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Costume Colors
Lei-Lei (Hsien-Ko)


Lei-Lei (レイレイ), the Jiangshi (Chinese Zombie/Vampire), and her sister Lin-Lin. Lei-Lei is one of the more gimmicky characters in the game (perhaps the most gimmicky) and is one of the four characters to possess an airdash. Lei-Lei can be characterized as a glass cannon, tied for the lowest defense in the game and having very weak defensive options, having no DP, and having one of the worst GC's in the game to counter-balance her incredibly strong offensive game. Her strong points are having a very good rushdown and mixup game (despite not having much of a crossup move), one of the best supers in the game, plus extremely good long-range normal moves. To play Lei-Lei you have to enjoy abusing gimmicks and reckless rushdown.

Primary objective: Build meter, spam Tenraiha.

Her Strengths

  • Has bizarre, but very good movement options
  • Has an airdash/air backdash that is really good.
  • Great long range normals for most situations.
  • Very good at rushdown/mixups, despite not having a crossup.
  • Ten-Rai-Ha is a very powerful EX Move that she can combo into, easily one of the best EX Moves in the game.
  • Dark Force has unlimited hyper armor, and cannot be thrown
  • One of the only characters in the game that has the ability to dizzy someone (Medium and Heavy item)

Her Weaknesses

  • Very gimmicky character, so she is weak if she cannot get her gimmicks going
  • Really weak Guard Cancel
  • She does not have a crossup.
  • She has to live and die on the decisions she makes in game, meaning that she especially cannot afford to make mistakes
  • She is in the bracket for the lowest health in the game
  • Dark force makes her take almost only red damage, so she has lower than the lowest health in the game (Which means she takes a CRAZY amount of damage in this mode)


Walk: Extremely slow walk speed and high hitbox. If you're walking around with Lei-Lei chances are you're doing something wrong.

Dash: Her forward dash is unique in that she disappears during the forward dash, which is reserved only for her and Demitri. While she is invisible she is also invulnerable. Unlike most characters, Lei-Lei can perform standing and crouching attacks during either her forwards or backwards dash. Her backdash maintains momentum during a while-dashing attack and loses her ability to chain cancel, it can also be quick-stopped by pressing 6. Her forward dash does not maintain momentum, nor does it lose the ability to chain-cancel if she performs a while-dashing attack. Because her forward dash can not be quick stopped, it's most ideal to whiff a c.LK since that's her fastest move. Due to having invulnerability while invisible during the dash, it makes it ideal for tick throws or to go through fireballs and such. Typically c.LK c.LK dash 624P is a good tick throw setup, also far j.HP dash 624P, or dash c.LK walk throw.

Jump: A standard jump. Average arc width, average arc height.

Air Dash: Lei-Lei loses the ability to airchain and special cancel during her airdash, but despite that it's still a rather good movement tool. There is a very brief startup window where she can not attack, and an extremely brief window at the end of the airdash where she enters a recovery pose. However, she can attack after the recovery pose while she is falling. Lei-Lei's airdash is unique in that her backdash will turn her to face that direction. This may seem useless, although because it turns her around it is useful for situations where you jump over the opponent or they cross under you. Since Lei-Lei doesn't have a true crossup, she needs her air backdash in order to turn around and face the opponent when they are behind her.

Normal Moves


Lei sLP.png

[ Startup: 5 | Hit:+4 | Block:+3 | Renda: H:+7 G:+6 ]

Good range for a jab, actually has better range than her short. Useful in staggers and anti-chicken-block or even just as a quick poke. Pretty good anti-dash. Normally doesn't whiff crouching characters (except Q-Bee) which is atypical for a jab.

Lei nLP.png

[ Startup: 5 | Hit:+5 | Block:+4 | Renda: H:+8 G:+7 ]

Similar to far 5LP. Hits inside her own collision box so it can counter other close moves that extend forward like Morrigan/Lilith close HP.

Lei sMP.png

[ Startup: 6 | Hit:+3 | Block:+2 ]

Not especially good range and whiffs crouching characters (except tall crouchers). Despite how it looks it's not especially good as an anti-air, though it can be used for that in some situations. Usually better to go with 2MP instead.

Lei sHP.png

[ Startup: 11 | Hit:-3 | Block:-4 ]

Really great range. Can be used as a poke or as a chain ender. Hits three times so it's GC/tech bait, but it's good for creating distance between you and the opponent. Usually canceled into whiffed 5HK though not particularly necessary since it's not terrible on hit/block, especially from max range.

Lei nHP.png

[ Startup: 7 | Hit:+2 | Block:+1 ]

Hits crouching characters, pretty good move, but doesn't usually beat jump-outs when attempting to throw.

Lei sLK.png

[ Startup: 5 | Hit:+5 | Block:+4 | Renda: H:+8 G:+7 ]

Not bad for a short, it's similar to 5LP in terms of use, but it has slightly less range. Good for staggers and quick pokes.

Lei sMK.png

[ Startup: 11 | Hit:-14| Block:-15 ]

Despite how it looks it's actually able to hit crouching characters (except Q-Bee). Due to it's slow startup it's not very good as an anti-air, though it can be used for that purpose on occasion since it has plenty of active frames. The trouble is the recovery on this move sucks, so use with caution.

Lei nMK.png

[ Startup: 11 | Hit:-14 | Block:-15 ]

Same as far version, though this should not be used at close range because the recovery sucks a lot. If used up close, definitely chain into something to make it safe or cancel into Tenraiha.

Lei sHK.png

[ Startup: 11 | Hit:-3 | Block:-4 ]

Good range, decent move. Because it's quite fast it's usually used to whiff cancel HP or 2HP, or as a way to combo into Tenraiha. Sometimes goes over lows at max range, so it can be used as a poke occasionally.


Lei cLP.png

[ Startup: 5 | Hit:+4 | Block:+3 | Renda: H:+7 G:+6 ]

Doesn't hit low. Because this move can be blocked high the uses of it are limited. Highly mashable. Though mostly a defensive tool rather than an offensive one, but the hitbox is pretty good for a crouching jab. Usually you're better off with the standing version except against characters that can duck under the stand version (Q-Bee, in particular).

Lei cMP01.png
Lei cMP02.png

[ Startup: 7 | Hit:-7 | Block:-8 ]

Also doesn't hit low. This is actually one of Lei-Lei's better anti-airs, though only at a distance where the edge of the claw will hit the opponent. However, backdash 2MP is great for anti-air spacing in that regard. One of the preferred ways to combo into Tenraiha. The cancel window on this is a bit awkward so it feels a bit strange to time it during ground chains, it also has a long recovery. Due to it's range it's mostly used for an anti-jump-out or as a max range anti-air, though is quite well suited for chaining and is often in her BnB.

Lei cHP.png

[ Startup: 9 | Hit:Down | Block: -11 ]

A sweep that slides you forward. Standard chain combo knock down ender. This move is very unsafe on block or whiff. As her furthest reaching low hitting normal, it is used sparingly as an unsafe poke.

Chaining into 5HK: 5HK will whiff if 2HP hits, this can be beneficial for positioning or timing purposes, as 5HK will stop the forward movement, but will not recover faster than 2HP on its own. On block, 5HK puts you at less minus frames and in position that is harder to punish as optimally.

2HP is not special cancelable outside of kara-canceling and command super TRH canceling. There isn't any useful kara cancels with this move as even though it moves her forward it's not enough during the kara window to be useful. Cancelling into TRH is high utility at the cost of meter, this can OTG combo on hit, cover the block string, or even be done during startup for an overhead mix. TRH OTG combo's are character and roll specific.

Lei cLK.png

[ Startup: 5 | Hit:+6 | Block:+5 | Renda: H:+9 B:+8 ]

Hits low. Despite having little range and a tiny attack box this is one of her most useful light attacks, primarily because it hits low, but also because it gives the most advantage on hit/block. It has the absolute shortest total active time of all her lights. Therefor, if you accidentally dash through an opponent, or for whatever other reason, 2LK is the fastest move on whiff. This is the ideal move to set up tick throws and dash ticks, and also good for Tenraiha staggers. It's also the best move to use after a jumping attack since it's her primary low in high/low mixups.

Lei cMK.png

[ Startup: 6 | Hit:+1 | Block:+0 ]

Typical in most regards to a low forward. Just a further reaching and stronger version of her 2LK. Provides enough time to combo into Tenraiha so it's good in combos and for high/low mixups and staggers. Because it's cancelable it can also be situationally used to combo her 236LP or 214LP/MP moves.

Lei cHK.png

[ Startup: 11 | Hit: Knockdown | Block:-20 ]

This move is extremely laggy and not cancelable, and you can not chain after it, so you do not want to use it on block/whiff unless you intend to cancel into Tenraiha. It does have some uses though. The startup is 11F so it's kind of slow for an anti-air, but it has an awesome vertical hitbox and knocks down a grounded/airborne opponent, making rather useful as an anti-air. Also, due to it's startup, it can be used in staggers when canceled into Tenraiha for a frame trap, with the added benefit of moving Lei-Lei forwards like a kara cancel. If it hits and is canceled early enough into Tenraiha the spike balls will OTG most opponents. Therefore, anti-air 2HK xx Tenraiha is something to keep in mind.


Lei jLP.png

[ Startup: 5 ]

Standard jumping jab, use it for air-to-air and to start air chains. Has a better vertical hitbox than her other moves, with the exception of j.HK.

Lei jMP.png

[ Startup: 7 ]

Huge range and awesome hitbox. Novice Lei-Lei players like to spam j.HP until they learn about just how much better j.MP and j.MK are, and then they spam j.MP. This is a staple Lei-Lei move and is great to toss out just about any time. Highly spammable.

Lei jHP.png

[ Startup: 10 ]

This has good range and speed, but it's most defining feature is that it hits three times. This is good for mixups when used together with 5LK since depending on when you do it the j.HP could hit 1-3 times. However, hitting three times can also be seen as a disadvantage since it's easy tech/GC bait. Not a bad move, but j.MP and j.MK are usually better all around.

Lei jLK.png

[ Startup: 5 ]

Better horizontal range and hits more upwards, making it better for air to air. Where as j.LP is better air to ground. Can be handy when used very late in a jump or airdash with the intention of hitting extremely deep or whiffing it altogether, due to it's odd upwards angle.

Lei jMK.png

[ Startup: 9 ]

Very similar to j.MP, but with slightly better horizontal range. The only reason this isn't better than j.MP is because of the 2F slower startup speed. Plus j.MK is good to chain into from a j.MP. This might just be her only crossup move since it hits slightly within it's own collision box, but generally it's not easy to use for crossups.

Lei jHK.png

[ Startup: 8 ]

Great jump-in for stuffing anti-airs since it has very good vertical reach. The best vertical each out of all her jump attacks. Not a bad move to use after a canceled 623P or a very slow/high airdash.

Command Normal Moves

Lei 6MP.png

[ Startup: 7 | Hit:-8 | Block:-9 ]

A very deceptive move. The hitbox does not follow the ball, and rather is static. It won't whiff most crouching character, though it will whiff crouching Q-Bee. Also, the ball will only hit on the first spin and not the second spin. The second spin is purely aesthetic and does nothing at all. Though, because the total duration of the move is long, and the appearance of the move is similar to Tenraiha, it can be useful for buffering into Tenraiha out in the open. But it's main use is as a poke. Though it's actually much worse as an anti-air/dash than MP or LP.

Lei 6HP01.png
Lei 6HP02.png
Lei 6HP03.png

[ Startup: 11 | Hit: -15 | Block:-16 ]

Pretty good anti-air move if you predict the jump. Though the slow startup and general vulnerability makes it not the best anti-air. Mostly a "psychic anti-air" for hitting chicken blockers or neutral jumpers. Though because the hitbox starts near the ground and ends at the top of the screen it's sometimes useful as a poke, provided it's canceled into HK on hit/block or into Tenraiha on whiff. A very good utility move, but the goal when using it is to make sure it doesn't whiff (you want it to hit or be blocked). And if you do whiff it, make sure to buffer Tenraiha to cover your punishable window.


P Throw: Controllable, throw towards corner. One of the better normal throws in the game, as Lei-Lei tosses the opponent pretty high into the air and recovers almost instantly. This Provides really good okizeme regardless if the opponent techs or not. If the opponent does not tech it's possible to OTG with Tenraiha, though this is not confirmable.

HP Throw: あまり使わない。前中Pと比べて暴発する「前大P」が対空になりそうだが全然機能しない。 懐がスッカラカンなので垂直ジャンプで避けられると大ダメージを貰う。必然的に後ろに飛べなくなる画面端でも使ってはいけないということである。

MK Throw: Identical to the P version. 使わないと思われていたが強い部分もある。なんといっても飛びに強い。そして持続が長い。前中Pの対空と持続を強化したような感じ。逆に前中Pに比べ悪い点は、出が遅い、リーチがない、チェーンで下中Kが出せない。使いどころは、持続を当てるような起き攻め時と、端に追い詰めての歩き投げのとき。特に、歩きで結構な距離を詰めるときに、相手の飛びを落としてくれたりする。(落としてくれないことも多いが)ガードされた時は大K→天雷を決め打つ。

HK Throw: これも使いどころが難しいが、大Kのリーチを生かして、届かなそうな時に使う。 対空性能もP系よりはよいので、中Kと使いどころは似たような感じ。チェーン派生がないので天雷を出すしかない。 天雷は大Kガード後にこないと思い込んでいる相手は多いので、遅めキャンセルの奇襲として効果を得ることが多い。

Air Throw Unique as an airthrow because this will still knock the opponent down even if they throw tech it, which is unlike most throws/airthrows. However, that might be considered a bad thing since it also allows the opponent to ground tech afterwords which can limit okizeme options, where as a reset would limit their wakeup options. Good horizontal and vertical range, pretty good damage, generally a useful and strong air throw.


A multi-hit pursuit. Good for meter building or intentionally whiffing to cover ground. Only does recoverable damage though so Tenraiha is the preferred OTG when applicable. However, it's also possible to pursuit after a Tenraiha OTG, so they aren't necessarily exclusive of one another. ES version does more hits, but still only recoverable damage. Use this only if you know you can't get okizeme normally anyway and want to build meter, or whiff it when you want to get close in a hurry.


Lei 214P.png
Lei 214PP01.png
Lei 214PP02.png
Henkyouki (aka Gong) – 214P (air OK):

This move will reflect an opponent's projectile back at them. However, it will change the projectile's trajectory to a horizontal one regardless of the projectile's original trajectory. Reflectable projectiles: Anakaris: Curse, Aulbath: Soundwaves, Bulleta: Missiles/Mines (all), Demitri: Fireballs, Jedah: Scythes, Lei-Lei: Items, Lilith: Fireballs, Morrigan: Fireballs.

  • (LP Version) Fast startup, short range, short duration, slow reflected projectiles. Minimal use.
  • (MP Version) Fast startup, medium range, medium duration, medium speed on reflected projectiles. Good for combos off cancelable normals or general purpose.
  • (HP Version) Slow startup, bigger range, long duration, fast speed on reflected projectiles. Good for a stagger off cancelable normals since the gong-wave takes some time to reach the opponent, but will beat any counter-poke attempts or flat-out stuff mashing attempts.
  • (ES Version) Slow startup, very long range, very long duration, fast speed on reflected projectiles, can reflect multiple projectiles. This is the only version that is good on block from point blank range, and it's also advantageous on hit. This makes it good for pressure or even combos.
Lei 623P01.png
Lei 623P02.png
Lei 623P03.png
Lei 623P04.png
Senpuubu (aka Pendulum/Swing) – 623P (air / GC):

Lei-Lei swings on a chain. During the swing, Lei-Lei can pass through opponents (midscren/corner). This move will automatically cancel itself if she touches a wall. It can also be canceled at any time during the swing by pressing any K. Lei-Lei has free-action after the swing is canceled and maintains the swing's trajectory and momentum when canceled. Because she has free-action she is even able to perform another Senpuubu, or attack/airdash, though she is limited to two Senpuubu's per jump. To do two swings in a row quickly you would typically kara/slide input it, such as: 623P (swing) 623K~P, where you cancel with K then immediately enter another swing.

