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Costume Colors
Bulleta (Baby Bonnie Hood)


Bulleta (バレッタ), the Dark Hunter.

Infamous for her execution requirements and esoterics, she's a character for the hardest of core. She has compact and potent normals that, coupled with her fantastic movement and projectiles, make her zoning game very effective. With her amazing ground dash you can adjust on the fly to whatever your opponent feels like assaulting you with. She may be lacking in natural defense like a decent guard cancel or reversal, but she benefits greatly from system mechanics. Her normals and double jump do wonders with air-guard and, because her missiles persist after getting hit, push-blocking is a fantastic option. Her offense is brutal, assuming you have the execution and reactions to make it work. Between instant overheads, ambiguous jump-ins, jarring staggers, and a threatening command throw, you're almost sure to net some damage on any successful in. Her only real problems involve execution and footsies. You need exceptional spacial and situational understanding and awareness to keep up with this game's powerful top tier. The slightest misstep will most likely result in you taking damage. If you're willing to commit to the grind and already have the execution, this character will reward you in spectacular fashion.

Primary objective:

  • Air-block / chicken block & retaliate with
  • Gain air-resets to setup her amazing Jump-In Offense
  • Use missiles as uncontested anti-airs
  • Leverage your movement to be evasive and play patiently
  • Abuse Instant Overheads to overwhelm the opponent
  • Convert combos when the opponent is standing into huge damage & corner positioning
  • Utilize dashing offensive options to open-up the opponent

Normal Moves


Bb sLP.png

[ Startup: 4 | Hit:+10 | Block:+9 | Renda: H:+13 B:+12 ]

Good jab with a gratuitous amount of stun, renda or otherwise. Great for stuffing IAD or jump in shenanigans. Has essentially no whiff animation so you can use it with your dash to wavedash for some spacing without having to cancel it manually. Decent anti-air on its own, but what Bulleta gets off of the reset is outrageous. Bishamon and Victor can't crouch under it, so abuse it on them.

Bb nLP.png

[ Startup: 4 | Hit:+6 | Block:+5 | Renda: H:+9 B:+8 ]

Problematic normal. Pretty much the same as the far version, but with weaker frame-data.

Bb sMP.png

[ Startup: 6 | Hit:+6 | Block:+5 ]

Amazing hitbox. Great frames. Dash in with it, hit-confirm into bnb of choice. Punish whiffed normals, stuff start-up of normals. Safe from guard cancels with good spacing. Basically, you're going to love this button.

Bb nMP.png

[ Startup: 9 | Hit:+6 | Block:+5 ]

Another problematic normal. The best range to use this, sadly, the game doesn't let you use it. You can use it to catch jump-outs or for convoluted dash-under anti-air. Whiffing at point blank is suicide. Avoid using it on accident.

Bb sHP01.png
Bb sHP02.png

[ Startup: 9 | Hit:-16 | Block:-17 ]

Fires 7 bullets with a small range. She gets pushed back as the hits connect, so the number of connected hits will be less depending on how far you are, with 7 only being possible with a dashing HP. This move is mostly useless, however.

Bb sLK.png

[ Startup: 6 | Hit:+4 | Block:+3 | Renda: H:+7 B:+6 ]

Germy shin-kick. Best time to use it is when you think you don't have the 12 frames to keep someone still with dash MP.

Bb nLK.png

[ Startup: 5 | Hit:+2 | Block:+1 | Renda: H:+5 B:+4 ]

No real use. Just do c.LP.

Bb sMK.png

[ Startup: 8 | Hit:+4 | Block:+3 ]

Hits mid. While useless in neutral or combos this move's primary purpose is to be used from a dash to check an opponent upbacking.

Bb sHK01.png
Bb sHK02.png
Bb sHK03.png

[ Startup: 17 | Hit: KD | Block:-5 ]

Very tricky projectile move. Stops your forward momentum completely and drops a mine. Toss at the end of a block-confirm to bait tech-hit (Zurashi). They'll still have to sit there and wait for the mine, or just flat out get hit from not expecting it. The advantage of this is option is that you can be out of the opponent's throw-range, so it's a much less risky Zurashi.

Absolutely dirty on oki. Predict their tech and place a mine at their feet for a noncommittal oki option that is safe against wake up upback and throw. If you do it meaty enough it will be safe against wake GCs as well. Once the mine is placed if they block correctly you can start doing standard Bulleta nonsense. Should the opponent fail to pushblock the mine it can be used as a tick throw setup for her command grab.


Bb cLP.png

[ Startup: 4 | Hit:+6 | Block:+5 | Renda: H:+9 B:+8 ]

A hit-confirm normal. Hits mid, but has better frame advantage than 2LK. Link into it from 2LK and figure out what you want to do from there.

Bb cMP.png

[ Startup: 6 | Hit:+7 | Block:+6 ]

Basically the low version of MP with the added bonus of being able to link into itself. This move is advantageous enough on block to continue pressure when not at max range.

Bb cHP.png

[ Startup: 9 | Hit:-16 | Block:-17 ]

Fires 5 bullets at the same standard range of her standing HP, still pushing her back. Awful move. Avoid it.

Bb cLK.png

[ Startup: 4 | Hit:+6 | Block: +5 | Renda: H:+9 B:+8 ]

Typical low short. Mostly used in her unblockable setup. Try your best to get into the habit of linking 2LP afterward. Its a nice, slow hit-confirm and leads into everything she has, pretty much.

Bb cMK.png

[ Startup: 6 | Hit:+5 | Block:+4 ]

Unremarkable kick. Toss it into your chains for 1-2-3-4's.

Bb cHK.png

[ Startup: 7 | Hit:KD | Block:-3 ]

Decent sweep. Mainly a finisher for your chains.


Bb jLP.png

[ Startup: 5 ]

You mainly come down with this on the shorter and skinnier characters like Felicia and Q-Bee. Follow up with j.MP for shenanigans.

