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Costume Colors


Anakaris (アナカリス), The Mummy.

Widely considered to be the worst character in the game, he is handicapped in several regards and has some of the worst and most lopsided matchups in the game.

As an Anakaris player having a "play to learn", "an ability to learn from losses", and "ability to read and adapt to players habits" are the most important mentalities to have when approaching this character.

First and foremost, you need to be aware that he has a few character design flaws that you will need to be able to work around. They are as follows:

- Anakaris can not perform a normal grounded throw or an air throw (Anakaris is allowed to perform a tech throws).
- Anakaris is unable to perform the "pushblock mechanic" which is universal to the entire cast except for him (arguably his must exploitable flaw).
- Anakaris has one of the worst Guard Cancels in the game that is punishable on hit to normal throws and cost meter to use.
- His command throw is atypical from the rest of the cast and is generally only useful when used with meter.
- He is a tall standing and crouching character which allows other characters to perform extended pressure sequences on him.

Anakaris' offensive capabilities are actually pretty good as he has a great high/low game with pyramid dives being an overhead and can also do a decent strike throw game with meter. He also has good normals that are helpful with out poking the majority of the cast and defending himself from most jumpin attacks.

Defense is where he struggles the most. Mastery of movement, offensive tools, and matchup knowledge are your only means of survival with this character.

His Strengths His Weaknesses
  • Great High/Low game
  • Divekicks are overheads, which gives him access to a cryptic offense that is hard for the opponent to understand.
  • Good normals that allow him to outpoke the majority of the cast.
  • Has a triple jump
  • Normals also serve as good defensive tools for things like AA.
  • Decent strike/throw game, provided he has meter
  • Can curse opponents to make them helpless for a period of time. Covers a lot of space too.
  • Can backdash to the other side of the screen to escape potential bad situations
  • Unable to pushblock (By far his biggest issue)
  • Unable to GC without meter. It is also throw punishable on hit.
  • Unable to do normal throw
  • He is huge and has huge hurtboxes, so he is suceptible to shenanigans
  • His command throw can be crouched by the entire cast (This is not the case for the ES version)
  • Curse is a slow projectile, so realistically, curse is there to buy you time, so you can plan your next action instead of actually cursing the opponent.
  • Horrible Dark Force that has no mixup potential at all
  • Matchups are very lopsided and he has no winning MUs at all


Walk: Walk Forward Pixel Distance (2.25 pixels) / Walk Backwards Pixel Distance (1.2 pixels)

This is by far the slowest walk in the game which is by no means a bad thing. You will use the walk to slowly get in to positions so that dash attacks, pokes, pyramid dives, and 5LPxx236+PP command throw become a threat; or to slowly position yourself to anti air with 2MP, 5MP, 5HP. 5HK, 2HP, or 46+P. It is especially good when you are doing strings that are longer then 3-4 hits (character dependent), as you can make stuff whiff with the slight walk back.

Essentially, you will mostly be using the dash and dive pyramids as that is your main tool to get in, but do not neglect the walk. At higher levels they will expect you to dash, jump, and dive pyramid spam which causes you to become predictable and you will get punished. By doing a less common movement option you can increase the chances of your more powerful tools to work. Players do not usually look to punish stuff that is considered to be a non-threat and this walk is one of the non-threats in your arsenal.

Dash: A good ground dash that allows him to select any normal including ground normals. Anak is one of the few characters that can use any normal in a dash so make good use of it. Anything such as dash lp, lk, 2nd hit 5MP, crouching lp, and crouching lk will yield frame advantage and should be abused.

Dashing hp, mp, crouching hp, and crouching mp are your go to AA's while dashing. Dashing sweep is also a solid pick for a quick knockdown to startup you offense.

Their is a hidden weakness to this dash as it has recovery frames off of a whiff dashing attack. You can see it if you do a dashing low as your character will stand up a couple of frames before you are allowed to block again. Make sure that the opponent does not have an attack out during the frames of recovery or you will be punished.

Jump: Even more floaty than Dhalsim's. He also comes equipped with multiple Double Jumps and air moves that halt his movement allowing him to stay airborne for quite a long time. Though this may be in his favor since he has quite an array of bizarre air moves, some of which come from the ground even while he's in the air.

Float: By hitting up you are put into float state. You are allowed to use any air normal and air special move. Their are two tiers that anak can float around in. Being in float state is the same as being in air state which means that you can't block ground normals at all.

Normal Moves

Standing Normals


Anakaris s lp.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
? ? Rapid Both 5 3 8 +8 +7 ? ?

5LP has a 5 frame startup. 5LP has an active frame window for about 3 frames starting with the first frame (frame 5) and is safe on hit (+8) and block (+7) with an 8 frame recovery window.

5LP has a very good hitbox that goes very far in front of Anakaris. This allows Anakaris to tag people outside or inside sweep range with ease. This normal is also very good at catching characters out of their jumps startup, so long as the jump doesn't go over 5LP hitbox past frame 6.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Sets up ground non-dash pressure blockstings.
  • Sets up dash pressure strings.
  • Sets up delayed blockstrings.
  • Sets up pyramid Dive pressure.
  • Sets up command grab attempts.
  • Sets up portal.
  • Tiger knee curse setup.
  • Empty jump guard break attempt or blocked air to air dive pyramid.
  • Tick coffin drop setups.
  • Hitconfirm into links or chains into knockdown or pressure if blocked.
  • Frame Trap setups are easy off of this normal. Can frame trap into any normal including itself.
  • Decent recovery.
  • Can have more frame advantage if you can aim it has a meaty.
  • The weaknesses to this normal comes from characters whom can duck under this normal (Q-Bee).
  • Normals/Special moves that hit him due to being out of range (this is a hitbox issue. KNOW YOUR RANGES!!!).
  • The normal losing by virtue of speed (the speed a characters normals/special must be 4 frames or below).
  • Air Normals punching the top 5LP hitbox (jump attacks usually).
  • Bad trades (like if your frames were to collide with a knock down attack or a dragon punch/invulnerable moves. (Dragon Punches for the most part, have very little invulnerability frames in this game though).
  • Hurt box grows super huge when you do this normal making him easier to punish. Make sure when you do this normal that is going to hit!


