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Costume Colors
Demitri Maximov


Demitri Maximov (デミトリ), the Vampire. Demitri is a rather straight forward and simplistic character, his playstyle is often compared to that of a shoto character (Ryu and Ken) from Capcom's Street Fighter series, possessing fireball/DP/Tatsu type moves and solid normal attacks. Although he doesn't have any air movement options or a ground-to-air dash or any ground-based overheads he is still an effectively strong character. He is a well rounded "familiar" type of character that excels in defense more than offense.

Primary objectives:

  • Condition the opponent by abusing Demon Cradle
  • Play patient & gain meter
  • Hit your anti-air attacks
  • Run an Okizeme game after a knockdown or an Anti-Air.

His Strengths His Weaknesses
  • Strong defensive game play, with a good fireball and a very powerful DP to supplement it. He can also use Bat Spin as a good Oki tool and to get him out of bad situations
  • Has a dash that makes him invulberable for part of it. Can use any special out of it too. (His DP gets a unique angle when performed from the dash
  • Good damage, especially with meter
  • Good pokes and a strong cross up (
  • Good walk speed
  • Effective Command-Super Throw, as well as great OS he can use to get it.
  • Excellent meter building
  • Limited movement options
  • Mixup game is weak without meter
  • Lacks an overhead
  • Sub-Par / bad air-to-air options
  • If aimed incorrectly, Bat Spin is massively punishable on hit.

Normal Moves


Demi sLP.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
5 8 Special/Rapid Both 4 3 7 +6 +5 H:+9/G:+8 0/3/6

5LP — Demitri's standing LP is a decent move. It is good for anti-airing in specific situations, namely when you are facing an opponent with an airdash (Morrigan's ground dash, Zabel's IAD, Jedah's normal dash, etc.). It's quick enough that, if timed properly, it will hit them out of their airdash. It's worth noting that 5LP does not knock down when hitting an opponent in the air; this means that you can use 5LP to air reset your opponent and begin Demitri's mix up game.

• This move will only hit crouching: Bishamon, Victor.
Demi sMP.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
9 14 Both 7 3 20 +1 0 3/9/15

f.5MP — Only useful against the characters who cannot crouch lower than it, causing it to whiff. From a distance it's not bad at catching the early frames of their jump start ups and stuffing them.

• This move will only hit crouching: Anakaris, Bishamon, Jedah, Victor.
Demi nMP.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
10 15 Special Both 6 3 19 +2 +1 3/9/15

c.5MP — Not used too often outside of a couple chain combos and specific throw situations. As a throw option select button for the most part Close 5HP outclasses this in every way, however this recovers faster. A few characters can actually jump above the anti-air capabilities of Demitri's c.5HP, so using c.5MP in a situation where the former is going to whiff may save you by recovering a little sooner.

• At 32 pixels away from the opponent this turns into Far 5MP.
• This move will not hit crouching: Q-Bee.
Demi sHP.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
12 18 Both 9 3 26 -1 -2 6/15/24

f.5HP — Most of the time you'll see this when attempting to throw from too far away. From the farthest distance that this will combo into 2HK it's a somewhat alright meaty attack after a knockdown, and it has some potential to catch jumpers if you time it late. Doing a proper meaty with a low attack is usually a better option though. Overall it's not that useful of a button.

• This move will not hit crouching: Bulleta, Gallon, Lilith, Morrigan, Q-Bee
Demi nHP1.png
Demi nHP2.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
13 19 Special Both 8 2,3 26 -6 -7 6/15/24

c.5HP — An incredibly good throw option select, this is a core part of Demitri's game basic game plan. When using Close 5HP to throw your opponent, if they stand there they will be thrown, and if they jump they'll be anti-aired by the c.5HP coming out. Mix this in with meaties after obtaining a knockdown.

When an opponent on the ground is hit by or blocks this, cancel into a 2HK due to Close 5HP's negative frames. When an opponent in the air is hit by this, do not cancel in into 2HK, as Demitri can be punished near the corner if you anti-aired them low to the ground and then whiff a 2HK. You can chain cancel Close 5HP relatively late, to the point where it's possible to do it on reaction after you've confirmed this has hit a grounded or jumping opponent.

It's important to capitalize on the air reset if this happens to hit an opponent jumping out. When hitting an airborne opponent midscreen, the air reset will MAYBE give you enough time to inch forward and meaty with a 2~3 hit chain, but you can also attempt to dash forward into a Midnight Pleasure or Demon Cradle. After anti-airing an opponent in the corner you have time to set up nearly whatever pressure you want. On certain characters a cross under mix-up in the corner is possible if anti-aired when high up: Bulleta, Demitri, Jedah, Lilith(Hard~ish), Morrigan(Hard~ish) and Q-Bee.

• At 36 pixels away from the opponent this turns into Far 5HP.
• This move will not hit crouching Q-Bee.
Demi sLK.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
5 8 Special Both 5 3 8 +5 +4 H:+8/G:+7 0/3/6

5LK — Occasionally mix it with 2LK and 2LP when staggering pokes in a block string.

