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Robo-Azuma? Azuma-Robo? is a robot created by Michelle, designed to mimic Azuma’s appearance. It will carry out its orders at any cost.
It can be found late at night in dark alleys, capturing those who cross its path to take back to Michelle’s lair for experiments.
It will fight back when in danger, using its drill with deadly force. In an emergency, it can self-destruct to keep its internal data confidential.
When its synthetic skin is off, it is in combat mode, ready to use its full strength and weaponry.


The community refers to him under a few different nicknames, they are: "Razuma" and "Robo".
This resource refers to him as Razuma, although others may vary.


UFDK2 Razuma Colors.png



Recommended Types: Stamina/Super/Speed

Razuma plays as a sort of "reversal-powerhouse", having little-to-no-range due to his incredibly slow speed, forcing him to rely on parries or EX moves to cover distance.
But what he lacks in speed, he makes up for in moves, he has some of the safest and strongest moves in the game, his full kit is full of ridiculous buttons and he relies on leveraging these huge pokes to get things done.
Not only that, but thanks to his odd U1 and his ability to crouch-slide, he gains extreme TOD potential and has complete control over opponent's boko-bars. You never want to be caught blocking against Razuma.

Just in general, you're playing an uphill battle with extreme reward, one slip-up on the side of the opponent can be certain death.
Often times, Razuma just can't get in due to his speed, forcing him to drop meter or make trades to get things done, some MUs are just complete hell for the poor gator.
Keep in mind, one of the hardest characters, Razuma has to work twice as hard for these things.


UFDK2 Razuma CrouchSlide.png
As the name implies, you crouch and slide across the ground.
It's performed by holding 3 or down-right, once the combo-counter hits 6-hits, you'll stop moving forward.
It's a pretty unique movement option, allowing Razuma to approach despite his huge hurtbox at times, but mainly to extend his 3A-jab combos.

His 3A-jab combos are the corner-stone of why this movement is so important, every jab can extend for mulitple hits and a potential follow-up, along with it being one of his safest pokes.
It builds tons of meter, does lots of damage, on block it has no drawback, meaning you can infinitely jab an opponent in the corner until their boko-bar breaks or they red-parry.
A great way to mix that up, is to approach with U1 already primed, then activate U1 upon hitting the half-way point on a boko-bar break. Forcing the opponent to try a risky option or risk a full boko-break combo.

U2 Carry
UFDK2 Razuma U2.png
Yep. Just as the name implies, you can carry players off knockdowns using U2 due to it's multi-hit nature.
It's extremely good at carrying fullscreen, although you won't get much damage.
It's important to know and take advantage of this carry to even up the disadvantage between U1 and U2.


  • Air Hit -> U2
  • 2X -> 5A > U2
  • 5EX -> U2
  • J.EX -> U2


Notation notes:

If you see something like, 5(5)5(5) for Active, that means that all #s outside of parenthesis are active frames and anything in parenthesis are inactive frames in-between each hitbox.
Also taunt recovery refers to the length of the taunt, if you see a # for startup frames, that will be how long until the taunt's effect activates.
However, if the taunt has a hitbox (i.e. Spike), it will be formatted in the same way that a normal move would be.
(Damage buff taunts will not do this, since there is no way to accurately measure when the buff kicks in.)

UFDK2 Razuma 5A.png
Handshake gone wrong
Handshake gone wrong
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
5 Mid 1 2 2 0 ? ? ? N/A

Most characters have their best jabs as 5A, ZackyWild and Well-Done have amazing 5A jabs, Razuma just doesn't.
It's not like it's unsafe or bad, it's just out-done by 2A. You won't be using this very often if at all, unless you're hitting the U1 Flash Bonus.

UFDK2 Razuma 2A.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
5 Low 1 2 2 0 ? ? ? N/A

This move seems simple on the surface, but it's pairing with crouch-sliding makes it an active powerhouse, it handles all of your troubles.
Meter? Damage? Juggles? Carries? You name it, it can do it. It hits fairly low and with proper spacing you can safely poke without putting your hurtbox into the fray.
Bread n' butter basically, just don't spam it, ok?

UFDK2 Razuma JA.png
Link Neutral Air, the sequel.
Link Neutral Air, the sequel.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
15 High 5 Until Ground Until Ground 0 ? ? ? N/A

The biggest j.A hitbox in the game (maybe?), extremely safe and fast to use. Pokes for free, as long as you don't get hit on the leg hurtbox.
While most of the time j.B is better, j.A is just as good as it doesn't cancel your momentum. Get used to alternating between the two for poking in and getting things done.

