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Notation Help
Disclaimer: Combos are written by various writers, so notation may differ slightly from this notation.

For more information, see Glossary and Controls

X+Y Buttons "X" and "Y" must be input simultaneously.
X/Y Input "X" or "Y" can be used.
dl.X There should be delay before inputting "X".
w.X Attack "X" should whiff and not hit the opponent.
j.X Button "X" is input while jumping or in the air.
dj.X Button "X" is input after a double jump.
jc Jump cancel the previous action. Usually will be omitted due to being obvious.
md.X Perform a micro-dash before performing "X".
TK.X Indicates the motion "X" is input immediately after leaving the ground. Stands for tiger knee.
(X) Input "X" is optional. Typically the combo will be easier if omitted.
[X] Input "X" is held down. Also can be known as "Increase" or "IC" for short. Depending on the character, this can indicate that this button is held down and not released until indicated by the release notation.
]X[ Input "X" is released. Will only appear if a button is previously held down.
{X} Button "X" should only be held down briefly to partially charge the attack, instead of the full increased version.
X(#) Attack "X" should only hit # of times.
X~Y This notation has two meanings.
  1. Use attack "X" with "Y" follow-up input.
  2. Input "X" then within a few frames, input "Y". Usually used for option selects.
CH The first attack must be Counter Hit.
CS Perform a Chain Shift, which is inputting by inputting D twice.
CVO Perform a Cross Cast Veil Off, which is performed by inputting A+B+C.
IW Perform an Infinite Worth, which is performed by inputting 41236D or A+B+C during CVO.
IWEX Perform an Infinite Worth EXS, which is performed by inputting A+B+C+D.

Getting Started

This section includes some basic combos to get you started with Waldstein. The combos in mission mode will take you a long way and the more optimal combos do not deviate too far from them. Most of his combos are very easy to execute compared to the rest of the cast, in the way that there are not many tight input windows to keep your combo, or any difficult links. The difficult combos listed here are optional, and you can definitely get by with simply converting anything into the below starter combos.

There is a video at the bottom showcasing most of these combos if you need a demonstration.

Wiki note: All damage values in this guide will be shown with the least damaging non-metered ender where applicable ([4]6A, also known as godpress A) and the most damaging 100 EXS ender unless otherwise noted.


  • j.X = Jump move
  • land = Touch the ground after the previous move but before the next move
  • dl. = Delay
  • w = Whiff
  • tk. = tiger knee = 2147X. Easiest way to get j.214 while standing.
  • Microdash = A dash shortened by performing a move quickly afterwards.
  • CS = Chain Shift
  • Rock = Force Function = B+C
  • VO/CVO = Refers to Veil Off and Cross-Cast Veil Off respectively.
  • [X] = Hold X

Starter Combos

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location
  • X can be substituted with any of the following: 2A, 5A, 2B, or simply skip it and start with 5B.
  • 236A for midscreen, 3C for the corner. May need to delay 236A slightly if you want to use meter.
  • Does less damage than your dedicated midscreen/corner combos but can be done anytime, anywhere assuming you count how many times the opponent hits the ground (OTG)
  • Remember there is a 3 OTG limit. First OTG is j.6C, second one is j.5[C]. If you use an OTG too early your combo will end early at j.5[C].
  • Basic, all purpose bread and butter combo that will be used even at high level. You can neutral jump instead of forward jumping to make it work in the corner unless you're very deep.
  • If you use a wallbounce too early in any combo, you can substitute 4B with j.5C > j.B > j.214B > Ender (EXS Only)
  • X can be substituted with any of the following: 2A, 5A, 2B, or simply skip it and start with 5B.
  • This combo can be done somewhat far from the corner compared to corner combos of other characters.
  • If you find this combo to be too difficult, refer to the first combo
  • Depending on your timing and distance, you may still be able to get the second combo to work near the corner but requires advanced delay/buffer timings.
  • As with the first combo, can use any of your A or B normals to start.
  • With a good enough starter, you can skip 2B to gain damage. 5B and above or CH 2B.
  • Damage calculated with 2A starter and a 720B ender.