Anakaris s mp 1.png
Anakaris s mp 2.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
? ? No Both 6 2,3 18 +3 (-2 if first hitbox hits standing) +2 (-3 if first hitbox hits standing) - ?

5MP has a 6 frame startup and has two distinct active frames with very different hitboxes (though the normal can not actually hit twice).

The first normal starts off on frame 6 and last for 1 more frame which makes it active for 2 frames. The second part of the normal activates on the 8th frame and stays out for 2 more frames making it have a 3 frame active window.

If Anakaris hits while his hand is over his head, it is unsafe on hit (-2) and block (-3), but on the ground this can only happen against a standing Anakaris, Jedah or Victor at point blank range.

If Anakaris hits with his fully-extended arm, the frame data changes to 8 frame startup (counting the 2 frames of the first hitbox as startup frames) hit (+3) block (+2). This can come in handy for setting up frame traps.

5MP's first active hitbox is really high, making it good for anti air. This normal can be used to catch point blank back jumps and jumps attempts that try to go on top of Anakaris.

However, if they are too far away it will cause a whiff since the first active hitbox has very little horizontal range and the second hitbox is not high enough to tag a jump-in. 5MP carries an 18 frame recovery window making it very whiff punishable.

Q-Bee, Lilith, and Morrigan can duck under this normal. Other characters can get under the normal with certain moves as well (example Raptor 2HK).

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Pretty good anti air in its first animation. Decent poke on the second.
  • Guard Break after the opponent blocks air down forward pyramid.
  • Tick off of the second part of this normal with a command grab or high low game.
  • Hitconfirm off of this normal into chain for a knockdown.
  • Frame Traps are possible off of the second part of this normal due to advantage gained by the second part of the normal.
  • After hitting an aerial opponent chain into sweep for more meter.
  • Works real good as a preemptive AA after being tick off of a 5LP for an easy frame trap. (do this one off of short frame traps 2-3 hits)
  • Hitbox is kinda iffy at beating some jumping normals.
  • It is much easier to AA jumping normals starting from half screen range to point blank. Normals past that range become hard to beat cause of the hitbox short vertical range.
  • Some characters can duck under the normal. (Q-Bee, Lilith, and Morrigan).
  • Normals/Special moves beating it by virtue of speed.
  • Bad trades happen frequently due to the first hurtbox.
  • Decently long recovery period.


Anakaris s hp 1.png
Anakaris s hp 2.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
? ? No Both 11 4,7 21 -3 -4 - ?

5HP has an 11 frame startup has two different parts as a normal. First part starts at frame 11 and is active for 3 more frames making it 4 frames. Second part starts at frame 15 and last for 6 more frames making it have a 7 frame active window. this normal is unsafe on hit (-3) and block (-4) and has a very long recovery period at 21 frames.

5HP has a very long horizontal range, which make this a very good tool for poking. You can use 5LP and 5MP to setup a frame trap to catch jumpers with this normal.

Do not worry about the stand alone frame data as chains combos exiist in this game and you can make this normal safer with a 5HK as to use the last normal in the magic series to push the opponent away. This normal also suffers the same weakness as the other high normals as even more characters can duck this normal, here is the list: Lei Lei, Bulleta, Gallon, Q-Bee, Morrigan, and Lilith

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Very Good Poke.
  • Can snipe people out of preemptive jump frames.
  • Good after 5LP to hit people with counter hit frame trap setups.
  • Very long active frame period that allows you to tag people if they stand up.
  • Easy to hit confirm it off a meaty if it hits into sweep.
  • Slow normal.
  • Can be ducked by a lot of the cast.
  • If they get over the normal you become a big target.
  • Have to make it safe with magic series which can be countered by guard cancel.
  • Long recovery period.
  • Stupid big hurtbox on whiff.


Anakaris s lk.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
? ? Yes/Rapid Both 5 3 8 +8 +7 ? ?

5LK has the exact same frame data as 5LP with a 5 frame startup and has a 3 frame active window with an 8 frame recovery. 5LK is completely safe on hit (+7) and block (+8). It has a decent horizontal range not as much as 5LP or 2LK but it will suffice for what it does.

This normal will mostly be used the same way as 5LP but for characters who can duck under you standing punch normals its godsend. This normal has a lower body hitbox, so it will only be used to hit characters whom are grounded, as this normal will never cut it as an anti air.

This normal is very good for setting up frame traps, just like the 5LP (such as 5LK delay 5HP to hit a jumper). It can also set up all the same, "games", I have put down in the 5LP section as well. This will be your replacement normal for any character that can duck under your highs with ease.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Unduckable normal.
  • sets up everything that 5LP can do except AA and air guard breaks.
  • Decent recovery.
  • Same startup as 5LP.
  • Hardly any range on it.
  • Never a threat as an AA.
  • If out of range loses to many standing normals.


