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Technical Data

Character Start-up Invulnerability Difference Deactivation Type
Anakaris 88 60 -28 2F Hyper Armor

Flight Assist

Aulbath 32 34 2F 8F Suki Hyper Armor


Bishamon 41 43 2F 41 Super Armor
Bulleta 39 41 2F 39 Special
Demitri 39 41 2F 39 Assist
Felicia 44 46 2F 44 Assist
Gallon 31 34 3F 31 Assist
Jedah 26 28 2F 1F Suki Flight
Lei-Lei 67 69 2F 5* Hyper Armor


Lilith 58 60 2F 28 Assist
Morrigan 58 60 2F 18 Assist
Q-Bee 48 50 2F 1F Suki Flight
Sasquatch DF1/2 46 49 3F 46 Super Armor
Sasquatch DF3 33 36 3F 46 Assist
Victor 58 59 1F 22 Special
Zabel 62 70 8F 32 Special
  • *Lei-Lei's recovery increases the further away she is from Lin-Lin, the shortest possible time is 5F.
  • Hyper Armor: completely nullifies hitstun. You can not be knocked down or thrown in this mode, nor will attacks cause hitstun (allowing you to retaliate even if attacked). Though you can't be thrown, you will also not be able to throw.
  • Super Armor: Prevents hitstun for one attack in a series, but a rapid succession of hits will break the armor on the second hit. You can be knocked down or thrown during this mode.
  • Assist: Calls out a helper to attack when you attack. Sometimes an illusionary copy, sometimes multiple copies, sometimes an entirely different entity (bats, cats, exploding penguins, etc).
  • Flight: The character gains freeaction/freemovement in the air and can control themselves (fly) with directional inputs. Generally these have no recovery but they do have a landing suki if they are off the ground when they deactivate.
  • Special: Effects vary depending on the character, see character sections for details.


When landing from a jump there are frames you cannot Dark Force on. Crouching lets you Dark Force right away.

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