Waldstein's combos have recurring theme of grounded normals, a launcher, a wallbounce with j.6C, and some sort of ender. You will be doing j.6C very often because most of your combos need that wallbounce in order to get that huge Waldstein damage. It is very important to keep note of how many floorbounces or wallbounces your combo has consumed when routing, as performing a 3rd bounce will immediately end your combo. 4B automatically consumes one bounce so keep that in mind when using it as a starter or ender.

While attempting to execute your bread 'n butter combo, the opponent may be too far/high for j.B to connect, or maybe mispositioned in a way that j.6C won't connect either. Depending on the situation, you may replace your three air attacks with:

  • Dash > j.A > j.5C > j.6C
  • Dash > j.A > j.B > j.6C
  • j.A > j.214B

Sometimes the dash may be unnecessary but if you can get into the habit of always dashing after your launcher, you will have a greater chance of not dropping your combos when it counts because you will already be used to buffering the dash. During a combo, it is usually considered easier to dash using 66 instead of 6A+B. In neutral, it is considered safer to use 6A+B instead of 66.

Any combo that has you executing a wall bounce with j.6C into standing 4B, always walk forward a little bit or dash if you can. If you don't move forward, the chances of your opponent air-teching out of your combos is quite high.

Vorpal Strip

If you use Veil Off while your opponent is in knockback from your combo while you are not in a move-recovery state, you will perform a regular VO instead of a CVO. If this special case VO hits the opponent, you will take away their vorpal (if they have it) instead of the usual guard break. And of course it's a safe way to ender the VO state safely for that extra 20% damage, plus an extra 10% if you can secure vorpal for a grand total of +30%.

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location
  • X can be substituted with any of the following: 2A, 5A, 2B, or simply skip it and start with 5B.
  • Takes some practice getting the timing down since the window is somewhat small for A starters.
  • Try not to do this when your back is in the corner unless absolutely necessary since Waldstein already has trouble getting in.
  • X can be substituted with any of the following: 2A, 5A, 2B, or simply skip it and start with 5B.
  • When doing 2C > 6C, be sure to return your input device to neutral so that you don't accidentally do 236C.

List of Enders

There are 15 different enders to choose from, some used more often than others. Some easier and some quite difficult.

