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In-Game Display

  1. Damage Gauge. Otherwise known as a "Life Bar". The green area indicates remaining health, and when it is depleted you lose a Life Marker.
  2. Recoverable Health. The white flashing area is recoverable damage.
  3. Permanent Damage. The solid red area is unrecoverable damage.
  4. Life Markers. Typically referred to as "Bats" or "Stocks". Indicates how many times your Damage Gauge can be emptied. Upon losing a Life Marker the match does not reset, and will continue from the point the Life Marker was lost. When a player has no remaining Bats the match will end.
  5. Timer. If this countdowns past zero the match will end, and whoever has the most remaining health will be declared the winner.
  6. Special Stock Gauge. This steadily fills when attacking or taking damage. When the gauge is full you gain a Special Stock which can be spent on ES or EX Moves. It is technically possible to gain up to 99 Special Stock, but this will never happen over the course of a real match.
  7. Nofication. Currently displaying the Combo Counter, which shows the current number of hits in a combo. This spot also alerts for successful Advancing Guard, Guard Cancel, Reversal and Throw Tech.

Vampire Savior
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