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Byakuya's pressure and setplay becomes more oppressive once the opponent is in the corner, and landing web hits steals the opponent's GRD. Thus, aside from raw damage, the more corner carry and web hits you can deal in a combo the better. Additionally, as a major part of Byakuya's setplay revolves around 623C, you will also need to keep track of when the combo route you are choosing will let you combo into 623C, if at all.

As you learn more optimal combos, they will generally be optimized for specific aspects by sacrificing some of these other aspects. Be conscious of the trade-offs you make between damage, corner carry, web hits, and 623C oki, and apply them properly to your given situation.

Universal route off ground A/B/C starters

2A (5B) 2B 2C 236A~delay4A 66B 236A~6A6A (623C)

  • Mission 3-1. A basic starting point for people trying out the Byakuya life to see if it's right for them. Lets you get used to rekka-into-web combos, the recovery timing after a web set, and playing around with 623C oki when you have the meter.

2A (5B) 2B 2C 236A~delay4A 66B 236A~4AAA 2C 236A~4AAA
2A (5B) 2B 2C 236A~delay4A 66B 236A~4AAA 2C 236A 623C

  • A harder variation to the above, with more web hits and more corner carry.
  • Take this opportunity to grind the fastest timing of 236A~4AAA into your muscle memory. You will absolutely need it for many of Byakuya's better combos.

2A (5B) 2B 5C (2C) 236B~4A 214CC~delayA 2B 236A~4AAA 2B 236A~4AAA
2A (5B) 2B 5C (2C) 236B~4A 214CC~delayA 2B 236A~4AAA 2B 236A~6A6A 236C (CS 236A~6A6A 236C)/41236D

  • Probably the best general use combo route; can add normals in parens for extra damage with better starters but combo listed will work even off 2A. Offers close-to-optimal meterless damage for most basic ground starters, substantial corner carry, and hits with four webs for massive GRD advantage.
  • End with rekkas instead of 4AAA if you want to go into IW or EX for more damage.
  • Practical and optimal pretty much anywhere. If you have to learn one combo, go with this one.

2A (5B) 2B 5C (2C) 236B~4A 214CC~delayA 2B 236A~4AAA 2C 236A 623C > web setup

  • Same as above but gives up a bit of corner carry and GRD drain for 623C oki setup potential. 623C still does quite a bit of damage and drains an additional GRD on hit so the tradeoff isn't as severe as the shortened combo makes it look. This should generally be your default route if you have the meter to spare.

2A (5B) 2B 5C (2C) 236B~4AAB j.A(whiff) 2B > standard routes

  • Sideswap route. Deals slightly less damage than the above and doesn't steal as much GRD, but otherwise works pretty much identically.

5B/2B 5C 2C 236B~4AAC 214CC~delayA 2B 236A~6A6A (236C)

  • Corner carry route. The standard route already carries pretty far but this one carries REALLY far, at the cost of having less GRD drain and no 623C oki option.
  • Note that this only works off B starters or better.

2A 2B 2C 5C 214BBX etc.

  • Alternative starter. Generally not recommended as a default confirm because being forced to keep 5C for combos after 2C cuts off a lot of your pressure options.
  • 2B works in lieu of 5C if 5C has already been used and 2B has not.
  • Prorates hitstun slightly less than 236B route, so still useful for very bad proration starters (i.e. 2A 2A 2B 2C).

5B/2B 2C 236B~4A 66C 214CAA 2C 236B4AAA 2C 236A~6A6A

  • Swag carry combo for style points.

2B 5B 2C 5C 214BBB j.A(whiff), 66B 236A~4ABB j.A(whiff), 66B 236A~6A6A

  • Combo from official Byakuya introduction video.
  • Switches side twice for swag (not really good, if you are looking for carry, unfortunately).

Specific starters

3C (anti-air or grounded) j.2C j.C 2C 5C 214BAA 2C 236B~4AAA 2C 236A~6A6A

  • Basic 3C anti-air combo.
  • Works off ground hit but don't expect to hit it super often since the visual difference between 3C low and 3[C] overhead is super obvious.

3[C](overhead) 214CAA etc.

  • Pickup from overhead. Goes into pretty much all standard routes, albeit with heavy damage proration.

Corner-only combos

Strong starter > web snare > 2C 5C j.2C j.C 2C 236A~4AAA > ender

  • Extremely high damage route. Doesn't drain as much grid due to lack of web hits but deals massive damage.
  • Only works off good starters, i.e. B or C normals.

Strong starter > web snare > 214C~4AA~delayA 2B j.2C j.C 2B 214A~4AAA > ender

  • Compromise between damage and GRD drain. Doesn't do as much damage as the above combo but doesn't sacrifice any web hits so you still get maximum GRD drain.

Dash attack starters:

66B 236X etc.

  • Pretty much just continue with the 236X portion of your preferred combo here.

