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Japanese Resources

Darkstalkers Frame Data

Amazing framedata/hitbox resource for Vampire Savior, Vampire Hunter and even the original Vampire. While there isn't any hitbox information for Vampire Hunter or Vampire, the raw data for Vampire Savior surpasses this wiki for many characters. Until mizuumi catches up (which will be never), this extremely valuable to use in conjunction.

Darkstalkers Frame Data (English Translation)

This is a very old (2008) English translation of the website above. This was long before all the hitbox data was added so only frame data is available here.


A wiki for system mechanics to character specifics. This is a bit unexplored for English speakers right now, but there seems to be some really amazing information hidden in here. There needs to be a concentrated effort at some point to translate key parts of this wiki.

Vampire Savior's Player

Japanese player database for every character. Mostly just short player bios. It's all in Japanese so it can be a bit hard to glean much from this.

Vampire Savior Tournament/Event Wiki

Resource for upcoming and past Vampire Savior events in Japan, separated by region.

Vampire Savior Location Information (Provisional)

Not sure if this is still being maintained, the (Provisional) part makes me wonder, but it lists locations Vampire Savior events are held at in Japan. The Tournament/Event Wiki up above may be slightly more current.

English Resources

ArcadeLegacy Vampire Savior Tutorials

Youtube playlist featuring all of ArcadeLegacy's video tutorials. Vampire Savior Wiki

A very dated resource, not that Mizuumi is much better in some places. Overall you're better off sticking with Mizuumi, but there may be a few things you can get from here.

VSAV Shareable Resource Starter Kit -

Compilation of various vsav resources including training mode, vod sources, a pushblock guide among other things. Made to be linked to people if they ask for basic info about the game to get them started.


TECH.HIT (Japanese)

DD Sasquatch's blog.

Vampire Scrubs! (English)

neojinbe and Keiko's blog. No longer updated but great for older information.

Uminoko Aulbath's Blog (Japanese)

Guratan Felicia's Blog (Japanese)


Darkstalkers and the Twelve Principles of Animation

Classic writeup on just how much skill was put into creating the animation of the Vampire series.

This is the Darkstalkers say while fighting in Vampire Saviour

Translation of most of the spoken lines in Vampire Savior.


Video Archives

[Neojinbe's Youtube Channel]
[Sakamoto's Youtube Channel]
[DDsasquatch's Youtube Channel]
[orecon's Youtube Channel]
[19sai's Youtube Channel]
[Nagoya Youtube Channel]
[shimatuya's Youtube Channel]
[ego's Youtube Channel]
[KEN's Youtube Channel]

Mikado Tournament Replays


There's some really good stuff on here. Matches from EVO 2012 and ReveLAtions 2011, featuring fights between Japanese players Haitani, Sako and Nekohashi versus American players can be seen. If you look further back in his archive there are a ton of ancient Sako Bulleta and Chikyuu Anakaris matches, plus GGPO matches from Oouchi Jedah. It also hosts the legendary Sakai Slaughter Show.


Indispensable resource for classic Japanese tournament footage. Psychochronic has so much stuff on his youtube it can be hard to sort through everything, so all the Vampire Savior footage has been separated here for easy viewing.



TKO's channel is primarily a source for top level Vampire Hunter matches, but he has a few of his insane combo videos up.

Misc Combo Videos

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