor hitboxes, essentially giving it 1f of start-up.

UFDK2 InAzuma 2A.png
InAzuma's ONLY low
InAzuma's ONLY low
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
5 Low 1 2 3 0 ? ? ? N/A

Okay low-jab, your only low as InAzuma and the only way to "mix-up" after j.A/B. Middle-of-the-line, nothing special.

UFDK2 InAzuma JA.png
Dippin' his toe in
Dippin' his toe in
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
15 High 9 Until Ground Until Ground 0 ? ? ? N/A

Looks bad, seems bad, very safe jump-in with a reliable hitbox to catch things.
Although not as good as other character's j.As, it's versatile for how limited InAzuma is.

UFDK2 InAzuma 5B.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
25 Mid 6 6 7 0 Knockdown ? ? KD, KB

A fast kick that launches, combined with 5A it can juggle in the corner.
Has extra knockback, after hit it'll launch players to the other side of the screen.
Very useful for establishing space, although if you're trying to approach it can be problematic.
5B's movement is also faster than normal walking, you can spam it repeatedly to quickly reach corner.

UFDK2 InAzuma 2B.png
Most likely InAzuma's worst move
Most likely InAzuma's worst move
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
30 High 15 5 7 0 ? ? ? N/A

Incredibly slow overhead, isn't even effective when you have someone backed into corner, as there's faster options, like j.EX, 2EX, and j.B.
Some bad moves have cases where they're useful despite being bad, this just doesn't, avoid this move at all costs.

UFDK2 InAzuma JB.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
20 High 11 Until Ground Until Ground 0 ? ? ? N/A

Despite it's long start-up, it's a blazing fast move with no recovery and a very good hitbox as well.
Versatile jump-in and a good option for punishing crouching players, although most players will not crouch if they can against InAzuma.
Often times though, due to the momentum change it's better to use j.A, this button is PURE CALL-OUT.

UFDK2 InAzuma 5X.png
GUN-- not the best one tho
GUN-- not the best one tho
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
18 Mid 11 3 16 0 ? ? ? N/A

It's a fullscreen GUN. It's a poke, not a projectile.
The reason anyone plays this character, not very spammable, you have to treat it as a fullscreen poke rather than a screen-polluting projectile as players can just walk forward even on hit.
You're banking on air-hits to "zone" with this move, as it launches players far, most of the time a ground-hit will be punished.

UFDK2 InAzuma 2X.png
InAzuma's saving grace
InAzuma's saving grace
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
10 Mid 12 177 7 0 ? ? ? N/A

A small little trap you can place down to make your stage control more oppressive, always keep one out if you can afford it, only one can be out at time.
This single-handedly makes 5X safe and commands players to jump-in, which is how 5X is able to "zone".

UFDK2 InAzuma JX.png
AIR GUN-- not the best tho
AIR GUN-- not the best tho
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
18 High 7 3 Until Ground 0 ? ? ? N/A

Air gun, serves the same purpose as 5X, however this isn't fullscreen.
It does travel very very far though and is useful for punishing people who block-low (or low-profile) against 5X or U1.
Has a natural flash bonus on a full-jump j.X, which makes this move especially potent for zoning, as the meter payout is extremely important.

UFDK2 InAzuma 5EX.png
GUN-- still not the best one?!
GUN-- still not the best one?!
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
15*2(28) Mid 5 6 18 1-5 Knockdown ? ? KD

A beefier 5X, nothing much really.
It can knockdown, so it may be smart to mix this in every once in awhile if you have your opponent backed up against a wall and they're parrying 5X or shooting projectiles in-between 5Xs. More often than not, the second hit won't connect, so don't rely on it for the extra damage, just rely on it for the knockdown.

UFDK2 InAzuma 2EX.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
20*2(38) High 7 5 9 1-16 Knockdown ? ? KD

Despite seeming better, shares a lot of the same problems that 2B has.
It's much faster and much more invulnerable, but it builds off of a very bad move, it's only really useful as a shoddy reversal thanks to the fact that there's much better and safer options for instant overheads. Keep in mind that the hitbox runs all the way through InAzuma along the ground, making it not very effective at reversing jump-ins without proper timing.

UFDK2 InAzuma JEX.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
15*2(28) High 1 4 Until Ground 1-5 Knockdown ? ? KD

Just a ridiculously broken version of j.X, insanely fast and unlike 5EX both hits will consistently connect.
An instant overhead with huge potential, can be applied in juggles and as a pseudo-reversal, along with being a key part of InAzuma's neutral. Almost impossible to parry.

Ultra 1 (Y)
UFDK2 InAzuma U1.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
20*5(120) Mid 0 1(18)1(18)1(18)1(18)1 16 1-53 Knockdown ? ? KD, KB

Instantaneous fullscreen gun that invalidates match-ups.
There's simply nothing else like it, it's unmatched and widely agreed upon as the best ultra in the game. It absolutely carries InAzuma.
The scaling also makes it ineffective after 2 U1s, only ever U1 twice unless you know you'll kill, since it just wastes meter.
Also when doing it fullscreen, put a small delay inbetween each U1 to make sure all hits connect, buffering it will result in 160 dmg as oppose to the full TOD.


