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My game is in Japanese! How do I make it English?

When you are booting up the game, hit your keyboard's 2 key on the controller selection menu. You can press the 1 key to return to Japanese, if you'd like.

I've encountered a bug. What should I do?

It's best to report bugs on the Steam Community Forums. That way, Haramaself won't lose track of them.

What happened to Kyanta 1?

Kyanta 1 was not the same caliber of fighting game as Ultra Fight Da! Kyanta 2, being a top-down Acceleration of Suguri-esque fighter, but if you'd like, you can find it here.

My recording software doesn't work! How do I record Kyanta 2 footage?

Kyanta 2's game engine does not support Game Capture. Try capturing the Kyanta 2 window instead. You may need to restart one or more programs for it to work.

I die too fast! What do I do on defense?

Make sure you understand the Ukemi system, which allows you to move while on the ground. Practice parrying, which will afford you many opportunities to escape pressure. Remember that all EX moves has some invulnerability, so you can use any EX move as a reversal when in a pinch.

How does the Flash Bonus work?

It cycles every 60 frames when no one is hit and is active for 7 frames. This cycle is not affected by super freeze, throws, or K-cancel. It resets every time a move hits or is blocked. Even with Flash Bonus, you can never gain meter from an EX move or a Super.

Why does an alternate portrait for Kyanta sometimes show up on the character select screen?

This portrait serve no purpose as of currently; it only appears on the random select panel that's below Cocorn and on the right of Masako, but only if it is 2P hovering over the icon. Choosing this option as 2P still functions as a random select. Haramaself does plan on adding this character to the game, though. As of the 02/17/20 patch however, the Kyanta portrait was removed from the panel and replaced with an accidental leak of the very unfinished character Natanee.

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