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Kyanta2 HUD.png

HUD Elements

1. Character Health. Represented numerically as well, which is very convenient.

2. Boko. When this gauge is filled by guarding and being counterhit, the character becomes stunned and takes 50 extra damage from the next hit.

3. Time remaining. Testing should be done to determine who wins in time-out situations.

4. Flash bonus. If you hit your opponent while this flashes, you are granted bonus meter. It cycles every 60 frames when no one is hit and is active for 7 frames (54-60). It resets every time a move hits or is blocked. Grabs do not register as a hit towards Flash Bonus.

5. Round counter. This indicates how many more characters your opponent has left in reserve. Keep in mind that your round counter indicates the number of characters on your opponent's team.

6. Type/Ultra. This allows you to see the Types of the characters on screen, and if the character has access to their Ultra I or Ultra II.

7. Meter. The super gauge will flash when a character has access to EX moves. You can store 3 meters in reserve as well as a full bar (3.99 total)

Ultra Fight Da! Kyanta 2

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