Demi sMK.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
11 17 Both 7 4 24 -3 -4 3/9/15

f.5MK — Amazing normal attack anti-air featuring great a great hitbox and active frames. This will destroy most jump in attacks if used properly, but has some difficulty in being spaced. Demitri's 5MK will turn into the "close" version from relatively far away, so trying to anti-air a deep jump in with this can easily backfire. However, long range jump ins will get eaten alive. It's a good to mix this up with his Demon Cradle as an anti-air because this cannot be blocked by airborne opponents, while Demon Cradle is fully air blockable. Mixing them together will make the opponent unsure if they should try to attack and beat the Far 5MK while jumping in or if they should attempt to chicken guard a Demon Cradle.

On hit, the air reset will place the opponent far away. After a midscreen anti-air, it's not practical to do much of a meaty outside of 2HK. You can attempt hit them with a dash attack, but they'll have plenty of time to move before that.

• This move will only hit crouching: Anakaris, Bishamon, Jedah, Victor
Demi nMK.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
11 16 Special Both 6 3 22 -1 -2 3/9/15

c.5MK — Demitri's best normal for special canceling, Close 5MK will combo into an ES Chaos Flare from further away than his other normals. This has the odd attribute of remaining the close version of the attack from surprisingly far away, even after of a two hit air-to-ground chain or an ES Bat Drill. Due to that Close 5MK is used in Demitri's damage optimized combos, however, they are uncommon to land (and difficult to confirm into) so use of this normal is uncommon as well.

If, for some reason, you want to use Demitri's kick throw, this is a better button to attempt with than 5HK.

• At 52 pixels away from the opponent this turns into Far 5MK.
Demi sHK.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
13 20 Both 10 3 28 -3 -4 6/15/24

5HK — Not a good button, avoid using.


Demi cLP.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
4 8 Special/Rapid Both 5 3 7 +6 +5 H:+9/G:+8 0/3/6

2LP — Great range for a light attack, but I mostly end up using 2MP in place of this in those ranges. Has the best frame advantage out of all of Demitri's normals.

Demi cMP.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
8 14 Special Both 7 3 18 +3 +2 3/9/15

2MP — Really great poke. Combos great from far away into his 2HK much better than his 2MK does, and is used in the majority of his chain combos. This is his only medium strength attack with half decent frame advantage on it, so it has some use in blocked chain combos and frame traps.

Demi cHP.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
12 19 Crouching 8 4 30 -9 -10 6/15/24

2HP — Not a good button, avoid using.

Demi cLK.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
4 8 Special/Rapid Crouching 5 3 8 +5 +4 H:+8/G:+7 0/3/6

2LK — A 2LK that suits the job. One of Demitri's primary meaty and pressure tools. This is your main chain combo starter and what you'll usually be linking into off of a jump in attack.

This rapid cancels, which means it cancels into itself on hit, block or whiff. Staggering this on block can open up the opponent if they try to jump away, mistime a throw tech or mess up a push block/guard cancel. Demitri doesn't have quick overhead attacks, so you better make those lows count.

Demi cMK.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
8 14 Special Crouching 8 3 22 -4 -5 3/9/15

2MK — Decent low poke, but it's easy to be far enough from the opponent so that 2MK doesn't combo into 2HK, and frame advantage is too awful to use it alone. It's useful, but don't overestimate it and know your ranges.

Please keep this in mind: Demitri is not Ryu. You should not be canceling 2MK into a fireball unless you really know what you're doing.

Demi cHK.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
9 16 Both 10 4 25 KD -1 6/15/24

2HK — A core part of Demitri's game and one of the best sweeps in the game, it does everything besides hit low. The knockdown is essential to Demitri, every chain combo that hits should end in this normal. The frames on block make this completely safe, though it is rather susceptible to guard cancels so think twice of mindlessly ending your blocked chains into this.

As a poke, the range is ridiculous. It's not something to spam as the whiff may get you killed, but with good reads you can catch all sorts of things with this; it works pretty well at catching an overly aggressive opponent ground dashing at you. Use it for any long range punishes as well - blocked DI, LI or Rolling Buckler, the opponent whiffs an move from far away or whatever else it may be, just make sure you get that knock down.

This works surprisingly well as a super long range anti-air in certain matchups. The hitbox of the move extends at the same point the hurtboxes appear, so if used with the proper positioning, the most the opponent can do is force a trade, which is just fine as long as you've scored the knockdown. Use this application of 2.HK with care, as it can easily be turned around on you if done incorrectly.


Demi jLP.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
5 9 Special Standing 5 6 3 0/3/6

j.LP — Typically the best normal to start air-to-air chains against opponents with an average max jumping height.

Demi jMP.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
10 15 Special Standing 8 6 6 3/9/15

j.MP — Great multi-use air normal.

Demitri's primary air throw button. It's generally safer than using j.HP since if you miss the air throw and the opponent blocks j.MP, you have decent jump normals to chain into afterwards. The main issue when using this as an air throw is that the characters with the highest jumps go above j.MP causing it to whiff, so consider using j.HP to throw in those match-ups.

