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"What in the everloving goddamn fuck are you doing, you brainless shit?"

Garasha just wants to be left alone. He hates seeing people, he hates talking to people, and he especially hates people being nice to him. He’s perfectly content to spend his days in a quiet alleyway surrounded by garbage. The local people in town are well aware of him, and children have learned to play far away from where he sleeps.


The whiff punish god. Garasha uses his 5X, 5EX, and j.X to capitalize on his opponents mistakes and control the round. When he needs to go on the offensive, he has a hop dash he can use to close distance and can safely poke with his sliding 2B. j.2X is also a threatening approach tool, as on whiff it has no landing recovery, allowing for it to be followed up with 2A, 2B, or throw immediately after Garasha touches the ground. Despite not having many combo routes, Garasha will output a surprising amount of damage from his 5EX. A good character to put anywhere on a team.

Recommended Types: Super, Stamina


Input Damage Guard Notes
5A 5 Mid 3 frames. Very short range jab for Kyanta.
2A 5 Low 2 frames. A much bigger jab than it looks.
j.A 15 Overhead An enormous kick with Garasha's toes.
5B 15*3(39) Mid Garasha swings his arms and slides forwards. Allows him to maintain pressure if unchallenged.
2B 20*2(38) Low Two low kicks. Can move left or right while performing.
j.B 25 Overhead A tail attack that halts vertical momentum. Long startup.
5X 30 Mid Garasha ball. Bounces off the opponent on hit or block, making it very difficult to punish.
2X 35 Mid Garasha curls up into a ball and extends his spikes. Has some startup invulnerability. Very good against cross-through setups.
j.X 30 Mid Air Garasha Ball. Can go at an angle by using j.2X. There is no landing recovery, making it very difficult to whiff punish.
5EX 50 Mid EX Garasha Ball. Invulnerable until after it bounces. Extremely fast and threatening whiff punish. Pushes back a huge amount on block.
2EX 25*2(48) Mid Like 2X. Faster, and two hits.
j.EX 50 Mid As with j.X, can also be angled with j.2EX.
Ultra 1 (2Y) 20*11(111) Mid Ultra defense curl. Garasha curls up and spins around with his spikes. Very easy to connect all the hits.
Ultra 2 (j.Y) 30*8(184) Mid Ultra air ball. One of the most damaging Ultras in the game, but will only be effective in the corner.
Throw 15*3 (45) Grab
Taunt - - Grants Garasha 1 bar of meter.
6/4Y - - A unique movement option. A quick hop, similar to some other idiot who fights like Garasha.

Sample Combos

5A, 5A, 2B~[6]
5B , 2A , 5EX
2B, Kyanta Cancel, Ultra 2

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