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Sendou is an athlete, environmentalist, and all around great guy. His philosophy in life is that having fun is the best way to improve at anything, and he has a lot of fun with just about everything he does. He has become a living legend in the local community for his feats of physical strength, community service, and engagement with the youth. At the recommendation of others, he’s started a low budget web video series called “The Legend of Sendou” to share his love of nature and fitness with all of Japan. His naturally enthusiastic attitude has become especially popular with children.


The fastest character in the game. Sendou's speed makes him extremely pesky to deal with, and a recent buff to his 5B gives him nice combo potential, consistently allowing for meterless knockdowns. Aim for a "hit-and-run" style game, interrupting your opponent's game plan and being generally annoying. Damage will add up quickly with opponents that get impatient against Sendou, while the fishman's ability to move in quickly with throw prevents his opponents from turtling.

Recommended Types: Stamina


Input Damage Guard Notes
5A 5 Mid 1 frame. Pretty standard 1 frame jab, but oppressive with Sendou's walk speed.
2A 5 Low 3 frames. Better range than 5A.
j.A 10 Overhead A jumping kick that reaches very far down.
5B 20 Mid A long-reaching kick that moves Sendou forward. Knocks down on hit.
2B 20 Low A low kick that can go over some lows.
j.B 15 Overhead A double-legged kick that moves Sendou forward slightly. Jumping forward with j.B is enough to cross the whole screen.
5X 15*2(28) Mid A tiger knee with lower-body invulnerability.
2X 20 Mid A tackle that propels Sendou across the screen. The closer you are to your opponent, the more unsafe it is.
j.X 20 Overhead After rising slightly, Sendou returns straight down to the ground with a stomp.
5EX 20*2(38) Mid EX version of 5X.
2EX 30 Mid EX version of 2X. Very invulnerable.
j.EX 40 Overhead EX version of j.X.
Ultra 1 (Y) 30*3, 20*2(115) Mid Basic multihitting ultra, however it has very fast startup and can combo off 5B even midscreen which makes it great for confirming into.
Ultra 2 (2Y) 30*4(108) Mid
Throw Grab
Taunt - - Grants 1 EX Gauge.

Sample Combos


AA , 5B
AA , 5B , Ultra 1


5AAA , 5B , 2AAA
(from max distance) 2X , 2B , 5B , 5B , 5X
5B , 5A , 2B , 5B , 5A , 5B , 5A , 5B , 5AA

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