Ultra 2 (j.Y)
UFDK2 InAzuma U2.png
Wow this sucks
Wow this sucks
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
20*5(120) High 7 2(6)2(6)2(6)2(6)2(6) Until Ground 1-31 Knockdown ? ? KD, KB

A very very mediocre ultra. It's not useless but it's not good either as compared to ultra 1.
You'll almost never see this ran as it's very difficult to get all of the hits off and you can't combo out of it.
However, it's unique for the fact that you can move around during it. Still, j.EX serves the role of this move for less meter without giving up the amazing ultra 1.

Grab (AB)
UFDK2 InAzuma GRAB.png
Takin' yer' lunch money
Takin' yer' lunch money
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
15*3(45) Grab 3 4 5 0 Knockdown Knockdown N/A KD

A standard run-of-the-mill grab that can't be combo'd out of without the use of KC.
It's still very effective at it's job though, there's some very good FB-bonus combos out of it.
Very big hitbox too, which is much easier to connect than other grabs due to InAzuma's big hurtbox anyways.

Taunt (Select)
UFDK2 InAzuma TAUNT.gif
"Reloading like this... it's a revolution!"
"Reloading like this... it's a revolution!"
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
+20 to next attack N/A N/A N/A 52 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

InAzuma pulls his best Revolver Ocelot impression and spins his gun.
It's very fast as compared to most taunts and the effect is pretty useful in the right situation.
It commands people to run towards you so off an air-hit or with some smart spacing it can be very effective as a baiting tool or just for some extra damage to clinch out a round.
Goes away on hit, block, or parry like most damage buffs.


Notation Help

Combos are written by various writers, so notation may differ slightly from this notation.
For more information, see Controls.
Also, character-specific notation, such as Rogue's "PCancel" will be on the character's page.

FB Refers to the act of gaining a "Flash Bonus", which grants you extra meter, on the hit of a move.
KC Refers to pressing B+Y on the same frame, or the macro-button for B+Y. This is known as a Kyanta-Cancel, this game's Roman-Cancel.
DC Refers to cancelling a move by activating demon-mode, this works the same way a KC does but since it's activated differently it's noted separately.
YFD Combo Refers to looping a single EX move over and over in demon-mode until you run out of demon, this references a community member known by "YFDHippo" who popularized demon-mode combos.

(For example: 5Ax2>2B>DC>5EX YFD Combo.)

XEX Refers to pressing X+Y on the same frame, or the macro-button for X+Y.

This is known as an EX move, for example: j.EX>5EX>2EX.

{X/Y/Z} Move X or Y or Z can be used.
#X Indicates that any of A, B and C may be used with #. Example: 3A (Down-right, Light.)

If you have trouble with this notation, you may want to google for "Numpad Notation" elsewhere.

[X]xN or XxN-N Loop the inputs in the square brackets or parenthesis as many times as N, sometimes doesn't include brackets or parenthesis but still means the same thing.

Also occasionally includes a dash to indicate that a varying amount of hits can be performed.

j.X Button X is input while you are in the air jump.
X(whiff) Indicates that X is intended to whiff.
(Delay) or (Wait) Indicates a short delay on the hit.
(X) X move is omittable from the combo.
tk.X Indicates the motion "X" is input immediately after leaving the ground. Stands for tiger knee.

Optimal Combos

(Note: There's not really unoptimal or optimal combos for this character.
These are the only combos more or less and they almost all involve U1, very easy to learn.)


j.B > 5B > U1> (delay)U1 (207)
j.A > 2Ax3 (18)
j.B > 5B (43)


5A > U1 > 5B > 5Ax3 > 2X (143)
5B > 5A > j.B > 5Bx2 > 5A > 2Ax2 > 2X (89)
j.B > 5B > U1 > 5B > U1 > 5B > 5Ax3 > 2X (231)

Demon Corner

5B > 5A > DC > J.B(FB) > (5B > J.EX > J.EX)x3 > 5B > 5A (?)

  • Really jank and hard, honestly wouldn't bother.

Character Specific

j.B > 2B > U1 > 5B > (5A)x3 > 2X (176)

  • Corner Only Taro-only meme combo that uses InAzuma's worst move, the ONLY application for 2B.

j.B > 2Ax4 > 5B (47)

  • Corner Only Best Taro-only combo cuz 5B actually links for once and 2B isn't used.

j.B > 2B > 5B > 2A (72)

  • Corner Only Another Taro-only 2B meme combo, not bad but not good either.

Ultra 1 Confirms

j.B > 5A > U1
5B > U1
2/5Ax3 > U1
2EX > U1
j.EX > U1
2X > U1

  • Off of U1 in the corner the follow-up is: (U1 >) 5B > 5Ax3 > 2X.

Flash Bonus

5B > 5A(1-hit) > KC > 4 > 5B(FB) > U1 (All hits must connect) > 5B > (5A)x2 > 2X (184)

Other Resources/Notable Players

Other Guides

Azuma-Deka Rad Lad Guide by Durdge-o and SpaceySoundy
A quick video showing how to deal with the 5X 2X Mix-up against Cocorn by YFDHippo


Investigator Azuma: Outsmarted By YFDHippo
Azuma-Deka Combos By Durdge-o

Notable Players

  • Durdge-o
  • YFDHippo
  • SpaceySoundy

(Names to look out for when searching for VODs of this character.)

Well Done
Mask Michelle
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