Anakaris s mk.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
? ? No Both 7 4 24 -3 -4 - ?

5MK has a 7 frame startup and has a 4 frame active window with a 24 frame recovery. 5MK is both unsafe on hit (-3) and block (-4). 5MK has a pretty good horizontal range that is just slightly below the range of the 2LP.

This normal hitbox is designed to hit normals that are low for the most part (although some slides can get through). If the opponents normal is anywhere near the hitbox of 5MK, it will either trade or beat it depending on the speed of the normal. This normal will also replace your 5MP if the character can duck under most of your normals.

As with other unsafe normals you can make this one slightly safer by chaining into 2HK.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Unduckable normal (with some exceptions).
  • Pretty good on meaty setups.
  • Good range
  • Can beat some lows
  • Decent startup.
  • Pretty good meaty move.
  • When not used on frame traps the startup can be troublesome to mashed out normals.
  • Loses to normals that get above it a lot.
  • Unsafe by itself so you must cancel it on hit or block if you want.
  • Bad recovery.


Anakaris s hk.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
? ? No All
(Air Blockable)
11 6 24 (First part)
13 (Second part starting Frame 41)
-12 -13 - ?

5HK has an 11 frame startup with a 6 frame active window. This normal has 2 phases of recovery the first one last 24 frames going over lows. The second phase starts on frame 41 and last 13 frames you are grounded during this phase and punishable. 5HK is unsafe on hit (-12) and block (-13).

This normal can also be done as a command normal (4+HK or 6+HK to move it left or right) this is done so that you can aim it to hit the edge of normals while poking.

5HK goes over lows however, most of the cast can duck under this normal (only Bishamon, Victor, and Anakaris cannot duck under the normal) making this normal pretty hard to use effectively. Their are some normals such as Sasquatch 2HK that you can go over and still hit him.

Also the stand alone frame data does matter for this normal, as you do not have any more normals to chain into due to this being the final normal in the magic series. This move is considered to be in the air so it is always air blockable.

Strengths Weaknesses

  • Can go over some lows.
  • Moves from front to back as a command normal.
  • Nothing to cancel into.
  • Highly unsafe on hit and block.
  • Horrible normal in all regards.
  • Two phases of recovery.
  • The recovery period is way to long.
  • Super unsafe normal.

Crouching Normals


Anakaris c lp.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
? ? Rapid Both 5 3 9 +7 +6 ? ?

2LP has a 5 frame startup and has a 3 frame active window with an 9 frame recovery. 2LP is safe on hit (+7) and block (+6).

This normal has slightly less range and similar start up as the 2LP. This normal is used very similarly to 2LP except that this normal is unduckable.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Guard breaking lower to the ground jump in attempts after an opponent blocks a down forward dive pyramid.
  • Using it while dashing to get much closer in range to do frame traps with other normals while on block.
  • Getting the attack to whiff during pressure strings to check and see if they are moving around to mount a high/low/command grab game.
  • Comboing off of the dashing version of this normal (hitconfirm).
  • Lowering your hitbox in an attempt to dash under normals.
  • Okay at stuffing IAD's as a last ditch effort if they get that low to the ground.
  • Not much range.
  • Their is a frame when you dash and do a normal where you will automatically stand up for a few frames. If you do not time a crouching normal to go under a jump in correctly you will get hit.


Anakaris c mp 1.png
Anakaris c mp 2.png
Anakaris c mp 3.png
Anakaris c mp 4.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
? ? No Both 5 (first part)
6 (second part)
6 (first part)
6 (second part)
? -10 -11 - ?

2MP has a 5 frame startup with two different hitboxes. First part is active at frame 5 and has a 6 frame startup. The second part starts at frame 11 and has a 6 frame active window. 2MP is unsafe on both hit (-10) and block (- 11).

This normal is unsafe but thanks to chains you still have options to make yourself safe. If this normal is blocked do the rest of your magic series to in attempt to create some distance from your opponent.

The first part of the normal is designed to hit most duckers and after apex jump ins

The second part is designed to hit players at the apex of their jump and loses to lows for free.

This will be one of your go to anti air normals for players jumping from full screen to mid range.

After hitting this normal as an anti air chain into 2HK so you build some meter and reduce the recover of the normal a bit.

On hit go for knockdown to startup your oki game.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Pretty good AA from full to half screen range.
  • Good as a preemptive AA to counter jump startup.
  • When this hits on the ground you can go for knockdown via magic series.
  • Good at stuffing low to the ground IAD's.
  • First part is decent at hitting ducking opponents.
  • Second part beats jumps at their apex.
  • If they get through the normal you will be free to punish.
  • This move gets stuffed by low normals.
  • This move is unsafe on hit or block so you must use magic series to make it safe.


Anakaris c hp 1.png
Anakaris c hp 2.png
Anakaris c hp 3.png
Anakaris c hp 4.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
? ? No Both 7 21 32 KND (Frames 7-10)
RST (Frames 11-21)
-29 - ?

2HP has a 7 frame startup and has a huge active frame window at 21 the recovery is massive at 32 frames. its a 3 part normal but you will only be concerned about frame 7- 10 because that is the one that knocks down.

2HP is unsafe on block (-29). This normal does not have frame data on hit because it is a knockdown attack.

Just like with other normals that are unsafe chain a sweep on block to create some distance from the opponent.

