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Costume Colors
Aulbath (Rikuo)


Aulbath (オルバス), the Merman.

Aulbath is a strong character with a very effective corner game. His most well known attribute is his Water Jail super, which is an unblockable, slow moving projectile that creates setups which loop into themselves for one-sided wins. He is simple to pick up, yet has the depth to keep players interested in his play style. His Guard-Cancel is very ineffective, relying on other defensive options is mandatory.

Primary Objectives:

  • Control space & gain meter with your amazing normals
  • Start offense with dashing attacks
  • Use regular throw, OS-command throw, frame-traps & instant overhead to open up your opponent
  • Anti-air with sonic wave or gas for big damage
  • Utilize Bubble loops for big wins in the corner.
  • Use defensive dark force to escape the corner and gain the corner advantage

His Strengths His Weaknesses
  • Can use setups to loop the Bubble EX move in the corner with meter to get overwhelming wins.
  • His dash puts him in a unique crouched state, so many of his attacks become the crouched versions during the dash. (He gets a unique HP while dashing)
  • He has tons of containment moves that put the opponent in a dizzy state. One of the only characters that can do this.
  • He has a good air-to-air game
  • Very good tick throw game, and a good airthrow too.
  • Decent walkspeed and forward dash speed.
  • Good dark force that is hard to punish, and can save you in potentially dire situations.
  • His anti airs are not good if he does not have charge for Toxic Gas or Sonic Ray, and even then, those may not be super reliable.
  • Has a couple of good jump ins (j.LK and j.MP), but that's it.
  • Easily one of the worst GCs in the game. Being able to PB well will be a requirement to defend with him, since that's all you really get with him.
  • Heavily reliant on meter.
  • Back dash is really wonky and doesn't do much for him. More effective to just walk backwards.
  • Can potentially corner himself due to being a charge character


Walk: Aulbath has a pretty average walk speed.

Dash: Aulbath is a ground dash character and his dash allows him to dash under fireballs if he doesn't press a button while he's dashing. You can also use this dash to get under certain badly placed jump-ins because of the speed of the dash.

Back Dash: Aulbath's back dash is unique because he hops backwards up to three times.Not terribly useful, but something to note.

Jump: Aulbath's jump arc is about average as well. He can cover most of the screen in front of and below him with his air-normals. However certain high jumping characters (Felicia, Gallon) might give you a bit of trouble.

Normal Moves

Standing Normals


Aulbath s lp.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
? ? Yes/Rapid Mid 5 3 8 +8 +7 H:+11 B:+10 ?

Aulbath hits you with his tongue. A quick jab that can be used in some pressure strings. Not as useful as his low jab, but still effective. Good setup for a throw or command throw.


Aulbath s mp.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
? ? No Mid 6 6 ? 0 -1 N/A ?

Aulbath sticks out his fins. This move is interesting because it has two hits, either of which can be canceled into a Hunter Chain. Useful meaty move if the enemy rolls towards you or a good move to catch people with if they try to jump away. Use this move sparingly on their wakeup, because it is Guard Cancel bait and certain characters are short enough to duck it on their wakeup.


Aulbath s hp 1.png
Aulbath s hp 2.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
? ? No All (airblockable) 11 17 ? KND -19 (grounded block)
Variable (airblocked)
N/A ?

Aulbath jumps up in the air like a little spiky ball. This move has the appearance of being an uppercut, but is far from it. While it does cause a knockdown, this move is easily blocked and punished. Only useful situations would be the OCCASIONAL anti-air, but with the existance of chicken guarding, the move isn't as useful.


Aulbath s lk.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
? ? ? Mid 5 3 ? +6 +5 N/A ?

Aulbath sticks his foot in the air. This move is alright, comes out fast, but doesn't have the range that his or c.lp does. As with standing lp, use this move to pressure and mixup with.


Aulbath s mk.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
? ? No Mid 6 3 ? -2 -3 N/A ?

Aulbath does a handplant and hits you with his feet. This move does have its uses. It can go over some low attacks and hits people trying to jump out of strings. Pretty decent range too.

Far 5HK

Aulbath s hk.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
? ? No Mid 8 4 ? -7 -8 N/A ?

Aulbath turns his foot into a shell and hits you. This move has some uses, such as far Anti-Air. It has a decent range and can go over low attacks.

Aulbath n s hk.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
? ? No Mid 7 4 ? +4 +3 N/A ?

[ Startup:7 | Active:4 | Hit:+4 | Block:+3 ]

Pretty much the same normal, only it comes out faster and is plus on block. Might be good for stuffing jumpouts, but it can be crouched under. Use this every now and again to make sure your HK button works.

Crouching Normals


Aulbath c lp.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
? ? Yes/Rapid Mid 5 3 ? +9 +8 H:+12 B:+11 ?

Aulbath's best move. Hands down. Huge frame advantage, can link into itself and is his most useful poke in dash pressure strings. You will find yourself hitting this button a lot.


Aulbath c mp 1.png
Aulbath c mp 2.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
? ? No Mid 6 3,3 ? +6 +5 N/A ?

A two hit MP. This move can also be canceled during the first or second hit. What makes this move unique is it's ability to link into any other weak normal, such as c.lp, on hit. This gives Aulbath a powerful tool when using this move in a Pressure string. But this move is also GC bait, due to it hitting twice.


Aulbath c hp 1.png
Aulbath c hp 2.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
? ? No Low only 7 3,3 ? KND -1 N/A ?

Aulbath swipes you with his claws. This move does knockdown on hit, but isn't as good as c.rh in terms of range. Use this one once in a while. Must be blocked low.


Aulbath c lk.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
? ? Yes/Rapid Low only 5 3 ? +7 +6 H:+10 B:+9 ?

Pretty good lk with decent range. Almost as good as his c.lp, but with less frame advantage. This move can also link into itself and can be used in dash strings to change up your timing.


Aulbath c mk 1.png
Aulbath c mk 2.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
? ? No Mid 7 3,3 ? +1 0 N/A ?

A two hit Not terribly useful, but does have it's uses. This move is also GC fodder, as it hits twice. is a better option


Aulbath c hk.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
? ? No Low Only 8 4 ? KND -1 N/A ?