  • Note: Any time you decide to use meter, you can always use 200 meter for your Infinite Worth instead in order to close out a round.
Combo Cost Location
  • Ender for good oki, sacrificing damage.
  • Has good corner carry.
  • Lets you safejump afterwards but needs assault to cover backtech midscreen.
  • Ender for corner carry.
  • Usually, it'll be prorated enough for them to tech forward, walk back to keep the corner or go for a left/right mixup instead.
  • Provides Waldstein with the least amount of meter out of all the enders.
  • Sacrifices damage for oki.
  • If tk'd forward, you can meaty clap even on backtech.
  • If tk'd neutral, lets you bait dps with 4B.
  • Sacrifices damage for oki.
  • Stronger version of the above combo, sacrificing + frames.
  • If you microwalk before 5B, you can sideswap.
  • On prorated routes, skip j.C.
  • One of the best damage enders, but gives poor oki midscreen, so it's best used in the corner where they can't backtech to go back to neutral.
  • +25 fixed frame advantage.
  • Can technically use j.B instead of j.A but it only works on certain characters and with excellent timing.
  • One of the best damage enders. Gives decent oki in the corner and carries a decent amount.
  • If the route is too prorated, skip 5B.
  • +21 fixed frame advantage, +23 skipping 5B.
  • Has the same properties 720A/B have oki wise but deals more and gives a lot more corner carry.
  • For highly prorated routes, use 214A > 720C for slightly more damage than 214B > 720C.
  • Best damage with oki with varying degrees of corner control.
  • Gives full corner carry like the other godpress routes.
  • 1st combo gives the opponent a high airtech, easiest to escape the corner but more damage.
  • 2nd combo forces opponent into corner with low/no airtech.
  • A starters can side switch if you walk forward. Otherwise, the corner is theirs to keep.
  • An ender which allows you to get cash out your GRD for meter, even if you have 200.
  • Only use this ender if you need to spend meter to get the KO, have vorpal, and still need to win another round.
  • This EX is specifically suggested because it gets the damage out fast, but doesn't KO until completion (which allows meter to fill).
  • Comparable damage to ending with 236C, but keeps the corner and oki.
  • Any combo that ends in the corner with j.214B can be picked up with the delayed 623C.
  • Moves you forward quite a bit. Does not require you to be in the corner before 623C in order to land the 3C.
  • No chance at oki, so only good for closing out rounds. Also your highest damage 100 EXS ender.
  • Can technically use j.B instead of j.A but it only works on certain characters and with excellent timing.
  • CVO ender for max damage, can be done if start your combo with at least 90 meter with orange health.
  • In UNICLR, CVO was nerfed so it's not worth to do this combo when you are still in green health.
  • CVO ender for max damage at 200 meter <30% health.
  • Time your 623 to hit before they hit the ground from 4B's headbutt.
  • Does not work with A starters.
  • Use tk.214B instead of A version because you spend less frames suspended in the air.
  • 1st combo is midscreen only.
  • 2nd combo is corner only, timing is very tight. If you have trouble, skip 3C.
  • If you are deep in the corner, you can replace 3C with 5B for more damage and easier meter management.
  • Best non-CVO IWEX ender for if you need to close out a round but don't have vorpal.
  • Does about 100 more damage than a j.214B > IW and looks cooler.
  • If you do the IWEX early enough, you can connect it without the initial hit-sound before the normal animation plays.
  • Stronger non-CVO IWEX for the corner.
  • Does about 200 more damage than a j.214B > IW and still looks cooler.
  • Have to end very deep in the corner or else IWEX will whiff.
  • Do note that the combo is 214[B] > 5B for consistency instead of the usual 214[B] > 5C.

Combo Starters

This section will tell give you insight into some basic/intermediate combos to get started with. These are mostly not completely optimized, but have a good balance between ease of use and reward. Take whatever combo you do from the below listings, and apply any ender from the above list.

Click on a header to expand that section of the combo list

A Starters

A Starters

If they use either 2A or 5A damage/meter will be with 2A which is slightly lower at 65% initial proration vs 66% initial from 5A.

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location
  • Standard 2A or 5A starter. Damage calculated with 2A, 5A will be slightly more.
  • Works anywhere but 4B can be harder in the corner.
  • Easy 1A starter that doesn't require a fast confirm.
  • Doesn't work at tip range.
  • Alternate confirm off of 1A that works in any situation, does more damage, but is slightly trickier and unsafe on block.
B Starters

B Starters

B starter combos let you do the same basic routes as A starters, but up close they can pack even more damage thanks to double clap routes and 214B 5C routes. On the other hand, from afar they'll do way less.

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location
  • Round start distance.
  • Universal roundstart/max range 5B route (damage from roundstart distance).
  • Timing is a bit tight between 214B and 66C.
  • Gives full corner carry from roundstart.
  • Basic 2B/5B route that works anywhere if you're not confident in 66C/microdashes.
  • Damage calculated with max range 2B.
  • Alternate max range 2B route. Does more damage but trickier to execute.
  • Situational max range 2B starter, where you have already used 5B in your block string.
  • 2B > 214B uses one bounce which is why the route is quite different than the rest of Waldstein's combos.
  • Enemy will keep the corner as long as you do not move forward.
  • Damage calculated at max range 2B.
  • Can use any EXS ender you feel is necessary for your situation, including 623C for the corner.
  • If you decide to do a CVO route, omit the second part of 236A. So 66B > 236A > CVO
  • Use 214A to keep your blockstring tight, 214B for a frame trap.
  • The timing for 623C is quite generous so be sure to delay, but not too delayed.
  • If you still have a short distance before you touch the corner, use 623C with no delay instead.
  • 214A does the higher of the two damages listed.
  • If you are deep in the corner, do a vertical jumping j.6C instead of jumping towards them.
  • This particular ender is suggested because they guarantee the corner as opposed to the other enders, which allow the opponent to air-tech out.
  • Requires you to be close, will not connect from distance 2B's.
  • 236A > 623C is tight. Combo will drop if your opponent ground bounces on the 236A. There is no being too fast on this one.
  • Unlike the 5B > 214A starter, 2B > 214A is not safe. The CPU can reversal it but the window is small. Watch out if your opponent has vorpal.
C Starters

