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Mysterious adversary.
An extremely powerful Pomeranian with a striking resemblance to Kyanta.
No one has ever fought them and survived.
They only care about strength and nothing else.


File:UFDK2 Gyanta Colors.png



Recommended Types: Stamina

If Akuma and Elena had a baby more or less. (Don't think about it too hard.)
In fact, taking that a step further, (setting aside the fact Gyanta has reduced HP/Boko) Gyanta is just a worse more meter-hungry Kyanta.
Almost exclusively picked by people who are too good for Kyanta but apparently not good enough to pick another character.
Relies on his Ultras to carry himself through neutral, shares a lot of issues that Elena buttons have.

As already stated, plays like Kyanta but worse.
Gyanta trades:

  • Sweep
  • Full Invuln Meterless DP
  • Air Buttons that END in the Air
  • No meterless knockdown
  • Reliable Buttons


  • Secret Ultra
  • Raging Demon
  • Better 5X
  • Really good j.EX (Which can barely be combo'd into so what's the point)
  • Best Taunt in the game (Damage, Knockdown, Meter, can be done mid-combo as an extender...)

This character seriously can't do much of anything without meter outside of his overwhelming buttons, play Kyanta instead if you're looking for a more stable shoto.


Gyanta doesn't have any tech that is very important to his gameplan. He is an extremely straight-forward character.
The most practical tech Gyanta has would probably be that he can jail the opponent into 5Y Raging Hellhound off a jab on block and hit as well as K-Canceled attacks at certain ranges.
He has a special cancel in 2EX>U2, but it only works for 2EX>U2 so it's more of a combo-tool than anything.
Launching the opponent (usually with knockdown like Taunt, 2X, or 5EX into K-Cancel) or anti-airing them close enough to the corner can lead to J.EX loops
Taunt has a hitbox which knocksdown on hit and can be comboed into from jab but you have to be close to get it to work.
There are some situations where you can juggle long enough with J.Y or 2Y to land another J.Y or 2Y but this is very situational and not likely to come up in a real match
You are probably noticing by now that outside jailing into Raging Demon any tech Gyanta has is highly situational, gimmicky, and/or not very rewarding.


Notation notes:

If you see something like, 5(5)5(5) for Active, that means that all #s outside of parenthesis are active frames and anything in parenthesis are inactive frames in-between each hitbox.
Also taunt recovery refers to the length of the taunt, if you see a # for startup frames, that will be how long until the taunt's effect activates.
However, if the taunt has a hitbox (i.e. Spike), it will be formatted in the same way that a normal move would be.
(Damage buff taunts will not do this, since there is no way to accurately measure when the buff kicks in.)

UFDK2 Gyanta 5A.png
Gyanta's Identity Crisis
Gyanta's Identity Crisis
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
5 Mid 1 1 2 0 ? ? ? N/A

Fast safe mid jab. Less active than 2A.
Links into 2A at any range, close-up you link into 2X, 2EX, U2, and Taunt.
If blocked or on grounded hit you can use U1 to guarantee the Raging Demon.

UFDK2 Gyanta 2A.png
Mash for half a Cossack dance
Mash for half a Cossack dance
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
5 Low 1 2 2 0 ? ? ? N/A

Low with slightly better range then 5a. Links into the same combos as 5a.
Less block/hitstun then 5A so you cannot get a guaranteed Ultra I off of this without linking it into 5A first.

UFDK2 Gyanta JA.png
Put your best foot forward
Put your best foot forward
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
20 High 6 Until Ground Until Ground 0 ? ? ? N/A

Solid jump in normal. Can cross up just like ever other but otherwise nothing else special about this.
Combos into 5A, 2A, or 2B. 5A/2A routes lead to high damage conversions with meter while 2B does more meterless.

UFDK2 Gyanta 5B.png
Overhead that whiffs on crouch
Overhead that whiffs on crouch
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
30 High 11 4 8 0 ? ? ? N/A

Gyanta does a shorthop forward that hits overhead.
Seems okay at first, even disregarding the fact it's a high/low that this is a straight-downgrade from Kyanta's two normals, until you realize it whiffs on small crouchers like Gyanta himself.
If you do manage to hit your opponent with this you can only get a followup combo if they were crouching, if not then you end up almost neutral.

Makes this move so much worse than it has to be, but hey! There's a light at the end of the tunnel!
If this hits a airborne opponent, it juggles into itself 2 more times, then j.EX, then j.B.
That's a full-blown TOD! ...Now only if it didn't lose to every other air-to-air option.

UFDK2 Gyanta 2B.png
Scoot Scoot
Scoot Scoot
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
15 Low 7 6 8 0 ? ? ? N/A

Weird shifty scoot scoot that you can pilot during the whole duration.
Shrinks Gyanta's hitbox slightly making it possible to low profile some projectiles and standing jabs.
Doesn't knockdown or have any real followups so it's best to just hold 1 to back off everytime you use it.
Tragically, since this move doesn't knockdown there's almost no ways to get knockdown for free with Gyanta, one of Kyanta to Gyanta's worst trade-offs.

