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Here you'll be able to find info on where to connect with fellow Vampire Savior players, online or offline, to trade information or play with.

While obviously Vampire Savior doesn't have the largest community in either the West or the East, we have an extremely dedicated and friendly playerbase that is willing to accept and teach you. If you're are interested, by all means, reach out and we'll respond.

Playing Online

This is where most people end up wanting to get their feet wet before attending an offline tournament or event, which is understandable. There are several options here so consider them all.

Fightcade (PC Emulation)

Download from

Fightcade is a netplay client built from GGPO. It uses an updated client to connect to games and has its own servers, but still uses the same version of Final Burn Alpha as GGPO. It also uses a modern NAT traversal technique that allows to connect two players without having to forward ports. Just install it and play. A new version, Fightcade 2 is currently in beta:

Recommended Settings:

Darkstalkers Resurrection with Xbox Live & PSN

Purchase on Xbox 360
Purchase on PlayStation 3

Released in 2013, Darkstalkers Resurrection is the closest arcade perfect release of Vampire Savior, and a quick and easy way of getting online to play. Since its not relying on poor emulation like the GGPO PC client it is a much smoother experience, plus it may be a bit easier to get online and start fighting other players. The downside of this release is that, despite using GGPO netcode, it is a little more sensitive to distance and lag than the GGPO PC client for whatever reason. Also, while it is possible to find strong players, I'd say the competition is a bit stronger on PC. Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 have about the same size of communities between the two of them, with no cross play obviously, so get both or just pick the one best suited for you.


Chinese Netplay Clients

There are a few options here between Arclive/Suparc, and GOTVG. Setting these up tends to be much more difficult than either GGPO and Supercade due to the language barrier. At the moment we won't be going to deeply into these, but the option is there in case GGPO dies one day. Some people have the opinion that they have better netcode than Supercade at least.


Years ago, P2P Kaillera used to see a decent amount of Vampire Savior play from what I understand, but those days are long gone.

Online Networking

Facebook Group

The Vampire Savior Community Facebook group is the largest English speaking hub for Vampire Savior today. You'll be able to find most community organizers on there and information along with information about upcoming events or live streams currently happening. In addition it is very useful for coordinating online matches.

Something I'd like to touch on that I hear a lot of resistance towards is people who don't have a Facebook account and don't want to make one. To them I suggest making one and using it only for FGC purposes. Besides the Vampire Savior Community group, there are many other active fighting game communities that are based on Facebook these days and you'll be missing out on potential tournaments and events if you're not involved with them. Simply make a blank account and treat Facebook as a bulletin board.

Dustloop Forum

Our section on Dustloop isn't nearly as active as the Facebook group, and it isn't really used to update people about tournaments or events, but it serves a purpose. The Dustloop forum ends up being on the technical side of things, to discuss specific particulars about the game. A useful resource.


Offline Vampire Savior Communities Around the World

North America

California, Los Angeles Area

Organizer: Rotanibor /
Currently one of the larger Vampire Savior communities in the US and actively growing. We started in late 2010 by holding tournaments at Family Fun Arcade(now defunct).
We usually play Vampire Savior on a UD-CPS2, which is a consolized CPS2(aka original arcade hardware), with a CRT television. The UD-CPS2 has built in USB ports to accept pretty much any 360/PS3 arcade stick or pad.
Actively Held Events as of January, 2017
  • Game Realms137 N Victory Blvd, Burbank, CA 91502
    A weekly tournament on Fridays at Game Realms. The event typically starts at 8pm PT. Venue fee for the night is $5, but tournament entry fee is free. It's ran together with the Skullgirls' Salty tournament series, along with Guilty Gear Accent Core +R. Contact Rotanibor for more information.

California, Bay Area

Organizer: Hagure
Actively Held Events as of October, 2017
  • NorCal Crabattle575 Mountain View Avenue, Belmont, CA
    A monthly tournament usually on the second Saturday of each month at Game Center. The event typically starts at 2pm PT, with VSAV starting at 4pm. Venue fee for the day is $10, but tournament entry fee is free. It's ran alongside ST & CvS2 tournaments. Contact Hagure for more information.

California, San Diego Area

Organizer: SkankinGarbage
Organizer: Jinxhand

Cincinnati, Ohio

Organizer: Ailerus

Chicago, Illinois

Organizer: Typhas
Both of us (Typhas & MightyMar) usually bring our setups for Vampire, and we welcome any new players. If you plan to go make contact with Typhas first to make sure people will actually be there.
Active Locations Where You Can Potentially Find Players as of April, 2021
  • Ignite Gaming Chicago location on Monday, Skokie location on Friday
  • Typhas' house Usually monthly, on Saturdays

New York, New York

Organizer: DaiAndOh
Contact DaiAndOh to be added to the group twitter or Facebook DMs for meetup information.

Seattle, Washington

Organizer: Kyle Wattula



Vampire Savior Tournament/Event Wiki

Resource for upcoming and past Vampire Savior events in Japan, separated by region.

Vampire Savior Location Information (Provisional)

Not sure if this is still being maintained, the (Provisional) part makes me wonder, but it lists locations Vampire Savior events are held at in Japan. The Tournament/Event Wiki up above may be slightly more current.

Kansai Vampire Savior Information Office

Tournament Results

For a history of tournament results and recordings of Western Vampire Savior tournaments, check the tournament results page here: