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Well Done is an alien from a far away galaxy that exists only to spread destruction and misery. He has both incredible physical strength and mastery of an incomprehensible cosmic energy. He has the power to destroy entire planets, but simply destroying a planet is boring to him. He much prefers to go to a planet with intelligent life and create chaos, toying with people and killing them one by one until there’s no one left. He has selected Earth as his current target, and he is taking things even more slowly than usual. He seems to have some goals in common with Michelle, and is working together with him to cause all kinds of mayhem.


A Sagat-esque Cyclops that suffers greatly from not having an anti-air attack. The only move that reaches up to his head is his high fireball, and nothing else extends past that. Since he can only have one fireball on the screen, it's impossible to effectively anti-air someone jumping over a fireball.

Recommended Types: Stamina/Demon


Input Damage Guard Notes
5A 5 Mid 3f startup. Long-range jab that goes over an average croucher.
2A 5 Low 4f startup. Much lower to the ground than you might think, leaves the upper half of W.D.'s hurtbox naked.
j.A 15 Overhead Toe kick. Hits at a low angle, and doesn't affect momentum at all unlike Sendou's similar move.
5B 25 Mid Shoulder tackle. Unsafe on block.
2B 25 Low Big punch. Unsafe on block. Doesn't exactly look like a low.
j.B 20 Overhead Dive-knee. Sends W.D. down and forward at a near-45 degree angle.
5X 10 Mid High Well Done Beam. Every character besides Detective Azuma can crouch under it. It's fast and it's W.D.'s best anti-air, but you can't use it with another Well Done Beam already on the screen, so be careful about tossing them carelessly.
2X 10 Mid "Low" Well Done Beam. It's not actually a low, so maybe W.D. should get some Muay Thai lessons. It recovers slower than the high version.
j.X 15*3 (39) Overhead Flip kick. Sends W.D. across the screen very quickly, but the hitbox is quite delayed.
5EX 20*2 (38) Mid EX version of 5B. It's still unsafe on block if done too close to the opponent. It's also easy to only get the second hit to connect, making this move deal less damage than the regular version. The invulnerability is good, though.
2EX 20*2 (38) Mid EX version of 2X. It has almost no invulnerability, but it comes out quick and launches on hit, allowing for neat corner combos.
j.EX 20*3(?) (56(?)) Overhead EX version of j.X. Very invulnerable, even through the first active frame. If there are three hits, like the regular version, it doesn't seem possible to get all of them to connect.
Ultra 1 (Y) 30*4 (108) Mid Tyrant Slaughter. The first two hits are invulnerable, and it's pretty easy to get all the hits to combo. Punishable on block after the first two hits.
Ultra 2 (Y) 80 Mid Well-Stun punch is a stun super that does about 50% Boko on hit or block. It doesn't have a lot of range. Unsafe on block.
Throw 15*3 (45) Grab
Taunt - - Bestows a bar to Well Done.

Sample Combos

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