Bb jMP.png

[ Startup: 7 ]

Phenomenal instant-overhead. Works on everyone except Q-bee on the way up. Decent air-to-air. Use your double-jumps to get above someone and slap them around.

Bb njMP.png

[ Startup: 5 ]

Fantastic air-to-air. Just smack people who are sitting on j9 all day.

Bb jHP.png

[ Startup: 13 ]

The best version of her Uzi. Deceptive range and no crippling recovery. Toss it out after to help with hit-confirms. If they block an air chain near the corner, use this to keep them in block-stun while you land and guard-break them.

Bb njHP.png

[ Startup: 13 ]

Good for creating a wall that eats corner jump-outs.

Bb jLK.png

[ Startup: 5 ]

Better range than j.LP but whiffs on the obnoxiously short characters. Can be used as an IOH against tall crouchers.

Bb jMK.png

[ Startup: 7 ]

An amazing cross-up. Fast and compact, this move can also be used as air-to-air.

Bb njMK.png

[ Startup: 7 ]

If you read their tech and set up for an unblockable with j.HK c.LK, those who understand how to fight Bulleta may eventually just start blocking it correctly. Cycle back and come down with this kick to just hit them with a high.

Bb jHK.png

[ Startup: 11 ]

Basically a low done from the air. The hit-stop disallows them from switching block. If they blocked the mine high the following c.LK will be unblockable. Pretty solid hit-box on its own. If you're sloppy and already used up your j.MP than you can use this to stuff equally sloppy anti-airs.

Command Normal Moves

Bb 6MK.png
Surprise & Hop – 4.MK / 6.MK:

[ Startup: 5 | Hit:-3 | Block:-4 ]

Bazooka knee. The classic use for this is to hold charge while you use it to get some forward movement in. Out of place in a game like this, however. Can be anti-air in some cases.

Bb 66MP01.png
Bb 66MP02.png
Stumble & Blade – 6[6].MP / 4[4].MP:

[ Startup: 21 | Hit:-1 | Block:-2 ]

Absolutely awful overhead attack. You get it on accident when trying to do dash MP

Bb 6MP.png
Tricky Basket – 6.MP / 4.MP:

[ Startup: 12 | Hit:+4 | Block:+3 ]

Sobasket. Another out-of-place displacement command normal that she's stuck with. Use it to annoy the hell out of an Anakaris player or tick into es command throw.

Bb cHK01.png
Bb cHK02.png
Bb cHK03.png

[ Startup: 15 | Hit: KD | Block:-9 ]

Use it in your strings to bait tech hit. A little faster than her standing mine. You can also chain into it from a longer range than c.HK.

Bb 2kkk.png
Tell Me Why – 2.LK+MK+HK:

Bulleta crawls on the ground. A wholly defensive move, though not too hot. Throw immune, so you can bait the ones with a big whiff animation.

P Throw:

Bulleta hops up on the enemy's shoulders and slits their throat. Though the pursuit will only connect if the other player doesn't press anything on knockdown, it still provides a closed gap to continue pressure. You should always do this through MP instead of HP, since you don't want to risk getting stuck with her uzi gun, would the throw whiff.

Air Throw:

Just an aerial version of her normal throw.


Bulleta leaps a considerable distance and shoots downward onto her opponent, getting pushed back upwards. Whiff or not, this pursuit is essential to Bulleta's gameplay. It homes in to wherever the opponent is knocked down while still being very fast. ES Pursuit is definitely more satisfying to see, but should generally be saved for the guaranteed pursuits that come after her command throw.


Bulleta's Forward Dash

Walk: The only reason you should ever be walking as Bulleta is perhaps when you are moving backwards or need to walk a very short distance to follow up Tricky Basket with a throw. Walk as little as possible!

Dash: This is how you should be moving on the ground. Watching any Bulleta player, you'll notice how often dashing is required. The startup of the dash covers a large distance very quickly, allowing it to be 'cancelled' with any normal. If you only need to move a short distance, simply tap LP or press back out of your dash. Learn the properties of the dash, and get familiar with your movement with it alone or cancelled by a normal/back, and understand when you are open off the dash to do things like normal throw.

Double Jump: Bulleta is the only character in the game with a double jump! This gives her very good standing in any aerial situation, and also allows you to avoid many things on the ground. Use double jump where applicable to get in your opponent or dodge, but the most important thing about Bulleta's jump is to know when to chicken guard and when to air chain. This concept tends to come very naturally as you play and train.


Bb 16P.png
Bb 16ESP.png
Smile & Missile (High) - [4]6P:

This is what you are always charging for. It builds your meter, stops rushdown, and keeps you safe. Like any fireball, you want to use certain versions in certain situations, but Bulleta's missiles tend to be more lenient. One good thing to learn is to feel safe behind your missiles for the most part. Bulleta can dash 'with' her missiles due to the huge dash range, and it provides a good wall to close the gap. This doesn't apply to ES, despite it going farther, because multiple hits are easier to tech or guard cancel. Bulleta cannot use a missile while another is on the screen, unless in DarkForce.

  • (LP Version): This missile is best used to stop steep angled or IAD pressure. Think Q-Bee rushdown or Talbain jump-ins. It can also be worked into your close range pressure game.
  • (MP Version): The odd missile that doesn't have any specific use. Very specifically, you could try to get characters to 'fall' on it as they come down from an empty aerial move.
  • (HP Version): This is best used when your opponent is being way too offensive but good with their pokes. That way you don't have to dash in to put on LP missiles where you might get hit, but you can still chip, build meter, and force them to come to you. Just be sure to look out for certain supers, like Talbain/Sasquatch beams or Felicia's helper super.
  • (ES Version): Multiple hits with the only downfall being that its easily teched/guard cancelled, and it can also be comboed into off two low light normals (easier timing in the corner).
Bb 16K.png
Bb 16ESK.png
Smile & Missile (Low) - [4]6K:

Really, there's nothing special to say about this version of the missile. It has all the same properties of the P missiles, and the K missiles should only be used in a situation where the P missile would miss. Just think Sagat's tiger shots. For some, it is also much more comfortable to land low ES missiles off two c.LK's over high ES missile. Bulleta cannot use a missile while another is on the screen, unless in DarkForce.

