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Rogue is an elf from Del Toro Village with unmatched archery skill. She also has a strong bond with animals and can sense their feelings. Upon reaching adulthood, it is a tradition for elves from Del Toro to be sent out into the world to live their lives elsewhere until they become older and wiser. Del Toro’s mayor arranged for Rogue to go to Tsukinami Ranch, where he once stayed when he was Rogue’s age. The hard work is miserable, but she gets through the day with the company of the farm animals and her lifelong bird companion, P-Chan. She’s slowly warming up to Tsukinami Ranch’s owner and is starting to learn the value of perseverance and hard work from her.


Rogue is perhaps Kyanta 2's most pure zoner, with an animal companion she can move around the screen, an anti-air projectile, and useful movement options to create space. Once she is given an opportunity to create a pattern of squirrels, arrows, and Pi-chan swipes, opponents must parry their way out if they want to remain safe. However, with moves like j.X and 5B, she can meet advancing opponents with hitboxes surprisingly well.

Recommended Types: Stamina, Super


Input Damage Guard Notes
5A 5 Mid 1 frame. Extends her hurtbox a lot.
2A 5 Low 2 frames.
j.A 15 Overhead Very strong crossup hitbox.
5B 25 Overhead
2B 10 Mid Pi-chan attack. Directs Pi-chan to swipe at the opponent, and he'll slowly float back to Rogue afterwards. Use frequently to ensure that Pi-chan is in a useful position.
j.B 30 Overhead Flip kick. Stops momentum to move Rogue forward. A little slow, but a decent instant overhead.
5X 10 Mid Arrow, travels in an arc in front of Rogue.
2X 10 Mid Squirrel, travels along the ground.
j.X 30 Overhead Rope swing. If you tap the button, Rogue will let go at about the halfway point, but if you hold on, she'll complete the arc.
2Y 10 Mid Upward arrow. Useful anti-air.
j.Y when near Pi-chan - - Latch on to Pi-chan to fly for a while! You have to come down with a button. You can use left or right movement to influence your jumping moves off of Pi-chan.

You can cancel into this from air normals as long as Pi-chan is close enough and you are still high enough in the air.

5EX 25*2(48) Overhead EX version of 5B.
2EX 10*4(28) Mid Summons Big Chungus to attack your foes.
j.EX 20*3(54) Overhead EX version of j.X. Will stop automatically after three hits, but can otherwise be held to return to Rogue's starting position.
Ultra 1 (Y) 90 Mid A powerful arrow shot that deals a lot of Boko damage on hit or block.
Ultra 2 (2Y) - - An install super that makes Rogue's arrows (5X and 2Y) have seven hits (each 10 damage, total of 37). This comes with all advantages and disadvantages of having 7 hits.
Throw 40 Grab Puts the opponent on the floor.
Taunt - - A unique taunt that recovers 30 life.

Sample Combos

J.A/J.B/5B , A , j.EX , Ultra

J.A/J.B/5B , A , 5EX

2X , 5X , 2B, 2B (at proper P-chan spacing)

A , j.EX , Ultra 1 , 5A , Ultra 1 (Stun combo)
A , j.EX , 5A*N

  • Good video for her more weird confirms.
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