UFDK2 Razuma 5B.png
Awful arm-swing.
Awful arm-swing.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
10,10,20(28) Mid 10 10 4 0 ? ? ? N/A

I take back what I said.
Extremely bad move, can't cover space and can't really punish due to the arm starting high up and lowering down.
It's far too slow to apply in any context outside of some combos or pick-ups, usually anti-air pickups.
Never use it in neutral, or in combos if you can get around it (none of the optimal combos listed below have it), but in some rare cases it can anti-air okay enough.
(Assuming you don't have meter for whatever reason.)

UFDK2 Razuma 2B.png
Literal Stanky Leg
Literal Stanky Leg
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
20 Low 8 3 5 0 ? ? ? N/A

The longest 2B hitbox in the game (maybe?), fast and safe to use. Pokes for free, am I repeating myself? Oh, right, it's got a really really messed up disjoint on it.
As we've seen with j.A, Razuma has huge legs and they're amazing pokes, this one doubling up as a combo-tool instead of just a big poke.

UFDK2 Razuma JB.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
20 High 11 Until Ground Until Ground 0 ? ? ? N/A

You use j.A to get in, you use j.B when you're in. It's got a very safe and disjointed hitbox, along with it ending as soon as you touch the ground, it's a great poke.
If you hit it however, you can snap right into slide-jabs, making for a nasty fuzzy-guard setup or potentially an infinite blockstring.

UFDK2 Razuma 5X.png
home depot power drill
home depot power drill
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
7*8(30) Mid 14 24 7 0 Knockdown ? ? KD, KB

An amazing whiff-punish and oki-tool. Along with being a great combo-tool as well. It has a lot of hits, so it's great for meter-gain and boko-bar damage.
On block it's extremely scary, leads straight into slide-jabs with no gap so blocking this in the corner almost guarantees a boko-break.

UFDK2 Razuma 2X.png
Alex stomp will never die
Alex stomp will never die
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
25 High 18 4 1 0 Knockdown ? ? KD

Has huge start-up, it hardly matters since you're moving the whole time, it's suprisingly evasive and can hop over most slides or projectiles.
It's also your main combo-starter. You'll be relying on this to start everything, often trying to hit it from okizeme, it's incredibly prone to being DP'd so don't spam it.
Through and through 2X is the stable JUMPANG we all know and love--- it's also safe on block and to some extent parry.

UFDK2 Razuma JX.png
(Insert Pirate joke)
(Insert Pirate joke)
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
10 Mid 13 Until Off-screen Until Ground 0 ? ? ? N/A

Middle of the line air-fireball. Seems bad, but it's great for controlling space considering how slow Razuma is.
Just don't spam it and you'll be fine.

UFDK2 Razuma 5EX.png
Multi-bop done right
Multi-bop done right
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
10,20,20(44) Mid 7 10 1 1-15 Knockdown ? ? KD, KB

Your main reversal, covers every single angle around Razuma. It's essentially a good version of 5B, but hitting all of the hits is just as finneky.
But due to it's relative speed, odd hitboxes, and great invulnerability, this is your go-to reversal.
It's not half-bad either, in neutral you can hit 5EX(2-hit) for a free launcher.

UFDK2 Razuma 2EX.png
Y'know how I said it was like Alex stomp? Yeah...
Y'know how I said it was like Alex stomp? Yeah...
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
35 High 11 14 1 1-11 Knockdown ? ? KD

Very good anti-air reversal, the hitbox comes out at around the hp-display and you lose your invulnerability from there.
Mainly used to punish characters like Kinoko or ZackyWild that sit above you on wake-up, great for all anti-air situations.
Although, don't throw this out in neutral unless you're trying to escape opponent's moves, you'll be very easily punished by a player who knows what to do against it.

UFDK2 Razuma JEX.png
(Insert Pirate Joke x100)
(Insert Pirate Joke x100)
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
40 Mid 4 Until Off-screen Until Ground 1-10 Knockdown ? ? KD

Broken move, for realsies. Requires you to hit tiger-knee combos to make it shine, but once you do it rips through characters like a hot knife through butter.
It blocks all projectiles in it's path too, so you should throw this move out in neutral and approach with it.

Ultra 1 (Y)
UFDK2 Razuma U1.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
120 Mid 7 (Prime) - 7 (Activate) 10 66 0-7 (Prime) - 0-34 (Activate) Knockdown ? ? KD, KB, F

Deals huge damage and is super useful in any combo as it can be cancelled into once primed after ANY move (except Grab).
It's very useful to great effect on the defensive or the offensive, perfectly playing into any type or playstyle you'd like.
Can be applied as a pseudo-guard cancel, works as anti-air, reversal, and combo-ender.
Also, after popping U1 you return to neutral, you actually float in the air for a bit while the animation is ending too. Useful for escaping projectiles or punishing DPs.

