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Under Night In-Birth/UNIST/Hilda/Strategy

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General idea: Basically, you always want to hit the opponent with a lynchpin as your combo ender. Make sure you don’t hit the opponent with a lynchpin in the middle of a combo because if you try to end your combo with a lynchpin, they’ll be able to tech immediately and you won’t have any time to truly set up a Gloom. After that, you want to set up a gloom in such a way that hits the opponent meaty and then run in and do a mix up. Midscreen you have to set up a gloom according to your opponent’s teching habits. Unfortunately, you can only cover neutral and back tech with C gloom. You must commit to choosing either neutral/no tech or back tech with how you set up your gloom midscreen. In the corner, it does not matter which gloom you use as your opponent will be meatied regardless of gloom.

Midscreen Vs Neutral tech/No tech/Delay neutral tech, 214A(6) OR 214B(2) into…

- Dash jump (rising j.A whiff for timing) j.[C] (if blocked chain into j.B to be safe and +)

- Dash jump (rising j.A whiff for timing) j.C (will start up but will whiff) land 2A

- (hold B) dash up release B lynchpin

- Dash up 22A/22B

- Dash up 5[C] (hold down and release to get C lynchpin) OR (22B)

- B teleport (for side swap purposes) falling j.[C]

- B teleport (side swap) land 2A

- Run all the way up in their face throw/assault j.C

If you are shaky with this, you can go for the easier mix up of run up assault j.[C]/land 2A at the cost of being a worse set up in every way lol.

Midscreen vs Back tech/delayed back tech, 214B(6) into same options as above

Opponent in the Corner, 214A(6), 214B(2) or (4?) vs all techs into the same options as above

Notes: Off B lynchpin, you can also opt to go for an immediate assault j.C which should connect and leave you point blank vs the opponent with + frames vs them. You can then just assault j.C again, 2A, or throw in this situation. Good if you can't seem to oki them properly or you are playing online where its impossible to get the timing for the Gloom oki right 100%.

What to do if you mess up your oki/guess wrong about neutral or back tech midscreen

If your opponent REALLY does not want to respect it and you mistimed the Gloom OR if the opponent teched in such a way that the gloom does not hit meaty vs the midscreen set up you attempted, there are things you can do to salvage the situation.

If they upback any midscreen set up that doesn't hit meaty due to guessing wrong vs their tech, HIT THEM AND GET FREE DAMAGE. Basically, you can pretty much do any any air unblockable normal or special (like 623A, 22A/B) to just hit them. What you use is entirely up to you, but you should be aware of what are good options to use based on how high and how far the opponent is from you. You should also be aware that if you hit them too early, they might escape because of the Gloom might mess up your attempt at a combo, and if you are too late the opponent might land before you get a chance to hit them.

Here are some examples of moves I like to use to catch the opponent: 3C(C), 5C(C), 22A/22B, dash B/C, or 3B.

If they backdash after backteching 214A/214B(2), chase them and try to punish! You'll have cover from the Gloom to move forward anyway and try to tag them with 2C, 22A/B/C, dash B/C, 5C, or Lynchpin.

If they neutral tech and try to run at you for doing 214B(6) trying to catch back tech (or if they are Chaos and try to use his dodge on wake up vs any setup), use your range to your advantage to either punish their movement with 2B/C, 22A/B, etc.(guaranteed against Chaos, not might catch people who do a short dash and block immediately). The important thing here is that they can't wake up and jump at you without having to worry about the spikes directly overhead, so they are forced to either sit there or run at you. In that short interval where they can run at you, you can definitely hit them/force them to block. Not the most advantageous situation for Hilda if/when this occurs, but you should be able to respond to it.

What to do if your opponent can actually DP/flashkick you out of your oki

Some characters like Gordeau, Vatista, and Hyde (and others who have something with enough invul on start up that can hit you out of the air) can actually super/DP/flashkick you out of your jump when you try go for Hilda's 50/50 off her Gloom. As you know, gloom goes away if Hilda is hit, so any attack that has enough invulnerable frames to hit Hilda and go throw her spikes cleanly will work to stop her from jumping and running that particular mix up. But don't fear, you have plenty of options to stop this or mix up them safely, and here they are:

slightly delayed B teleport: Basically what you are looking for with this is to still attempt to run the 50/50 set up but gamble on the opponent trying to DP it anyway but have them DP in the wrong direction or just have them accidentally input the wrong move instead and just get hit. run up 5[C] into either 22A/B or C lynchpin: Basically you run up just close enough to make it so that these attacks can connect (but have the opponent's reversal whiff) and try to hit them this way should they block. If the opponent DPs, you should be able to react in time to block before you commit to doing 5[C] (or have them just whiff you completely if spaced well) and just hit them on the way down or something. raw 22A/B or raw lynchpin: Basically the same reasons as above, just without the initial 5[C]. run up (confirm them blocking) assault j.[C]/land 2A: Poor man's 50/50. Obviously a lot weaker than the real 50/50 but will probably still catch some people.