This is your anti air for opponents jumping from mid screen to close range as the hitbox is designed to AA vertically. This move has three different hitboxes when it starts up that is the knockdown portion.

(This will be what you are aiming for.)

The other two AA higher but you earn a shitty reset for your effort so I recommend chaining into 2HK every time to avoid getting punished if it turns into a reset.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • First hitbox of this move causes knockdown on hit.
  • Very good vertical AA.
  • Decent at stuffing low to the ground IADs.

  • Only hits vertically so if you miss are going to get hit for free.
  • Second and third hitboxes on this normal are kinda meh causing a reset if they hit cancel into sweep.
  • Normal is unsafe on block so as a last ditch effort you need to cancel into crouching roundhouse to try to push them away.
  • Loses to sweeps if out of range on the first box. Second and third lose to a lot of normals.


Anakaris c lk.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
? ? Yes/Rapid Low 6 3 11 +8 +7 ? ?

2LK has a 6 frame startup with a 3 frame active window with an 11 frame recovery and is safe on both hit (+8) and block (+7).

This normal is your go to low attack with lots of frame advantage to ride on for your frame trap needs.

It has way longer range then 2LP and will be one of the keys to your high/low/throw mixup game. This normal does everything that 5LP, 5LK, and 2LP do except for the anti air and guard break stuff.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Same as 5LP except for guard break and AA.
  • Lower body hitbox.
  • Loses to moves with good horizontal range.
  • Loses to IAD normals and jump ins clean.
  • Trip guard does not exist in any form in this game so you are committing to low if the person does an air normal it will not hit them when they land.
  • So-so recovery.


Anakaris c mk.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
? ? No Low 13 3 20 +1 0 - ?

2MK has a 13 frame startup with a 3 frame active window and a 20 frame recovery.

2MK is safe on hit (+1) however this leaves you neutral on block (0).

This is your long range low since it leaves you at neutral their is not to much utility to this move other then that its a low and you can chain into magic series to cause knockdown. I guess if you can get away with it you can use it to tick into command grab.

I need to look into this normal a little more cause I honestly hardly use it.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Long range low.
  • Can use it to pester the opponent.
  • Chain into magic series to cause knockdown.
  • Very slow.
  • Easy to IAD it on reaction
  • No frame advantage to ride on.
  • Long recovery.
  • Not enough active frames to warrant how slow it is.


Anakaris c hk.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
? ? No Low 13 4 25 KND -1 - ?

2HK has a 13 frame startup with a 4 frame active window and has a 25 frame recovery.

2HK has no frame advantage on hit because its a sweep and is also unsafe on block at (-1).

Pretty long range sweep and is your go to normal for magic series and for gaining quick knockdowns off of hitconfirmed jabs. This normal is utilized to make many of your anti airs safe. This normal is okay to do raw as to gain a trade or to do attempted low into knockdown.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Really long range sweep.
  • Low that knocksdown on hit.
  • Useful cancel to your AA normals to make them much more safe.
  • Good normal to chain into on block to push them away.
  • Good normal to chain into on hit to gain a knockdown on hitconfirm.
  • One of the main key normals to setting up your oki game.
  • Same weaknesses as 2MK except for the ability to chain into something.
  • Final move to chain into so beware of guard cancel.
  • Loses to crouching punch normals a lot out of range.
  • Long recovery.
  • Long startup.

Jumping Normals


Anakaris j lp.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
? ? No High 7 3 20 Variable Variable - ?

j.LP has a 7 frame startup with a 3 frame active window and a 20 frame recovery. Frame advantage is dependent on how low you hit them to the ground so if you hit them to high when the opponent is on the ground you will be at a disadvantage and they can hit you.

This normal is normally used for air to air combat or chicken guarding. This is the only normal to protect you from close jumpins however, if it gets chicken blocked expect to be hit.

If you manage to jump in and get him low enough you can combo off of this normal. You can also repeat it multiple times in the air and switch between normals as well.


  • Decent air to air normal.
  • Good on chicken block.
  • Can combo if hit low enough.
  • Repeatable in the air.


  • Easy to chicken guard and punish.
  • Loses to a lot of air to air normals.
  • Slow so can be air thrown a lot.
  • Hardly any active frames.
  • Crappy recovery for a lp in the air.
  • Really slow startup for a lp in the air.


Anakaris j mp.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
? ? No High 9 4 13 Variable Variable - ?

j.MP has a 9 frame startup with a 4 frame active window and a 13 frame recovery. Just like j.LP its frame data is dependent on where it hits because of it being a jumping normal.

Very good air to air poke with good range to boot. Had decent speed and is annoying to get around. This is his most spammed air normal by far. Its kinda hard to get the timing to combo this normal but it is possible if you hit them low enough.


  • Great range air to air normal.
  • Much harder to chicken guard.
  • Decent damage.
  • Good for zoning.
  • Nice startup on the normal.
  • Decent amount of active frames.
  • Best recovery out of the air normals.


  • Loses to some air to air normals
  • Loses if someone gets under the normal.
  • Really hard to combo off of.


Anakaris j hp 1.png
Anakaris j hp 2.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
? ? No High 10 6 23 Variable Variable - ?

j.HP has a 10 frame startup with a 6 frame active window and a 23 frame recovery. This normal is more useful as an air to ground normal. Its actually pretty decent at stuffing opponents trying to dash in while you are in the air. This normal has a decent amount of frame advantage when it hits so it is probably the easiest of the three punch air normals to combo into.