Aulbath's sweep. Good range, but a bit slow. Very useful when dashing. The minus 1 frame disadvantage can leave Aulbath setup for a good pressure situation should he space the move correctly.

Jumping Normals

Aulbath j lp.png

[ Startup:5 | Active:6 ]

Aulbath sticks out a fin. Almost all of Aulbath's air normals are excellent air-to-air nomals. Chain into mp, mk, or hp to keep the opponent from chicken blocking and counterattacking

Aulbath j mp.png

[ Startup:6 | Active:5 ]

This move is an excellent jump in move and easily one of Aulbath's main normals he'll be sticking to. Chain into HP for a good frame trap to prevent chicken blocking. Another good trait about this move is that it acts as an option select in the air. If your opponent jumps in Aulbath's air-throw range the MP will become an air-throw if you are holding forward or back

Aulbath j hp.png

[ Startup:8 | Active:6 ]

Jumping Spiky Ball. Another great air normal. As with MP, you can use option select this with air-throw.

Aulbath j lk.png

[ Startup:5 | Active:6 ]

This has a weird angle and hitbox at first, but you'll soon realize how important this move is. Aulbath's only overhead is and it adds another dimension to his pressure game, especially on tall crouchers like Victor, Jedah and Bishamon. You can chain into j.dwn. hk or you can whiff an air chain to create a tricky jump in situation. Abuse this move often.

Aulbath j mk.png

[ Startup:7 | Active:6 ]

Not a move used terribly often, as MP covers the same options but with greater effect, but useable when doing air chains or neutral jumping.

Aulbath j hk.png

[ Startup:9 | Active:6 ]

This move looks identical to MK but with greater startup and more hitstun/damage. Not terribly useful as a jump-in on its own, but can be useful for combos/air chains.

Command Normals

Aulbath j2 hk.png

[ Startup:10 | Active:Until landing ]

Dhalsim Drill. This move's hitbox is on the very tip. It can be used to escape certain pressures and in instant overhead setups but this normal is kinda silly to throw out, given Aulbath's other air options. Use it sparingly and close to the ground, because Aulbath can be punished if he's too high. Another interesting note is that if the opponent collides with Aulbath during a certain part of the normal(lower body) , the collision boxes will not allow the opponent to hit him until he lands.

Aulbath dash hp.png

[ Startup:8 | Active:X | Hit:-10 | Block:-11 ]

The only dashing normal that isn't one of Aulbath's crouching normals. This move is never used as it is massively unsafe on hit or block and easy to Guard Cancel since it is 3 hits.

Pursuit Attack

Pursuit: Aulbath jumps on you in a ball. Not particularly useful in knockdown situations because his dash pressure and bubble are more effective damage and mix-up options. Best way to use his Pursuit would be after a AA Sonic Wave > J. FP juggle.


Punch Throw — (Close) 6/4MP/HP
Damage 11/17
Aulbath throw normal.png
Tech Damage 11/17
Hit Advantage Knockdown
Tech Advantage +21f
Meter Gain First:9
Active Frames 1

Amazingly strong throw, however it's weakness is that both MP and HP are lackluster buttons to use when throwing.

Throw button?:
As for what button to throw with, 5MP may potentially be the better option here, since 5HP is air blockable. However, if your timing is poor you do 5MP late, letting it whiff, may get you killed if the opponent lands a neutral jump on you when you attempt throwing. Most players will know this weakness and try to find opportunities to exploit it.

In practice, throwing with 5HP could be better, because if they air block it getting a strong punish isn't very practical, though it is possible to get an incredibly strong punish there. The bigger problem with 5HP is if they block it while on the ground. In that situation, letting an opponent ground blocking 5HP is exceptionally more dangerous than a blocked 5MP, since 5HP is -19 on block — at best. Landing recovery on 5.HP is only 1 frame though, making for certain punishes hard, but at minimum you have to expect a sweep coming.

In the end, what button you use is heavily based on the character you are fighting against, since certain ones rise into the air slower than others when jumping, making them more likely to be tagged with 5MP. Reading the habits of your opponent, whether they tend to jump or stand grounded is also important. Choose wisely.

Full damage even when teched:
It doesn't matter if the throw is teched or not, the opponent will always take full damage. This normal throw is essentially a techable command throw. Even if they happen to tech it, Aulbath is at +21 frames afterwards, making it very easy for him, on reaction, to dash forward and lay on meaty pressure. Against some opponents with good rolls, it may be actually better for Aulbath if they tech the throw, since it places them in an easy to pressure situation.

Follow-up hit:
This throw actually has a follow-up to it, something uncommon to all other characters besides Victor. 28 frames in, about when the opponent's body slams into the floor, if you press the opposite direction from the throw, Aulbath will flip them over, slamming them down a second time. There is only a 3 frame window available to input the follow-up, making it very tight input. The follow-up will place them in the opposite direction the opponent was thrown originally, so keep that in mind when using it.

Air Throw — (Close) 6/4j.MP/HP
Damage 13/20 1f
Aulbath throw air.png
Tech Damage 6/9
Hit Advantage Knockdown
Tech Advantage -26f to -23f
Meter Gain 9
Active Frames 1

A relatively easy to land air throw. From his jump height, position of the air throw grab line, and the fact you're probably mashing MP every time you jump — you'll probably be tossing them constantly.

If this is teched, Aulbath is usually in an slightly iffy situation due to extremely poor frame advantage. Some characters can actually punish him if they tech his air throw, however the timing for that is extremely tight and difficult to do on reaction.

Frame advantage when teched varies based on the character:
  • -26f: Felicia, Victor
  • -25f: Aulbath, Lilith, Morrigan, Sasquatch, Zabel
  • -24f: Anakaris, Bishamon, Bulleta, Demitri, Jedah, Q-Bee
  • -23f: Lei-Lei, Gallon

Special Moves

Trick Fish - 623K or 44K

[ Startup:X | Active:X | Hit:-X | Block:-X ]

Aulbath's dragon punch-like attack, and his GC. So terrible because he has to step back before activating it.

