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This extremely powerful Pomeranian bears a striking resemblance to Kyanta. No one has ever fought them and survived. They care about strength and nothing else.


Angery shoto.

j.B is a very good move that can be K-Canceled into itself for massive damage. You can use 2EX and j.EX to escape pressure.

Recommended Types: Stamina


Input Damage Guard Notes
5A 5 Mid 2 frames. Average damage and range.
2A 5 Low 2 frames. Actually quite larger than it looks.
j.A 20 Overhead Huge button, bigger damage than average. It looks like a shoto j.MK but it functions like a body press- active until you land.
5B 30 Overhead Rolling sobat. It goes high enough to go over most fireballs and lows. In fact, it goes high enough to completely whiff on some crouching characters, like Garasha or even Rare, making this move a lot less useful than it probably ought to be.
2B 30 Low Sliding kick. Gyanta can go back and forward, even changing direction, while using the move.
j.B 13*12 (66) Overhead Horizontal tatsu. Huge amount of boko on guard due the the number of hits, and easily K-cancellable into itself.
5X 10 Mid Fireball. Recovers very quickly.
2X 15*3 (39) Mid Invulnerable DP. Very active.
j.X 10 Mid Air fireball. Doesn't change your momentum at all, like some other malevolent karateka.
5EX 20*3(54) Mid Huge damage fireball.
2EX 15*6 (60) Mid Big, extra-active DP. Hard to get all the hits. Cancels into Gyanta's secret air Ultra.
j.EX 7*25 (133) Overhead EX Tatsu. Unlike Gyanta's j.B in that it travels in an arc. Raises Gyanta a bit at the start.
Ultra 1 (Y) X*99 (105) Grab Raging Pomeranian. You can combo into it. It ignores scaling, like other throws, but gains benefits from Bokoboko, and from K-cancel. It can be teched sometimes.
Ultra 2 (Y) 30*5 (130) Mid Super fireball. It's a ton of damage, but otherwise a pretty regular super. It does more damage than Raging Demon when used raw.
Secret Air Ultra (j.Y) 30*5 (130) Mid Super secret air fireball. Both Ultra 1 and 2 have access to it. Moves Gyanta back, unlike his regular air fireball.
Throw 40 Grab Puts opponent on the ground immediately next to Gyanta. Similar to some other malevolent karateka's grab.
Taunt 20 Mid Grants a meter. K-cancellable. Surprisingly large box and useful in combos.

Sample Combos


j.B > K-Cancel > j.B

5B > K-Cancel > j.B > K-Cancel > j.B

j.A > 2A > 2EX


2A > 2EX > j.Ultra

5EX > j.EX

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