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Hisomi used to be a normal girl with a normal life attending lchigo Milk Primary School. Everything changed when she was tragically struck by a motorcycle by a reckless gangster. She nearly died, but an alien named Megamajidesu happened to see the accident. By lending her some of his power, he was able to save her life. Since then, they’ve become the best of friends, and she calls him Mega-chan for short. By attaching himself to her body, Mega-chan can partially control Hisomi and grant her supernatural speed and strength.


Hisomi can enforce her gameplan on the entire cast by laying web-balls then approaching behind them with a mix of her very strong air to ground with j.A, her anti-reversal insurance with webballs, and the best EX move in the game 2EX she is a very dominating presence.

Recommended Types: Super/Stamina/Demon/Parry
Hisomi's supers especially ultra 2 are both pretty strong options for increasing reward on landing a web ball but don't help her neutral much.

Demon mode Hisomi is sometimes used because of how strong 2EX is.


Input Damage Guard Notes
5A 3 Mid 2 frames. Lowest damage jab in the game.
2A 5 Low 2 frames.
j.A 15 Overhead Extremely good hitbox, very active and will stuff most moves below it.
5B 16,15,15 Overhead Fairly fast overhead, and very high damage, but almost impossible to get all the hits. Unfortunately, Hisomi lacks a low besides 2A.
2B 25 Mid If hits early is unsafe on block and hit, mostly used as combo fodder.
j.B 19 Overhead Floats around before falling down full horizontal control while using this move, letting it be used to avoid anti airs or do a crossup.
5X 15 Mid Shoots a web-ball in an arc that gets thrown high then falls low. The fastest startup of the web balls. All web balls stick your opponent in place for a bit allowing you to get some free hits. Being stuck in the web causes to have the opponent take 5 bonus damage per hit while stuck in web. Note that if a web ball hits someone crouching they are not considered crouching while stuck in the web for the purposes of damage.
2X 15 Mid Shoots a web ball at a much lower arc.
j.X 15 Mid Shoots a web ball in the air.
5EX 20,15(33) Overhead Invulnerable through the second hit. In combination with the amount of forward momentum it provides, it can be a strong reversal.
2EX 25,25 Mid Your main reversal. Plus on block(block-strings into As), goes a good distance, anti-airs well, and easily leads to combos anywhere near the corner.

Fully invun until it recovers. +1 on block so there is always a gap between 2EX and 5A.

j.EX 15*3 Mid Shoots all three web balls, one is higher and one is lower than j.X. Will not fire high web-ball if 5X ball is already out, mid web-ball if j.X is already out, and the same for low web-ball and 2X
Ultra 1 (Y) 25*6(120) Overhead High damage overhead super, useful for melting opponents caught in webs.
Ultra 2 (Y) 30*6(150) Mid Very fast super that hits up to 6 times. It's impossible to get all the hits unless your opponent is webbed. A more reasonable expectation is three hits for a total of 84 damage. Faster and taller than Ultra 1, which can be useful in certain situations.
Throw 15*3(45) Grab Very noticeable whiff animation that lasts a bit...be careful.
Taunt 3,3 Mid Has a slow but tall anti-air hitbox, not as good as 5B. Grants 1 full EX gauge.

Sample Combos

5X , 5A*N , 2EX

  • Go to dp punish, and a high damage but slow anti air.

A , 2B/2EX

  • Warning 2B followup is unsafe on hit only use if going to kill.

Webball hits , U2 , 5X , U2

Throw , 2B
Throw , 2EX , 5A*3 , 2B
A , 2EX , 5AAAA

  • With fewer hits before 2EX you can squeeze in walk forwards between 5A.

2EX , U2 , 5X , U2

The Reset/Infinite
Since you cannot air block in Kyanta you can do resets with air web balls in the corner and the opponent must parry/ex/super out.

The only requirement to go into the route is to have your 2nd hit of a combo be them airborne getting hit by 5A in the corner, so there are a few ways into it, 2EX 1 hit and j.A air to air is the most common.

2EX(1 hit) , 5A , j.EX , (delay 2B , 5A , j.EX)xN

  • This is probably the easiest way to loop it, and one of the most damaging providing very few methods to escape.

2EX(1 hit) , 5A , j.EX , 2B , 5A , j.X , (delay 5A , 5A , j.X)xN

  • This is the meterless way to loop the combo...it's noticeably tricker and doesn't do much damage each rep only 17...giving the opponent more chances to escape.
  • It is also possible to go into this route immediately without doing a loop of j.EX first...but it is vastly more difficult.

Reset , 1 hit , 5A , 5X , 5AAAAAAA

  • This is a good way to cash out your reset adding like 30-40 damage to it and building a bunch of bar, it's also not escapable.

Putting this all together you can deal an incredible amount of damage
2EX(1 hit) , 5A , j.EX , 2B , 5A , j.X , delay 5A , 5A , j.X , delay 5A , 5A , 5X , 5AAAAAA

  • Doing 55+39+17+35=146 damage and being very meter positive.
Well Done
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