  • Good air to ground normal.
  • Good at stuffing dashes.
  • Easiest normal to combo off of out of the 3 punch normals in the air.
  • Decent startup.
  • Decent amount of active frames.


  • Losess to air to air game pretty easily.
  • Slow startup.
  • Crappy recovery.
  • Hit box on recovery is super low and easy to antiair.


Anakaris jlk.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
? ? No All (Air Blockable) 19 3 17 Variable Variable - ?

J.LK has a 19 frame startup with a 3 frame active window and a 17 frame recovery.

This normal is very slow so normally it is not recommended to be used. However, it is very good if you can sneak it in when you are descending from a jump


  • Hits grounded opponents.
  • Decent to use as a delay jumping attack when descending from a jump.


  • So slow that the opponent can jump and hit you out of the air before the move comes out.
  • Dan be hit before startup due to the hurtbox being so large.
  • Long startup for a lk in the air.
  • A lot of characters can duck under this normal.
  • Loses air to air for free.


Anakaris jmk1.png
Anakaris jmk2.png
Anakaris jmk3.png
Anakaris jmk5.png
Anakaris jmk6.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
? ? No All (Air Blockable) 7 8 (Start Frame 7)
6 (Start Frame 19)
3 (Gap after first active hitbox)
14 (move completion)
Variable Variable - ?

j.MK has a 7 frame startup with 3 parts. first part activates on frame 7 and last 8 more frames. the second part is a gap in the normal that last for 3 frame it starts at frame 10. at frame 19 you get 6 more frames of active hitbox. Then a 14 frame recovery window.

One thing I failed to mention is that all the jumping kick normals can all be hit before startup easily on the ground. So you have to fish for this normal.

Thankfully, this normal hits twice. It can be used to beat opponents trying to chicken guard mash against Anakaris other jumping normal attacks.

This normal can also be used a a combo starter if the opponent is sleeping and lets you get away with it before Anakaris lands on the ground


  • Decent startup.
  • Hits twice.
  • Good to use low to the ground.
  • Can combo off of it much easier then j.HK.
  • Decent for Air to Air for chicken blockers due to the gap in the string.
  • Good at keeping opponent grounded.


  • Can be hit on the ground by grounded normals.
  • Last a little to long in the air so if it whiffs you will probably be hit.
  • Losses to air to air pretty clean.


Anakaris jhk1.png
Anakaris jhk2.png
Anakaris jhk3.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
? ? No All (Air Blockable) 7 9 23 Variable Variable - ?

J.HK has a 7 frame startup with a 9 frame active window and a 23 frame recovery.

Decent for a one hit air normal to tag the opponent in the air or on the ground.

I mostly use it if I predict that the opponent is going for a quick approach against me while i'm in the air.


  • Good damage one hit air jumping HK.
  • A little harder to combo off of.
  • Same startup as j.MK.
  • Pretty good amount of active frames.


  • Same as, loses to grounded normals.

Command Normal Attacks

j3.K: Anakaris' down forward pyramid dive. Very fast overhead that can be followed with chain combo for knock down. Also use it to cancel your floaty jump while moving forward and builds meter.

j2.K: Anakaris' downward pyramid dive. You need to be above the opponent if you want it to connect. Can cross up. Sometimes when you are a little too high above the opponent it won't cause enough hitstun to follow up with a ground combo. Anyways the main use for this it to cancel your jump. Get close to the opponent then use it as a mixup tool : j3.K for overhead or j2.K 2LK for low attack. Land a knockdown then repeat.

6.MK: A standing overhead with a fairly large hitbox. This move is + on hit with the only weakness is it's large hurtbox and long startup frames.


A fairly slow pursuit attack. This one is a tough call to use because you want to get in, but if you do the pursuit to whiff and it was to slow you can get into a lot of trouble. ES version is even worse to whiff and negative on hit as you can be put into a command grab/normal throw option select if the opponent doesn't tech away.

Normal pursuit is fine on hit but if you mistime the pursuit and get a whiff and they see it you may get hit with a throw.

ES version should be used exclusively for a kill as it is highly risky to use against a character like Sasquatch who will maul you with Big Brunch into whatever...


Anakaris CANNOT do Normal Throws
Anakaris does not have a normal throw of any kind. All you can do is tech throws. Techs can be done with any forward or back directional input: 4,1,3,6+LP or MP or HP or HK, like you would with any other character. You can tech air throws as well. It's the same as teching on the ground, however you can add two more directional inputs to your throw techs 7 and 9.

Special Moves

The Dance of Coffins - 22P/K (air OK)
Anakaris coffin.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
? ? N/A High/Air ? ? ? KND Variable N/A ?

Drops a coffin down from the sky. Not a bad move for stalling your jump trajectory or pestering from long range, but not especially useful at close distances. Can be used on some characters wake ups to stuff their wakeup options like dragon punches and things of that nature. You can also it time it to trade hits if the opponent comes to close, although this tactic is very difficult to do.

  • (L Version) Close.
  • (M Version) Mid.
  • (H Version) Far.
  • (ES Version) Drops several coffins in various distances.
Royal Judgement - 236P (air ONLY)
Anakaris curse.png
Anakaris curse es.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
? ? N/A All ? Variable Variable CURSE Variable N/A ?

Pukes up a curse cloud. On successful hit this move will morph the opponent into their paper doll form. Surprisingly, this move is a lot more useful than it appears. You can get fairly good damage out of it by hitting the opponent while they are stuck in doll form. The amount of curse duration is relative to the move strength.