As an air-to-ground attack the hitbox is positioned downward almost as far as his j.LK while the hurtbox is while the hurtbox is higher making it a little harder to beat. For jump-ins the hurtbox position is even a little better than the amazing j.MK, but the the lack of range and fewer active frames make j.MP a little harder to use.

As an air-to-air, the hurtbox placement isn't great, but the hitbox hits a little higher up than j.MK does, giving it some (limited) potential against the mid-high range of jumpers.

Demi jHP.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
13 21 Standing 7 3 11 6/15/24

j.HP — Primarily used as the last hit of an air chain, both air-to-air and air-to-ground.

When used as the ender of a 2-hit jump-in chain, after blocking the first hit most of the cast can crouch early to duck under the j.HP, potentially leaving Demitri vulnerable. Be aware of this and switch to using j.HK as the second hit instead when applicable. However, if you know your jump-in will not be blocked j.HP's faster startup and better range makes it more consistent and easier to use in combos than j.HK.

Demitri's secondary air throw button. Potentially this is better as a throw option-select against characters with high jumps (Gallon, Jedah, etc.) since j.MP can't hit them at the highest point of their jumps. The main problem with using this as a throw button is that if the throw misses and j.HP is blocked there are nothing to chain this into besides j.HK, which will most likely whiff on characters jumping that high leaving Demitri open.

• This move will only hit crouching: Anakaris, Bishamon, Jedah, Victor.
Demi jLK.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
5 9 Special Standing 5 6 3 0/3/6

j.LK — Has a hitbox is positioned lower than any other of Demitri's air normals besides j.HK. It has utility as the first hit of an air chain, and is also the best button to press after chicken blocking near the corner.

For air-to-air chains it works well as the first hit against characters with a below average max jumping height.

Against grounded opponents it allows for 2-hit jump in chains (j.LK > j.MK) on some of the below average height characters. It also can be used in faking cross ups. How it works is just before you'd normally cross over their head to do a cross up j.MK, you press LK early which should them from the from front. This is works better on taller characters, and when starting the jump farther away from the opponent. You'll need to chain after the j.LK to properly combo after landing. This shouldn't be applied until you're consistently able to properly space the j.MK cross up.

It's possible to use this to cross up, but it only works on a few characters and j.MK is a much better option.

Demi jMK.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
9 14 Special Standing 8 8 5 3/9/15

j.MK — Your jump in of choice. With a massive 8 active frames and solid hitbox this can be a difficult attack to deal with on the receiving end. As a cross up it works extremely well against the fatter characters, but thinner characters require good spacing and timing for the cross up to hit — Jedah particularly is extremely difficult to cross up and he's so tall that you can't easily combo from it after landing.

Demi jHK.png
Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit)
12 19 Standing 10 3 7 6/15/24

j.HK — Has a very low angled hitbox, but has some issues when used as a air-to-ground attack since it cannot be chained into anything. When used at the height that would make the most of it's downward hitbox it would result in the opponent recovering before you even touch the ground.

It's mostly used as the second hit of jump-in chain combos against standing opponents (j.Mx > j.HK), but due to the slow startup it does not come out before landing when used on characters of below-average standing height.

Another use of j.HK is to "kara" it into his air Chaos Flare to build extra meter. The input for that is 236HK~P, as in press HK and then a split second later hit any punch button. This technique cancels the first few frames of j.HK into a fireball, giving you meter from both attacks.

Command Normal Moves

P Throw:

Demitri's Punch throw is probably the best out of his throws(outside of his 360) You can setup your wake up game using it, though if your opponent techs properly then you will lose your initiative. When using this throw, Make sure to pay very close attention to your opponent AFTER the throw has been executed. It could make the difference in winning or losing(though that goes with out saying). If it is teched everything is not lost, you can actually go for a surprise Midnight Pleasure to punish the tech.

Demitri's Punch Throw would normally give enough time to land a pursuit afterwards, but it causes a special type of knockdown that does not allow pursuits to connect. For whatever reason Q-Bee does not follow this rule and can be hit with a pursuit here, but only if she does not tech roll; if she rolls she cannot be hit.

K Throw:

Mashable for damage, this is worth using except if your opponent is in the corner, The throw will throw them outside of the corner and that could be very bad for you. Be careful of that glaring flaw with that grab.

Air Throw:

Its an air throw, it has its uses.


Demitri's pursuit is pretty unique. His Pursuit has practically no recovery on whiff. On hit it does ok damage. Ex pursuit does pretty decent damage. The best use for his pursuit is getting in close on knocked down opponents. This makes demi's wake up game even scarier. Demi might not have overheads but he has many ways to scare his opponent. This is one of them.


Walk: Walking is pretty common with Demitri. His dash distance is long and can be unsafe, so walking is more precise. Walking forward is Demitri's safest way to get in to an opponent.