UFDK2 Gyanta JB.png
Helicopter go brr- until you get punished on hit
Helicopter go brr- until you get punished on hit
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
13*12 (66) High 2 6(2)6(2)6xUntil Ground Until Ground 0 ? ? ? N/A

A janky move with some strange properties on it's damage and hitboxes.
Works okay as an air-to-air but can go horribly wrong on grounded opponents.
In particular, even if you TK'd you will be minus on hit or whiff entirely, making this only kind of useful on tall characters.
Travels in a straight line with an alternating hitbox on the sides and partially below, which for whatever reason is prone to throwing characters out of the juggle.

If you do hit a cornered opponent with this, you get a good chunk of damage and hits, so it's a good meterless juggle ender.

UFDK2 Gyanta 5X.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
10 Mid 5 Until Off-screen 11 0 ? ? ? N/A

Gyanta's fireball which comes out extremely quickly.
Basically just built to win fireball war against 1-hit fireballs or slow fireballs, unless they're EX in which case you're not destroying anything.
Good for keeping people in check and harass to make people force dumb decisions, very easy to parry if used predictably so mix it up.

Keep in mind, you can't throw out another fireball while this is currently active.

UFDK2 Gyanta 2X.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
15*3 (39) Mid 7 9 23 1-16 Knockdown ? ? KD

The standard fully invincible DP, meterless DP, yadda yadda.
Not nearly as busted as Kyanta's 2X, has worse invulnerability and is much easier to punish due to that.
In general, due to this you shouldn't be spamming it as much as you would want to spam Kyanta's.
Treat this like a reversal DP, not an everything DP.

UFDK2 Gyanta JX.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
10 Mid 11 Until Off-screen 6 0 ? ? ? N/A

Downward angled projectile. Unlike Kyanta it doesn't end in the air and you don't get a small hop.
Makes it worse than it has to be, it's extremely easy to use it and fall right into a projectile. I thought good ol' Akuma was supposed to be broken!
Wherever this combos you'd be better doing jump-in j.A and landing into some jabs or something.
Maybe just use it for zoning? Assuming your opponent can't hit the extremely easy parry window.

UFDK2 Gyanta 5EX.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
20*3 (54) Mid 14 Until Off-screen 8 1-15 Knockdown ? ? KD

It goes through pretty much everything and you can taunt after it for free meter, or just opt for okizeme.
Woah, deja vu. Anyways, Gyanta is a lot more meter hungry than Kyanta, so throwing this out half-hazardly isn't really a good option.
You're much better off saving for j.EX trying to get that extremely huge damage or just saving it to do U1 and completely ignore neutral entirely.
The frame-data is much worse than Kyanta too, so just stick with normal fireballs.

UFDK2 Gyanta 2X.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
15*6 (60) Mid 1 18 29 1-26 Knockdown ? ? KD

Reverse of Kyanta's 2X/2EX scenario.
Instead of 2EX sucking and 2X being better, 2X sucks and 2EX is better, this move also cancels into j.Y as one of the few cancels in the game.
As such, it's a pretty good move and compliements the rest of the moveset better, it's the standard invuln-DP and you've heard it before.
Also, don't opt for this as an ender, use j.B instead as it's multi-hit holds characters in place much better than 2EX can.

UFDK2 Gyanta JEX.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
25*7 (133) High 2 6(2)8(2)4xUntil Ground Until Ground 1-14 Knockdown ? ? KD

Similar to J.B but travels in an arc when holding 7/9 and just goes straight up when holding 8, it also has absolutely busted damage.
This move tends to drop, similar to Kyanta's j.B but doesn't drop as badly, is the most consistent in the corner. Once it's there though it's a complete powerhouse!
It can land all of it's hits off of multiple setups leading to insane damage with just one use let alone multiple loops leading to a potential TOD combo.

Ultra 1 (Y)
UFDK2 Gyanta U1.png
Raging Pomeranian, no Demons included.
Raging Pomeranian, no Demons included.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
105 Grab ? ? ? ? Knockdown Knockdown N/A KD

Genuine bullshit command grab that travels across the stage while fully invulnerable, if you touch him at all (it's deceptively hard not to) you eat 105 damage.
Absurd as a Raging Demon should be, but this move completely ignores neutral, extreme unga-bunga tactic as it's insanely hard to properly punish without getting grabbed.
If you catch an opponent in blockstun ever (or just a dumb-luck grab), especially with a point-blank fireball, this move will take 105 and put both players into complete neutral.
Since it's complete neutral you can wake up before Gyanta as some characters, other characters can't do anything at all.

