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"Commander of the best of Inuneko."


In the Sengoku period, Katana Kyanta was a bodyguard for Tokugawa Ieyasu. He was feared throughout Japan as the Samurai Dog. His mastery of the Kyanta Force caused his spirit to linger after death. Because of the danger facing Kyanta and Masao, he is resurrected to defend them. His physical form will only last for a short time. He needs to hurry before it is too late!


When Kyanta picks up the Japanese steel, he is imbued with the knowledge of some of the most powerful sword-fighters in Japanese fighting game history. His delayed fireballs give him a safe approach, so when EX Type gave you meter for walking forward, you often saw K. Kyanta with EX Type functioning as a battery. Now, his role is less clear, but Kyantana still has access to solid EX moves, a strong Super, and above-average air mobility.

Recommended: EX, Stamina (if you plan on running him anchor)


Input Damage Guard Notes
5A 5 Mid 2 frames. Completely disjointed sword poke. It may not look like much, but it's one of the most oppressive jabs in the game.
2A 5 Low 2 frames. Completely disjointed low sword poke. Shorter range than 5A.
j.A 18 Overhead Disjointed sword poke from the air. Stops K. Kyanta's vertical momentum and floats him forward, making this a perfect move for adjusting your air spacing.
5B 18*2 (34) Mid A forward-moving sword strike. It's a little slow, but it has a good anti-air hitbox if you can get it to connect. It's very damaging, as it seems impossible to only get one hit to connect.
2B 20 Low A useful slide that lowers K. Kyanta's hurtbox under most projectiles. Unsafe if done too close to the opponent.
j.B 14*6(?) (55(?)) Overhead Spinning sword attack. Lots of hits and damage, and keeps K. Kyanta in the air for a long time.
5X 10*3 (24) Mid Kyanta sword. A three-hit fireball passed down by Ky Kiske. Gives K. Kyanta a god-tier oki game. It's slow in just the right way, so use it to position yourself for offense.
2X 30 Mid K. Kyanta bounces off the wall behind him and attacks his opponent. More useful than what you might expect from similar moves. Can be quite a pain to punish.
j.X 10*3 (24) Mid Air Kyanta sword. It's useful in all the ways you should have learned from Guilty Gear. Can sometimes fail to combo properly when a character's reeling animation is sufficiently weird.
5EX 14*4 (48) Mid EX version of 5B. Lots of hits and damage. Safe on block.
2EX 20 Low EX version of 2B. Goes very far, will get you through any projectile.
j.EX 20*6(?) (90(?)) Overhead EX version of j.B. It's hard to get all the hits to connect, but it will still do a load of damage regardless.
Ultra 1 (Y) 25*6 (120) Mid Super Kyanta sword. Very slow and very big. It has a deceptive hitbox and parrying it seems to affect its momentum, so it can be very difficult to deal with. Try crossing up with 2X while your opponent is focused on the Ultra.
Ultra 2 (2Y) 32*4 (116) Mid Super version of 2X. Very difficult to get all the hits to connect, and generally far less useful than Ultra 1. I can't recommend it.
Throw 40 Grab Meterless followups are possible in corner.
Taunt - - Gives K. Kyanta's next hit +20 damage. Easy enough to get out when behind a Kyanta sword.

Sample Combos

2A * 2 > 5EX > Ultra 1 (Midscreen + Corner)

Grab > 5A > Ultra 1 (Corner only)

2X > 5A > Ultra 1 (Corner only)

5B > 5A * 2 > 5EX > Ultra 1 (Midscreen + Corner)

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