  • (LP Version) Low swing.
  • (MP Version) Mid swing.
  • (HP Version) High swing.
  • (ES Version) Lei-Lei will swing across the screen twice instead of once.
  • (GC Version) This version acts similarly, however it gains startup invulnerability until a few frames after leaving the ground (roughly 20F startup inv) on all versions, while the normal versions have zero invulnerability. However it becomes vulnerable before the first active hitframes and before it becomes cancelable. So, as an escape move it is only moderately useful. Very sparingly/rarely used.
Houtengeki (Command Throw) - 6324.MP/HP (close):

Command grab. Great move to use during dashes or off whatever other tick throw setup you feel like.

  • (MP Version) Tosses the opponent onto Lei-Lei who cuts them up like a blender. Good damage, almost instant startup (2F).
  • (HP Version) Identical to the MP version.

When used with forward dashes: It's important to make sure you do not dash through your opponent because Lei-Lei will not turn around to grab the opponent if she dashes through them.

Input Overlap with Gong: When first using this move, you may see that on whiff it results in a Henkyouki (gong). While this command grab is typically seen as a "Half Circle Back" input of 63214, you can actually skip hitting 1 (down-back) when executing it. This is useful since the Gong input of 214 overlaps with the traditional 63214 input. By skipping the 1 directional, if the command grab whiffs you will not automatically get a Gong. Keep in mind, some players like getting Gong on whiff, though it's best to say it may be a situational sort of thing.

Negative Edge: Utilizing Negative Edge with command grabs is potentially something very strong. Negative edge is where you release a button to activate a special move, instead of pressing the button. This means you must already be holding down MP or HP, input 6324, and then release MP or HP. If done correctly, when you're in range you'll grab the opponent, and if you're out of range nothing will happen. Meaning not even a normal will come out. You can also input 6324~1 when using Negative Edge which lets you: avoid gong, a normal coming out, and assume a crouch block position - allowing you to be safe against reversals and mashers. This also works well when aiming for a command throw from a forward dash, because if they jump or reversal you'll just teleport right through them. Once again, you should keep in mind that you may want a normal to come out after a command grab attempt, this is just an option.

Input Priority: If you press LP and either MP or HP at the same time, the LP will always come out over the other two attacks. This can be utilized with Lei-Lei's command throw by simply inputting 6324.LP+MP, so if the command grab whiffs the result will be the safer and faster LP instead of an MP or HP. This is a little more useful for Lei-Lei than other characters since she doesn't have an ES version of her command grab that would result from this input.

Ankihou (Item Toss)

Lei 236P.png
Lei 236PP.png
Ankihou (aka Item Toss) – 236P:

Lei-Lei tosses a pseudo-random item. The items aren't chosen entirely at random, but rather by a set order. However, the MP and HP versions can throw different items than the LP version, which can disrupt the order of the items thrown. As a general rule of thumb, the first item thrown after a Gouki (Akuma) doll will be a dizzy item. Dizzy items can also randomly follow a shuriken (ninja star) or kunai (dagger). Dizzy items include: huge boulder, 3D star, mallet.

  • (LP Version) Low item arc, covers the ground. This version will never throw dizzy/stun items.
  • (MP Version) High arc, covers the air. This will occasionally throw dizzy/stun items.
  • (HP Version) Tosses item vertically. Occasionally tosses dizzy item. This will hit high as an over-head, and therefor can be used in conjunction with simultaneous lows during the item's decent to create an unblockable (since you can't block high and low at the same time).
  • (ES Version) Rolls three spike balls along the ground. Very useless move as the spike balls do not combo together on hit/block, making it rather easy to punish.
Ankihou Item Toss Order
Item Light Medium Hard
01 Axe Axe Axe
02 Sword Sword Sword
03 Shuriken Shuriken Shuriken
04 Statue Statue Statue
05 Boomerang Hammer Hammer
06 Boomerang Boomerang Boomerang
07 Kunai Kunai Kunai
08 Random 1 (Boomerang, Bracelet, Star, Barrel*)
09 Boomerang Boomerang Boomerang
10 Axe Axe Axe
11 Random 2 (Claw, Sword, Star, Barrel)
12 Sword Sword Sword
13 Shuriken Shuriken Shuriken
14 Statue Statue Statue
15 Kunai Boulder Boulder
16 Kunai Kunai Kunai
17 Shuriken Shuriken Shuriken
18 Statue Statue Statue
19 Kunai Hammer Hammer
20 Kunai Kunai Kunai
21 Boomerang Boomerang Boomerang
22 Random 3 (Claw, Sword, Bracelet, ???*)
23 Sword Sword Sword
24 Axe Axe Axe
25 Kunai Kunai Kunai
26 Random 4 (Boomerang, Claw, Bracelet, Star)
27 Boomerang Boomerang Boomerang
28 Axe Axe Axe
29 Sword Sword Sword
30 Shuriken Shuriken Shuriken
31 Shuriken Shuriken Shuriken
32 Axe Boulder Boulder
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Stun Item Punishment Timings
The frame data for how long it takes a character to stand up after being knocked down with one of Lei-Lei's stun items is completely different from the characters standard Neutral Recovery on a regular knockdown. If you're used to meatying a character's typical recovery you may have to adjust your timing to get a clean follow up after hitting them with a stun item. Notably, Q-Bee's wake up time is not only significantly longer than her usual Neutral Recovery, its longer than every other character. Make sure to practice the follow up on her. The chart below shows how many frames it takes after a character hits the floor, to when they stand up and are vulnerable to attack.