66C(8) 214BAA/214CAA 2B 236A~4AAA 2C 236A~4AAA

  • Must cancel before last hit. If last hit connects, opponent will wallbounce and the web will miss unless the opponent was already cornered.
  • Choose 214B or 214C depending on the spacing. If the opponent is too close and you use 214C, you may get an accidental sideswap.

Force Function starters:

B+C CS 2C etc.

  • Standard pickup from B+C overhead. CS is required in the general course.

B+C (corner) 2A 5B j.ABC 2B 214BBB 2B etc.

  • Pickup off point-blank B+C in the corner. 2A only reaches if very close in the corner.

B+C (CH) 2B 214B etc.

  • Counterhit confirm off B+C. Counterhit adds extra untech time allowing 2B to pick them up.

Aerial starters:

j.2[C] land 5C 214A etc.

  • Basic pick up from low air j.2[C] hits.

j.2[C] land 5C j.B j.C j.214BAA 2C 236B4AAA 2C 236A6A6A

  • Works only in corner, but does high damage (3.4k with Vorpal)

214 trap starters:

Trap hits > 2C 236B~4A etc.

  • Standard pickup. It is possible to hit the opponent before they are launched by the trap (i.e. with 2B) but confirming it in practice can be difficult. Better to go straight into 2C.
  • Note that trap trigger will use up your first long-duration snare stun so you will have to go straight into followups after your first web set (no double web hits).

Trap hits > 66C 214B etc.

  • In case too far to dash in with 2C.

Web trap placement follow up attack starter:

Follow up A attack > dash 2C etc.

  • Usual combo routes.

Follow up B attack > j.A(whiff) 2A 5B j.ABC 2B 214B etc.

  • Standard followup route. You have less time to follow up since the opponent is already on the ground, so go straight into a 2A pickup to be safe.

Follow up B attack > j.2[C] land 5C 214B etc.

  • Works only in corner but adds a fair bit of damage.

Oki set ups with web traps after 623C:

Corner 623C > dash-through 214BBD TK j.214BB

  • The standard three-web corner setup.
  • 623C used in the corner places Byakuya behind the opponent and the dash is required to get the opponent back into the corner.
  • The TK j.214BB allows Byakuya to set the third web and safely jump out of the corner before the opponent wakes up.
  • Timing is rather tight to both finish the setup and also threaten meaty 2B afterwards, learning the dash timing and fastest cancel timings for web followups is important. If you can't do this fast enough, it's okay to use the two-web setup below instead. Having all your oki options available is more important than a third web for getting that next hit.

Corner 623C > TK j.214B 214B

  • Sets two webs instead of three but is easier to execute than the above setup. Also, the TK is done at the start, so an execution error with the TK will give you enough time to leave the corner anyway.
  • Does not require a dash because doing the TK j.214B floats you out before setting the grounded web.

Midscreen 623C > TK j.214BBD 214A

  • Sets three webs behind the opponent and locks them in place not allowing them to tech backwards out of web placements.

Midscreen 623C > jump forwards j.214BBD 214A

  • Looks visually similar to the standard three-web corner setup, but far less effective due to the opponent being able to back-tech out of all of it. Listing this only to explain why to not use this setup.

Midscreen 623C > Jump back j.214CAA 214AAD

  • Sets two webs in front of opponent and one behind. Webs will not trigger immediately on the opponent's wakeup but will trigger if he moves at all. Ground and air web in front of opponent make it difficult for him to mash as he can potentially be snared by both webs if he fails to hit both of them in one attack. Moreover, if you block his attack, you can green shield him backwards into the web behind for a free combo.

Corner 623C > 214AAD TK j.214BBB (whiff) falling j.B

  • Three-web setup that leads into a safejump setup. Do j.214BBB whiff as the opponent falls out of the 623C web, requires a bit of timing vs. faster DPs.
  • If the opponent doesn't have a DP or you don't think he will use it, you can delay the j.214BBB whiff slightly to get more forward movement and still get meaty falling j.B into an ambiguous landing crossup.
  • Opponent can avoid being safejumped by doing normal wakeup (not holding any buttons). In this case you still have enough time to do a regular meaty.
  • You can switch the order of the jumping and ground web placements (i.e. doing j.214AAD first instead of 214AAD to slightly alter the web arrangement if you prefer.

Corner 623C > 214BB TK j.214BBD

  • Three-web setup that puts you into corner with one meaty web and webs above and behind opponent, cutting multiple wakeup options. You are DP-safe and mashing will lose to webs (either meaty ground web if not a low or otherwise green shield into web behind). They will be forced into blocking the web above if they jump leading to free air-unblockable.
  • Note that opponent can throw you to clear the webs (even if you tech the throw). Either just tech the throw for the free frame advantage or call it out with a meaty.


Byakuya Combo Guide by Wonderful Deluxe

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