Bb 28P.png
Bb 28ES.png
Hop & Missile - [2]8P:

Bulleta hops high into the air and fires a downward missile. Sadly, this move is mostly on 'never use' status with higher level players. It has very situational use and has a very obvious recovery time.

  • (LP Version): The smallest angle downward shot. This can very sparingly be used in place of jumping out of corner pressure to try and get an opponent to throw something out, but there are usually better options.
  • (MP Version): Medium angle shot. Not worth the time.
  • (HP Version): Larger angle shot. Not worth the time, as the range it would be useful at calls for no reason not to use a normal ground HP missile.
  • (ES Version): This almost has some use, as it goes fullscreen and almost homes in on an opponent. Very specifically, it can counter situations like a Sasquatch who spams the ES 22P ice spikes.
Bb 623.png
Bb 623ES.png
Cheer & Fire - 623P:

Boom champagne! This isn't your normal DP, it hits like one, but has no invincibility and requires pretty specific timing to hit someone out of the air. Being a special, it can just be blocked regardless. Stay away from this move unless your opponent is very predictable. The LP, MP, and HP versions are all the same. Molotov actually checks for projectiles on-screen, Bulleta cannot use molotov while another is on the screen.

  • (ES Version): The move stays out much longer and moves up and down.
Bb 214P.png
Bb 214ES.png
Shyness & Strike - 214P:

This special is a big tool in Bulleta's arsenal, as it knocks down on hits and does a healthy amount of damage in one hit. While it has limited use as a pressure tool, you will want to save this for comboing into (don't underestimate the range). If you hold down the button before letting go, she will keep spinning the basket and it will get bigger and bigger. Obviously, this is incredibly easy to see and react to. The LP, MP, and HP versions are all the same, so use whichever is most comfortable in your combo input. You get a guaranteed pursuit after this move.

Bb gc.png
Jealousy & Fake - 623K (GC Only):

Bulleta teleports behind the opponent, leaving a cloud of smoke and a doll in her original place. Unfortunately, although this move has 29F invulnerability, Bulleta is vulnerable for the last 10F of the animation before she can move, making this not an especially useful GC. Although it can get her out of the corner, it's best used against very laggy moves with a lot of active frames or simply not used at all.

Bb typhoon.png
Sentimental Typhoon - 63214P:

It's as if they gave guile a command throw. Get a feel for the throw protection and make good use of it whenever you find yourself point blank. You can tick off of pretty much all of her standard dash normals. If you expect people to be 1hit teching your meaties, just dash up and use the ES version to spin them around a bit. Off instant, if you've already convinced them to sit still for this mix-up you can skip the whole high-low nonsense and land point blank for a throw. Half the strength of this move is the psychological effect. Because this move exists, there will be instances where you'll end up killing your opponent on jump-out punishes alone. Of course it'll come back full circle and you'll be allowed to just do a couple lights into dash forward command throw. Abuse it.


Bb CH.png
Cool Hunting - 41236PP:

Hunters will pop up behind Bulleta and start firing along with Bulleta. This will fire a medium-long range stream of bullets along the bottom of the screen, and fullscreen missiles along the top of the screen. Fairly unsafe on miss, but characters like Victor can be free uses of it sometimes. In a smart sense, you won't see much of this super. Its best to people who use normals or air dash from a far, high up position; if they get hit by one missile, they will be forced to stay blocking in the air. In situations like Jedah air dashing in at a distance, it is pretty smart and safe to use Cool Hunting.

Bb BM.png
Beautiful Memory - 41236KK:

With very short startup, Bulleta will move forward swinging knives. If whiffed, she will stop and be vulnerable for a short amount of time. If block, she will bounce off and likely eat a heavy normal punish. If it connects, it will keep them in the super and do full damage. Most players refuse to use their meter on this super. If you really have the game in your control, you can predict when people are going to throw something out trying to stop your rushdown and use this, as it has a fair amount of priority. That said, there is no specific way to use this super. Work it into your gameplay if you so desire, or save the meter for ES missiles. Beautiful Memory actually checks for projectiles on-screen, Bulleta cannot use Beautiful memory while a projectile is on the screen.

Bb apple.png
Apple For You - 63214KK:

A command throw in which she puts an apple out in front of her, and the other character will pick it up if she is close enough and doesn't get hit out of it. Unlike her command throw, there is a specific whiff animation for this (a whiffed command throw would come out as basket) in which she puts out the apple then puts it back and is vulnerable for a short amount of time. This is harder to land than ES command throw, but is used in the same exact situations that ES command throw would be applied. Dashing in with this doesn't seem to be a viable option, and it is more done after something like an empty jump after a lot of blocked pressure.

Dark Force

The Killing Time - Same strength P + K

All versions are the same. All of Bulleta's punches will be replaced with an instant missile that corresponds to the strength pushed, but you will keep all your kicks. That means you can dash into missiles, do multiple missiles at once, etc. Jumping and pressing will do the [2]8 Missile, pressing any P will be a high Missile, and crouching with any P will be a low Missile. Since you keep your kicks, this can be used regularly to move in with dashing LK and pressure with lots of missiles, but it sees more use as a panic/runaway tool to get the initial Dark Force invincibility on startup and then dash away repeatedly while firing missiles.