Character Stand Up Frames
Zabel 38
Bishamon 39
Sasquatch 39
Bulleta 40
Felicia 40
Jedah 40
Anakaris 43
Lilith 43
Morrigan 43
Aulbath 44
Gallon 45
Lei-Lei 46
Victor 46
Demitri 49
Q-Bee 69

Ankihou Item Toss Order Notes

  • Stun Items are colored RED.
  • Random 1's Barrel seems incredibly rare.
  • Random 3 may or may not have a 4th item.
  • Oddly, #31 is not a statue even though the following item stuns.
  • Bracelet, Claw, Star and Barrel are only on random slots.
  • Stun items on Random slots do not come out with an LP Ankihou.
  • You can't throw two of the same item in a row, it will instead skip the repeating item. For example, say if on #08 Random Item you get a Boomerang, then it will skip #09 Boomerang and go straight to #10 Axe.

EX Moves

Lei 426KK01.png
Lei 426KK02.png
Chireitou (aka Swords/Blades) - 4123.KK:

Slow startup, the swords will persist even if Lei-Lei is hit. However, the swords will not block/cancel the opponent's projectiles and the move can be interrupted before the first sword begins. This is a pretty good move for forcing your opponent into a corner, since it's difficult to get around the swords once they start. Unfortunately it's not comboable off mids and none of Lei-Lei's heavies are cancelable, making this more of a poke move than a combo move. However, it is possible to juggle 623P after it if within range of the corner..

Lei TRH01.png
Lei TRH02.png
Tenraiha (aka Anvil/Balls) - LK, HK, MP, MP, 8:

One of the best supers in the game. The anvil hits high for an overhead, one of the few ground-based overheads in the game. The anvil also hits the ground which causes a screen-wide slam that hits mid. The spikeballs that drop after the slam can also be blocked mid, and can OTG the opponent for actual and recoverable damage. If the anvil hits it will slam the opponent to the ground for an instant knockdown (except Anakaris who gets juggled), if the shockwave hits it will sweep the opponent vertically into the air for a knockdown, and any of the spikeballs themselves will also knock down a grounded or airborne opponent. The beauty of this move is that it's a command super, so it can cancel any of Lei-Lei's normals and command normals, and since it's an overhead this gives her a lot of high/low mixup options. For example, c.LK c.MP Tenraiha // c.LK c.MP c.MK c.HP, where the Tenraiha hits high but the c.MK and c.HP both hit low, forcing the opponent to react and block correctly after the c.MP. Even if the opponent successfully blocks though, this does a substantial amount of chip damage and causes a very long block duration in which Lei-Lei is free to do mixups and tick throw attempts. This move will also combo off any of her mids and heavies, making it excellent and damaging combo material. If timed correctly, the spike balls will also "combo" into OTG off a c.HP or c.HK on hit for some nice OTG damage. The one and possibly only downside to this move is that there are a number of characters you can GC off either the anvil or the first spike ball and hit Lei-Lei before her Tenraiha pose finishes (such as Jedah's GC), and that the spike balls will not persist after Lei-Lei is hit. An odd but amusing property to this move is that the spike balls also do not persist after round-end, but they will still cause proxy guard. In other words after the round is over if the opponent pushes back they will assume a blocking pose, despite the spike balls being merely inactive "ghosts".

Lei 426PP1.png
Lei 426PP2.png
Chuukadan (aka Bomb) - 4123.PP:

Lei-Lei tosses out a bomb with a timer, that counts down from 9 to 0 and then explodes (these "seconds" are faster than in-game or real seconds). There is a ~12.11% chance or a 31/256 probability that it will be a red-colored short fuse bomb, which counts from 6 rather than 9. When the timer runs out the bomb will explode — with the exception if the bomb is on the screen during a round transition, at which point it turns into a dud. The bomb's explosion can hit both the opponent and Lei-Lei, making it a huge liability to throw the bomb out in the first place.

While the bomb is active on the screen it can be hit by attacks from either player to bounce the bomb back and forth, like hot-potato. It will bounce off the edge of the screen if struck into it, but it won't drag along if players simply walk away from it placing it offscreen.

To Lei-Lei's slight benefit, he bomb's timer will stop while Lei-Lei is in hitstun or knocked down, and as such she cannot be combo'd into her own bomb. Interestingly, if she wakes up from knockdown into a meaty attack and takes another hit, the timer will be delayed even longer before resuming a countdown. The timer does not stop while Lei-Lei is in blockstun.

Ultimately, this is not a recommended move to use in a serious setting, as the potential for backfire is just too large, and Lei-Lei has much better attacks to spend her meter on. You may find the bomb effective on players who are inexperienced with it, causing them to be overly aware of it, but honestly both players can almost entirely ignore the bomb's existence with how easily it finds itself exploding somewhere offscreen.

Dark Force

Daibousou: Rimoukon - Same strength P + K
Vsav leilei darkforce frames.png

As far as Dark Forces go Lei-Lei's is one that changes the character a great deal. The primary differences are granting her complete Hyper Armor, disabling block, disabling special moves, and changing her movement and normals. Because of the inability to block you can expect to take some damage while in Dark Force, making this not recommended to use outside of escaping certain things such as Aulbath's bubble unblockable or some throws. If you do happen to activate it as an escape or even just by accident, it's important to know how to make the most of it and not let it set you back too much.

Activation & Deactivation
Upon activation Lin-Lin transforms back to a human and appears a set distance either in front or behind Lei-Lei, depending on screen position, where she'll remain until the Dark Force ends. When deactivated Lin-Lin turns back into a paper charm and floats back to Lei-Lei, the problem with that being the further away she is the longer it takes for Lei-Lei to recover. Your main goal after you've activated Dark Force is to either knock the opponent down and immediately deactivate, or maneuver to where Lin-Lin is and end Dark Force on top of her for minimal recovery time.

