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Natanee will be the next character in Ultra Fight Da! Kyanta 2, she is currently available to play in the beta branch on steam. Harama-sensei has said that he wants her to be like Twelve from Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.


From an early age, she was victim to brainwashing and experiments to turn her into a powerful bio-weapon. A spy at the facility named Kawashima gave her hope of escaping and living a normal life. After Kawashima was discovered, they were held captive and tortured into eventual suicide. Filled with violent rage, Natanee was able to use her power to escape. She's living safely in the outside world now, working at a convenience store, but she waits for the right time to have her revenge.


Natanee uses her superior movement between double jump and glide and her large hitboxes to control the pace of the game. Since her large buttons are physical attacks and not projectiles she needs to be cautious against opponent's reversal or fireballs.

Recommended Types: Stamina/Super

Natanee already has very high mobility and the huge damage potential increase from her Ultra 1/2 is recommended. On the flip side Super can give a boost her already incredible mobility.


Input Damage Guard Notes
5A 5
2A 5
j.A 15 Extremely good air to ground move with strong air to air potential as well.

Halts air momentum when pressed.

5B 25 Good ranged slap, is a bit vulnerable to trading and is minus on block.
2B 20 Close range anti air/launcher. Extremely important in comboing in the corner, as it has a minimum launch height.
j.B 15*3(39) Can hit up to 3 times, but more often only hits twice. It's a long range air to air poke but it's hurtbox often will just result in trades if they already have a move out.

Halts air momentum when pressed.

5X 25 After a short delay you teleport forwards and hit anything between your 2 positions. This is an effective anti-fireball tool.
2X 15*8(66) Rapid hit anti air and combo tool.
4/5/6j.X N/A 4/6j.X will halt upwards momentum and change the direction you are facing to that direction and glide rapidly in that direction. It is a core component of Natanee's gameplan.

If 5j.X is pressed instead it will perform 4/6j.X based off the last direction Natanee jumped, if Natanee neutral jumped instead it will do the glide in place and not change your facing.

5EX 25*3(59) Long range triple slap, it has some issues landing all 3 hits outside of the corner and it loses it's invulnerable quickly, so be careful.
2EX 30 Low sweep that covers fullscreen. Very good punish tool and combos into itself.
j.EX 15*5 Air to air reversal, it is impossible to hit many grounded crouching characters with this however.
Ultra 1 (Y) N/A An invincible clone of all your actions occurs shortly after you perform yours, this leads to very powerful ground combos and some safety with in the case of trades your clones followup will often hit them again giving you extra damage and regain control.

You cannot use EX moves while performing this ultra.

Ultra 2 (Y) 90 (Minimum 50 Damage) Is not effected by combo scaling it will always do 90 damage.
Throw 40 Grab
Taunt N/A Za Warudo. After a long delay you stop time allowing to freely combo your opponent.

Sample Combos


A , 2B

  • Close up only

A , 5EX
5EX (3 hits). 2EX


5A , 5A , 5EX , j.EX , 2X
A , U1 , 5A , 5B , 5A , 5B , 5A , 5A , 5B , 5A , 5A , 5B , 5A , 5B , 5A , 5A , 2B , 5A , 5A
j.X , j.A , 2B , 5A , 2B , 5A , 5B
air to air j.A , 5A , j.B(2 hits) , 2B , 2B , 2B , 5A , 5A , 5B (80 Damage)
air to air j.A , 5A , j.B(2 hits), 2B , 5A , U2 , 2B(Flash Bonus) , 2B , 5A , 5A , 5A

  • You can squeeze in more hits on heavier hitboxes, but 5A > U2 , 2B naturally times a flash bonus.

Throw > early KC , 2B , 5A , j.B(2hits) , 2 , 2B , 2B , 5A , 5A , 5B
Throw > KC immediately on hit , j.B(1hit) , j.B(2 hits) , 2B , 2B , 5A , 5A , U2 , 2B , U2 , 2B, 2B , 2B , 5A , 5A
Demon mode > 2EX, 5B, 2EX*6, 5B, 2A

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