Jump-In Offense

Bulleta has a really unique & effective option that relies on a special characteristic of The air heavy kick is a chain-able projectile that has a very high move level, which includes significant block-stop. Due to the delayed active frames and the tremendous block-stop, Bulleta has just enough time to land and use a as a low attack that actually hits as a pseudo-unblockable. When the opponent stand block the mine, the block-stop prevents the opponent to change guard position into a crouch state in time to effectively low-block Bulleta's proceeding

This effectively grants Bulleta a 50/50 opportunity on every jump-in scenario. Assuming the opponent standing block Bulleta's as she descends, she can chain into or chain into then for an overhead or low offense.

There are many effective options utilizing this strategy, but the most successful offense route will also manage the opponents defensive technique. Some common options are listed below:

  • Descending, - Double-overhead offense, loses to Tech-Hits or Guard Cancels
  • Descending,, - Overhead-low offense, loses to Tech-Hits or Guard Cancels
  • Descending, - Safer landing-low option, loses to 1-Hit Tech-Hits
  • Descending late j.lp - This beats 1-hit Tech-Hits, which is the opponents go-to option for managing your
  • Descending, slight delay, OS-Command Throw - Throws overly defensive players
  • Descending, land, OS-Command Throw - This beats 1-hit Tech-Hits, which is the opponents go-to option for managing your
  • Descending, land, - This route is best when you are NOT in their throw range
  • Descending j.lp,, - This connects as (3) overheads against tall-while-standing opponents

If you find it difficult or punishing to setup the spacing for the above jump-in scenarios, Bulleta can start an offense with a max range j.hp. This allows a dashing offense or an IOH offense once you land. Depending on the height of the opponent, you may chain the j.hp into for more offense.

Instant Overhead Offense

Instant, ascending as a 7-jump or a 9-jump will connect on most opponents when they are crouching. This creates an Instant OverHead that conditions/encourages the opponent to block standing or lose. This option is very unique and effective. It is a strength of Bulleta that enables her to overcome many match-ups. This is further enabled by opponents who are average height or taller when crouching.

The are (5) opponents who are categorized as short-while-crouching. These opponents generally disable Bulleta's IOH offense; Bulleta, Gallon, Q-Bee, Lilith & Morrigan. In very specific scenarios you can assume these opponents are standing & the IOH option is available, but not necessarily effective as an Overhead, you may rely on the numerous follow-up options detailed below.

Far-Range IOH Options

  • 9-jump ascending instant, - This may connect as an air-block string allowing a st.lp grounded unblockable

Assuming the IOH string connects while the opponent is on the ground, there are numerous effective follow-ups:

  • (whiff),,, land, confirm - This offers two overheads that also stuffs their up+back with a UB st.lp. The early j.lp may beat pokes too.
  • (whiff),,, - This beats high-blocks as it sets up the pseudo unblockable
  • (whiff),, - This beats high-blocks as it sets up the pseudo unblockable
  • (whiff), delay j.lp - This beats 1-hit Tech-Hits

Against tall-while-standing opponents

  • 9-jump ascending instant, j.hp - This will force an overhead without a whiff animation, making it much less risky than the routes.
  • 9-jump ascending instant, (whiff), j.lp,, - This connects as (3) overheads

Most of the above setup lose to opponents who are quick to react with anti-air normal attacks or specific special moves. If you find yourself getting poked out of these strings, there are (2) effective answers you can utilize.

At very close-range

  • (whiff), - The proceeding will cross-up the opponent allowing combo damage or more offense.

At any range

  • 7-jump ascending instant, - This connects the IOH but does not leave you in a vulnerable position for a counter-poke. When you land, be ready for a missile, a dashing mp or a 9-jump to continue offense.

Dashing Offense

Bulleta's dashing attacks & proceeding advantages are particularly effective. She builds a competitive options-set around instant dashing medium punch because it is big combo damage on-hit (standing especially) and also advantages on-block. Once the opponent begins to take defensive measures around your, there are effective confirm-enabled alternatives:

  • Dash delay mp - Beats 1-Hit Tech-Hits & leads into big combo damage, especially on standing opponents.
  • Dash st.lp - Beats up+backs, can OS to a throw when you recover + it can be abused on tall-crouching opponents who cannot make it whiff by crouching.
  • Dash - Beats 1-hit Tech-Hits and stand-blocking
  • Dash Command Throw - Beats 1-hit Tech-Hits, but loses to quick pokes
  • Dash - Beats pokes and maintains advantage on block. A second can special cancel to a missile.
  • Dash, cancel, IOH - This beats low-blocks & low-state tech-hits, leads into IOH Offense.

Okizeme Offense

Bulleta has a handful or effective offensive options to prioritize when the opponent is getting-up from a knockdown. The options that become available are dependent on which knockdown Bulleta gains. Some common knockdowns & their roll-coverage are provided below:

  • Missile as an Anti-Air (includes Hunstmen) - Typically in a good position to cover all rolls
  • connects - Typically in a good position to cover all rolls
  • Pursuit (returns where she began) - depends where she started,
  • Late-Pursuit (whiffs) - great for covering back rolls & maintaining momentum
  • Command Throw - In a good position to cover all rolls
  • Basket as a combo finisher - May only mix-up forward & neutral rolls.
  • 3HK as a combo finisher in the corner - Mix-up for all roll types.
  • Reversal Super (Beautiful Memory) - Mix-up for all roll types, but back-roll coverage is weak

Once the opponent is in knock-down, be mindful that high-level players prefer to mostly cover the neutral wake-up & react to the side-rolls. Some effective Okizeme objectives are:

  • IOH Offense
  • Jump-In Offense
  • Run-Through for a left-right offense with or IOH Offense
  • Use 6mp or 4mp to corpse-hop and setup a left-right offense with or IOH Offense
  • Command Throw - This usually beats opponent who prefer to tech-Hit or Guard-Cancel as they wake-up
  • From a corner 3HK fire knockdown, dash into the corner then 7-jump out into a late

Option Selects

Bulleta has some useful & realistic option selects.

