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For any questions about my edits, contact me on Twitter or Discord (Jotamide#8855).


Listed in order of priority.


  1. Write more Help namespace pages:
    Help:Getting started
    Help:Starting a new wiki at Mizuumi
    Help:Adding sequels or updates to existing game wikis
    Help:Manual of style
  2. Add more documentation to all the templates I've written
  3. Consolidate all pages in the wiki talking about numpad notation
  4. Create a combo table template
  5. Transclude Twitter hashtag info for all applicable games


  1. Coordinate updates to the Six Stars wiki before Xtend drops
  2. Help get the Phantom Breaker: Extra wiki started
  3. Add combos to Koihime Enbu wiki
  4. Migrate VanPri and other miscellaneous info from the old site