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Jakor lives and breathes S&M, willing to dominate anything that moves. She made a name for herself doing live performances for afterwork parties. Though she took it very seriously, most saw her as some kind of comedy act. Knowing that there are people out there that don’t appreciate the beauty of S&M makes her feel very sad and lonely. To help share the joy of S&M, she started various social media accounts to spread her brand, eventually making herself a very well known personality among anyone that spends a lot of time online. With her millions of followers, she makes money through making sponsored posts and selling premium videos and selfies. She often gets hateful comments, but she will not rest until everyone on Earth understands the beauty of sexual torture.


Jakor is a mid/close range bully that likes to play at the edge of her whip range and abuse her EX fireballs to keep the opponent cornered. She can also use her ultra 1 as a giant spacing threat with huge reward, by either letting you choose to build meter with timing hits on the ex gauge, or just damage with by pressing 2X.

Recommended Types:Super/Stamina/EX


Input Damage Guard Notes
5A 5 Mid 1 frame. Medium range, but the hurtbox extends past the hitbox.
2A 5 Low 3 frames. Longer range than 5A.
j.A 15 Overhead Enormous crossup kick. Way larger than it looks, and has a hitbox on the Jakor's back knee.
5B 15 Mid Whip attack. Long range poke with a thin hitbox and long startup. It should hit most chracters crouching.
2B 15*2(28) Mid Quite disjointed poke using Jakor's whip. Not particularly long range, but it hits twice.
j.B 15 Overhead Jumping version of 5B. Too high to hit most crouchers.
j.2B 5*5(17) Mid Drill kick. Lots of hits, and very active. Great positioning tool.
5X 10 Mid Fireball. Speed between Kyanta's and Anna's projectiles.
2X 15*4 Mid Capoeira spinning handstand split kick. It's not possible to combo the hits regularly.
j.X 20*3(54) Overhead Whip jumprope attack. Much thinner hitbox than you might assume, so be careful using it as a jump-in.
5EX 20*2(38) Mid EX projectile, faster than 5X.
2EX 15*4(48) Mid EX version of 2X. Only the first two hits are invulnerable.
j.EX 15*6(60) Overhead EX version of j.X.
Ultra 1 (Y) - Unblockable Trap projectile. Boosts damage of subsequent hits. Most Jakor players' game plans revolve around trying to hit with this Ultra and doing a big combo.
Ultra 2 (2Y) 90 Grab A grab with Jakor's whip leads to a 90-damage ranbu. You can combo into it using a projectile, and because it's a grab, the damage will be unscaled.
Throw 15*3 Grab
Taunt - - Grants 1 EX Gauge.

Sample Combos

A , 2EX

5EX , 2B/5B
5EX , 5EX , 5B/2B

Ultra 1 trap
U1 hits , 2X , 2X , 5AAA , 2B

  • Damage

U1 hits , 5B, delay 5B , delay 5B , delay 5B

  • time the later 5Bs to the ex bonus flash, huge meter build useful for when you will still kill but want more meter for next round.

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