Changes and Effects
As Mentioned, this Dark Force significantly changes the character, so much so it's necessary to list change individually.

Hyper Armor
  • Gains Hyper Armor. Lei-Lei will not enter hitstun when hit. Hitstop still has a very slight effect and may potentially eat your input if you attack too soon after being hit.
  • Cannot Block.
  • Cannot Throw or be Thrown.
  • Cannot be knocked down by anything, even while in the air.
  • Hyper Armor is still active during the deactivation while she is frozen, however there are 5 frames at the end that are fully vulnerable where she can be hit with a combo.
  • Cannot Air Dash.
  • Cannot Ground Dash.
  • Ground movement becomes a permanent run using her air dash animation. She walks faster than Felicia but slower than Gallon, giving her the second fastest ground movement speed in the game.
Special and EX Moves
  • Cannot use any Special or EX Moves.
  • Cannot Pursuit Attack.
Normal Moves
  • All damage done is permanent damage, none if it is recoverable.
  • Damage on attacks is very high, most notably 5.LP.
  • All air normals become her j.HP and are non-chainable.
  • All ground normals become her 2.HP, with some frame data changes, and are non-chainable.
  • All standing normals animations have been shuffled around besides 5.HK, and 5.LK has a new attack animation.
  • Cannot chain combo out of light attacks if they've been rapid canceled, however it is possible to link.
  • No idle animation when standing or crouching.
  • Lin-Lin's pose changes as you make directional inputs.

Dark Force Combos
Check the Dark Force Combos section below for your options. There are only a few combos available while in Dark Force, but they do good damage and can score a knockdown.

Dark Force Normals Data
Input Red Dmg. Cancelable Guard Direction Startup Active Recovery Hit Adv. Guard Adv. Renda Bonus Notes
5.LP 15 Rapid Both 4 2 12 +4 +3 H:+7/G:+6 Close 5.HP animation; Cannot chain cancel if rapid canceled
5.MP 17(3 hit) Both 11 4,4,4 25 -8 -9 Far 5.HP animation
5.HP 21 Both 10 9 16 0 -1 6.HP animation; 16 damage for anti-air version
5.LK 10 Rapid Both 5 6 12 -2 -3 H:+1/G:0 New animation; Cannot chain cancel if rapid canceled
5.MK 15 Both 7 3 12 +6 +5 5.LK animation
5.HK 19 Both 8 4 27 -6 -7
2.Lx 15 Crouching 9 2 21 Knockdown -8 2.HP animation; Does not chain cancel into anything
2.Mx 15 Crouching 9 8 21 Knockdown -9 2.HP animation; Does not chain cancel into anything
2.Hx 15 Crouching 9 14 21 Knockdown -11 2.HP animation; Does not chain cancel into anything
j.xx 17(3 hit) Standing 8 13 19 j.HP animation; Does not chain cancel into anything


  • Although Tenraiha is comboable and fairly good during blockstrings, it can also be used somewhat randomly out in the open, since the shockwave hits fullscreen and the spike balls provide some cover fire. For the most part, if you have meter, you want to use it for Tenraiha. And since you want to use Tenraiha a lot, building lots of meter is a good idea.
  • The best ways to build meter are to karacancel into j.623P with j.623HK~HP, which results in a kara canceled j.HK, then quickly do it again for a second Senpuubu, then quickly cancel that second Senpuubu and do a falling j.HK (as in j.623HK~HP, j.623HK~HP, K cancel, falling j.HK). Alternately you can karacancel a ground move like c.MK or c.HK/HK into 214LP but you are more vulnerable to being pestered by the opponent while on the ground than you are by quick-cancelling Senpuubu's, which allows you to airblock after cancellation.
  • If the opponent blocks Tenraiha it's a good idea to go for a j.HP/c.LK mixup or c.LK tickthrow or c.LK c.LK dashing cmd throw mixup. While blocking the spike balls in the corner the spike balls can sometimes (pseudo-randomly) pull the opponent out of the corner which can be useful for left/right mixups as well, by either jumping over or dashing through the opponent into the corner then hitting them from the other side.
  • It's always a good idea to cancel c.HP into HK or Tenraiha, even if HK is going to whiff. Likewise, 6HP should always be canceled into HK or Tenraiha. If the c.HP hits, a Tenraiha has a chance of OTG'ing the opponent with the spike balls, which is also true for c.HK (particularly as anti-air).
  • The easiest way to combo into Tenraiha is either c.LK HK (empty mp mp 8) which naturally combos as c.LK HK Tenraiha. Alternately you can c.LK (empty c.HK) c.MP (c.MP) 8 which results in c.LK c.MP Tenraiha if you press the buttons fast enough, since pressing them as quickly as possible will skip over the c.HK entirely.
  • Like above, if you press the Tenraiha inputs fast enough it's possible to go directly from c.LK to Tenraiha, skipping the HK and both MPs entirely. Though it will not combo, it's a pretty decent stagger/mixup to do c.LK c.LK Tenraiha // c.LK c.LK c.MK c.HP (HK). Since it doesn't combo, if the opponent is mashing buttons they will drop their guard and get hit, or if they are blocking low expecting the c.MK/c.HP.
  • c.LK walk throw, and c.LK c.LK dash 624MP/HP are pretty good tick throws, particularly since Lei-Lei is invulnerable while invisible in the latter of the two.
  • j.MP is an extremely good jumpin and air-to-air. Good from a low IAD, and good to chain into j.HP when normal jumping.
  • After a j.HP a c.LK is a good high/low mixup, since j.HP hits multiple times high. One of Lei-Lei's primary high/low mixups outside of Tenraiha.
  • Her best anti-air may be max range c.MP, or backdashing-c.MP. Though other possible anti-airs include c.HK, 6HP, MK, MP, and 6MP. Of the "other" anti-airs, c.HK may be the most useful since it has a good hitbox and causes knockdown.
  • Although 426KK only has limited use, it can be useful for forcing the opponent into the corner which is where Lei-Lei wants you to be.
  • It's useful to remember you can airdash after airblocking, you aren't limited to just normal actions. You're also able to airdash after Senpuubu (since you have freeaction after Senpuubu).