  • (L Version) Short curse time. Quickest recovery when on whiff. Used as a filler move in the air to cover your aerial approach.
  • (M Version) Medium curse time. Medium Recovery. Not to useful on filler.
  • (H Version) Longer curse time. Long Recovery time. Rarely used because it takes so long to recover on whiff.
  • (ES Version) Sends out three sets of wisps instead of one. Much longer curse duration. Takes forever to recover on whiff. Decent filler move in the air.
Mummy Drop - 236P (throw)
Anakaris dunk 1.png
Anakaris dunk 2.png
Anakaris dunk es.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
Variable Variable N/A Unblockable ? ? ? KND N/A N/A ?

Spin the stick and mash buttons for more damage. Anakaris' command throw is rather unique. The strength of the button used will determine the distance. Normal version can be crouched under by any character. Es version can not be ducked under. ES version is very good as an Anti Air because you can not jump after landing from a previous jump for about 2 frames.

  • (L Version) Close.
  • (M Version) Medium.
  • (H Version) Far.
  • (ES Version) This version causes the hands to start near Anakaris then rapidly fly forwards. This version is also mashable for damage, and it is recommended to do so.
Spell of Turning (absorb) - 214K (air OK)
Anakaris absorb.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
N/A N/A No N/A ? ? ? N/A N/A N/A ?

Anakaris will attempt to swallow an opponent's projectiles. This move actually does absolutely nothing unless it connects with an opponent's projectile while Anakaris' mouth is open. Upon successful absorption the projectile will be nullified and the opponent's move will be "learned" (previous absorption will be overwritten if applicable, for example Bulleta's missiles/mines the previously learned move will be lost).

Spell of Turning (release) - 236K (air OK)
Anakaris spit demitri.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
Variable Variable No Variable ? Variable ? Variable Variable N/A ?

This move does absolutely nothing unless the absorb version is used to learn an opponent's projectile attack. Once you absorb a projectile, however, Anakaris can hork up his own version of the move using this. The move will act similarly to the opponent's original version, though in some cases the move will behave differently/uniquely, for example Anakaris' ES version of Lei-Lei's items works nothing like her version (which for him is a good thing).

  • (Any Version) Pukes up the learned attack.
  • (ES Version) Pukes up an ES version of the learned attack.
Cobra Blow - 4~6P
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
? ? No All ? Variable Variable Variable
KND (ES Only)
Variable N/A ?

Similar in appearance to his 5HP, however this version is a special move and thus it behaves as such (like knocking down airborne opponents, etc). Additionally, this strength of the move determines the distance and number of hits.

  • (L Version) Short
  • (M Version) Medium
  • (H Version) Long
  • (ES Version) Really long, plus lots of hits.
The Word of Truth - 623PP (Guard Cancel)
Anakaris destiny.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
? ? No Unblockable ? ? ? CURSE N/A N/A ?

Anakaris' guard cancel move. This can only be done during blockstop and costs 1 stock. Worthless move, do not use it ever unless your opponent has never seen it before, in which case it's worth a laugh.

  • (ES Version) Inarguably the worst GC in the game, Anakaris may as well not even have one. This is because it gives the opponent free damage on you, so you're essentially wasting meter to give the opponent a free hit on you. But let's take a look at how bad it really is. Anakaris spits out Kaibito at a specific range, if the opponent is too close or too far from Anakaris it will whiff completely and allow the opponent a free combo on you while you recover from the move. If it manages to hit it deals a very tiny little bit of damage to the opponent and morphs them into their paper doll for a very short amount of time. But the opponent un-morphs from this state before Anakaris finishes his attack pose, and since the opponent can move around in their paper doll form they can get point blank and throw Anakaris as soon as they un-morph, before he even recovers from the move. All at the cost of one stock. In other words, never use this unless your opponent has never seen it before, and don't expect it to catch anyone off guard more than once. You can expect to eat a throws worth of damage or worse any time you use this with very little reward even if the opponent does nothing to retaliate.
The Pit of Blame - 623K (while knocked down)
Anakaris pit.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
? ? No Unblockable ? ? ? KND N/A N/A ?

This move can only be done if Anakaris was hit by something that knocks down (sweep, etc). He will split in half and open an unblockable portal that catches nearby opponents. Basically an anti-pursuit move, though it can also catch opponents who get too close to him during normal rushdown patterns. Somewhat risky to use since if it fails he can be hit, so avoid using this against opponents with powerful 1-hit options.

EX Moves

The Pit to the Underworld - 426KK (unblockable)
Anakaris portal.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
? ? N/A Unblockable ? ? ? KND N/A N/A ?

Pit of underworld is a slow, unblockable attack that is mostly used in the corner off of a tick throw setup or tech chasing after a knock down. The tick throw setup has major flaws and can be punished if the opponent has air mobility options or disrespects the setup by holding up forward.

Pharaoh Magic - MK LP 2 LK MP (air also)
Anakaris pharaoh magic.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
? ? N/A All/Unblockable (bug) ? ? ? KND N/A N/A ?

Sends out a curse, on hit will autocombo the opponent. Pretty useful, decent damage.

  • Pharaoh Salvation - HK MP 2 MK HP [start] (air also, costs 2 stocks):
    Requires two bars of meter. But it's basically powered up version of Pharaoh Magic.
  • Pharaoh Decoration - HK MP LK 2 LP MK HP (air also, costs 3 stocks):
    Requires three bars of meter. This one is also a powered up version of Pharaoh Magic and Pharaoh Salvation.

