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ZackyWild is a famous Japanese fighting game player. He talks a lot of trash, but he has the quick reflexes, careful strategy, and precise execution to back it up. His top level gameplay in both popular and niche titles has earned him many fans in Japan and all over the world. His official fanclub recently surpassed 10,000 members.


ZackyWild has some very unconventional tools in his arsenal, especially his 2B, which is technically a projectile, and 5X, which can call for interesting cornering situations. Interestingly, despite how lackluster his EX moves look, they actually have a LOT of importance for ZackyWild's gameplan, as they force the opponent into hitstun for a long-enough period of time that Zacky can set up helpless pressure with his either of his incredibly-annoying Ultras. This, coupled with most of ZackyWild's funky normals, does mean the player has to put considerably more work in to make him shine.

It should also be noted that his hitbox is quite deceptive, only going up to the very bottom of his glasses. He's the same height as Buttobi.

Recommended Types:
Not having access to Ultras does hurt ZackyWild considerably, and since his EX moves can be situational when the match goes pear-shaped, you should have Ultras at the ready to get the opponent off of you.


Input Damage Guard Notes
5A 5 Mid 2 frame. Links into 5B, as well as both Ultras.
2A 5 Low 1 frames. Pathetic range.
j.A 10 High 1 frame. Launches the opponent, but launches them farther than that if linked into 5A.
5B 20 Mid Moves ZackyWild forward. Hitbox only appears when his leg is fully outstretched.
2B 20, 10 Mid Whack-a-mole. A mole will appear in three different locations relative to ZackyWild's position based on the input (1 for close, 2 for mid, 3 for far), and stays onscreen for ~180 frames or until the opponent hits it. The mole can't emerge offscreen. The hammer hit won't combo into the mole.
j.B 25 High Divebomb. You lose horizontal momentum if done jumping forwards. Does nothing if you do it when falling downwards.
5X 15*N Mid Persists as long as you hold the button down, with a minimum. Insanely good combo tool, for juggling the opponent and dealing boko damage.
2X 20 Low Slide kick. Covers A LOT of distance; if done at the very end of the screen, you stop just short of actually hitting the opponent. Goes under most projectiles.
j.X 15*3(39) (High Bounce) - 15*4(48) (Low Bounce) High Bounce move. If done high on the screen, ZackyWild bounces once in a high arc.

Done low, and he bounces repeatedly in a low arc. Uses your walk-speed if doing the high-bounce version, so it's influenced by Speed/Super types.

5EX 30 Mid Startup-invuln donkey kick. Lasts 1 frame, moves ZackyWild forward, and wallbounces the opponent on hit. Really good way to set up a 2EX charge.
2EX 30-50-70-200(100 if blocked while unblockable) Mid/Unblockable The Big Bopper™. Overhead with considerable hitstun. Will always lead into hard knockdowns on hit. Holding down the EX button causes the hammer increase in size, dealing more damage at a considerably-longer range; the hammer reaches maximum size in the span of ~160 frames, at which point the hammer becomes unblockable and will cover 3/4 of the screen and deal 100 on block and 200 on hit. Although it only has one frame of invulnerability, it has super armor to compensate. Hits along the ground, does not function well as an anti-air at all.
j.EX 40 Overhead Super divebomb. Has an absolutely gigantic hitbox. Has three different horizontal speeds based on what direction you're jumping when you activate it; Jumping backwards has you do this move completely vertically, jumping upwards sends you forward, and jumping forwards launches you forward extremely fast.
Ultra 1 (j.Y) 25*6 (120) Mid Z Attack: ZackyWild takes a lotus stance like j.X and fires 6 images of himself quickly forward. Really good for getting people out of the air, even though the hitboxes on the clones are much smaller than they look. Linking 5A into this is a really good way to do this move on the ground.
Ultra 2 (2Y) 20*10 (111) Mid Oraoraora! 10 hits. Really oppressive overhead that moves ZackyWild forwards. Rips apart crouching opponents.
Throw 15*3 (45) Grab Horrible combo throw.
Taunt - - Gives 1 meter if the full taunt plays out. This lasts so much longer than all other taunts in the game that it's effectively a suicide button.

Sample Combos

j.9EX > 5A > j.EX > 5A > 5X > (delay) 5X (118)

  • Fullscreen j.EX will not link into 2B or 5B due to height, here's an alternate combo for fullscreen.

j.8EX > 2B > (delay) 5B > 5X > (delay) 5X (113)

  • For whatever reason only works the higher you do j.EX, so it's best to do full-jump j.8EX.

j.A > 2B > (delay) 5B > 5X > (delay) 5X (81)

  • Works close to corner, requires you to land cancel j.A.

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