  • (L Version)

Shortest range

  • (M Version)

Medium range

  • (H Version)

Longest range

  • (ES Version)

3 hit, more damage

Sonic Wave - [4]6P

[ Startup:X | Active:X | Hit:-X | Block:-X ]

Aulbath shoots a sonic wave. If the opponent is struck by this on the ground they are stunned and stay open long enough for a jump in combo. If they get hit in mid air they'll float there and any hit will knock them down. Comes out faster than the Poison Wave and hits everything on its path, but has shorter range.

  • (L Version)

Fastest, shortest range. Good anti air.

  • (M Version)

Slower than L version but travels about 50% more distance.

  • (H Version)

Slowest. Max distance is about 1/2 screen.

  • (ES Version)

Travels full screen and take up quite some space. It moves pretty fast so you won't be able to use it for pressure though.

Poison Cloud - [4]6K

[ Startup:X | Active:X | Hit:-X | Block:-X ]

Aulbath releases a cloud at a particular distance depending on the strength of the kick button. It'll stun the opponent if hit, similar to Sonic Wave, although if the opponent is in mid air it will ground them allowing a full jump in combo rather than a 1 hit follow up. Only hits where the cloud appears. Slower than Sonic Wave. An interesting thing to note about the poison gas combo is that your opponent can change their hitbox stance by holding down back or back while being hit. So certain characters won't get hit by the jump in chain.

  • (L Version)

Fastest. Cloud appears at about 40% a screen away from Aulbath.

  • (M Version)

Cloud appears at about 50% a screen away from Aulbath.

  • (H Version)

Slowest. 60% screen distance away from Aulbath.

  • (ES Version)

Releases the LK, MK and HK version at the same time.

Crystal Lancer [Command Throw] — (Close) 6324MP/HP/PP
Damage MP/HP:19/27
Aulbath throw command 01.png
Aulbath throw command 02.png
Hit Advantage Knockdown
Meter Gain Whiff:12
Active Frames 1 1

2 frame start up with 1 frame of invincibility. Places the opponent in front of you; use this when you have them in the corner.

Input Priority:
If you press LP with either MP or HP at the same time, the LP will always come out over the other two attacks. This can be utilized with Aulbath's command throw by simply inputting 6324LP+MP, making it so a whiffed command grab will result in the safer and faster 5.LP instead of an MP or HP. The downside to using this method with Crystal Lancer is that if you have meter, on a successful grab it will be the ES version. While the damage on the ES version is nice, sometimes you want to save that meter for a bubble. Utilize this application at your own discretion.

Negative Edge:
Utilizing Negative Edge with command grabs is something very strong. Negative edge is where you release a button to activate a special move, instead of pressing the button. This means you must already be holding down MP or HP, input 6324, and then release MP or HP. If done correctly, when you're in range you'll grab the opponent, and if you're out of range nothing will happen. For Aulbath, it allows you to completely sidestep having to risk a 5MP or 5HP whiffing. Use of this is situationally dependant, sometimes you may want to press the button and sometimes you may not.

Gem's Anger [Command Throw] — (Close) 6324MK/HK/KK
Damage MK/HK:19/29
Aulbath throw command 01.png
Aulbath throw command 02.png
Hit Advantage Knockdown
Meter Gain Whiff:12
Active Frames 6 1

7 frame start up with 6 frames of invincibility. Places the opponent behind you; use this when your back is to the corner.

Since this is a kick throw, it opens up 5MK and 5HK as throw buttons. Input priority tricks, as mentioned under Crystal Lancer, also allow for 5LK and 5LP as throw buttons. Using 5.LK will result in the ES Version of Gem's Anger if you have meter, however an input such as 6324MK+LP will result an ES version not coming out on success and an LP coming out on whiff.

This is a bit of odd command throw, it has a pretty slow start up — but with a massive amount of invincibility frames to insure that it will grab as long as they don't jump. You'll often see a normal going right through Aulbath's body just before he grabs them. It looks somewhat strange at first tends to catch people by surprise until they get used to it. Another thing to note in regards to the start up time, there is a much larger chance of getting the somewhat rare throw-whiff animation if the opponent jumps after the throw has already been input. The total frames of this throw on whiff are 38 frames.

Gem's Anger actually gives better much better okizeme than Crystal Lancer, since it leaves the opponent right next to Aulbath and gives him plenty of time to move around.

EX Moves

Water Jail - 623PP or 632KK

[ Startup:X | Active:X | Hit:+X ]

Aulbath's signature bubble move. He creates a man-sized bubble which slowly crawls forward, disappearing after awhile or when he's hit. It catches the opponent if they are too close and they can't block it. It isn't technically a grab, it can catch people during blockstun and doesn't care if the opponent is airborne or grounded, it can can catch them as long as their hitbox is exposed to it . When an opponent is caught they'll float upwards, receiving white damage until the bubble breaks (after awhile) or when they get hit. A Poison Wave soon after the catch will net you a free ground combo.

Aqua Spread - 632PP

[ Startup:X | Active:X | Hit:+X | Block:+X ]

Aulbath summons a pillar of water. Hold the buttons to adjust where the pillar appears. There's not much practical use for this move. It does however deal pretty good damage and when the opponent falls down you can juggle them with any attack (even a Bubble, although the game has set quite a number of limits on the stun fireball moves).

Sea Rage - 41236PP

[ Startup:X | Active:X | Hit:-X | Block:-X ]

Aulbath summons waves of water that hits very close to the ground. First few hits have small gaps between them so you can't jump out. The later hits can be jumped out though. Good for snuffing fireballers who get too predictable (Jedah, Demitri). Cannot be used while in Dark Force

Direct Scissors - 22PP (costume color specific)

[ Startup:X | Active:X | Hit:+X | Block:+X ]

This move costs three stocks of super, and can only be done in LP or MP costume colors. It is an overhead, but it has a ridiculously slow startup, very poor recovery on block, and does pathetic damage on hit. Very obviously a joke super meant as an Easter egg, for novelty value only. Never use this. In fact, don't even pick those costume colors so you can avoid using it by accident.