Basically, there are some characters who actually can't stop you from doing non meaty oki anyway without spending meter for oki, or with any form of resources period. So you can do something like dash up 214A(6) or 214B(2) so that the opponent will still be forced to block the Gloom, but they'll have enough time to upback or attempt a backdash (they just won't get away free). Dashing and doing a Gloom is good because it will make contact with the opponent regardless of how they tech. But be careful! Lets say you dash up too far, the opponent might wind up close enough to just hit you or run past your Gloom set up. Your best bet is just a small dash before you attempt this fake oki lol. If you are good at punishing upback attempts and people trying to backdash away, running non meaty oki to intentionally let people just hang themselves can be useful vs characters without answers, or vs players who absolutely don't want to deal with the standard mix up no matter what.


Close Range

-5A is good for defending your space up close. Good vs assault. Worst case scenario if you hit 5A a little too late you’ll probably just trade. 5B works in a similar fashion, just riskier since it has a lot more recovery.

-3B is your reactionary AA of choice. Has head invul and leads to a fat combo on hit. Beats a lot of air stuff pretty cleanly. During pressure, input 3A+B+D for your throw techs to also OS assault and jumps as well.

-2A mash out of stuff. Fastest normal you have.

- (instant) jump back j.2C. Good vs people who just always try to chase after a back tech and try to meaty you with 2A. Pretty good tool for whiff punishing certain attacks like slides and other long range low hitting moves. Really useful to escape the corner if your opponent pushes themselves out far enough to get space to jump.

- Veil Off. Desperation tool to get people off of you. Hilda can do a lot with the meter she can burn using veil off. Think Chie blue burst into meteors. Hilda gets to do VO, 236A/623B xx 214C 236A and then gets to go in and run a really stupid 50/50 mixup. You can’t escape this by upbacking since Hilda can simply just hit you out of the air with pretty much any of her moves and get a full combo off of it.

-2B. Your best mash option vs an opponent who has pushed his or herself out far and you expect them to try to 5A whiff to try to restart their offense from that distance.

-Throw is technically 4f start up??? So if you need to punish something point blank with the fastest possible attack available to you, this is what you'll use.

-jump back j.[C]. Incredibly annoying to deal with for people trying to run at you and try to meaty you or even try to go air to air with you. Hitconfirm this with divekick if it connects, if blocked you should probably come down with j.B to try to make this safe-ish.

Mid Range

-3C opens up as an AA option at this range. Good for stopping people from jumping back trying to assault forward afterwards among other things. Leads to a fat combo. Actually not too bad on whiff compared to a lot of her other normal.

-5C. Same idea as 3C but harder to use. What this has over 3C is that this move can make contact with grounded opponents so it is technically safer, but the spacing is still quite specific to make this hit.

-2C/2B. These moves becomes stronger from farther out as their range is really good and is quite fast at the same time. Off 2B/2C, you have tons of options to work with so they are good moves to poke with. Beware of people assaulting over this move though.

-22B/22A Long distance lows. Great for stopping movement, people trying to jump, or people just trying to walk back and block. On hit you can confirm into a full combo really easily.

-3B. Still a really strong reactionary AA at this spacing. Might whiff since it’s horizontal range isn’t the best so be aware.

-B/C lynchpins. These are great for people who expect to just get away with downbacking and shielding all day. Great vs any kind of movement if you anticipate well or react fast enough. These swat the opponent out of the air and let you get a full combo.

-dash B. All around safe move to throw out to occupy space. Special cancel after this.

Full Screen

-C lynchpin is a good deterrent for the opponent to stop them from just downbacking and shielding Hilda's projectiles from afar.

-Dash C is good for taking up a lot of space from far away, including the air space where assault could be an option.

-214A/B/C is amazing vs opponents who don't have some kind of fullscreen attack or projectile vs Hilda. This effectively lets her get in for free. If the opponent tries to upback this to avoid Hilda's mix up or pressure, you get to combo them for free.

-(j.)236A/B. Good projectiles to simply harass the opponent and punish the opponent for doing things fullscreen. Can lead to huge damage if you have the meter.

-623B. Great for hitting people in anticipation of them trying to throw a projectile or stick an attack out. On block its plus and pushes them forward, so take advantage of that.

-2CC. Very good move to whiff punish attacks. If you have access to your CS, you can net a really nice combo off this.

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