Oh! Almost forgot, but if you do some insane timing you can hit U1>KC>U1, you have to KC a few frames before the opponent is knocked down after the long black screen animation.
Dumb. But point is, this move is the reason people play him.

Ultra 2 (2Y)
UFDK2 Gyanta U2.png
Kyanta's U1 but slightly better
Kyanta's U1 but slightly better
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
30*5 (130) Mid ? ? ? ? Knockdown ? ? KD

Same as Kyanta's U1, what can you really say?
Serves the same purpose as 5EX, has some combos and is a good neutral tool but it's just a free way to get 108 dmg or end the projectile-war.
Has an extra hit just so it slightly edges out Kyanta's U1, is also faster and safer so you won't be trading with it as often as Kyanta's U1 but it's still prone to it.

Hidden Ultra (J.Y)
UFDK2 Gyanta JY.png
Legit jsut Akuma's SSA2 lmao
Legit jsut Akuma's SSA2 lmao
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
30*5 (130) Mid ? ? ? ? Knockdown ? ? KD

A "secret" downward angled aerial U2, you have this available as long as you have the ability to Ultra. (So you can't do j.Y in Super-type.)
This move has some uses in neutral (such as melting boko) but cannot be easily combo'd into, on whiff it has extreme recovery.
However, it supports a unique cancel from 2EX into it. Which is most likely only in the game as a reference to 3S Akuma.
Not bad? Not good either, has it's uses when using U1 but when using U2 it might as well not be there at all.

If you think about it being a reference to Akuma's secret ultra though, yeah it totally makes sense that it's difficult to combo into.

Grab (AB)
UFDK2 Gyanta GRAB.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
40 Grab 3 6 5 0 Knockdown Knockdown N/A KD

Probably one of the worst grabs.
Gyanta slams the opponent into the floor dealing damage and the same time forcing knockdown.
Guts the usefulness of this move entirely, on a character who is already severely lacking launchers.

Taunt (Select)
UFDK2 Gyanta TAUNT.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
20, +1 bar to EX gauge Mid ? ? ? 0 ? ? ? KD

An aura surrounds Gyanta which has a very huge disjointed hitbox on it.
Gives 1 bar of meter if completed, but more importantly it can act as a pseudo-reversal and even combo-starter.
It's essentially just a normal move, it knocks down, it deals damage, it's fast and not very laggy, and it leads into combos.

One of the funniest bits of JANK in Kyanta 2, sucks that you can only do it once per round like every other taunt.


Notation Help

Combos are written by various writers, so notation may differ slightly from this notation.
For more information, see Controls.
Also, character-specific notation, such as Rogue's "PCancel" will be on the character's page.

FB Refers to the act of gaining a "Flash Bonus", which grants you extra meter, on the hit of a move.
KC Refers to pressing B+Y on the same frame, or the macro-button for B+Y. This is known as a Kyanta-Cancel, this game's Roman-Cancel.
DC Refers to cancelling a move by activating demon-mode, this works the same way a KC does but since it's activated differently it's noted separately.
YFD Combo Refers to looping a single EX move over and over in demon-mode until you run out of demon, this references a community member known by "YFDHippo" who popularized demon-mode combos.

(For example: 5Ax2>2B>DC>5EX YFD Combo.)

XEX Refers to pressing X+Y on the same frame, or the macro-button for X+Y.

This is known as an EX move, for example: j.EX>5EX>2EX.

{X/Y/Z} Move X or Y or Z can be used.
#X Indicates that any of A, B and C may be used with #. Example: 3A (Down-right, Light.)

If you have trouble with this notation, you may want to google for "Numpad Notation" elsewhere.

[X]xN or XxN-N Loop the inputs in the square brackets or parenthesis as many times as N, sometimes doesn't include brackets or parenthesis but still means the same thing.

Also occasionally includes a dash to indicate that a varying amount of hits can be performed.

j.X Button X is input while you are in the air jump.
X(whiff) Indicates that X is intended to whiff.
(Delay) or (Wait) Indicates a short delay on the hit.
(X) X move is omittable from the combo.
tk.X Indicates the motion "X" is input immediately after leaving the ground. Stands for tiger knee.

Various Combos




5EX > j.B
j.A > 5A > Taunt
5B > 5Ax2
j.X > 2A
J.A > 2A > U1
2A > 2EX



Optimal Combos


(5B)x3 > j.EX > j.B (216)




j.B > (KC > j.B)xMeterBars

  • Seems bad but this just melts characters, builds a lot of meter, and is especially effective on tall characters. If it doesn't kill you're minus on hit though.

Flash Bonus


Other Resources/Notable Players

Other Guides


Notable Players

  • cowthecat310
  • godpartikl
  • kyanta_rojo(Arilouis)

(Names to look out for when searching for VODs of this character.)

Well Done
Mask Michelle
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