Dark Force

Wave Surfing: Ocean Rage - Same strength P + K (32f Start Up; 34f of Invincibility; 8f Recovery after touching the ground when DF ends)

Aulbath activates one of the best Dark-Forces in the game and hops on the Mach Crab! While surfing on the Mach Crab Aulbath enters a limited flight mode and gains and loses several abilities: He gets hyper armor but is unable to block, he cannot throw the opponent or be thrown by the opponent, and all of his attacks are the crouching versions though the opponent can block while standing, crouching or jumping.
When surfing on the Mach Crab, Aulbath can move in all 8 directions freely, to a maximum height of a little above the middle of the screen. His forward movement while surfing is speedy, but surfing backwards is pretty slow. He can dash forward and backwards with 66 and 44, which covers the screen almost instantly.
He has access to most of his special moves while riding on the Mach Crab, however he cannot use Trick Fish, Sea Rage, or either of his Command Throws. Direct Scissors also loses the overhead property and can be blocked while crouching.
  • LK+MK+HK (While in Dark-Force):
Press all three Kick buttons to manually jump off the Mach Crab. By holding specific directions you can change how you hop off. While you're still in the air you're free to do jumping attacks and chains, these attacks must be blocked standing.
  • 4, 5 or 6 + KKK will have Aulbath dismount the Mach Crab by hopping off with his normal jump height.
  • 7, 8 or 9 + KKK will have Aulbath dismount the Mach Crab with a super jump!
  • 1, 2 or 3 + KKK will have Aulbath dismount the Mach Crab with a short hop.
Holding these directions while the Dark-Force timer naturally ends, or by pressing "Same Strength P+K" to forcibly end the Dark-Force will still allow you to control your dismount direction and attack on the way down. However, when ending the Dark-Force in the manner, Aulbath has a brief moment of recovery time as soon as he touches the ground which makes comboing incredibly difficult. Manually dismounting the Mach Crab with KKK doesn't end the Dark-Force, so the recovery is delayed and comboing from the air to the ground is much easier. Be aware that even if you are off of the Mach Crab, you will still have the 8 frame recovery time as soon as the Dark-Force ends.
When manually dismounted from the crab, Aulbath regains his standard attributes. He has access to all of his special moves once again besides Sea Rage, which he still cannot use until the Dark-Force ends.
  • LK+MK+HK (While still in Dark-Force, but you have manually jumped off of the Mach Crab):
You saddle back up on the Mach Crab! Wherever the Mach Crab is on the screen, Aulbath leaps directly towards it and gets back on. The opponent can interrupt Aulbath's remount by attacking him. When back on the Mach Crab he regains all of his Dark-Force attributes.
You can special cancel into the remount. It's even possible cancel Aulbath's backdash into remount, just like you can cancel it into a Trick Fish. Oddly enough you can simply hold down all three kick buttons to repeatedly get on and off the crab, which looks very silly. None of this has any practical use, because in a normal match the Dark-Force timer just doesn't last long enough to constantly dismount and remount.

How to properly use Aulbath's Dark Force:

When using it as a purely defensive tool, due to the Hyper Armor it can get him out of some very dangerous situations. Most notably, is that he can use it to escape his own Bubble setups. Otherwise it is useful to try an escape grab attempts or to just escape the corner during typical corner pressure.
While one of the strongest Dark-Force's in the game, if Aulbath doesn't get the initial hit at the start, opening up the opponent afterwards can be difficult since he can't throw or hit high or low. You want to get them jump on them right after activating, otherwise they'll just block until the Dark-Force ends. First thing to realize with his Dark-Force is that every time it is activated, Aulbath moves to the same part of the screen, which is essentially 1/4th across the total screen distance. It doesn't matter if he is in front of that spot or behind it, he'll leap forwards or backwards to get on that Mach Crab. If you have your opponent pushed towards the far end of the screen, you may need to instantly dash forward after recovering from your Dark-Force activation to get in range to attack.
The best part about Aulbath moving to a specific position on the screen after activating Dark-Force is that if he is cornered with his opponent next to him, upon activation he will jump over them to that 1/4th screen position and onto the Mach Crab almost instantly; at the same time placing the opponent in the corner. If the opponent had Aulbath in the corner and misplaces an attack or a poor throw attempt right when Aulbath activates, there is a good chance for Aulbath to punish. Even if the opponent is able to block, the quick cross up may confuse them into not blocking correctly. From this position, if you get the hit you can chain them into a knockdown and then set up an unblockable bubble.
If you fail to get that initial hit, you can try hopping off of the Mach Crab with KKK and go for a quick overhead, but most players should be expecting at least that much. Faking the overhead isn't a bad idea, and if you surf to the lowest point on the screen and do a short jump off of the Mach Crab with 3.KKK you can land surprisingly quickly and go right into a low attack. From that height it can become difficult to see if a high or low attack is coming.
The last way to open someone up while in Dark-Force mode is to realize that even if Dark-Force'd Aulbath is hit while the Bubble is out, it will not cause it to pop. You can just try to brute force someone into the Bubble while not worrying about taking hits. Due to Aulbath being able to control his vertical positioning on the screen while surfing you have the ability to set Bubbles out a bit higher up, making it difficult (and maybe even impossible) for taller crouching opponents to duck under AND jump over.


Note: Although Aulbath's game is centered around the use of the bubble unblockable, when you are using him, you must understand that there are ways around the bubble unblockable. 

Dash Pressure Aubath's dash pressure in Vampire savior is extremely strong. This is the key to using him effectively and also is the center point of his game. The bubble, while important is more of a secondary plan for him than a primary one.

Examples and explanations of dash pressure strings

Most of your Dash pressure will be started with Dash mp

...Dash mp, S.lp: This is good for anti air pressure strings, This is also good for using when you want to bait out an pushblock. Confirm into combo of choice.

...D.lp, c.lp Slight pause c.lp: This string and similar strings to it are good for attempting to bait an opponent into guard canceling. Against most GC's, if your opponent does so during this string you will be able to block then punish the GC.

... Dash Hk: This is very good in general for catching your opponent off guard. Though not a string in itself, you can add this into the middle of your pressure strings to get a knockdown. On block its completely safe. Not abusable though because if you whiff, Your going to eat a sizable amount of damage.

..., ,lk: Low pokes that can confirm into a knockdown combo.