Startup: 3 | Vul/On screen: 9 | Invul/Off screen: 12 | Vul/On screen: 8

    1-3                 4-12                         13-24                         25-32

Demitri has a unique dash in that he disappears for a second and then reappears. As soon as the dash ends you can use any move. This leads into a bit of mixup for Demitri, as afterwards you can use a Demon Cradle to punish pokes, Midnight Bliss or Midnight Pleasure to punish them blocking to anticipate an attack, Chaos Flare if you want to use an attack that's slow to mess with their reactions, or you can wait a split second and use normals. This is also your primary tool for playing defensively. Backdashing and then turtling is hard to punish and allows you to let Demitri turtle to the max. If you backdash you can still gain forward momentum if you use a Demon Cradle, which can help if they catch on to you backdashing and try to punish it. If you cancel your dash into Midnight Pleasure any time after reappearing on screen (F25-32), you can auto-correct the demon. This can lead to nasty mixups for whiff punishing or on oki where you pass the opponent and make them think they're safe to go for a punish, and then turn around and grab them. You have to do this close to the opponent and input the 6 in the cmd in the same direction you inputted it to dash, but it will work with some practice. It will catch people off guard.

Jump: Besides the usual aerial options of blocking or attacking, you can use a Chaos Flare or a Bat Spin to alter your trajectory. Chaos Flare stops you and then brings you straight down, while a Bat Spin will work like normal, but the added initial height will often make the spin unsafe on block.


Demi 236.png
Demi j236.png
Chaos Flare – 236P (air OK):

When playing defensively this is your key zoning element. Mixing up your projectile speeds can keep players out for a while, leaving you free to build a bit of meter, stall for time, and be open to throw out a different move to punish them if they become too accustomed to your keep-away.

  • (LP Version) Slowest speed.
  • (MP Version) Mid speed.
  • (HP Version) Fast speed.
  • (ES Version) Moves the fastest and causes a bit more hitstun.

Fun Fact: When two Chaos Flares collide they don't cancel out but rather push each other. The stronger strength projectile pushes the hardest.

Demi 623ps1.png
Demi 623ps2.png
Demi 623ps3.png
Demon Cradle – 623P (Guard Cancel OK):
  • (LP Version)

[ Startup: 5 | Hit:Knockdown | Block:-18 ]

This version has the least recovery and is what you want to be using for your reversal. Even on block it recovers fast like a LP SRK in ST. Feel free to mash this move to build meter when you're at a safe distance, but using a Chaos Flare is safer.

  • (MP Version)

[ Startup: 5 | Hit:Knockdown | Block:-24 ]

Demitri spins a bit higher than in the lp version and it deals more damage, but the recovery is worse. This is his worst version of Demon Cradle to be honest.

  • (HP Version)

[ Startup: 4 | Hit:Knockdown | Block:-30 ]

Demitri gets mad and spins for the sky. Terrible recovery, but good damage. This should be your combo ender if you have no meter.

  • (ES Version)

[ Startup: 5 ]

Hits multiple times and moves as high as the HP version. You should only be using this in a combo or maybe after a dash if you're feeling gutsy.

  • (GC Version) One of the best GCs in the game. It deals less damage than a normal Demon Cradle, but gets you out of a blockstring for free.
Demi d623ps1.png
Demi d623ps2.png
Demon Cradle – 623P (while dashing):
  • (Dashing Version) Demitri flies forward at a 45 degree angle. You can use any version of Demon Cradle from a dash, even ES. Certain combos require you to instant cancel a dash into a dashing Demon Cradle. When feeling less fancy you can use Demitri's dashing for mindgame mixups.
Demi 214.png
Bat Spin – 214K (air OK):

For the normal versions the safety on block depends mostly on your spacing. If you hit them from max distance it can be safe, but too deep and you'll be punished. You can use it as a crossup if positioned right.

  • (LK Version) Travels the shortest distance.
  • (MK Version) Mid distance.
  • (HK Version) Around full-screen.
  • (ES Version) Travels about mid disctance but continues hitting until Demitri lands on the ground. On block is safe and leads into more blockstrings, or if pushblocked you're safe. On hit, you can followup with a free combo!
Demi cmd-grab.png
Negative Stolen - 360P (close):

Not throw-techable. Since it's a special you can cancel your dash into this move. Very useful throw option when you don't have meter for bliss or pleasure.

  • (MP Version)
  • (HP Version)

EX Moves

Demi 263kkk.png
Demon Billion - 263KK:

[ Startup: 27 | Hit:Knockdown | Block:-46 ]

This is NOT a normal DP motion, it is an "inverted" DP that starts with down first then moves to forward and ends at down-towards. Very punishable on block and hard to land in a combo outside of Dark Force or ES Bat Spin. You should spend your meter in better ways and use this super sparingly.

Demi bliss.png
Midnight Bliss - 263PP (unblockable):

[ Startup: 12 ]

Again, this is NOT a normal DP motion, it is an "inverted" DP motion. Kinda works like a short ranged Raging Demon. Any poke will beat it out so it's best to throw out when you think your opponent is expecting you to attack. Can be used to punish chicken block jump-ins and on wakeup to lead into a better oki game.