  • ES-Typhoon whiffs as st.lp
This is very low risk, but also stuffs jumps.
Execute 632,4+lp+mp.
  • D.lp advantage scenario - approach with d.lp to stuff jumps & get a throw when opponent is holding down+back
66~lp, ~6+mp ~lp. If the initial d.lp connected, Bulleta can LINK another st.lp.
  • Air-chain buffers to cover numerous scenarios
When going for an IOH, you can input the chain at the right speed such that a then j.hp can come outif the opponent is air-guarding.
  • Sako Combo fail-safe execution for the link
... RENDA st.lp > If the mp input was too soon, a st.lp will come out. link far s.lp > > basket
This is personal preference as most prefer to double-strum the mp, to increase the success rate.


All damage values obtained from Demitri.


> = next move is a chain
>> = next move is a link
xx = next move is a special or EX cancel

Basic Chains

  • 2.LK > 2.MP > 2.MK > 2.HK
23 red/40 white
Bulleta's basic four-hit knockdown chain. This is not her typical "bread & butter" combo due to the 2.HK being seriously short ranged. If you attempt this from anywhere other than point blank you'll be too far away to connect the 2.HK knockdown at the end. This is inconsistent even off of deep jump ins, so try not to make a habit of going to chains. Instead, use the "Basket Combos" listed below for her standard knockdown combos.
  • 2.LK > 2.MP > 2.HK
18 red/32 white
Excluding the 2.MK may allow the 2.HK hit a bit more consistently, but its still not perfect and the damage is not ideal when compared to her other options.
  • 2.LK > 2.MP > 2.MK > 3.HK
25 red/43 white
Corner only; Must be started from point blank range. The last hit, 3.HK, is a mine Bulleta tosses out. The mine will hit from pretty far away but it does not combo well outside of the corner. **Check the benefit of using this combo**

Basket Combos

  • 2.LK > 2.LK >> 2.MP xx 214.LP/MP/HP
24 red/37 white
Bulleta's basic hit confirm combo. It combos from slightly further away than her four-hit knockdown chain. On block also has the benefit of doubling as an excellent block string since 2.LK > 2.LK gives massive frame advantage allowing for follow up pressure, plus it's special cancelable letting you toss out a missile for some extra lockdown. It is important to note that 2.MP only links from 2.LK with Renda Bonus. You cannot do a single 2.LK and link it into 2.MP, you must do two 2.LK to have enough frame advantage to link into 2.MP.
The link is 3 frames, which makes it not very difficult. With practice it's completely possible to land this combo every time. One trick is to quickly tap the surface of your controller before hitting the 2.MP to create a consistent delay. If you go too quickly from 2.LK to 2.MP, it will not link and will chain instead. Chaining the 2.LK to 2.MP will prevent the basket from coming out.
When canceling a light attack into itself it generally has a bigger cancel window than your typical "light to hard" chain combo. Even though you can do 2.LK > 2.LK relatively slow, you should do it fast so there is less pushback on the opponent. You're essentially interrupting the pushback of the attack with another attack, thus reducing the potential distance between you and your opponent. This can occasionally make difference on whether or not the 2.MP or Basket hit or whiff in the end. It is also technically possible to do 2.LK > 2.LK so slowly that instead of canceling into itself, it's linking into itself thus giving no Renda Bonus and not allowing the 2.MP link.
  • 2.LK > 2.LK xx 214.LP/MP/HP
There are distances where you may be too far away for the 2.MP or Basket to hit in the combo above, so use this when needed just to get the all important knockdown. Basket will only combo from 2.LK with Renda Bonus, so you must hit the 2.LK twice.
  • 2.MP >> 2.MP xx 214.LP/MP/HP
1 frame link combo, making this very difficult. It isn't practical to hit consistently even with practice, but the damage is alright. 2.MP into itself isn't a totally awful pressure or block string, so keep an eye out to see if this happens to link.

Missile Combos

YOU CANNOT LAND A PURSUIT FROM A MISSILE KNOCKDOWN. There is a small opportunity to whiff a pursuit though.

  • 2.LK > 2.LK xx 4(Charge)~6.KK (ES Low Missile)
23 red/34 white
Easy confirm that leaves you safe if you mess up. You need to be holding a charge for the missile though. Missiles will combo from a single 2.LK up close, but from further away you'll need the Renda Bonus for it to combo. Costs 1 meter.
  • 2.LK > 2.LK xx 4(Charge)~6.HK
18 red/26 white
  • 2.LK > 2.LK >> 2.MP xx ES Low Missles
27 red/43 white
Inconsistant when combo'd on standing opponents, only do to fatties. Works well enough on crouching opponents. Must be started from point blank range. May work better in the corner?

Jump-In Combos

Probably need to redo this section and add in a few other jump chains but there is a bit of useful info here at the moment. WIP.

  • j.MP > j.MK >> 2.LK > 2.LK >> 2.MP xx Basket
36 red/58 white
Must be a deep jump in combo to get the full 2.LK hit confirm combo.
  • j.MP > j.MK >> 2.MP xx Basket
33 red/52 white
From a long range jump attack you may land too far away to connect the full 2.LK hit confirm into basket upon landing. Immediately confirm your jump attack hit and upon landing do a single hit into Basket for the knockdown.
  • (Cross Up) j.MK >> 2.LK > 2.LK >> 2.MP xx Basket
?? red/?? white
Solid combo, should typically work great and consistently if done correctly. A few characters cannot be hit with Bulleta's cross up so beware.
  • j.MP > j.MK >> 2.LK > 2.MK > 2.HK
30 red/51 white
Jump in into a simple ground chain. Not the best option but it's easy.
  • j.MP > j.MK >> 2.MP xx Missile
32 red/51 white
  • j.MP > j.MK >> 2.MP xx ES Missile
36 red/58 white

Confirming / Assuming a Standing Opponent

As a preface to the forthcoming dashing combos, be aware that besides Victor & Bishamon opponents, dash link combos only work on opponents who are standing. Your first goal implementing these damaging carry combos is training mode for the execution. Once you are ready to apply it to actual matches, the next challenge becomes readily apparent - you have to confirm your opponent's hit-state as standing.