C Starters

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location
  • Useful if your attempts to zone your opponent are successfully started with a 5C.
  • If used in the corner, try to use either a 720X ender or a 200 meter ender so that the opponent keeps the corner.
  • Must be a close 5C, or at least somewhat close to the corner.
  • Uses the same route as the 4B starter found later in this guide.
  • Delaying the j.5C will decide how high your opponent will be, so it is important to get the timing/height down.
  • Second combo can be used anywhere and gives you the option of 720 or godpress without meter.
  • Second combo, you may omit 2B for higher damage in exchange for harder execution.
  • If very close, a forward jump will side switch before the j.5[C] lands. This forces the opponent to block in the opposite direction from just a moment ago if they wish to block successfully.
  • If counter hit or delayed j.5[C], you can replace 2A with 2B. This will give less proration, plus at minimum an extra 73 damage if you can react in time. Go for it if you can.
  • Good mixup if your opponent blocks low after your regular j.5[C]'s.
  • Highly prorated, I would suggest ending with either 236A4A > [4]6C ender or a 720X. Highest damage is 236C as usual.
  • If you are cornered and you manage to get this start, do the second combo instead. 3894 is the damage of the second combo.
  • Same as the 5B > 214A corner route.
  • The opponent should not bounce off of the ground at any point during the combo. 2B must connect while they are still airborne.
  • If going for the 214A > 720C, your input should be 214(A)7896321478C. The 214A becomes part of the 720C.
  • If you would rather keep it simple, just do the 2C Anywhere combo instead for about 100 less damage.
Assault Starters

Assault Starters

Most assault starters require j.A > j.B > j.6C at some point in the combo but on counter-hit, you can use whatever aerial attacks you want. j.B > j.5C > j.6C works on counter hit and is closer to the main bread and butter combo.

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location
  • Assault starter that carries about a half-stage distance and gives great oki if you can get them into the corner.
  • Straight out of mission mode and corner carries from round start.
  • Heavily prorated, multiple button enders will not work.
  • Upper damage values are from 4B > 236C ender.
  • Learn your distance for confirming assault j.5B since it misses point-blank.
  • Heavily prorated, keep your enders on the shorter side.
  • In the corner and with 100 EXS, can replace 4B with 3C > 623C > 5A > 3C (3249 dmg).
  • j.2C is a mid but if you can land it, that's more damage for you.
  • If you land close enough, you can do j.B > j.5C > j.6C
  • Proration is high, so combo will be tight. Especially at the last jump-cancel (j.5C > j.6C > j.214B)
  • You will lose the corner if you use any EXS ender besides IW (4164 dmg).
  • Second combo can only be done if you end up very deep in the corner because otherwise 5C > 4B will whiff. Oki is better though.
Anti-Air Starters

Anti-Air Starters Starters

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location
  • CH = only on jumping, counter hit opponents.
  • Works great as a tech-throw option select (1C~AB)
  • If you want an anti-air combo, this is definitely the best effort/reward reward ratio.
  • Note that 2C has its head invulnerability 2 frames later than 3C.
  • 3C anti-air starter. Catches everything if they are in the air and you don't get hit first.
  • Does not work on Linne. Combo will drop upon attempting to link 66B for Linne.
  • Dash is required against Hilda, Chaos, and Eltnum. See "Alternate 3C Route" below for alternate route if you don't like buffering dashes.
  • Second combo offers corner carry but will require more practice to pull off consistently.
  • Alternate 3C route if somewhat close to the corner. Nice chunk of extra damage.
  • Can be performed at about a 5B's distance from the wall.
  • Works on everyone since the corner keep your opponent close enough.
  • Alternate 3C route if very close to the corner. Even better chunk of extra damage.
  • Can be performed at about a 1A's distance from the wall.
  • Works on everyone.