It is normally blockable, but there is a bug that can make Pharoah Magic unblockable. Refer to Anakaris' bug section to get insight into thie.

Dark Force

Double Attack: Pharaoh Split - Same strength P + K

  • (Any Version) Activates flight and hyper armor. While Anakaris is flying around, Kaibito is walking around as Anakaris lower half. You can attack with either half of Anakaris' bodies (Punches for Anakaris and Kicks for Kaibito), but you can only move Anakaris' upper half. Pretty useful for escaping the corner or unblockables due to the hyper armor properties.

However, The move can get you into serious trouble as it takes Anakaris too long to actually attack and only the legs or Anakaris can attack one at a time. The opponent can just do air chains on Anakaris repeatedly if he stays in Dark Force for too long. Be very careful with this darkforce.



- = next move is a chain
>> = next move is a link
xx = next move is a special or EX cancel

Things to Know

Don't end your chains on 2MP
2MP is -11 on block, making it extremely unsafe. Ending chains on 2MK (+0), 5.MP (+2), and 2HK (-1) is much safer, though the frame advantage from his light attacks (+7 on block) is much more ideal.
Land the knockdowns
Anakaris' normals have incredible range, but it's pretty easy to get pushed out far enough during your chain combo that they may whiff. Don't get greedy with the damage if you're unsure of the range, as scoring the knockdown is much more important doing than a bit of extra damage.

Basic Chain Combos

  • 2LK - 5MP - 5MK - 2HK
26 red/46 white (with Pursuit ~~r/~~w; ES Pursuit ~~r/~~w)
Anakaris highest damage chain combo from point blank range. Doesn't work on a few short crouching opponents as 5MP will whiff. Places to aim for hitting this chain include: during okizeme, a deep pyramid dive, and a deep dash link.
  • 2LK - 2MP (1 hit) - 5MK > 2HK
24 red/41 white
Point blank chain combo for crouching Gallon, Lilith, Morrigan and Q-Bee since 5MP will whiff on them.
  • 2LP - 2LK >> 2LP - 2LK - 2HK
19 red/36 white
This is a very useful combo for Anakaris in scramble situations, as in the opponent is in your face and you're not quite sure what is going to happen, but your best option is to throw out a button to try and protect yourself. The purpose of this combo is to give yourself plenty of time to hit confirm, without over committing to any medium attacks in your chain. After 2LP > 2LK you need to link back into another 2.LP, but this is not a difficult link.
  • 2LK >> 2LP - 2LK - 2MK - 2HK
22 red/40 white
Another close range hit confirm combo you can do before you fully commit to a chain combo by linking after the first 2LK.
  • 2LK - 2MK - 2HK
19 red/33 white
Medium range chain combo into knockdown. 2.MK does a little less damage than 5.MK but will combo from a bit further away. From the max range of 2LK you'll need to skip 2MK and go directly from 2LK into 2HK.
  • 5LP - 2HK
13 red/23 white
Maximum range combo into a knockdown. Anakaris 5LP has ridiculous range and should usually be able to combo into 2HK even from max distance.

Standing Overhead

  • 6MK - 2HK
17 red/30 white (with Pursuit 17r/35w; ES Pursuit 19r/41w)
The typical combo from Anakaris' standing overhead into his sweep for a quick high/low.
  • 6MK - 5HP - 2HK
27 red/46 white (with Pursuit 27r/51w; ES Pursuit 28r/55w)
It's possible to add a 5HP into the standing overhead combo but you must be nearly point blank. Though it seems a bit dangerous to do his slow standing overhead from that range. 5HP whiffs on crouching: Bulleta, Lei-Lei, Gallon, Lilith, Morrigan, Q-Bee.

Pyramid Dive Combos

  • (Deep) j.3K >> 2LK - 5MP - 5MK - 2HK
29 red/52 white (With Pursuit 29r/56w; ES Pursuit 30r/60w)
Decent damage from a pyramid dive that hits deep. Doesn't work well against a few characters with fat pushboxes like Aulbath, as you land a bit further away from them (this is usually a problem when those characters are standing). In those match ups it may be prudent to switch out 5MK for 2MK, or just dropping the 5MP altogether (Need to double check who this combo has issues on and update). Replace 5MK with 2MK (1 hit) on crouching Gallon, Lilith, Morrigan, and Q-Bee.
  • (Mid-Range) j.3K >> 2LK - 2MK - 2HK
23 red/41 white
Close to mid-range pyramid dive combo. Since it can be difficult at times to judge if you're close enough to land the deep hitting dive combo above, it may be best to fall back on this when you're uncertain just to land the knockdown.
  • (Far) j.3K >> 2LK - 2HK
18 red/33 white
Maximum range dive combo. 2LK should be able to combo into 2HK from any distance.
  • (Mid-Range) j.3K >> 66LK >> 5LK - 5MP - 5MK - 2HK
29 red/51 white
It is possible to link a Dash 5LK after a Pyramid Dive, though it is admittedly very hard to do.

Dash Link Combos

All the light attacks have the same frame advantage and pushback (H:+8/G:+7), making them interchangeable despite what combos are listed here; besides 2LP, which is H:+7/G:+6, though it has 1 frame faster start up which makes linking INTO a bit easier. Basically, for dash link combos you can pretty much do whatever feels right according to the distance and situation! Primarily you'll be doing Dash 5.LP since it doubles as an incredibly good pressure and lockdown tool, and Dash 2LK as a low to open them up.

