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Nanatsu is a flower fairy who cares for flowers with a smile. She is happy nearly all the time, but anyone that she sees step on a beautiful flower bed will feel her vengeful fury. She will briefly torture those that disturb the flowers by summoning worms to their feet, getting in trees to drop fruit onto their head, and other pranks. In rare circumstances, she may step on those that have incurred the full extent of her wrath with bone crushing force, inflicting the pain of the hurt flowers who have been stepped on in the past. Otherwise, she is as carefree and happy as can be. She is friends with all insects, but her very best friend is a bear named Cocorn, who she loves like a brother.


The absolute supreme queen of unstoppable overheads, thanks in no small part due to the power of 5EX, the Big Steppy, which combos into itself and deals huge amounts of damage. Aside from that, Nanatsu has some really good air tools such as j.B and j.X, as well as the Fruits Basket, a useful anti-air that destroys people jumping at mid-range. Setting up Big Steppy infinite takes some practice, however, as the move rockets Nanatsu forward and have a blind spot immediately in front of her.

Recommended Types: Stamina/Super/Demon

Demon Type gives Nanatsu practical access to extremely high-damage combos, capable of killing anything but the highest-health characters.

Stamina and Super focus on a more grounded gameplan abusing her strong toolkit. Stamina is normally used with fruits basket to cover her generally weaker anti-air game.


Input Damage Guard Notes
5A 5 Mid Basic jab, completely outclassed by 2A outside of being used as fodder in a few corner combos.
2A 5 Low Your go to low and poking jab, has better horizontal range than 5A.
j.A 15 Overhead Can link into 5EX if done as late as possible into the jump.
5B 25 Overhead Lil' Steppy. ALMOST as scary as her bigger sister. Maybe a good fake-out tool until you whip out the real deal. Links into 5A, 2A and 2B.
2B 20 Low Lil' Sweepy. Can combo in the corner if spaced at max range.
j.B 7*5(21)(?) Overhead BEEEEEEE! Small hitbox but does cover a lot of the screen, as well as deal several hits. Even though the angle that Nanatsu flies at is shallower than 5X, you can do this from any height to compensate. If done low enough to the ground it connects instantly on standing opponents, which leads to fuzzy guard setups.
5X 10 Mid Ladybug. Swoops in at a shallow U-shaped path. Only one Ladybug can exist onscreen per player. Using this and 2X in sequence can be used to zone or to cover yourself while taunting. Best used as an anti-air.
2X 10 Mid Worm. Quickly crawls across the floor. Only one Worm can exist onscreen per player.
j.X 20 Mid Lil' Spilly. Super disjointed arc hitbox.
5EX 40 Overhead B I G S T E P P Y. It's a super-fast invulnerable overhead that combos into itself. Don't fall to the temptation of spamming it, though- you'll quickly run dry of meter.
2EX 40 Low Big Sweepy. Leads to corner combos with proper spacing, just like 2B.
j.EX 20*3(59) Mid Big Spilly. Lasts a few frames longer than j.X, has a more-detailed hitbox, and advances Nanatsu farther forward.
Ultra 1 (Y) 25*8(144) Mid FRUITS BASKETTO: Giant anti-air projectile that hits 8 times. Its weird firing trajectory (diagonally downwards) and slow movement speed can make it hard to land sometimes. Its hitbox disappears once the basket reaches halfway below the bottom of the screen. Using j.B as a followup to a fully-hitting Fruits Basket will demolish your opponents.
Ultra 2 (2Y) 30*5(130) Mid Super Spilly. Moves WAY faster than j.EX and can be steered.
Throw Grab
Taunt - - Gives Nanatsu 1 bar of meter. Critical for Big Steppy.

Sample Combos

  • 2A, 2A, 2A, 2B
  • ...2B, Demon Mode Activate, 5EX*7, 5B
Nanatsu's BnB and the reason you're playing her, probably. Works off 5B and 2A; extra 2A should be added before the 2B in case you're too close to the opponent to space yourself properly.
  • Throw (3 hits), Demon Mode Activate, 5EX*7, 5B
  • j.A, 5EX*7, 5B
Only way to combo into 5EX midscreen during Demon Mode besides a raw 5EX. The j.A must hit as deep as possible.

Corner Only

  • 5EX, 5A, j.A, 5A, (5A), 5B
  • j.EX, 5B
  • Fuzzy j.B (1 hit), Demon Mode Activate, j.A, 5EX*7, 5B

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