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Combo Notation Guide:
( ) = optional, typically the combo will be easier if omitted
[ ] = Input is held
/ = Option to choose between multiple actions
+ = Multiple buttons are pressed simultaneously
(x N) = Attack can be repeated N number of times, range provided
(#) = Next action is taken after a certain number of hits
-> = Special is cancelled to add on special
CH = Counter Hit
HC = High Counter
CS = Chain Shift, or 5D 5D

Chaos' combos follow a pretty straightforward theory that you can adapt and modify depending on what you want.


Start off by ensuring that you hit your opponent, once you've done that chain into 2C and pick a launcher:

  • 5BB
  • 5CC
  • 236A
  • 2C > 6C > 22A > 66C

If you picked one of chaos's solo launchers then it's time to jump cancel and do an air combo. If you picked 236A it's time to transition to Azhi. Note that the bite confirm will require the corner, if you picked that it's time to transition to a bite combo

Air combo

With an opponent knocked into the air, bring them down with one of the following strings:

  • j.B > j.C > j.2C
  • j.C > j.B > j.2C
  • j.B > j.C > j.236A > 6C > 22B > 66C

The first two are pretty interchangable, do whichever you find more natural. If a launch is particularly awkward you might find that j.C>j.B>j.2C is more stable, but you also might find that j.B>j.C>j.2C leads to easier followups. It's mostly preference as they both lead into OTGs to Azhi combos. The last one requires that you launched with 5BB>5C and may not work on heavily porated combos, it leads into 22B combo routes.

Potential enders post-air combo

After an air string you may want to end a combo early. Usually you do this if you don't have any azhi moves left to extend, or if you had a heavily porated starter or possibly if you just want to prevent your opponent from teching to neutral. The common main enders are:

  • OTG 2C > 22B
  • OTG 66C > 22B
  • j.2C > 214[X]

The basic idea is to cancel your last move into one of Azhi's more advantageous moves. With 2C>22B you can roll to bait DPs and cross-up. With 66C>22B you can roll to bait DPs and fake a cross-up. With j.2C>214[X] you can cover back roll and meaty without committing to anything.

Alternatively you can forgo an early ender for some extra damage with azhi combos.

Azhi Combos

If you have Azhi with you you can transition into an Azhi combo, typically later in the combo for extra damage, but using azhi early can be good as well, since it can lead to stronger meterless enders. The typical routes for Azhi combos are:

  • 236A > 214B > 214A > 236B > 623B > 623A
  • 236A > 236[B] > 623A > 623B > (whiff 2A/5A) > 2C
  • 6C > 22A > 5B/5C/66C
  • 236A > 623A > (whiff 2A/5A) > j.B > j.C > j.2C
  • 236A > 22A, 66C (22A Hit)

Note that if you're starting any of these after an air combo you'll need to OTG first with 2C. The first is your go to bnb, you can omit a few of the moves if you don't have them at the moment, generally you can chain in pretty much any order (although to start you'll need either 236A or 236B) It'll end in an air tech unless you use an EX ender. The second route should always cross-up, so you'll need to delay the 623A a little. What it does is let you end an azhi combo with 2C canceled into your oki ender of choice. The third combo lets you transition into bite. The fourth one is a corner combo that's primarily used earlier in order to save a jump cancel for oki. The fifth one is usually done off an Assault starter or an A normal for solid damage into Okizeme.

EX enders

When your combo has reached it's end end you may want to end with an EX move. Chaos has 3 EX moves that work as combo enders:

  • 236C
  • 214C
  • 623C

236C leads to heavy advantage and easy side swaps. 214C is the highest damage ender and leads to oki in the corner. 623C is generally just an inferior 214C as it does less damage and leads to a similar knockdown, but sometimes 214C has trouble getting all 3 fireballs to connect, making 623C a more stable alternative. In all cases you should always whiff an A normal in order to gain more advantage from the knockdown.

Bite combos

Whenever a 22X move hits there's a long pause while azhi throws the opponent into the air. This lets you confirm the situation from pretty much any position and go into one of the following:

  • (j.B > j.C > j.2C)/(j.C > j.B > j.2C) > 2C > 236A > 214B > 214A > 236B > 623A/(Ex ender)
  • (j.B > j.C > j.2C)/(j.C > j.B > j.2C) > 214[X]
  • (j.B > j.C > j.2C)/(j.C > j.B > j.2C) > 2C > (jump cancel safe jump)

The first route is the most damage, but you may have trouble comboing that if the combo is heavily scaled. It's ideal for a combo started off a throw. The second route is good if the combo is heavily scaled. The third route is good if you haven't used a jump cancel yet.

It's also worth nothing that can confirm directly into bite anywhere on screen against a standing opponent with (2A) > 5C > 236A > 22A > 2C but be aware that you must cancel the 236A into 22A as soon as possible.

2C jump cancel safe jump

Any time 2C connects and you have a jump cancel you can use this safe jump, but do note that if the combo is heavily scaled the opponent will tech in the air so this setup wont really work. To get the safe jump all you have to do is jump cancel and OTG 2C and they air assault after a slight delay. You can use j.B or j.2C as the jump-in normal, they have the same recovery when done from an assault. Make sure to hold down back as you land. If done correctly you'll meaty with the jump normal and land in time to block a reversal. It will work against any DP in the game save for Eltnum and Wagner's 623Cs which are too fast to be safe jumped (And vatista's flash kick requires frame perfect timing, so you may find it hard to get the timing for that). If done midscreen jump cancel towards, if done in the corner it doesn't matter.

Example Combos

Now all you need to do is put the above together, like so:

2A > 2A > 2B > 2C > 5CC > jump cancel > j.B > j.C > j.2C > 2C > 236A > 214B > 214A > 236B > 623A - 2657 (2421)

BnB off A starter

2A > 2A > 2B > 2C > 236A > 236[B] > 623A > 623B > whiff 5A > 2C > jump cancel safe jump - 2200 (2003)

Midscreen confirm into safejump

2B > 5B > 5C > 2C > 6C > 22A > 66C > (22A hits) > j.B > j.C > j.2C > 236A > 214B > 214A > 236B > 236C - 4142(3771)

Corner confirm into bite. 623A and 623B were omited due to the scaling.

Patch Notes