... Command grab or normal grab: Both of which are very strong options against a blocking opponent. Use this to keep them guessing.

... any dash pressure tactic into poison wave: This is something you dont want to do often because it can be jumped over if read by an opponent but it is a very good tool to use in his dash pressure because he can catch people who are trying to get out too early.

Something to remember when you are playing Aulbath is to stagger your strings. You dont want to get predictable when you are playing him. It is easy to get into a pattern and with out proper mixups you will not be taking full advantage of the character.

Bubble application

Your secondary goal with Aulbath is to get your opponent into the corner and abuse your bubble! There are however some characters that have ways out of this so you must keep that in mind when fighting against these characters.

  • Demitri: Ex Demon cradle(pretty tightly timed but it can escape the setup), Bat Spin
  • Anakaris: backdash into the corner.
  • Aulbath: Dark force
  • Q bee and Jedah: Dark force
  • Bishamon: Dark force
  • Felicia: Wall Cling
  • Sasquatch: Dark Force
  • Bulleta: Double Jump
  • Zabel: Teleport
  • LeiLei: Dark Force
  • Morrigan: Valkyrie Turn
  • Lilith: Super Jump

Prime positions for performing the bubble trap

  • Opponent in the corner
  • Scored a knockdown (c. hk, throw, air throw)

When you score your knockdown, Immediately place your bubble and meaty your opponent with In this situation they will be forced to either block or get hit by your poke forcing them into the bubble.

If your opponent tech rolls forward they have a chance to escape your bubble setup. Just adjust when your placing your bubble and then you will be able to keep your trap going. You can repeat this process for as much meter as you have when your opponent is in the corner. Here are a few setups to get you started., Throw, Air throw

  • ... Bubble, dash mp: if your opponent techs backward this will keep them in block stun long enough to be trapped into the bubble
  • ... Bubble, opponent techs forward, They end up having to block the
  • ... Bubble,, j.hp: Prevents opponent from being able to jump out of the bubble setup. Bubble covers the ground and your pokes cover the air.

General Strategies

  • Use Poison bubble to anti air opponents who are within range of the move.
  • Air throw, J mp, S.hp are his best anti airs. All in all, they arent that great but it is worth it to be able to keep people from jumping in on Aulbath. Dashing under opponents is also a good way to deal with jump ins since Aulbath's dash is rather fast and covers a long distance. S.Mp can be used in some situations as well.

  • Random Bubble!: Some players will argue that you shouldn't do random bubble from midscreen but sometimes it can be worth it to catch your opponent off guard. With the bubble on the screen, They have to deal with it or avoid it. Not something to abuse but it can be worth doing when you are not quite near the corner.

Es Sonic wave: Covers great ground and stuffs can catch people who are not paying attention to it. Worth throwing out every once in a while. If it hits you get a free knockdown.

Sea Rage: It can be used to chip your opponent or to stuff people who use too many fireballs. not exactly the greatest move but it has its uses in keeping your opponent honest with zoning.



- = next move is a chain
>> = next move is a link
xx = next move is a special or EX cancel

Basic Combos

  • 2LK - 5MP (2 hits) - 5MK - 2HK
25 red/41 white
Aulbath's standard and biggest damage knockdown chain. If range is an issue you can cancel the 5.MP one hit early, though this chain will work from a bit further away than you'd expect. 5MP has surprisingly little pushback for a multi-hit normal.
  • 2LK - 2MP (2 hits) - 5MK - 2HK
24 red/40 white
Use this on crouching Gallon since 5MP will whiff on him.
  • 2LK - 2MP (2 hits) - 2MK (2 hits) - 2HK
23 red/39 white
Use this on crouching Q-Bee since 5MP and 5MK will whiff on her.
  • 2LK - 5MK - 2HK
?? red/?? white
Long range knockdown combo. At maximum range 2HK will still sometimes whiff, so just do straight 2LK or 5MK into the sweep at that point.
  • j.LK- 2j.HK
14 red/24 white
Instant overhead canceled into a dive kick that resets on hit. You must press j.LK immediately after jumping. Does not work on crouching Q-Bee, and can be extremely difficult on the shorter crouching characters. If you have the opponent in the corner, jump away from them when doing this or the dive kick may whiff.

Dash Links

66MP is his only real dash link. You have to hit late into the active frames to link his light attacks (is this even possible?)

  • 66MP >> 5LK - 5MP (2 hits) - 2MK (2 hits) - 2HK
25 red/44 white
  • 66MP >> 5LK - 5MP (2 hits) - 5MK - 2HK
26 red/46 white
  • 66MP >> 2LK - 2HK
?? red/?? white

Jump-In Combos

  • j.LK - j.HP >> 2LK - 5MP (2 hits) - 5MK > 2HK
33 red/57 white
  • j.LK - j.MP/j.MK?
?? red/?? white
  • j.HP - j.HK work on anybody?
?? red/?? white

Bubble Combos

  • 623PP >> [4]6LK(or)MK >> j.LK - j.HP >> 5LK - 5MP (2 hits) - 5MK - 2HK
34 red/59 white
  • 623PP >> (Charge)[4]6KK >> j.LK > j.HP >> 5LK - 5MP (2 hits) - 5MK - 2HK
38 red/64 white

Need to add some character specific stuff here...

Sonic Wave Combos

Close Range Grounded Opponents
  • [4]6P >> j.LK > j.HP >> 5LK - 5MP (2 hits) - 5MK - 2HK
33 red/56 white
This should work from the max range of HP sonar if you react appropiately.
  • [4]6P >> j.HP >> 5LK - 5MP (2 hits) - 5MK - 2HK
36 red/62 white

Aerial Opponents
  • [4]6P >> j.HP
18 red/30 white [ES Pursuit: ]
  • [4]6P >> 623HK
24 red/35 white
  • [4]6P >> 623KK
32 red/49 white
  • [4]6P >> 63214KK >> 623HK
46 red/65 white
Costs 1 meter. Have to do fast or the Water Pillar makes them fall out, not sure if height or time based. Somewhat inconsistent. Costs 1 meter.
  • [4]6P >> 63214KK >> 623KK
54 red/78 white
Costs 2 meter.
  • [4]6PP >> 63214KK >> 623KK
58 red/82 white
Costs 3 meter.