Demi pleasure.png
Midnight Pleasure - LP, MP, 6, MK, MK (unblockable):

[ Startup: 2 ]

Bite super. Costs 2 bars of meter. Comes out much faster than Midnight Bliss and you can hide the input inside of a blockstring or dash to catch opponents as they're blocking. Works in certain combos as well.

Dark Force

Demi df.png
Bat Summoning: Darkside Master - Same strength P + K

[ Startup: 39 | Invincibility: 41 | Recovery: 39 ]

  • (Any Version) I'm Bat Master. Two bats follow Demitri around and they will fly out to do a delayed attack whenever he attacks. Moderate recovery for deactivation. Better to avoid using this. If you're awesome though, there are some sweet Bat Spin loops you can do in Dark Force.

Bats that follow grounded normal attacks will sometimes guard break airborne opponents, but oddly not always. Bats cause chip on block, but pushback (on hit or block) is pretty fierce. An air or ground jab fireball can help try to make a runaway deactivation safer, but characters with full screen supers or high mobility can still punish.

Never hit Midnight Bliss during Dark Force unless it will kill. The move will burn all your Dark Force time and the opponent will recover as your deactivation starts.


Neutral Game

  • Reactive Anti-Air attack - Demon-Cradle, far 5MK, or 5LP
  • Zero-DP - Dashing instant Demon Cradle. It is generally safe on block, hard to punish on whiff & net a knockdown on hit. Overall it's a great poke.
  • Kara-DP - Do this at 3/4 or full screen as a way to build meter & remind your opponent you have a DP they must play around. Kara cancel with HK is huge meter gain.
  • Kara Chaos Flare - Good meter gain & it cuts off the lower portion of the screen as to control movement of most animals. Sasquatch, for example, cannot easily manage LP-chaos flares, so keep them on the screen & be ready to anti-air him.
  • Kara J.Chaos Flare - Altering heights with unique air strings, some examples include ascending j.HK, recover, falling j.MK kara cancel into chaos flare.
  • - Due to it's long range it can be a low-risk poke when done just outside of the opponents jump-range. It's a knockdown on ground & air hit.
  • Dashing - to obscure positioning w/ low risk
  • Pacing Around - to obscure positioning w/ low risk
  • Chicken Block x j.LP - Some of the best Jump-in options do not cover the up+back scenario. Think gallon & Felicia for example, you can concentrate on meeting them with an air-block then quickly hitting them out of the air with a light attack.
  • Bat-Spin - This is predominately for altering your positioning. Aim to miss the opponent.
  • Tiger-Knee Bat-Spin - Similarly as above, except you have a few new variables to play with. Aim to miss the opponent.

Bat-Spin Application

Don't think of this move as a move you want to hit them with. Think of this move as a purely mobility move. If you knock them down, you can use it as a form of oki if you guess their roll correctly. You can go into whatever from this, bite, magic series, throw, as long as you whiff it and don't hit them. If they are at a point where a hit or blocked 214K will kill them, you can try to do it, just be aware that you're gonna get hit if it doesn't kill them, or if you don't do it at the right distance.

This move has a weird property when done at the right distance(max distance) Instead of bouncing off of your opponent(which it will do if it is closer to your opponent, This move will actually land right after execution if all of the hits are done close to the ground. On hit, You can combo into a chain after this.

  • Note: The ES Version of this move automatically has this property no matter what range the move is being hit from.


The VSAV meta of Meaty, Low, Throw or Delay still applies to Demitri's tools, so always prioritize these options. Demitri can walk-through the opponents wake-ups to enable most of these on the back-side. The below scenarios are pretty unqiue to Demitri and often mask the intended meta options.

Pursuit Whiff

A whiffed pursuit has no recovery frames so it will put you right next to where they fell down. But it won't put you to where they roll. 214K is generally more desirable, but you can do it to confuse them a little.

Midnight Pleasure Setups

This is a high damaging command grab super, and with only 2 frame start-up, very useful and abusable. It uses up 2 bar, but Demitri is one of the fastest meter builders in the game so don't worry about it too much.

Be wary though, unless if the opponent is coming down from a blocked air chain, they will ALWAYS be able to jump out of the bite. So resets, hitting them with ex-fireball, canceling from a blocked normal, doing it on wakeup, none of these are 100% guaranteed to work. So if you are being too predictable with your bites, they won't land and you will just end up wasting meter.

