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"You need more training... and barley."

Cocorn was raised in poverty by hard-working parents that did all they could to provide for him. He understood from an early age that he would have to work hard to escape the debt of his family. Through struggle and sacrifice, he became an amateur professional wrestler that is well known for his aerial techniques. It earns him money, but the contracts are short-term, so his funds still aren’t stable. He has made quite a name for himself participating in charity wrestling events to help raise money for the poor and hungry. When he isn’t training or wrestling, he likes to spend time outside gazing at nature with his best friend, Nanatsu.


A grappler, but with Devil's Reverse and arguably the best Dragon Punch in the game. Capable of massive damage through Kyanta Canceling moves that launch his opponent. His size is his most significant weakness, but he can still fight through bad matchups with liberal use of 5EX and parry. Also notable for having the most health in the game, so he benefits the most from the 50% bonus life from Stamina Type.

Recommended Types: Stamina
Cocorn really benefits from the extra life and doesn't have anything super exploitable to leverage EX/Demon well. Both of his supers are powerful tools that can dramatically improve his reward off hits, especially ultra 2.


Input Damage Guard Notes
5A 5 Mid Long range jab, a bit slower than average.
2A 5 Low Long range low, a bit slower than average but very long for a low jab.
j.A 10 Overhead Occasionally used as an air to air but mostly just for it's floating potential.
5B 20 Mid Fast approaching move, minus even on hit unless at maximum range.
2B 20 Low Long range sweep that can be confirmed after even midscreen, slower than 5B.
j.B 25 Overhead Solid large jump kick.
5X 40 Grab Fast huge range command grab, like other command throws can be broken. Does less than Cocorn's normal throw.
2X 15*2,11(35) Mid A rising knee with a 1f hitbox, invulnerability until the third hit, and a huge hitbox. It's your primary punishing tool and your reversal.
j.X 20 Overhead Devil's Reverse, gives you full horizontal control over movement allowing you to use it to bait reversals or ambiguously cross-up. Generally must be air parried or anti air'd to beat beaten.
5EX 20*4(54) Mid 4 Quick forward moving slaps. Normally, only 3 will connect. This is the other main reversal that cocorn uses alongside 2X, also important in jab confirms.
2EX 15*2,30(54) Mid EX version of reversal, mostly more damage and slightly better juggle used in a few combos.
j.EX 30*2(58) Overhead Huge damage EX move, used the most of his EX moves. Great approach tool, and good combo fodder midscreen.
Ultra 1 (Y) 125 Throw Invulnerable big damage throw. Can be broken, cannot be comboed into.
Ultra 2 (2Y) 25*10(160) Overhead B Tatsu. Long invun, huge damage super. Very plus on block, lots of boko damage. Can be comboed into and out of.
Throw 15*4(60) Grab Higher damage than his command throw.
Taunt Grants 1 full EX gauge.

Sample Combos


5X , Kyanta Cancel, Ultra 2, 2X
5A , Ultra 2
5A , j.EX
2B , j.EX
2B , 2X

5X , Kyanta Cancel , j.B , Ultra 2 , 2X
A , 5EX , 2X
2B , 5B , 2X
2B , 5B , 2EX , 2X
2B , 5B , 5EX , 5A*(1-3) , 2X

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