Alternate 3C Routes:

This section lists the different routes that you should use on Linne, Hilda, Chaos, and/or Eltnum.

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location
  • CS needs to be buffered while in 3C's animation for this to connect.
  • Works on everyone and does the most damage, but uses vorpal.
  • Your best option for Linne without vorpal.
  • Your best alternate 3C starter for Hilda, Chaos, and Eltnum. Does not work on Linne.
  • Opponent is forced to keep the corner, cannot airtech out. You may find this helpful against all characters.
Special/Unique Starters (Mid-screen)

Special/Unique Starters (Mid-screen)

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location
  • Standing overhead starter.
  • First combo is extremely damaging. Damage creeps into 5k with IW.
  • Second combo is good for whiff punishes or catches. Depending on how confident you are in connecting, you can omit the CS and keep vorpal.
  • If you find yourself in the second combo, don't use EXS for your ender.
  • Damage calculated with 720.
  • Combo works from any 360 or 720, unlike the corner combos which require specific routes depending on if you did the C version or not.
  • Can also be performed from an assault, but keep the enders simple due to heavy proration.
  • Combo for grounded opponents.
  • Divekick punish, works without counter-hit though so can be used whenever you can land it as long as you're close by the time you CS.
  • Combo for counter-hit and aerial opponents.
  • Divekick punish if case you're too early but works on any airborne target.
  • If the opponent is too high, too far, or was not counter hit (hello Vatista), 214A will miss. In these cases, simply skip 214A and go straight to 3C.
  • Refer to the 3C starters to review which characters this combo will fail on.
  • If necessary, you can do 623 > CS > 4B and convert into a 4B starter route, or 623 > CS > 214B and go into your bread and butter instead. You have a lot of options.
  • With vorpal, increasing the FF is unnecessary due to your vorpal trait.
  • First combo is easier (but still difficult) to perform at max range against most of the cast but does less damage.
  • Second combo is easier (but still difficult) to perform at max range against Linne, Hilda, Eltnum, and Chaos. Also does more damage.
  • You can do either combo to all of the cast at closer ranges, and you don't have to walk forward before dashing.
  • Thankfully most confirms won't have you at the very maximum range
  • First combo gives better ender control and can be performed anywhere, but second combo does noticeably more damage without meter.
  • Third combo is harder but grants more damage/corner carry than first combo, if you were in the corner. And it looks cooler.
  • Learn your spacing so that you can decide which of the two combos to use.
  • Round start distance.
  • Second combo has better corner carry but does considerably less damage.
  • Both combos require you to know how to buffer 66X mid combo. Therefore, medium difficulty.
  • Be sure to buffer the 66B right after you press the j.A. Don't even wait to land before pressing it.
  • Can throw a 214C at the end for extra damage and a side switch.
  • If you have your opponent close to the corner, you may need to omit the dash.
  • If for some reason you have the opponent deep in the corner and you manage this starter, you actually need to walk towards the corner in order to land the 4B.
  • Need to dash in a way that gives Waldstein the dash's full momentum for the jump for this combo to connect.
  • Disrespectful starter. Even if you cancel it from another move such as 6C that gets blocked, the opponent has a lot of time to mash or jump for a full punish.
Special/Unique Starters (Corner)

Special/Unique Starters (Corner)