Poison Cloud Combos

LK Gas Distance
  • [4]6LK >> j.HP >> 5LK - 5MP (2 hits) - 5MK - 2HK
34 red/58 white
Mid MK Gas Distance
  • [4]6MK >> j.HP >> 5LK - 5MP (2 hits) - 5MK - 2HK
34 red/58 white
MAX MK Gas Distance/Start of HK distance
  • [4]6MK >> j.HP >> 2LK - 2HK
26 red/44 white


Zabel (3-7)-This is a hard matchup for several reasons. Zabel has an incredibly fast jump, which makes it hard to pressure him on his Oki...or in general for that matter. His Aerial options are as good as Rikuo's and he definitely has the edge in the movement department. A lot of this match is gonna come down to straight guesses. In the neutral game, it's important to realize the length of his stretchy limbs. F.MP is the most likely limb you're gonna encounter most. If you're predictive, you can hit the end of his limb with a sonic wave and follow up with a dash sweep. If he's doing IAD pressure, stand jab will interrupt him if you time it right. I normally just mash it. If you knock him down in the corner and bubble, Zabel can teleport out of the way and land on the other side ;_;. So if you're gonna bubble him, you have to be fast and hope that he doesn't get a reversal teleport. Back to the neutral game, be cogniscent of the fact that the can use his down up chainsaw move in the air to avoid your sonic/ poison. This is a match I like to play in the air, because Zabel moves too fast to try and fight him on the ground. Also, it's REALLY hard to command throw Zabel because of his crouch walk. This disables a lot of his "Proximity guard" limiations and lets him walk right out of range.

Sasquatch (6-4): The only true enemy in this fight imo is Sas's damage output. His overheads are fast and if he connects with one then he'll go into a big damage combo +good oki game. In the neutral game, sas likes to throw stand mp in order to discourage jump-ins/ set-up short hops. His sweep ain't half bad either. When Sas is on the defensive, look out for ES Ice tower. Just jump over it or chicken guard it. Try to avoid the corner because Sas will DESTROY you there. Also, watch out for command throw. Hard to see it coming, but if you don't prepare yourself for it, you'll be eating a full combo from it. Sasquatch can use his DF to escape the bubble trap. The keys to winning this fight are to exploit Sas's bad defensive options. His low fierce is only really good if done early at a distance, so jumping at him within that range is a great idea. ES Ice can be jumped over and punished in certain situations.

QBee (2-8)- This is by far my most frustrating matchup because QBee's tools. Her and dash mp are so good against Fish, because they can stuff any attempts to zone her out with Echo/Gas attempts. QBee also likes to pester you with stand mp to keep you from jumping out. The key in this matchup is to not let yourself be pushed into the corner, because QB will murder you there. Some things to note is that it's really hard to connect with a full poison/echo combo on her, because she is so low to the ground when she is in her stun state. It's also really hard to pressure QB, since her jump speed is very fast. So be aware of that and take steps in your strings to prevent her from wanting to jump out (ALL bee players do this). Other than that, it's just a rapid fire guessing game that's in her favor. Rikuo can somewhat fight her in the air and that's most likely where you wanna stay. If you do find yourself in the corner, then try to dark force out. Be aware of her DF too. It's similar to Jedah's but with slower rise, I think.
Some specifics -
j.HP will basically never hit Q-Bee crouching. This is critical to remember when going for a post-gas combo (people can downback to be in a crouching state after the first hit), as well as during corner fights when coming down on her.

Gallon (5-5)- Some people don't agree with me, but I really like this match because Rikuo has a lot of tools to bully Gallon. If you're at 3/4s to 1/2 screen, Talbain has a slight advantage due to his quick dash/ good jumps/ ES BC. It's generally a bad idea to try to zone here. But once you get within his range, you can really go to town on him. Rikuo can also fight Gallon decently in the air and his bubble trap is hard for Gallon to deal with. Once you get them to settle down into your gameplan, Wolf isn't nearly as bad.

Aulbath- The mirror match is really frustrating for me, since Rikuo's tools are so good, even against himself. Key thing to note here is that Rikuo can escape his bubble trap by using his Dark Force. So always have a meter on tap.

Felicia (5-5) - I'm positive this is 5-5. Felicia has a number of tools to maneuver around gas and sonic wave, and she also has some options to escape bubble traps (not many though). She can blow through these options with her super, including ES versions, so be wary of just tossing out gas/sonar. Fish has to be very careful about spacing projectiles due to her jump arc and wall climb. If she jumps from a high angle from her wall climb it is very likely that you will either trade or lose to her in the air. However, if she gets below you for any reason while you meet her in the air, j. st - j. fp chain should beat her. Her guard cancel is decent, but not Demitri good. If you stagger strings with jab and lk enough you can bait and block her GC's. Also when attempting to bubble trap in the corner, keep her GC in mind and apply that same strategy. If you bait her into doing one, you'll most likely end up blocking her follow up hits, and force her into the bubble by sheer proximity. This does require a quick readjustment in spacing though. Also, stay out of the corner. You will be eating a lot of overheads, sweeps, OS throws, and even dark force mix-ups if you stay too long. Teching is also important when dealing with her Cat Spike mixup, because she is a large frame advantage when using these.

Bishamon (4-6)- Bishamon and Rikuo are similar characters in a lot of aspects. They both have solid Dash games and from these dash games can create a lot of frame traps to catch people pressing buttons. Bishamon's traps are especially dangerous because they lead to a full ghost combo into a dangerous Oki game. Bishamon has a good amount of normals that he can use to pin Rikuo on the ground (dash mp, hp) and several things he can do at neutral to discourage Rikuo from moving forward (Iai Giri slash, low hp, neutral jump mp). It's important to not just rush blindly at Bishamon and to pick your spots. Bish can also escape Bubble trap by doing Dark Force or GC'ing your options. Bish's GC is actually one of the better ones in the game, so use light attacks to bait and punish his GC. Bishamon's weaknesses in this fight are his fat body and his lack of anti air. You can instant overhead/command throw him easier than a lot of characters and you can jump in on him from within his f.hp range rather easily. So if you can exploit those options then you can have a rather easy time dispatching him.

Demitri (6-4)- This is an annoying fight for me because almost all Demitri's play exactly the same. They lame you out with fireballs to build meter/ force mistakes and then when they have meter they fish for knockdowns and try for demon setups. Demitri has a limited mixup game, but it's a big guess on your part. OS throw, Bite Super, low. But there are some common setups you can sniff out (batspin whiff, whiff pursuit, jump in mk, low lp low mp). Demitri has a very solid AA game. His Standing Jab, standing MK and DP are all very good options. The former two can't be airguarded. It's very important in the Demitri matchup to keep variable blockstun pressure, because his Guard Cancel is the best one in the game. If you get hit or block a deep batspin, you can punish it with Dash Sweep. Also, if you block a Demon Cradle, you have a one frame window to punish it on his recovery. Almost impossible to punish. If you can bait his DP, you can punish it with a dash sweep as well.

LeiLei- (5-5)- LeiLei vs Fish is a sloppy fight. Lei Lei has tools to zone out and keep Fish at bay with her items, but she can easily use her pendulum > airdash pressure to create weird/ hard to defend against attack angles. LeiLei's prime directive in this match is to build meter for Tenraiha and land overheads that setup into her unblockable setups. The key to being successful in this matchup is to not let her accomplish this objective. Lei Lei can AA rikuo from far away with low hk, mp item and f.hp. She even has an escape option with her Dark Force to get out of Bubble setups. But where LeiLei suffers the most is her low stamina. If you do catch lei lei in a few combos, she bleeds. Also if she is in dark force and you're far away, you can sea rage her for free easy damage. When she's in DF mode, DO NOT ATTACK HER if she's up close. She can't throw you in this mode, so just react to what she's doing and punish her recovery if possible. Play this match carefully and abuse LeiLei's lack of up close game to your advantage

Bulleta- (6-4) Such a slippery character! She's very hard to pin down with dash pressure, and can get around projectiles easily with her double jumps. Her ES rockets can trade and sometimes beat gas start-up, even full screen. Bubble traps are fairly effective against her if you do them after a knock down. Her only option out of a meaty cr. mk set-up is to GC it. Her GC isn't great however, and may not even give her time to punish in this case. Be wary of using Dark Force when she has meter, if you go up too high on the screen you can eat a Huntsman super, and you don't want that (each hit would be unscaled in this case). Tech hit often, and watch her angles on her jumps. BB Hoods like to jump and chicken block a lot, as it's one of her only good air to air options. Try and do full jump chains if she double-jumps or starts high in the air, and unblockable st. lp if you land before her. Essentially both characters can get good ground momentum started against each other, but BB Hood is able to escape and reset spacing much easier than Fish. When BBHood is doing her dash pressure, it becomes REALLY important to try and tech hit her as well as possible, because she always has the threat of Instant overhead. Any solid BBH player can do an IOH and whiff her jmk into 2-3 more jumping overheads between landing. This is hard to see, so spacing and good use of pushblock is how Rikuo plays defense in this matchup.

Jedah (4-6)- Jedah is another slippery character to fight against. To setup his offensive game, Jedah likes to throw wheels to control space and utilize his high floaty jump arc/ quick dash to start his offense. Jedah also has some decivingly good pokes. Probably the hardest thing to fighting him is that he doesn't have a true knockdown from his normals. So it forces a lot of quick guessing games that stack up pretty quick. Be careful about approaching him on his wakeup because a lot (read: GOOD) Jedahs will use his Dark Force on wakeup. But you can bait him to do that and quickly jump straight up to hit him with a neutral attack. If you do find yourself in his dark force situation it's a tough one to be in because he has a 50/50 that is heavily in his favor. Even if you do block his overheads, he can land and do a Nero Fautica (claw swipe) and punishing you for standing/ go for a contract Super to catch you sleeping. Tech hit becomes your best friend here. If you can sniff the overhead and tech hit him, Jedah loses a lot of momentum. Tech hit any ES wheels that come your way and try to beat Jedah in the air and you'll have a good shot.

Lilith (7-3)- Lilith isn't too much of a threat to Fish, because he beats her in sheer damage output. Lilith relies on a lot of Frame Trap, throw, jump in mixup. Similar to fish, but without the superior zoning option/normals. She does have a high jump that can avoid your poison/echo, so be able to react to that. Her DP is annoying, but not invincible. So react to GC happy Lilith's. Also, if you're at full screen don't just blindly dash/ jump at her, because lilith likes to throw air FB/ TK FB to control the space in front of her. But Rikuo should be able to dispatch her rather easily. Similar to Morrigan, she can punish bad jump ins by chicken guard> Luminous Illusion. When blocking Lilith strings, try not to press buttons to try and hit her out. Her strings are surprisingly tight and when she adds in ES fireball, it becomes really hard to time her strings.

Morrigan - (6-4) I feel like this should slightly be in Fish's favor, but not for the typical reasons. Morrigan can escape bubble traps very easily if she opts to burn meter on a Valkyrie Turn (super where she exits the screen and comes back with a drill). This has invulnerability on start up, and as long as they time their drill attack correctly, they can reposition her away from the corner. She has a decent guard cancel, but smart players can preemptively DP your dash attempts and shut down your offense. Her ground fireball is terrible vs. fish, simply dash under them and punish her if she's still in recovery, or jump them. Her air FB can be somewhat annoying, especially the ES version. I haven't attempted this yet, but I believe that you may be able to GC the last hit of her ES fireball and punish her (even with Fish's horrible GC). The main goal against her is to try and stay ahead of her in the meter game. Once she is out of meter to burn on Valkyrie Turns, it's pretty simple to bubble her, just don't forget about her GC options and quick anti-airs if you attempt a meaty/jump in set up. Oh, and if she uses missile super, do an immediate jump lk to get hit by one of the higher-angled rockets. This will cause you to get knocked down, and as long as you don't roll, you'll avoid the rest of the chip damage. Morrigan has several different angles with her dash that are kinda wonky, so it's important to recognize her setups. Something I don't think a lot of players realize is that she can punish you for jump ins by chicken guarding and doing Darkness Illusion in the air, close to the ground. So when doing Air-Chains, do a full jump-in chain to make it as hard as possible for.

