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Taro is a dog.


Despite his seemingly low height, Taro is actually a regular-sized character, not even within the 3 shortest while crouching. He has the lowest health of any character in the game and takes increased hitstun from his opponents' attacks when standing. However, he also has the unique ability to passively recover health when his opponent hasn't connected any hits in some amount of time.

It is very important to have Meter advantage with Taro so if playing him in a duo or trio it is recommended to play him after a battery. While solo he eliminates his HP issues it leaves Taro very open to counter-picking.

Recommended Types: Demon/Stamina/Super
Taro is a monster in demon with EX bone and his 2EX , 2X loop dealing high damage in the corner, unfortunately, it makes his already lackluster life even lower. Your options to avoid that are stamina, Taros ultra 1 is a good option especially because Taro doesn't necessarily want to walk faster as it can make controlling his bones a bit weird. Super-type is also good but probably harder to swap between Demon and Super-type depending on what's needed compared to Demon and Stamina.


Input Damage Guard Notes
5A 5 Mid 2 frame startup. Unsurprisingly very low to the ground.
2A 5 Low 4 frame startup. Barely lower to the ground than 5A, but less horizontal reach.
j.A 10 Overhead Air version of 5A. Causes Taro to float forward.
5B 15*4 (48) Mid Dog fart. Extremely slow and damaging disjointed attack. Doesn't move Taro back on block.
2B 20 Low Tail slide. Slow to start up, but knocks down on hit.
j.B 11*4 (32) Overhead Dog UFO attack. Immediately halts upward momentum, and allows Taro to glide left or right.
5X 10 Mid Bonemerang. Taro can control the bones with the stick, and can have two bones on-screen at once.
2X 15*4 (48) Mid It's like Talbain's Beast Cannon. Ineffective as an anti-air, as it has no invulnerability and the hitbox doesn't even extend vertically beyond Taro's hurtbox.
j.X 15*4 (48) Overhead Horizontal Beast Cannon.
5EX 30 Mid Big bone. EX version of 5X.
2EX 20*6 (83) Mid EX version of 2X. Now very invulnerable and hits very hard.
j.EX 15*4 (48) Overhead EX version of j.X. A bit faster, and invulnerable.
Ultra 1 (Y) 1 damage every frame for 300 frames - Flame carpet. Extremely abusable super which covers the ground in flames, dealing massive damage to anyone unfortunate or unwise enough to stand in them.
Ultra 2 (2Y) 25*13 (171) Mid Huge damage dog fart. Doesn't seem to combo from any of Taro's moves, but it doesn't move him back, so it can be used to crank Boko.
Throw X*21 (40) Grab
Taunt 50 Mid Dog relief. Hits behind Taro. Grants 1 EX Gauge.

Sample Combos

2A > 2X/2EX

  • Needs to be very close to the opponent to hit.

j.B > A/2EX

2EX/2X Loop:
Once at the correct height (2EX , 2X)xN will work until they fall too low normally after a 4-5 reps. So for example.
j.X , 2EX , 2X , 2EX , 2X , 2EX , 2X , 2EX , 2EX , 2X , 2EX , 2X , 2EX , 2X

  • Each rep of 2EX , 2X does 30 minimum damage which makes it a fairly cheap cost to stack on extra damage.
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