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Rare was originally designed to be a war machine by the brilliant Dr. Komachi. However, Komachi quickly became bored with creating such destructive weaponry, so he gave Rare unique gadgets and programmed him to have personality. Seeing this as a gross misuse of funds, the government that commissioned Rare kidnapped Komachi and brainwashed him with harmful drugs to make him more obedient. Komachi began working tirelessly to create Rare Mk2, becoming very weak from the drugs and sleep deprivation. Rare escaped from the laboratory and swore revenge, taking Komachi’s robot Maid, Myusha, with him. He hopes that he can find a genius programmer that can give him the combat upgrades he needs to get his revenge.


Rare is a powerful trapping character that uses his stationary fanblade projectiles & Ultra to apply pressure and boko. He can cross up with his projectiles using his air attacks that give him superior horizontal movement, j.B and j.X. If he is able to connect with all the hits of his j.EX overhead, it's the most damaging move in the entire game. He has a long-reaching and fast jab, a useful slide for going under projectiles, and passable anti-air attacks. Unusually, his crouching hurtbox renders him immune to attacks that do not cross up while in the corner. He excels on any spot on a team, and is happy with any Type with Ultra access.

Recommended Types: Stamina, Speed, Demon

Demon Rare is a bit of an oddity that has seen some play lately and mostly revolves around j.EX's incredible damage output for extremely high damage confirms.


Input Damage Guard Notes
5A 5 Mid 1 frame. Tied with Anna for longest-reaching 1f jab.
2A 5 Low 2 frames. Moves Rare's head hurtbox down and forward. Absolutely stellar for corner oki.
j.A 15 Overhead Knee press. Active until Rare lands. Decent crossup.
5B 15*3(39) Mid Eye beams. No pushback on hit or block. Obviously disjointed, and quite far-reaching. Safe on block.
2B 20 Low Body slide. Gets Rare very low to the ground from the very first frame. Unsafe on block.
j.B 20 Overhead Super Manpunch. Launches Rare across the screen. Use in conjunction with Rare's projectiles to cross up.
5X 8*3(18) Mid Multi-hit fanblade projectile that remains stationary on-screen for a period of time after reaching its max distance.
2X 10 Mid Anti-air missile. Launches at a 60-degree angle. Rare's best meterless anti-air.
j.X 15*5(55) Overhead Jetpack. Stops vertical momentum and gives substantial horizontal control. Doesn't combo on standing opponents. Good tool for crossups and avoiding projectiles.
5EX 15*6(60) Mid EX version of 5B. Lots of hits, and knocks down.
2EX 30 Mid EX version of 2X. Best anti-air Rare has available to him.
j.EX 25*9(153) Overhead EX version of j.X. Works as an instant overhead on everyone, but may take practice. Unbelievable damage.
Ultra 1 (Y) 25*6(120) Mid Super version of 5X. Arguably the best Ultra in the game, it stays on screen forever, allowing Rare to safely apply Boko with 5B or mixup with j.B, j.EX, or 2B.
Ultra 2 (2Y) 30*4(108)(?) Mid Bionic arm. Stick to Ultra 1, really.
Throw 40 Grab
Taunt - - Grants 1 EX Gauge.

Sample Combos


2A , 2B
j.B , 2A , 2B


Throw > K-Cancel > j.EX
2A, 2B > K-Cancel > j.EX

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