  • j.MK, j.HP (land) Midnight Pleasure
  • j.MK (land) Midnight Pleasure
  • 2LP x2, Midnight Pleasure: 2LP can be replaced with 2LK if you can do the input fast enough. The idea is just that it works somewhat like a tick throw, put them in blockstun and go for the bite.
  • 2MK xx Midnight Pleasure (You may want to pause slightly if your going to use this after the on block): A little more range than 2LP or 2LK so the opponent has more time to see it coming, but it's something good to throw in there to mix it up.
  • Dash xx Midnight Pleasure: Pretty straight forward, dash and then bite. Catches a lot of people who expect something like a dash DP.
  • Whiffed poke xx Midnight Pleasure: That's one of the best things about midnight pleasure is that you can whiff pokes and cancel into the move. Use this often!
  • Blocked air chain, Land, Midnight Pleasure: This one only really works in the corner. If your opponent blocks your full air chain, you will land before then and you can do the bite and as soon as they land, they will get hit. They cannot jump out of this setup, but if they are high enough after your air chain they can hit you when you're on the ground, so keep that in mind if you go for it.
  • Low air fireball dash Midnight Pleasure: This one is a little tricky. Basically you throw a low air fireball, dash forward and then bite. If they try to jump, they will either get hit by the fireball, and get knocked down, or block it but be pushed instantly to the ground into a bite where they cannot escape.

That should be more than enough to get you started.

Dashing Offense

After a ranged anti-air, Demitri has some effective tools for mounting an offense. This scenario may also occur at neutral when you are certain a dashing approach will be safe. A common scenario for this is to do an air chaos flare then land and dash in.

  • Dash 360 command throw - beats blocks & Tech-Hits
  • Dash Dragon Punch - safe meaty that beats jumps
  • Long-Dash, 2LK on the back side - weak left/right option
  • Dash Midnight Pleasure - Beats blocks & Tech-Hits

Dash Demon Cradle / Instant Dash Demon Cradle / Zero-Demon

There are some major differences between the dashing demon cradle and the normal demon cradle.

Demon Cradle

  • Goes straight up(great for reversals)
  • Limited range
  • Not very safe on block
  • Not very good as a poking tool

Dash Demon Cradle, IDDC, Zero-Demon

  • Goes forward at an angle
  • Great range
  • Far safer than the normal demon cradle
  • Great for poking and getting in

While This is a very usual move to know and use. This is not an abusable move. Many characters can punish Dash demon cradle if not used properly with 2HK. These characters include

  • Zabel (normal or dash
  • Sas
  • Anakaris
  • Aulbath (dash hk)
  • Felicia

(more will be added to this list in the future)

The dash demon cradle you want to use as much as you can though is the instant dash Demon cradle. This move is VERY good but is also very hard to learn how to do. The easiest way to learn this is to practice the following motions:

  • 623656+P: Japanese preferred method - if your timing is too early when you press P you will get 62356+P naturally. But if your timing is late 623656+P will also activate.
  • 62356+P: Most ideal method, input the dp, go to neutral, and then hit forward and press your punch button. If you did it fast enough you will instantly dash dp with no frames of actual dashing.
  • 6623+P: If the first is too hard this is also a way you can do it. Tap forward and then do the DP motion. This one isn't as ideal because you will spend a little time dashing, whereas with the first method you will do it instantly.

Instant Dashing Demon Cradle External details



- = next move is a chain
>> = next move is a link
xx = next move is a special or EX cancel

Basic Chain Combos

  • 2LK - 2MP - 2MK - 2HK
23 red/43 white (Pursuit: 23r/47w)(ES Pursuit: 24r/52w)
Demitri's standard close range ground chain. Need to be pretty close to connect all the hits.
  • 2LK - 2MP - 2.HK
18 red/34 white (Pursuit: 18r/39w)(ES Pursuit: 20r/45w)
A long range ground chain. Useful when at a distance or after 2-hit jump in.
  • 2LK - c.5MP - c.5MK - 2HK
28 red/46 white (ES Pursuit: 29r/55w)
Optimized close range ground combo for a bit of extra damage. Must start from point blank.
  • 2MP - 2HK
16 red/29 white (ES Pursuit: 18r/40w)
This by itself is a pretty important chain, as you can chain into 2HK from further away than any of Demitri's other normals such as 2MK. A good punisher or footsie tool.

Jump-In Combos

  • j.MK >> 2LK - 2MP - 2MK - 2HK
29 red/50 white
Standard jump-in combo, needs to be a bit deep and also works off of a cross up. When jumping in from slightly further away omit the 2MK from this combo.
  • j.MP - j.HP >> c.5MP - c.5MK - 2HK
42 red/66 white
Optimized deep jump-in combo with a 2-hit air chain. The j.MP > j.HP air chain only hits standing characters, besides crouching Bishamon and Victor.
  • j.MP - j.HP >> 2LK - 2MP - 2HK
34 red/57 white
Mid range jump-in combo from a 2-hit air chain.
  • j.MK - j.HP >> 2MP - 2HK
32 red/54 white
Long range jump-in combo from a 2-hit air chain. Pretty huge damage for a 4 hit combo. This will work from any distance besides the absolute max range of your jump-in.

