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The formula for a character's Health is:

((360/TeamSize)+CharacterMod)* Type

Each character has a health modifier, and Stamina and Super grant a 1.5x bonus to life, while all other Types are 1x.

Walk Speed

See Walk Speeds.

Damage Scaling

Each hit of a combo will reduce further hits' damage by 2 points each, to a minimum of 3 damage.

For Example, Hatoyan's 2X does 30 damage, and her 5B does 25 damage. The combo 2X, 5B does 53 damage, and 2X, 5B, 5B does 74 damage.

Opponents take 3 bonus damage per hit while crouching, this is applied after the damage floor so minimum damage is 6 on crouchers.

Counter Hits deal 5 bonus damage on the initial hit.

Grabs are not affected by damage scaling, but will influence damage of subsequent hits.

EX Gauge Info

You only gain EX meter on hit or through parrying.

One full bar of EX meter is 80 points.

Attacks build 9 points each on hit for solos. Each character on your team beyond the first reduces this by 1. Only the first 9 hits of a combo will build meter.

Normal throws build about 20 points.

Parrying builds about 13 points.

Bokoboko Info

Speed and Super types get -5 max Bokoboko Gauge. (should be tested in 1.05)

Bokoboko status will grant the next hit +50 damage.

Throw Info

Normal Throw has a startup of 5 frames and a range of 45 pixels.

Normal Throws deal 40 damage, or three instances of 15 damage.

Grapplers: Chihiro's Normal Throw does 55 damage, while Cocorn's Normal Throw deals 60 damage.

Special and Super throws will tech if they would trade.

You can not input throw while crouching.

Pressing and holding A+B on the same frame will begin a throw buffer state. You will throw your opponent immediately when they come into range. Releasing one button will begin the remaining attack.

While throw buffering, you can parry, jump, and crouch, but can not block.

Kyanta Cancel Info

Invincible for 5 frames (the full duration of the cancel?)

Adds 20 damage to the next hit.

Parrying Info

After a forward or down input, for the next 8 frames( you are able to parry incoming attacks.

Down input is required for low attacks.

Parry input has a 15f recovery window. This recovery window can be reset by jumping.

If you input down-forward, it does not give a parry, but going from down-forward to either down or forward will give the respective parry. In this way, you can continuously input crouching parries without moving (going from down-forward to down)

If you roll a quarter circle, you receive both parry windows. This is advantageous while trying to move forward. You can practice these techniques by seeing when the parry bar turns green in training mode.

When parrying in the air, high parry and low parry are on different cooldowns. As a result attempting one after the window of the other has completed makes it significantly easier to time a parry when airborne.

Jumping resets the cooldown on parry. This can be used to perform an advancing parry technique by inputting 696.

A red parry can also be performed when in block stun, it has the same input as a normal parry but is only active for 6F.

Landing Recovery

There is at least 5 frames of landing recovery.

You can not move, guard or jump during landing recovery, but you can attack and parry.

You can cancel landing frames if your are in a attack animation prior to landing, allowing you to recover faster.

Buffer System

If you hold down a button, the corresponding action will be performed on the first frame that it is able to occur. There is no limit on how early you can begin to hold down the button in order for this to occur.

Knowing this makes timing links and reversals exceptionally easy. It is also useful for other applications, for example to use a projectile move as soon as an onscreen projectile is destroyed either by coming into contact with something or by travelling offscreen.


Whenever any attack connects, including projectiles, both characters are frozen for a short period of time.

During hitstop, the game does not accept inputs, this can be used for option selects.


When knocked down, you can hold left or right in order to reposition when waking up. In addition to this, if you hold a button down, you will wake up earlier.

Because of this, it is difficult to get reliable setplay from a knockdown situation.

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