I find it not to be difficult by making assumptions. Here’s some technique that Goose & I worked up a couple years ago, This will increase your standing confirms to nearly 100%.

You can ASSUME the opponent is crouch or standing depending on the scenario which the opponent was initially hit.


If the hits, you can assume they were standing.
If only the hits, you can assume they were crouching.

Jump-in,, UB

If hits then hits as a fire knockdown
If is blocked then the forthcoming UB will hit them standing.

UB will always hit them standing.

If you connect with a cross-up in any scenario, assume they as standing.

For dash through scenarios, you cannot assume, so use a LINK into a chain to give the opportunity to confirm. In the example of a cornered air-reset into a corner walk-through, Bulleta does, LINK cr.lp x CONFIRM -

If the opponent is standing - renda st.lp then your dash links are available
If the opponent is crouching - chain, cr. hk

If rising or rising connects, assume the opponent is standing

If connects as a meaty, assume the opponent is crouching

If connects as a Zurashi (delay), assume the opponent is standing.

Lastly, the high-level hard-mode confirm for is to confirm the hit and LINK into cr.lp. From here, if the opponent is standing you should RENDA cancel into st.lp to enable dash combos. If the opponent is crouching, you should RENDA into cr.lp to enable a knockdown.

Standard Dash Link Combos

From dash attacks Bulleta only gets far standing normals, never the close normals.

  • Dash 5.MP >> 2.LK > 2.LK >> 2.MP xx Basket
31 red/47 white
The dash 5.MP must hit deep to get the rest of the combo. The link from 5.MP >> 2.LK is 2 frames so its a little hard, but with some practice it can be hit very consistently. This combo is a huge part of Bulleta's game plan, so do your best to get it down.
  • Dash 5.MP >> 2.LK > 2.MP > 2.MK > 3.HK
31 red/51 white
Corner only; dash 5.MP must hit deep. Does a little bit more white damage than the above combo. **Double check if you can pursuit attack from 3.HK**
  • Dash 5.MP >> 2.LK > 2.LK >> 2.MP xx ES Low Missile
34 red/53 white
(Probably) Corner only; dash 5.MP must hit deep. May work on a few of the fatties from midscreen.
  • Dash 5.LP standing only >> almost anything
~~ red/~~ white
Best to use on Bishamon and Victor since they cannot crouch under 5.LP. The frame advantage from Far 5.LP is pretty insane at +10f on hit and +9f on block, so you can combo into the majority of her other normals no problem. This is incredibly good lockdown on Bishamon and Victor since they can't crouch under it, and it hits very high up so if they try to jump they'll easily get caught by it. On hit go into a basket combo.

Renda Dash Links

from RENDA st.lp, Bulleta can LINK a d.lp and continue combos with a realistic execution barrier. This generally amounts to (2) repetitions then a basket ender.

  • jump-in,, land, cr.lp, RENDA st.LP, LINK d.lp, LINK cr.lp, RENDA st.LP, LINK d.lp, LINK xx Basket.
  •, LINK cr.lp RENDA st.LP, LINK d.lp, LINK xx Basket.
Please note that wide opponents have more combo potential! ZA, GA, QB, BI, OB, VI & LE. Against these characters, the following is also possible
  • Corner RENDA dash-links can get (2) reps & still end in 3HK
  • With a opener, you can get (3) RENDA dash-loops before basket ender.
  • It's super advantageous to cover their forward roll with a cross-up j.MK, which places them back into the corner. Better yet, if they didn't forward-roll, you still hold the corner.

Expert Renda & Expert Link Combos

Please note that Turbo-3's frame-skip makes these sequences inconsistent

  • RENDA st.lp can link into as back-to-back-2f links
  • d.lp can link into d.lp as back-to-back-2f links

Rejump Combos

  • RENDA st.lp can link into jumping attacks to extend combos with jump chains
  • Adding expert links can open up more combo options here too
  • Some of these inputs are so difficult that you may as well go for the Sako dash-link extender instead.
Standing Qbee
Standing Zabel
Standing Bishamon
Mid-Screen & Corner Demitri
Standing Jedah
Standing Victor
Corner Anakaris
Mid-Screen Anakaris

Sako Infinite

Need to expand on this section a bit more. Even if you don't do the entire infinite, there are very useful parts in the middle for just extending your combo.

                            INSTANT                     INSTANT                     INSTANT      INSTANT
   LOW STARTER              DASH                        DASH                        DASH         DASH
   ↓                        ↓                           ↓                           ↓            ↓
2.LK >> (Start) 2.LP > 5.LP >> Dash 5.MP >> 2.LP > 5.LP >> Dash 5.MP >> 2.LP > 5.LP >> Dash 5.LP >> Dash 5.LP >> (Repeat Start) 2.LP > ...
     ↑                                   ↑                           ↑                           ↑            ↑
     LINK                                DASH LINK                   DASH LINK                   DASH LINK    DASH LINK

Old Combo List

Removed some stuff already covered above, review of remaining combos pending

  •, c.lp ex missile
Good knockdown.
  • c.lp c.lp, 214p
  •, c.lp lp, 214p
Various ways to land basket.

Linking from Far 5.LP into dash attacks + Sako Infinite

  • c.lp lp, d.lp ("easy" dash link)
  • c.lp lp, (if you're sako)
  • d.lp, d.lp (use this to get back in after being pushed out)
  • d.lp, c.lp lp
  •, c.lp lp
  • d.lp, d.lp, c.lp lp, 214p
The pieces of the dash infinite. Lots of room for improvisation assuming you have the execution for it. An example below performed by Sako.

Other Infinites

  • c.lp lp, j.hp
Demitri only infinite.
  • c.lp lp, j.hp
Bishamon midscreen only? (Is this an infinite or just a jump loop?)


