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When selecting a character in Ultra Fight Da! Kyanta 2, you are prompted to select one of six grooves: Stamina, Speed, EX, Super, Demon, or Parry.

Stamina Type

Gives your character 50% more health. That means even more health for duos and solos than for trios. It's an all-around strong type. Your Boko gauge is tied to your health, as well, so this Type has better defense than the others.

Speed Type

Increases your walk speed by three pixels per frame. It's less useful than the other types, but some characters get interesting crossthrough setups with certain supers.

EX Type

EX Type allows you to use your Ultra EX for 75% meter instead of 100%. Worth considering for characters with strong Ultra EX moves.

Super Type

This Type confers the benefits of both Stamina and Speed Types, but you are not able to use Ultra moves. It's a fantastic choice for characters with strong EX moves.

Demon Type

Instead of a super, the Y button activates a mode that allows the use of several EX moves (around 7, optimally.) The Demon Mode activate functions like a Kyanta Cancel, and leads to some of the most damaging and flashy combos in the game.

Parry Type

Disables blocking, but your parries now heal you and grant bonus meter. You also gain 30 health between rounds.

Turtle Type

Announced Type, not released yet.

Throw Type

Announced Type, not released yet.

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