Other Combos

  • j.MP > j.HP >> c.5MK xx 236PP >> 66~623PP
63 red/94 white (ES Pursuit: 64r/100w)
Massive damage if you're able to land this from a deep jump-in attack. Costs 2 bars of meter, 3 if you're feeling like adding on the ES Pursuit for the extra layer of fancy. Seeing this land in actual play is very uncommon, but when it does it removes a gigantic chunk of life.
  • j.MP > j.HP >> c.5MK xx 236PP >> 66~623HP
52 red/78 white
Same as the above combo but you save a meter but comboing into a HP Demon Cradle instead. Still provides a nice damage boost from a normal combo.
  • j.MK(crossup) - c.5MP - c.5MK - 2HP - 2HK
40 red/63 white (ES Pursuit: 41r/72w)
Demitri's strongest ground chain. It's not something thats at all necessary and only an extreme optimization of gameplay. This chain is character and state specific, as in some characters it will only work on if they are crouching. Easiest way to land it is if you confirm your cross up j.MK is going to hit one of the characters it works on, or by option selecting into the chain from an MP throw attempt. Most useful on characters it can hit both standing and crouching. Below is a list on which characters it hits while in which state.
Standing: Bulleta(can't from a cross up); Lei-Lei; Gallon(works from frontal jump); Q-Bee
Crouching: Anakaris; Bulleta; Felicia; Gallon; Lei-Lei; Lilith; Morrigan; Q-Bee(substitute 2.MP); Victor; Zabel
  • ES Bat Drill - 2MP - c.5MK(or)2MK - 2HK
~~ red/~~ white
Can't give specific damage for this combo since it highly depends on how many times ES Bat Drill hits. Comboing from ES Bat Drill is a bit interesting in that as soon as you hit about 7~9 hits, whatever follow up hits you do afterwards do the same amount of damage due to scaling. The variable in the how many hits it takes before it all starts evening out has to do with the characters defense rating. What I would recommend in that case, is still doing a combo with stronger attacks just for the extra meter gain from those bigger attacks. Just do the 2MK variation of the combo in this case. If Bat Drill hits a fewer amount of times, say if you land it on a crouching opponent, or if it hits one of the characters with a lower defense rating, mix in the Close 5.MK because it does give a bit of a damage boost in that case. The drill needs to land deep in this scenario.
  • ES Bat Drill - c.5MK - 2HP - 2HK
~~ red/~~ white
This will actually work on a few characters, mostly the ones listed in up above that his strongest ground chain will work on. It can be somewhat inconsistent at times though. Even if the Bat Drill does so many hits that the damage scaling makes everything do the same damage, the meter gain from this is noticeably bigger.
  • ES Bat Drill - c.5MK xx 236PP >> 66~623LP(or)PP
~~ red/~~ white
A way to boost your damage from an ES Bat Drill even if you've scaled everything down to nothing. A bit inconsistent on the thin characters, should probably make a list on who it works best on. You can end it on either LP or ES Demon Cradle depending on how much meter you want to spend.


Rough draft. There is also Japanese tier list, but I have disagreements with it.

Anakaris (7-3) (Tier list 6.5-3.5) Anakaris cannot pushblock, and you need to abuse that fact. Jump in MK bite all you want and when they start jumping just hit them out of the air. Don't let him start his pressure or he will walk all over you. Just maintain the offense and you will win. You can also hit standing Anakaris with low air fireball.

Aulbath (4-6) (Tier list 3.5-6.5) Fish's goal is to get you into the corner and bubble you to death. You don't have a lot of options to get out of it if the fish position their self correctly, so try to avoid corners.

Bishamon (5-5) (Tier list 3.5-6.5) Your fireball beats his, if he tries doing unblockable fireball on your wakeup try to reversal dp, you will get hit, but at least you will just get hit in the air so he won't get full damage and set up for another unblockable.

Bulleta (4-6) (Tier list 4-6) Make sure you complete every air chain, or Bulleta will hit you with j.MP.

Demitri When blocking DPs if you can't do the 1 frame punish when Demitri lands consistently, don't try to at all, just air reset him. A lot of this matchup depends on who uses their meter better.

Felicia (4-6) (Tier list 3.5-6.5) Don't use ground fireball, Felicia has the fastest jump in the game and will just jump over it and punish you.

Gallon (4-6) (Tier list 3.5-6.5) Wolf can punish a ground and air blocked DP with ex-dragon cannon so be careful about throwing them out.

Jedah (6-4) (Tier list 6-4) Low air fireball hits Jedah standing, this limits his mobility so utilize it. Don't be too repeating about it, he can nab you with his pool super on your way down.

Lei-Lei (5-5) (Tier list 4-6) Abuse DP a lot, fear the Tenraiha. Lei-Lei's primary weakness is her terrible defense, but her offense is great, so be careful.

Lilith (5-5) (Tier list 4-6) If you block LI, you can just do bite and it should hit.

Morrigan (6-4) (Tier list 5.5-4.5) If you block DI, you can just do bite and it should hit. If Morrigan tries going ham on you with her dash just DP her, she can't block when she does it.

Q-Bee (5-5) (Tier list 5-5) Tough match in general, Q-Bee has great pressure and you need to keep her off you. She can crouch your c.5HP and c.5MP but not your c.5MK, so you might want to use that on her wakeup to catch her jumping timing is really strict though.