If he's in the air you wanna just casually walk to your comfort zone and set up to catch his landing. Dash attack or missile his normals that pop out of the ground on whiff. To take some initiative, jump at him and air-block an attack, then double-jump with an attack to knock him out of the air. He generally out-ranges you on the ground, so just make him take to the air by putting missiles in his way. If he doesn't respect the missiles it's his loss. Dash up with the missile and use it get in on him. This is a match-up that's decided mid-screen. If you're getting sorely out-zoned, you're never going to get any damage and he's gonna just rush you down all day with the momentum you're giving him, so level up your footsies and zoning so you can earn an "in" and molest him.
He can't push-block you away and cannot tech a throw. The throw part isn't particularly important because he's airborne extremely fast anyway. Off of a successful instant on him he can start a jump and take a reset from your follow-up, so be ready for that and turn it into damage with some command throw/meaty and high/low utilizing your From some weird ranges you can j.LK for an ugly looking cross-up when it gets messy like that. Just stay on your toes and react as fast as you can. If he jumps and successfully blocks, do your best to confirm into a chain then n.LP reset, then turn that into another mix-up. Come down with j.MK if he's not mashing out or j.LP if he is. Once you build trust, of course, run unblocks and command throws. A dumb little string that doesn't actually accomplish anything is c.LP, 6.MP xN. He can't really mash out or do anything for that matter, but ultimately you get pushed back too far to really do anything with it.
Defending his rush is complicated and highly reliant on who you're fighting. It's pretty easy to react to the dive on its own, but when he feints a dive and goes for a low, you have to start questioning what is actually gonna happen and what your opponent likes doing. Just simply blocking is fine and dandy, but if you want to turn your successful defense into a reset screen or just straight up damage, you do have some choices. Push-blocking will mess with his spacing and make him commit to something ugly if he isn't confirming, so punishing the button they like to push in their auto-pilot chain is a good way to violently shut off their momentum. If they're not respecting your buttons, time a s.LP or 4.MK to hit him as he's going up for the dive. If you are absolutely cock certain they're going to feint a high and go low, a jarring answer is to do an es command throw. Target habits and capitalize.
look out for c.rh when running your motions
Q-Bee -
Overall Notes
Because she has unreactable overheads & hitting her small hurtbox is so tough, your best options is to overwhelm her with pressure as she has no :::invincibility to escape - No Dp's or reversals.
because Q-bee has to work around missiles, Bulleta's chicken guarding is very strong. It's generally a weakness of Q-Bee, she cannot deal mixups that beat also chicken-blocking
Bulleta should default to blocking in a standing position as to minimize oncoming damage.
Bulleta has a hard time escaping when Bee has the advantage.
Q-Bee will jump-out of mix-ups and IAD back in w/ a This options will beat Advancing Guards. Expect this & use it to your advantage.
The Basics
Approaching her is very tough, so be patient & pick your offense when the opportunity present itself. Don't force it at neutral.
Because most of your opportunities will be at mid-screen, your options to open her up are: Throw, Walk-Thru, Guard-Lock or Delay Attacks
use High-Missiles to stop IAD's & make Q-Bee very conscious of the approach.
It can also be advantageous to double-jump at her while blocking, but don't be too consistent with this option. After Bulleta air-blocks Q.bee your best options are a double jump or a
Traditional ground-to-air options will lose. occasionaly, you can dash to low-profile her & get a standing-combo started.
Bulleta's damage is actually enough to overwhelm Q-bee. Concentrate on getting 4-chains with (2) medium attacks to build damage. Also, Bulleta's easily crosses-up.
Dealing with Hover-Chicken-Block: Traditional air-chains do not win. Start air-chain with a light-punch > Medium > & always confirm an air-block into J.hp
Dealing with IAD's: stay calm, a correct guess from Q-Bee only cost 10% of your red-life; Guess again (it's just rock-paper-scissor).
Dealing with It lose to crouching or dashing attacks. You are better off using an Advancing Guard to beat (it covers the IAD too), this is a safer way to stop her offense. Also, consider cr.cmp xx Basket to beat at further ranges
Bulleta On the offense: if reading the opponent or IAD's at mid-range, Bulleta can ascending jump-in with a, j.hp chain - This also beats Q-bee's jumps. Consider it a bt of reverse-psychology as Q-bee will see Bulleta's doing this options & want to do it herself. Beating her at her own-game.

Frame Data


Move Startup Hit






Guard Cancel Notes
n.LP 4 +6 +5 0/ 3/ 6 Mid Yes/Rapid Renda+: H:+9 B:+8
n.MP 9 +6 +5 3/ 9/15 Mid Yes
n.HP 9 -16 -17 6/7+1x6/9+3x6 Mid × 密着から5ヒット時
n.LK 5 +2 +1 0/ 3/ 6 Mid Yes/Rapid Renda+: H:+9 B:+8
n.MK 8 +4 +3 3/ 9/15 Mid Yes
n.HK 17 Down -5 6/15/24 Mid ×
LP 4 +10 +9 0/ 3/ 6 Mid Yes/Rapid Renda+: H:+9 B:+8
MP 6 +6 +5 3/ 9/15 Mid Yes
HP 9 - - 6/7+1x6/9+3x6 Mid ×
LK 6 +4 +3 0/ 3/ 6 Mid Yes/Rapid Renda+: H:+9 B:+8
MK 8 +4 +3 3/ 9/15 Mid Yes
HK 17 Down - 6/15/24 Mid ×

Move Startup Hit






Guard Cancel Notes
c.LP 4 +6 +5 0/ 3/ 6 Mid Yes/Rapid Renda+: H:+9 G:+8
c.MP 6 +7 +6 3/ 9/15 Low Yes
c.HP 9 -16 -17 6/7+1x6/9+3x6 Mid × 密着から5ヒット時
c.LK 4 +6 +5 0/ 3/ 6 Mid Yes/Rapid Renda+: H:+8 G:+7
c.MK 6 +5 +4 3/ 9/15 Low Yes
c.HK 7 Down -3 6/15/24 Low ×
3HK 15 Down -9 6/15/24 Mid ×
6MP 12 +4 +3 3/ 9/15 Mid ×
6MK 5 -3 -4 3/ 9/15 Mid ×
66MP 21 -1 -2 3/ 9/15 High ×

Move Startup Meter


Guard Cancel Notes
8.LP 5 0/ 3/ 6 High ×
8.MP 7 3/ 9/15 High ×
8.HP 13 6/10+4/15+9 High ×
8.LK 5 0/ 3/ 6 High ×
8.MK 7 3/ 9/15 High ×
8.HK 11 6/15/24 Mid × Down
j.LP 5 0/ 3/ 6 High ×
j.MP 5 3/ 9/15 High ×
j.HP 13 6/10+4/15+9 High ×
j.LK 5 0/ 3/ 6 High ×
j.MK 7 3/ 9/15 High ×
j.HK 11 6/15/24 Mid × Down


Move Startup Hit






Guard Notes
4-6LP 10 Down -1 15/18/21 Mid Downs Airborne Opponents
4-6MP 10 Down -1 15/18/21 Mid
4-6HP 10 Down -1 15/18/21 Mid
4-6PP 10 Down -2 0/0/0 Mid
4-6LK 10 Down -1 15/18/21 Mid Downs Airborne Opponents
4-6MK 10 Down -1 15/18/21 Mid
4-6HK 10 Down -1 15/18/21 Mid
4-6KK 10 Down -2 0/0/0 Mid
2-8LP 27 Down x 15/18/21 Mid Landing Suki: 5F
2-8MP 27 Down x 15/18/21 Mid
2-8HP 27 Down x 15/18/21 Mid
2-8PP 27 Down x 0/0/0 Mid
623LP 13 Down -9 18/21/24 Mid
623MP 15 Down -13 18/21/24 Mid
623HP 17 Down -18 18/21/24 Mid
623PP 11 Down x 0/ 0/ 0 Mid
214LP 16〜 Down -9 18/21/24 Mid 発生値は可変
214MP 64〜 Down -9 18/21/24 Mid 2段階目55F以上押す
214HP 112〜 Down -14 18/21/24 Mid 3段階目103F以上押す
214PP 27 Down -14 0/ 0/ 0 Mid
623LK x x x x x Inv: 29F
623MK x x x x x
623HK x x x x x
623KK x x x x x
624MP 2 Down - 12/21 Throw
624HP 2 Down - 12/21 Throw
624PP 2 Down - 0/ 0 Throw


Move Gauge Startup Hit




Guard Notes
426PP 1 25 Down x Mid
426KK 1 17 Down -29 Mid 空中ヒット時追撃無し (*1)
624KK 1 18 Down x Throw
1: Invulnerable 16F. Landing Suki 1F

Bulleta Memos

  • Character highlights from Twitter
  • A strong confirming low combo is, LINK cr.lp xx ES-Low-Missile.
  • It's possible to execute command throw (Sentimental Typhoon) & Option Select Apple for You. this is effective because the Apple's recovery is better than a whiffed basket. The inputs are: half-circle backwards + KK + MP or HP
  • Full-Screen ES-Missile can combo into Huntsman
  • Bulleta can air block on the first few frames of her double jump. The audio still plays & the double jump option is still available afterwards
  • CPU Bulleta can shoot missiles without charging
  • Obaa-Chan trade LINK d.lp
  • Hunstman trade LINK anything
Opponent is in a "free-juggle" state but all proceeding attacks knockdown
  • Sentimental Typhoons & ES-Sentimental Typhoon cause a backwards knockdown
  • 1998 Combo Video
  • Victor, Bishamon & Oboro are tall when crouching such that Bulleta's st.lp connects when they crouch. Bulleta does not have to confirm their standing/crouching state. All hits may convert into dash links against these opponents.
  • If you Kara-Cancel her 4MK, the mole will always appear

Bulleta Bugs

  • Tech-Hit x Projectile Displacement w/ 3HK & st.HK
  • Guard-Lock Unblock w/
  • Guard-Lock Unblock w/ LP-Missile
  • Turn-Around Priority on Ground or Air-Throw
  • Turn-Around x Missile
  • Same Frame attack On Fire-Knockdowns = No Knockdown
  • Tell me Why (2+KK) has no throw vulnerable Box
  • Guard Cancel Cross Over Variables
  • Unblock Cheer & Fire frames
See the second chart here
  • Land-Canceling J.HK
At a very low altitude (4-5 frames prior to landing) if Bulleta does a J.HK, the mine while disappear if an immediate action is taken. if bulleta remians in neutral for a few frames, the mine will complete. This can ruin guard-Lock UB-Low setups. Be mindful
  • The exploding Apple from Bulleta's ES-Pursuit enables the "Alter-Ego reduction Bug"
  • Bulleta GC causing a screen wrap:
To execute, Bulleta must be P1, The opponent needs to be at the left screen's edge. Bulleta completes a Guard Cancel while opponent is holding left.
Aulbath Fun
Morrigan Fun

Notable Japan Players

Japanese Player Index:

Name (English) Name (Japanese) Color Location Contact Notes
Kosho コショー KK Bulleta color kk small.png Kanto region Bulleta GOD.
Sako LK Bulleta color lk small.png Kansai region
OG Bulleta GOD
Execution is the best in the world
SuperMotiMoti スーパーモチモチ PP Bulleta color pp small.png Kansai region Awesome ground/footsies game
Touhou 徒歩 LP Bulleta color lp small.png Kanto region He is also an established IaMP player.
Akashi LK Bulleta color lk small.png Kanto region
Recently Married DD-Sas. Congrats!

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