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location
  • Standing overhead starter for the corner.
  • Waldstein's highest damaging starter improved with corner damage. Expect 5k damage for the first combo.
  • Remember that this attack moves you forward quite a bit so you can throw it out during your block string even after getting pushed out.
  • Second combo is good for when the opponent is too far for 214A > 3C > 2C to land. Lose a lot of damage, but you're still doing 4500+ with 720 oki.
  • First combo has no tricky timings. Easier than the second combo but less damage.
  • Second combo has the tricky delay 2C but works with all 360's or 720's, does more damage, and better oki.
  • Infinite Worth is option, any other metered ender here will make you lose the corner.
  • Combo for grounded opponents.
  • Divekick punish, works without counter-hit though so can be used whenever you can land it.
  • Combo for counter-hit and aerial opponents.
  • Same as the midscreen combo, if they are too high, 214A will miss. Simply skip it into 3C
  • If you have vorpal, you do not need to charge the rock in order to the get wallbounce to be able to make the combo.
  • Rock also breaks projectiles, so if used sparingly, you can pick up some nice damage from across the screen.
  • Dash is optional if you are close enough.
  • This situation is rare so if you're looking for a combo to not worry about, this would be one.
  • This situation is rare so if you're looking for a combo to not worry about, this would be one.
  • Depending on how far/close in the corner you are, you may just want to use the Anywhere route above. Maybe the midscreen route if positioning allows.
  • Learn your spacing so that you can decide which of the two combos to use.
  • Damage calculated from as far as 66B would connect.
  • Depending on how close you are, you may side switch when going for the 2C. Try to plan ahead of time.
  • 2C is optional but does give you a little more damage.
  • Time the 214A so that your opponent falls into the active hitbox in order for 3C to connect.
  • If you are close enough, you can replace 2B > 5B > 5C with 2C > 5C for an extra 25-40 base damage.
Situational/Rare Starters

Situational/Rare Starters

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location
  • Combo for if your opponent uses a move that's -7 or more, but is too far away for any other punish (looking at you Akatsuki).
  • Works if you shield a move that is -4 as well (since shielding would make it -7).
  • Suggested enders are 720B or maybe [4]6A depending on how the cycle looks. However if you use all 200% of your meter you can get some good damage to close out a round.
  • You can also simply use your regular bnb if you don't want to risk dropping the combo. 214C > CS > 214B > bnb.
  • Situational combo that is strong against opponents that have multiple ways of changing their aerial trajectory (making it hard to use a traditional anti-air).
  • Second combo will always do more damage compared to the first, but first combo does not require vorpal to get corner carry.
  • Works from assault, does not have assault proration.
  • I find it easier to buffer 623B in this situation than 66B with correct timing.
  • Situational combo where you delay the follow up from 236X to make a frame trap.
  • Only works on counter hit but is easy to confirm from. The game gives you a ton of time to confirm.
  • If you don't have CS, you can make this starter safe with 214C.
  • When attempting to make it safe, you can input 214 by itself while waiting to see if they blocked or not, and finish the 214C if they did block or go into the full combo with the long hitconfim time. Takes practice.
  • You must delay the followup in order to create a frametrap for the opponent to mash to get your counterhit. 236X is quite negative by itself, but it has a large cancel window.
  • Works on trades.
  • Note the different than usual air route.
  • Combo for if you find yourself in the corner and your opponent uses something that's -7 or more, but is too far away for any other punish (looking at you Akatsuki).
  • Works if you shield a move that is -4 as well (since shielding would make it -7).
  • Suggested enders are 720B or the 623C ender.
  • Can do 5K if you use the corner 623C ender, in exchange for the remaining 100 meter. Ideal for closing out a round.
  • Even more situational than the midscreen combo since you have to be end deep enough in the corner to land 5A.
  • j.214 starter does move you forward a little bit so at least they don't have to be 100% in the corner to consider attempting this combo.
  • If you have vorpal you can do the midscreen vorpal combo instead (623). Useful if you're not sure of the distance.
  • "7" indicates that your jumpcancel should be a jump away from your opponent.
Optimal DP/Reversal Punishes

Optimal DP Punishes

Fair warning, these combos are difficult, character specific, and sometimes move specific.