Ultra 2 (j.Y)
UFDK2 Razuma U2.png
Hyper-charging Star!
Hyper-charging Star!
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
15*10(113) Mid 2 1(11)1(11)1(11)1(11)1(11)1(11)1(11)1(11)1(11)1 23 0-57 Knockdown ? ? -

Applies as a very good carry, but on block it's very punishable.
You can use it to avoid projectiles and force an approach, but overall it's far out-shadowed by Ultra 1 in terms of overall use.
Also, there's actually no recovery if it whiffs entirely, the active frames also never "flicker" if it whiffs. Making it even better for carries.

Grab (AB)
UFDK2 Razuma GRAB.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
15*3(45) Grab 3 6 5 0 Knockdown Knockdown N/A KD, KB

Can't be cancelled by U1 and the KC follow-ups are very underwhelming.
For whatever reason though, it combos if you're all the way in corner, as the opponent doesn't take any knockback.
Still, very practical but the best you can get off of it is a U1 (extremely minus) or a bunch of slide jabs.

Also Grab>3A in the corner is a natural FB LMAO

Taunt (Select)
UFDK2 Razuma TAUNT.png
Every robot has gotta have spinny-limb taunt!
Every robot has gotta have spinny-limb taunt!
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Invuln Adv. Hit Adv. Block Adv. Parry Effect
+20 to next attack N/A N/A N/A 72 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

Practically the same as InAzuma's taunt, just slower, so don't use it.
Maybe as an off-play or if you're rolling you can taunt with it, but in general it's a mediocre taunt.
Don't let that stop you though, extra damage is extra damage and all taunts dmg bonuses / KC bonuses apply as flat damage with no scaling.


Notation Help

Combos are written by various writers, so notation may differ slightly from this notation.
For more information, see Controls.
Also, character-specific notation, such as Rogue's "PCancel" will be on the character's page.

FB Refers to the act of gaining a "Flash Bonus", which grants you extra meter, on the hit of a move.
KC Refers to pressing B+Y on the same frame, or the macro-button for B+Y. This is known as a Kyanta-Cancel, this game's Roman-Cancel.
DC Refers to cancelling a move by activating demon-mode, this works the same way a KC does but since it's activated differently it's noted separately.
YFD Combo Refers to looping a single EX move over and over in demon-mode until you run out of demon, this references a community member known by "YFDHippo" who popularized demon-mode combos.

(For example: 5Ax2>2B>DC>5EX YFD Combo.)

XEX Refers to pressing X+Y on the same frame, or the macro-button for X+Y.

This is known as an EX move, for example: j.EX>5EX>2EX.

{X/Y/Z} Move X or Y or Z can be used.
#X Indicates that any of A, B and C may be used with #. Example: 3A (Down-right, Light.)

If you have trouble with this notation, you may want to google for "Numpad Notation" elsewhere.

[X]xN or XxN-N Loop the inputs in the square brackets or parenthesis as many times as N, sometimes doesn't include brackets or parenthesis but still means the same thing.

Also occasionally includes a dash to indicate that a varying amount of hits can be performed.

j.X Button X is input while you are in the air jump.
X(whiff) Indicates that X is intended to whiff.
(Delay) or (Wait) Indicates a short delay on the hit.
(X) X move is omittable from the combo.
tk.X Indicates the motion "X" is input immediately after leaving the ground. Stands for tiger knee.

Razuma's Ultra-1 has special notation, starting it is referred to as "U1 Prime", while using it after it's activated is referred to as "U1 Activate".
Simply putting "U1", by itself means to activate and prime it as one full use. You will usually see that the most, but PLEASE make sure to properly notate it.

Various Combos

Stamina Midscreen

2X -> 2B
5EX -> 5B
J.B -> 3Ax2-3

Stamina Corner

U1 Prime -> 2X -> 2B -> J.B -> 5B (1-hit) xx U1 Activate
U1 Prime -> 2X -> 2B -> 5X -> U1 Activate
U1 Prime -> 2X -> 2B -> J.B -> 2B xx U1 Activate
2X -> 2B -> 5X -> 5/3Ax3-5
J.B -> 3Ax6 -> U1/U2
J.EX -> 5EX
2X -> 2A -> 2X -> 5B -> 3Ax1-2
2X -> 2A -> 5X -> 3Ax1-2
Grab -> U2
5EX -> 5X -> 5/3Ax1-2
2X -> 2A -> 2X -> 5X -> U1 Prime -> U1 Activate
U1 Prime -> 2X -> 2A -> 2X -> 5X -> 5A -> 3A xx U1 Activate

2X -> 2B -> J.B -> 5B -> U1 Prime -> U1 Activate -> KC -> U1 Prime -> U1 Activate --- (On Boko Break) 5X -> 3A