Sasquatch (3-7) (Tier list 3.5-6.5) Sas is possibly Demitri's worst matchup. Be really good at guard canceling and pushblocking, that's all that one can really say.

Victor (6-4) (Tier list 4-6) You can hit standing Victor with low air fireball.

Zabel (3-7) (Tier list 3.5-6.5) Fear the DEATH VOLTAGE. Air fireball has to be done far away or Zabel can hit you with death voltage. Block dp's are especially dangerous against Zabel because he can either death voltage you or air reset you into his unblockable The second one is more preferred because you can reversal a DP

IDDP can be useful against his air dash but don't abuse it too much because it can easily be beat if he sees it coming.

Frame Data & Damage Tables

Normal Attack Data
Input Red Dmg. White Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Meter (Whiff/Block/Hit) Notes
5.LP 5 8 Special/Rapid Both 4 3 7 +6 +5 0/3/6 Renda Bonus H:+9/G:+8
5.MP 9 14 Both 7 3 20 +1 0 3/9/15
5.HP 12 18 Both 9 3 26 -1 -2 6/15/24
5.LK 5 8 Special Both 5 3 8 +5 +4 0/3/6 Renda Bonus H:+8/G+7
5.MK 11 17 Both 7 4 24 -3 -4 3/9/15
5.HK 13 20 Both 10 3 28 -3 -4 6/15/24
Close 5.MP 10 15 Special Both 6 3 19 +2 +1 3/9/15
Close 5.HP 13 19 Special Both 8 2,3 26 -6 -7 6/15/24
Close 5.MK 11 16 Special Both 6 3 22 -1 -2 3/9/15
2.LP 4 8 Special/Rapid Both 5 3 7 +6 +5 0/3/6 Renda Bonus H:+9/G:+8
2.MP 8 14 Special Both 7 3 18 +3 +2 3/9/15
2.HP 12 19 Crouching 8 4 30 -9 -10 6/15/24
2.LK 4 8 Special/Rapid Crouching 5 3 8 +5 +4 0/3/6 Renda Bonus H:+8/G:+7
2.MK 8 14 Special Crouching 8 3 22 -4 -5 3/9/15
2.HK 9 16 Both 10 4 25 KD -1 6/15/24
j.LP 5 9 Special Standing 5 6 3 0/3/6
j.MP 10 15 Special Standing 8 6 6 3/9/15
j.HP 13 21 Standing 7 3 11 6/15/24
j.LK 5 9 Special Standing 5 6 3 0/3/6
j.MK 9 14 Special Standing 8 8 5 3/9/15
j.HK 12 19 Standing 10 3 7 6/15/24

Demitri Memos

  • Character highlights from Twitter
  • Dashing auto-correct x turn-around Demon Cradle details
  • Dashing Midnight Pleasure Details
  • Demitri can delay Dark Force deactivation by dashing
  • While in Dark Force, a combo of lp, lk can be either 3 or 4 hits, as an assist-bat may attack on the same frame: inconsistent hit count
  • lp with no-cancel into a midnight pleasure, is an effective beginner-level frame-trap. at higher level's of play, xx Midnight Pleasure is more effective. for xx Demon, the execution has to be fast enough that a magic-series does not execute, but slow enough that a Dark Force is not activated. feels like 1-2 frame gaps.
  • Dark Force left-Right after K-Throw
  • Combo of (2) bats will cause a knockdown
  • Dark Force vs Corner Standing Demitri/Q-Bee
  • Dark Force vs Corner Standing Sasquatch
  • Dash then Demon Cradle or Midnight Pleasure or Negative Stolen can be an effective offensive tool
  • 1998 Combo Video

Demitri Bugs

  • Added push back On Chaos Flare & air attacks in Dark Force
  • Minimum Chaos Flare Height - CPU only
  • Impossible Drop-Out Combo - Killing during "cannot kill" attack sequence
  • Dark Force x Midnight Pleasure may cause a combo-drop
  • Guard-Lock Unblockable setups
  • Demitri can be throw-invul when landing from a Chaos Flare & holding up to re-jump. This makes "Throw Punishes" inconsistent.
  • Unblock ES-Guard Cancel Frames
See The first chart here - Demitri is at frames 5-7
  • Completing a dash at 1-frame after landing from Bat Spin will avoid turn around frames
  • Avoiding turn around frames & using Bat Spin to reach outside the screen's extents forces a screen-wrap. This is similar to Bulleta's 2P- GC Bug, except it only work on Fetus of God stage

Notable Japan Players

Japanese Player Index:

Name (English) Name (Japanese) Color Location Contact Notes
(or Az-One)
アズワン LK Demitri color lk small.png Nagoya
Dara だら KK Demitri color kk small.png Kantou region (Formerly Kansai)
Hagure (Stray) はぐれ MPDemitri color mp small.png Not to be confused with the Californian Gallon player.
Leila レイラ MPDemitri color mp small.png
Sai さい MPDemitri color mp small.png
Sakai サカイ LP Demitri color lp small.png