Victor (6-4)- This matchup is closer than a lot of people think. Victor's c.HP ruins fish's day because it's unblockable in the air/resets you/ has a lot of priority. So jumping from out of close distance is a big no-no. Victor's j.fp is almost impossible to beat on the ground with Fish, because the hurtbox for Victor is above his fists. When spacing Victor, use Poision Gas over Echo. It has a fatter hitbox and Victor has a harder time jumping over it. If Victor puts you in a reset situation, it's a really bad 33/33/33 mixup. Victor's options are Hi/empty jump low/ 360/720. He can also set this up from whiffing his DP after a reset. So you have to guess as much as he does, but it's in his favor. However, if you have a meter you can just Dark Force out and give him the finger. Victor is also another character that's easier to overhead/throw. Fattie.

Anakaris(7-3)- I actually give Anak credit in this matchup, because he can avoid fish's stuff pretty well if he stays in the air and if he gets his hi/lo throw game started...he can wreck you pretty easily. If Anak's in the air, watch out for Curses/ Coffin Drops. Anak is controlling space with those. Do your best to tech hit his normals and keep him out. If you catch Anak on the ground, abuse the fact that he lacks a meterless GC and the ability to AG. You can keep him locked down for a fair amount of time too. Abuse your throw/overhead game on Anak too because he's a fat character too.

Frame Data


Move Startup Hit






Guard Cancel Notes
n.HK 7 +4 +3 6/15/24 Mid no
LP 5 +8 +7 0/ 3/ 6 Mid Yes/Rapid Renda+ H:+11 G:+10
MP 6 0 -1 3/ 6+3/ 9+6 Mid no
HP 11 down -19 6/15/24 Mid no Landing Suki:1
LK 5 +6 +5 0/ 3/ 6 Mid Yes/Rapid Renda+ H:+9 G:+8
MK 6 -2 -3 3/ 9/15 Mid Yes
HK 8 -7 -8 6/15/24 Mid no

Move Startup Hit






Guard Cancel Notes
c.LP 5 +9 +8 0/ 3/ 6 Mid Yes/Rapid Renda+ H:+12 G:+11
c.MP 6 +6 +5 3/ 6+3/ 9+6 Mid Yes+No
c.HP 7 down -1 6/10+4/15+9 Mid No
c.LK 5 +7 +6 0/ 3/ 6 Low Yes/Rapid Renda+ H:+10 G:+9
c.MK 7 +1 0 3/ 6+3/ 9+6 Low No
c.HK 8 down -1 6/15/24 Low No

Move Startup Hit






Guard Cancel
d.LP 4 +4 +3 0/ 3/ 6 Mid No
d.MP 5 +6 +5 3/ 6+3/ 9+6 Mid No
d.HP 8 -10 -11 6/ 9+3+3/12+6+6 Mid No
d.LK 4 +4 +3 0/ 3/ 6 Low No
d.MK 6 +1 0 3/ 6+3/ 9+6 Low No
d.HK 7 Down -1 6/15/24 Low No

Move Startup Meter


Guard Cancel
j.LP 5 0/ 3/ 6 High No
j.MP 6 3/ 9/15 High No
j.HP 8 6/15/24 High No
j.LK 5 0/ 3/ 6 High No
j.MK 7 3/ 9/15 High No
j.HK 9 6/15/24 High No
j.2HK 10 6/15/24 Mid No

Aulbath Memo's

  • Character highlights from Twitter
  • Escaping the Bubble-Loop, by each character:
  • When Aqua Spread has no guard effect, Sea Rage comes instead
  • Aulbath's dash is just long enough to store a charge move when the cancel is in the last 5-frames
  • Throw Options Select with light-punch + P-command throw (Crystal Lancer) to stop the opponent from jumping
  • Aulbath's advantage after a sweep x Bubble
  • Aulbath's crouching hurtbox is rather tall, here are options that are exclusive to character Aulbath's height or taller
  • Escaping Aulbath's corner P-Command Throw (Crystal Lancer) x Bubble setup
  • Dashing-HP is negative frames on hit while is a 2-frame link combo. A strong player will use this opportunity to reversal a 1-frame command throw to punish d.hp on hit or a missed link from
  • A corner pursuit causes the opponent to wake up behind you, but Aulbath has a few frames prior to the turn-around to do some tricks
  • There is an Infinite Prevention System put into place such that Aulbath cannot combo Poison Breath into Sonic Wave or Sonic Wave into Poison Breath or Poison Breath into Poison Breath or Sonic Wave into Sonic Wave. This system is tied to the opponent entering a neutral-State.
  • 1998 Combo Video
  • Against Felicia, you have to do a shimmy to catch her forward-roll into a Bubble loop
  • Aulbath can use a hard knockdown to setup bubble loops, but it cost loads of meter

Aulbath Bugs

  • Disable-Roll Bug
Aqua Spread -> Poison Gas
  • Dizzy Bug
Disable Roll-Bug -> Proximity block -> Throw -> Throw-Tech
  • Turn Around x Aqua Spread
  • Turn-Around x Sonic Wave or Poison Gas
  • Guard Cancel x Bubble
  • Dark Force x Roll x Throw
  • Tech-Hit x Projectile Displacement w/ Aqua Spread
  • Sometime Aqua Spread After SOnice Wave will not launch correctly
If you REVERSAL into it after Tenraiha, it always launches correctly on Turbo-3
  • Time-Out x Pearls win-Pose has animation bugs

Notable Japan Players

Japanese Player Index:

Name (English) Name (Japanese) Color Location Contact Notes
Uminoko 海の子 MK Aulbath color mk small.png Kanto region
East Japan's strongest Fish
Bow MK Aulbath color mk small.png Okayama West Japan's strongest Fish
MaguMogu マグモグ HP Aulbath color mk small.png North North Japan's strongest Fish
Haiiro 灰色 KK Aulbath color kk small.png Kanto region Name means "grey" in Japanese, hence his color.
Shou しょう LP Aulbath color lp small.png Kanto region