  • c.LP c.LK c.MP c.MK c.HP > HK/Tenraiha.
Standard crouching chain into a whiffed-HK or Tenraiha. The Tenraiha can hit OTG if the c.HP hits. On block the HK makes the blocked c.HP safe, and on hit the HK makes Lei-Lei recover faster for okizeme. It should be noted that the c.LP does not hit low and should be omitted off a jump-in.
  • c.LK c.MP > Tenraiha//c.MK c.HP HK.
Basic Tenraiha combo/mixup. Since c.MP into Tenraiha will combo on hit, though on block causes an overhead. This forces the opponent to react and block correctly after the c.MP, in order to correctly block Tenraiha high or the c.MK c.HP low depending on which you do. The easiest way to do c.LK c.MP Tenraiha is to input the Tenraiha command very quickly while crouching so that the game's command interpreter automatically omits the HK and goes from c.LK to c.MP.
  • c.LP c.LK c.MP HP > HK
Common low chain that ends with a whiffed HK. The c.MK is omitted because it sometimes whiffs if c.LK is spaced at it's absolute max range when it connects.
  • c.LK HK > Tenraiha
Very simple and basic Tenraiha combo since the command input overlaps: c.LK HK (mp mp 8) = c.LK HK Tenraiha. It's not much of a mixup, but good as a punisher since the input is simple and reliable.
  • c.LK c.MP c.MK > Tenraiha
This one is a lot more difficult than the previous Tenraiha combos but it is worthwhile to learn. It's not possible to sequence break the c.MK, so the entire Tenraiha input must be input AFTER the c.MK. It does, however, combo if timed right.


  • c.HK Tenraiha
Not a bad anti-air, the Tenraiha OTGs.
  • c.LK c.LK 236LP
Not the most useful combo in the world since 236LP is -9 on hit. Though possible, at least.
  • corner c.MK 214PP, +c.LP c.LK c.MP HP > HK
Point blank corner combo. The ES gong is +7 on hit and both c.LP or c.LK have 5F startup making this link possible.
  • corner c.MK 214PP, +c.LP c.MP c.HP > Tenraiha
Alternate version of the previous combo, since the c.HP hits a little late there's time to buffer Tenraiha. It may be possible to add a c.LK though it's not recommended since c.HP may hit too late to combo (though if you add a c.LK the combo would then need to be c.LP c.LK c.MK c.HP).
  • 426KK, 623HP
If you manage to hit with 426KK at a good range from the corner you can juggle with Senpuubu.
  • Tenraiha, 623HP, 623HP
Anakaris-only combo, sorta. Basically, Tenraiha will launch Anakaris into the air rather than splatting him onto the ground, and this lets you juggle with additional Senpuubu hits. This also technically works on other characters if they are hit by the spike balls and not the anvil, though obviously it's significantly more common on Anakaris.

Dark Force Combos

  • 5.LP > 5.LP >> 5.LP > 2.LK(if pointblank, 2.MP otherwise)
50 Red
It isn't possible to chain cancel after rapid canceling 5.LP while in Dark Force, so you must use the renda bonus from two of them to link into a third which is then canceled into sweep. Lei-Lei's best and most consistent Dark Force combo.
  • 5.MK >> 5.LP > 5.MK > 2.HP
50 Red
Link combo. May be useful as a frame trap as well.
  • 5.LP > 5.MK > 5.HP > 2.HK
56 Red
Must be started from point blank. Potentially character specific?
  • 5.LP > 5.LP > 5.LP > 5.LP > 5.LP
59 Red
Somewhat difficult, you must perfectly cancel the 5.LP into itself to land it five times. Biggest damage of all her Dark Force combos, but does not lead into a knockdown. Must be started from point blank. Potentially character specific?


Frame Data


Move Startup Hit






Guard Cancel Notes
n.LP 5 +5 +4 0/ 3/ 6 Mid Yes/Rapid Renda+: H:+8 G:+7
n.MP 6 +3 +2 3/ 9/15 Mid Yes
n.HP 7 +2 +1 6/15/24 Mid ×
n.LK 5 +5 +4 0/ 3/ 6 Mid Yes/Rapid Renda+: H:+8 G:+7
n.MK 11 -14 -15 3/ 9/15 Mid ×
n.HK 8 -5 -6 6/15/24 Mid ×
LP 5 +4 +3 0/ 3/ 6 Mid Yes/Rapid Renda+: H:+7 G:+6
MP 6 +3 +2 3/ 9/15 Mid Yes
HP 11 -3 -4 6/ 9+3+3/12+6+6 Mid ×
LK 5 +5 +4 0/ 3/ 6 Mid Yes/Rapid Renda+: H:+8 G:+7
MK 11 -14 -15 3/ 9/15 Mid ×
HK 8 -5 -6 6/15/24 Mid ×
6MP 7 -8 -9 3/ 9/15 Mid ×
6HP 11 -15 -16 6/15/24 Mid ×