This section will go over your best punishes for when you successfully bait out a DP. All of the combos require you to block low for the entire duration (unless otherwise noted), as opponents seem to get extra blocked hits on stand-blocking which will cause you to start late, allowing your opponent to block your starter. Try to find the right timing for when you can stop blocking and when you can start acting.
Some general notes that apply to all listed combos:

  • All starters should be a High Counter-hit and only work from a High Counter-hit unless otherwise noted.
  • Damage values are ordered from from the listed CVO combo, a 100 meter ender, or 720B.
    • You can always use your regular IW instead of only 100 meter, and most combos get a very noticeable damage boost. Naturally this can be done without CVO so no vorpal required.
  • If the CVO combo includes a j.B, you can skip it to more lenient IWEX timing while only sacrificing about 30 damage.
  • Non-CVO rountes included in the event that the planets are not aligned in such a way that you have vorpal, 200 meter, less than 30% health, and successfully bait a reversal all at once.
  • All Waldstein meter gain values are calculated with vorpal up until the final move before CVO hits and does not consider the gain of blocking the DP. Non-CVO routes will generate more meter.
  • All damage values calculated with Vorpal as well.
  • There is a universal combo that works on all opponents in the corner as long as they end their attack still in the corner.

This section is a WIP, as the document that I'm importing from generally only lists corner punishes and there is quite a bit of info.

Hyde, Linne, Nanase, Wagner, Orie 623B, Hilda and Chaos IW
Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location
  • Second combo supplied in case you don't meet the resource requirements.
  • Fairly easy compared to some of the other combos below. Though the delay on 236B is tricky.
  • As said above, be sure you crouch block until their move is complete.
  • Any combo that uses 4B can use whatever ender you want at that point, including resourceless combos.
  • For the Anywhere combo, be sure to modify the CVO sequence for the corner. Review "Enders" section at the beginning of this guide for a refresher.

Hyde 41236C (Pale Bringer), Eltnum 623C
Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location
  • Requires standing block instead of crouching block.
  • Almost the same as the combo above, but uses 5B instead of 5C for spacing purposes.
  • One of the few combos where I would suggest 6AB > 5B instead of 66 > 5B due to how much time you need to delay the 5B.
  • Requires a deep dash before the 5B in order to connect the combo.
  • As usual, can use any ender you feel like using after any 4B.
  • Anywhere combo same as the section above.

Vatistia [2]8B

Also known as Flash Kick

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location
  • Only works point-blank in the corner.
  • Since Vatista cannot be Counter-hit, this route is slightly different.
  • Note that there is no delay on 236B this time.
  • For combos outside this range and midscreen combos, see Vatista [2]8C below.

Vatistia [2]8C

This version is different because it puts you in the corner and Vatista is now considered mid-screen. This combo starts with a dash because you need to catch up to her for max damage. You need to block the drill portion of this move in order for her to push you back far enough for the dash to bring you into range. Basically:

  • Vatista EX flash, you are blocking low in case she were to wake up with 2C or something
  • The flash kick happens, she is on her way to the top of the screen
  • You begin to stand block
  • The drill portion of the attack occurs and finishes
  • Then you dash, and time your 214[B] so that it connects after she touches the ground, but don't wait too long because her recovery is very fast at this point.
Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location
  • Your meterless combo is the 2nd combo this time since you can do whatever you want from 4B, grants about 3600 damage.
  • 3rd combo supplied for if you have CS but no meter.
  • Last combo is your best non-kill 100 meter, such as if Vatista still has a lot of HP. Brings her right back into the corner.
  • If you have absolutely no resources, do 214[B] > 4B and follow the rest of the 4B resourceless combo.
  • If you want to be cool and you are point blank, you can stay crouched and assault instead of dash after the drill passes you.