2X -> 2B -> J.EXx4
2X -> 2B -> J.EXx2 -> U1 Prime -> U1 Activate
J.EX -> 2B -> 5X -> U1 Prime -> U1 Activate
Grab(3HITS) -> KC -> 5X -> U1 Prime -> U1 Activate

2X -> 3B -> KC -> 9B(FB) -> KC -> (9EX)x3 -> 3B
Grab(3HITS) -> KC -> (9EX)x2 -> KC -> 9EX

Stamina Air + Corner

J.A -> 5A -> J.A/B -> 5A
2EX -> 5B
J.EX -> U1 / U2

Speed / Super Midscreen

J.A/B -> 3Ax4

Speed / Super Corner

J.EX -> U2/5EX/5B/J.A
J.B -> 3Ax9
2X -> 2B -> J.EX -> J.EX -> 2B
J.B -> 3Ax4 -> Grab
2B -> 3Ax4 -> Grab

Demon Midscreen

J.A/B or 5X or 5B -> Demon Start -> 5EX YFD Combo

Demon Corner

2X > 2B > DC > (j.EX)x4 > 2B
2X > 2B -> 5X -> DC -> J.EX -> J.EX -> 2B

Boko Break

(High Gravity, Within a Combo, Anywhere) 5X > 3Ax1-2
(Normal Gravity, Loose Boko Break, Corner) Grab > U2
(Normal Gravity, Loose Boko Break, Corner) 2X > 2B > 5X > 5A > 2A

Optimal Combos


5B > KC > 5B(FB) > 5X > U1 Prime > 5A(FB) > U1 Activate (203)
5B (2-hit) > 5X > 2B (55)
5B > (j.EX)x4 > 2B (168)

  • Cut out j.EXs depending on meter


2X > 2B > j.B > 3Ax4 (71)

  • All Characters

2X > 2B > j.B > 3Ax7 (80)

  • Hisomi/Rogue Only

Slow Movement
j.B > 3Ax2 (26)
3Ax4 (14)

  • First 3A must cross-up

Fast Movement
j.B > 3Ax3 (29)
(3A)x6 (20)

  • First 3A must cross-up

Demon Midscreen

5X > DC > 5EX YFD Combo (65)
5EX (3-hit) > DC > 5EX (1-hit) > (j.EX)x4 > 5EX (3-hit) (183)


2X > 2B > 5X > U1 Prime > 5A(FB) > U1 Activate (168)

  • Meter-build variant. Used if you're out of meter completely coming into the corner combo.

2X > 2B > j.B > 2B > U1 Prime > U1 Activate (185)

  • Kill variant. Works even from Midscreen, use this if you have .75 coming into the corner combo.

Grab > 3Ax6 (63)

  • If you land a grab smack in the corner you get this, regardless of movement speed.

Slow Movement
j.B > (3A)x4 > (U1) (142)

Fast Movement
j.B > (3A)x6 > (U1) (144)


K. Kyanta/Rare - J.B > 2B > 3Ax4-6

  • Corner Only 3As are variable depending on movement speed.

Taro - J.B > 2Bx2 > 3Ax3-5

  • Has extra hitstun so this connects, 3As are variable depending on movement speed.


U1 Prime > j.B > 3Ax10-15 > U1 Activate

  • Will Boko Break on all characters, all types, and all sizes consistently. This blockstring is true as well, cannot be escaped without a red-parry.

3AxN (Until Boko-Break)

  • 3A lab loops is one of the only true blockstrings in the game that corner carries, forces opponents to escape with a red-parry or force an EX. Use the first version if you want to guarantee a boko-break.

Flash Bonus

2X > 2B > KC >(delay) 5X(FB)> U1 Prime> 5A(FB) > U1 Activate (185)

  • Corner Only Extra meter build and damage if you hit every hit of 5X, this combo assumes you hit the bare minimum.

2X > 2B > KC >(delay) 5X(FB)> U1 Prime > 5A(FB) > U1 Activate > KC > U1 Prime > U1 Activate > Grab > 3Ax3 (408)

  • Corner Only You need to come into this combo with a bit of Boko cranked. Really dumb Solos kill-combo, not even impractical. Wow.

2X > 2B > KC >(delay) j.B(FB)> (j.EX)x3 > 2B (183)

  • Corner Only Difficult tk.j.EX combo, almost impossible without the EX macro.

Other Resources/Notable Players

Other Guides

Robo-Azuma Cool Kid Guide by Durdge-o


Razuma Combos by Durdge-o

Notable Players

  • Durdge-o

(Names to look out for when searching for VODs of this character.)

Well Done
Mask Michelle
Katana Kyanta