  • (Far) 66LP >> 5LP - 2HK
15 red/28 white
A hit confirmable combo into a knockdown from long range dash pressure.
  • (Mid-Range) 66LP >> 2LK - 2MK - 2HK
20 red/36 white (20r/40w; 21r/44w)
  • (Deep) Dash 2LK >> 2LK - 5MP - 5MK - 2HK
26 red/47 white (with Pursuit 26r/51w; ES Pursuit 27r/55w)
Big damage dash link combo started from a low. This is great to use after knock down when the opponent isn't sure if you're going meaty with a high or low. The dash link gives you time to hit confirm before going into the rest of the chain.

ES Cobra Blow Combos

ES Cobra Blow usually hits 6 times and allows for a pursuit when combo'd, but on Anakaris, Gallon, and Jedah it only hits 5 times for significantly less damage and doesn't allow for a pursuit afterwards. It's probably not worth using any of these combos on those three characters.

  • 2LK >> 2LK >> 2LK xx ES Cobra Blow
32 red/54 white (with Pursuit - ~~r/~~w; ES Pursuit - ~~r/~~w)
Only hits standing opponents, except for crouching Victor and Bishamon. This isn't a ton of extra damage compared to Anakaris' basic chains, but sometimes every little bit helps. This isn't a damage optimization most players go for, but there is some value to it. You can do any combination of light attacks you want here, they all have the same damage and push back as far as I can tell. Drop one of the light attacks if you aren't at point blank range, though you'll still want at least two because not confirming into the Cobra Blow and allowing it to be blocked can be a bit dangerous.

Dash Link into ES Cobra Blow

  • 66LP >> 5LP xx ES Cobra Blow
31 red/51 white (with Pursuit 31r/54w; ES Pursuit 32r/57w)

Pyramid Dive into ES Cobra Blow

  • j.3K >> 2LK xx ES Cobra Blow
34 red/56 white (with Pursuit 34r/59w; ES Pursuit 35r/62w)
  • (Deep) j.3K >> 66LP >> 5LP >> 5LP xx ES Cobra Blow
35 red/61 white


MightyMar and Hildr's Anakaris breakdown tutorial:

Part 1:
Part 2:


Frame Data

Anakaris Memos

  • Highlights from Twitter
  • If Anakaris lands a Guard cancel (ES-Only!), the opponent can punish by walking towards Anakaris then throwing once they leave the curse state.
  • After Royal Judgement (including ES) the opponent, they are unable to block. Anakaris can LINK xN
  • While the opponent is cursed, they cannot change states. No Fire or further curses are allowed.
  • While the opponent is cursed, certain commands are forbidden for Anakaris.
  • There is a dizzy-state between elements of Pharaohs Magic
  • Spell of turning can eat Royal Judgement, but then not execute as 236K.
  • Anakaris can execute an ES-Coffin at the beginning of the 2nd bat. The coffin will not come out but the meter will be depleted.
  • Jump kicks attacks are executed one frame longer than punches. Jump attacks are equivalent to light attacks.
  • During VSAV Beta Testing, his Dark Force punches were Unblockable.
  • Curse has no guard-stop graphic. It's easy to confirm because the animation is there in AUTO-GUARD mode.
  • CPU Anakaris can execute curse as soon as the first one is blocked. Seems blocking curse causes him to instant recover.
  • Es-Soul_Fist x ES-Cobra_Blow combo
  • 1998 Combo Video
  • Anakaris cannot tech-Hit or Throw opponents. Many characters can stomp him with a cheese strategy which exposes these weaknesses.
Zabel Cheese
Renda Jabs & Dashing light attacks - Video Required
Sasquatch Cheese
Q-Bee Cheese
Bulleta Cheese
Bishamon Cheese
Aulbath Cheese
Renda Jabs & Dashing light attacks ""Video Required
Lilith Cheese
Jedah Cheese

Anakaris Bugs

  • Guard-Lock Unblock w/ Curse
  • Turn-Around x Cobra Blow
  • Unblock Pharaoh Magic, Pharaoh Salvation or Pharaoh Decoration
See the third chart here -
  • Unblock Jump kicks
See the fourth chart here -
  • Portal x Tech-Hit can forces Anakaris off the screen
  • Air Absolute Guard
Anakaris can enable "Air absolute guard" for his opponent if he does air curse, lands into a dashing attack without returning to neutral.
  • Unblock ES-Guard Cancel Frames
See The first chart here - Anakaris is at frames 7-9
  • Attacking on the same frame as Pharaohs Curse causes the super to not properly function or drop entirely
  • Post Air Level-3 Pharaohs Magic, Anakaris remains invincible until he returns to neutral
  • Anakaris inputs ES Coffin Drop when FIGHT is displayed, the move is canceled

Notable Japan Players

Japanese Player Index:

Name (English) Name (Japanese) Color Location Contact Notes
Chikyuu 地球 MP Anakaris color mp small.png Kanto region O.G. & Amazing player. Also a renowned Alpha-Sodom. Name means "Earth/Ground"
Kazu カズ LK Anakaris color lk small.png Kanto region Blew up Kosho at Evo-Japan 2018
Manila まにら LK Anakaris color lk small.png Kanto region 2019 CC Champion
MEGASTAR メガスタ PP Anakaris color pp small.png Sendai, Japan
Clio くりお MK Anakaris color mk small.png Kanto region Frequently at Mikado Monthly events
Pandora's Box パンドラ MK Anakaris color mk small.png West Japan Plays with Tate-Victor