Mika, Enkidu, Merkava 623C, Yuzuriha IW
Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location
  • These three moves will relocate your opponent to your opposite side. If your opponent does this move while they are in the corner, they will end with you in the corner.
  • Particularly hard start, but don't forget that you can do 66 > 63214A (a half circle) and the game will still read it as 214A.
  • Yuzu's IW keeps you in blockstun for an extremely long time. Be sure to learn the timing so that you don't give up a huge punish.
    • It only hits 3 times, so shield the last hit for some extra wiggle room.
    • Also, you never have to dash for Yuzu's punish.
  • Mika's 623C seems to let you out of blockstun early. You can use this time to position closer to her landing zone so that you can omit the dash.
  • Second combo gives you more freedom for your enders in case you don't meet the resource requirements. You can always do 236C for more damage, or 214C for an overall faster ender.
  • 3rd combo for resourceless corner carry.
  • These combos work on Merkava 623 as well, but require a standing block if you are directly on top of him, or a crouching block anywhere outside that.
Eltnum 623B and 421C
Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location
  • 236A starter because her recovery is quite fast compared to other meterless DP's
  • You can delay the 5C by quite a bit so if you're having trouble connecting 214[B], you're probably too fast. You can also partial charge 5C if you find the timing easier for you but it's not necessary.
  • You have enough time to dash between 214[B] and 3C, in case you're too far away for 3C to connect. The "backup" combos do require it though in order to be close enough for 2A.
Orie 41236C, Gordeau 623C, Akatsuki 22B, also Universal
Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location
  • Works on 100% of the cast that stays in the corner. If you want to learn a DP punish, this is definitely the one. Though it's the lowest reward out of all of them.
  • Does not require your opponent to stay deep in the corner. Gord's 623C pushes you quite far out but it still consistent.
  • For consistency, use 7 to jump before doing j.6C. This will catch the opponent even if you didn't delay 214A nearly enough.
  • Take note of the different ender in the second combo, due to the high proration.
  • You can of course use any other usual ender after 4B, such as 720B.
  • Be aware that if you are too close to Akatsuki's 22B, he will side switch you and you will have to do a B-Normal or C-Normal midscreen combo instead.
Phonon 623C
Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location
  • Phonon's 623C doesn't move you far back which is why you need a different route from Eltnum's.
  • Works on any character that leaves them close to the corner and -17 or more.
  • 236A > CS is identical to your normal 236B > CS combo, but the cancel windows to not drop are tighter.
Waldstein, Gordeau, Carmine, Seth EX Command Grabs
Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location
  • IWEX combo only works on neutral or forward jump (8/9), will not work on back jumps.
  • Original gashi-san combos are quite different. I could not get them to work but if you can, please provide footage.
  • 4B enders can use whatever you want but these listed combos give the best damage without giving up oki.
  • If you back jump, you are not locked out of your CVO combo but you sacrifice about 300 damage for skipping 214A due to range. Still 5800 damage though.
  • For Carmine, you cannot use forward jump or else you will steal the corner.
Byakuya IW
Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location
  • Use VO's invulnerability to avoid the attack, no need to [hold] it.
  • Second combo requires very precise timing for both the VO and the 214[B]. It is very tight, which is why I included a much easier combo first.
  • Third combo used for if you still have green HP and cannot IWEX. You can shorten the route with 4B > 236A,A > IW if you only have 100 meter.
  • Resourcesless combo is the same as section 1's resourceless combo.
  • For Byak 236C, simply use a 5C starter combo. No changes, doesn't doesn't need its own section.


Wiki Combo Demonstration/Tutorial (UNI-CLR) by Tanasinn [AZ]
Wiki Max Punish Demonstration (UNI-CLR) by Tanasinn [AZ]

External Links

  • Waldstein Combo Doc. Originally by Gashi-san, translated by Bokushi. Many of the combos listed on this wiki are from this document, but it is from UNIST and is thus out of date. The DP Optimal CVO Punishes are 99% Gashi-san and are mostly unchanged save for a couple of tweaks I made.

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