Move Startup Hit






Guard Cancel Notes
c.LP 5 +4 +3 0/ 3/ 6 Mid Yes/Rapid Renda+: H:+7 G:+6
c.MP 7 -7 -8 3/ 9/15 Mid ×
c.HP 9 Down -11 6/15/24 Low ×
c.LK 5 +6 +5 0/ 3/ 6 Low Yes/Rapid Renda+: H:+9 G:+8
c.MK 6 +1 0 3/ 9/15 Low Yes
c.HK 11 Down -20 6/15/24 Mid ×

Move Startup Meter


Guard Cancel Notes
j.LP 5 0/ 3/ 6 High Yes
j.MP 7 3/ 9/15 High ×
j.HP 10 6/ 9+3+3/12+6+6 High ×
j.LK 5 0/ 3/ 6 High Yes
j.MK 9 3/ 9/15 High ×
j.HK 8 6/15/24 High ×


Move Startup Hit






Guard Notes
236LP 17 -9 -10 12/16/21 Mid Knocks down airborne
236MP 17 -5 -6 12/16/21 Mid
236HP 17 -1 -2 12/16/21 High
236PP 17 ? ? 0/ 0/ 0 Low
623LP 30 x x 18/18+3*n/18+6*n Variable Knocks down airborne
623MP 32 x x 18/18+3*n/18+6*n Variable
623HP 34 x x 18/18+3*n/18+6*n Variable
623PP 32 x x 0/ 0/ 0 Variable
623P (GC) ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 20F inv
214LP 10 -6 -7 12/19/27 Mid Knocks down airborne
214MP 12 -6 -7 12/19/27 Mid Reflects Projectiles.
214HP 14 -7 -8 12/19/27 Mid Landing Suki: 1F
214PP 17 +7 +6 0/ 0/ 0 Mid
624MP 2 Down x 12/21 Throw
624HP 2 Down x 12/21 Throw

EX Moves

Move Gauge Startup Hit




Guard Notes
426PP 1 17 Down x Mid (*1)
426KK 1 33 Down x Mid (*2)
LK HK MP MP 8 (anvil) 1 19 Down x High (*3)
^(quake) x 23 Down -54 Mid (*3)
^(balls) x x Down x Mid (*3)
1: Startup is for the execution of the bomb, actual bomb duration depends on bomb's timer. Block advantage relative to when bomb explodes. Bomb persists if Lei-Lei is hit but will not detonate if no one is close to it when timer stops.
2: Block advantage depends on how many swords connect. It's punishable if only the first or only the first two connect on block (as in corner or pushblock). But it's safe if the third or any others thereafter connect. Swords will persist if Lei-Lei is hit, but only once the first sword begins (the startup is interruptable).
3: The anvil hits high. Startup on balldrop is variable. Block (dis)advantage on quake assumes no balls connect. Block advantage when balls connect is relative/variable. Anvil causes splat knockdown (except vs Anakaris), quake causes sweep knockdown, balls cause normal knockdown. Balls push the opponent in pseudo-random directions, including pushing the opponent out of the corner. The balls do not persist if Lei-Lei is hit, nor do they persist into the next round, but they will continue to trigger proxy guard even into the next round.

Lei-Lei Memos

  • Character highlights from Twitter
  • Gong can reflect projectiles after hitting Lei-Lei. The projectiles hit count is not diminished
  • Against Felicia, cr.hp x Tenraihai will not full combo.
  • The Dizzy-Bug is not possible w/ Lei-Lei.
Her throw removes the conditions which allows the underflow.
  • Chireitou 41236+KK juggle limit
  • 1998 Combo Video
  • She has an infinite against a standing Demitri
  • Fun follow-ups to HP-Throw is the opponent does not tech

Lei-Lei Bugs

  • Disable-Roll Bug
気絶暗器 Then 中華弾. Dizzy Item then Bomb explosion
  • No Push-back Bug
  • Guard-Lock Unblock w/ ES-Gong
  • Frame Perfect High+Low Unblock
  • Restoring Options Post Air Dash
  • J.hp, recover. Kara Special
  • Pendulum x Tech-hit = Teleport
  • Gong's Missing Push Box
  • Stuck in Dark Force - DS:Resurrection training Mode only
  • Super Armor Activates Attack Sequences
  • Unblock Guard Cancel Frames
See The first chart here - LeiLei is at frame# 07
  • Specific Tenraiha balls activate the "Alter-Ego reduction bug"
  • Chuukadan on block activates the "Alter-Ego reduction bug"
  • Double Gong + Items creating a Blackhole
  • Lei-Lei losing ES & EX pallet effects
Not returning to neutral after an ES-Pendulum
Felicia's Head-Ride
  • Execute Chuukadan on the first frame of round-2 and it will always be a dud
  • Pendulum can reach below the floor if canceled at the nadir & the next action is done immediately

Notable Japan Players

Japanese Player Index:

Name (English) Name (Japanese) Color Location Contact
Ego えご HP Leilei color hp small.png Tokyo, Japan
Atsuta あつた KK Leilei color kk small.png West Japan
Hisashi ヒサシ MK Leilei color mk small.png
Sasazuka 笹塚 (Kanji)
HK Leilei color hk small.png Tokyo, Japan
Tsukumo 九十九 PP Leilei color pp small.png Tokyo, Japan