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  • Renda Bonus: This is a function that is unique to VSav. Some characters gain a frame advantage bonus when chaining light attacks into themselves, usually a +3F advantage bonus added to the base amount of frame advantage. This is character specific and does not apply to the whole cast, nor does it apply to every light attack. An example would be Bulleta's far standing LP which is normally +10 on hit, but becomes +13 on hit when chained into itself. Refer to the framedata tables in the individual character sections for exact bonuses.


  • None:
  • Anakaris- x- none
  • Gallon- x- none
  • Special:
  • Bulleta- c.LK (2F) // LP, LK, n.LP, n.LK, c.LP, (3F)
  • Felicia- n.LP, c.LP, c.LK (1F) // LP, LK, n.LK (2F)
  • LP only:
  • Bishamon- LP, 6LP, c.LP (3F)
  • Q-Bee- LP, c.LP (3F)
  • Sasquatch- LP, n.LP, c.LP (3F)
  • All Lights:
  • Aulbath- LP, LK, n.LP, n.LK, c.LP, c.LK (3F)
  • Demitri- LP, LK, n.LP, n.LK, c.LP, c.LK (3F)
  • Jedah- LP, LK, c.LP, c.LK (3F)
  • Lei-Lei- LP, LK, n.LP, n.LK, c.LP, c.LK (3F)
  • Lilith- LP, LK, n.LP, n.LK, c.LP, c.LK (3F)
  • Morrigan- LP, LK, n.LP, n.LK, c.LP, c.LK (3F)
  • Victor- LP, LK, n.LP, n.LK, c.LP, c.LK (3F)
  • Zabel- LP, LK, 6LP, 6LK, c.LP, c.LK (3F)


  • Renda Linking:
Because of the added frame advantage, certain specific links become possible that would otherwise not work without the renda bonus. There are some specific uses, though as a general use the renda bonus is good for: setting up tick throws, as a dash-in precursor, and setting up crossups.

  • Specific Uses:
  • Lilith:
c.LP c.LP, +d.LP, the d.LP is an impossible link without the renda bonus but allows her to add a few more hits to a combo.
  • Victor:
c.LP c.LP, +c.MP, normally c.LP to c.MP is an impossible link but becomes possible with the renda bonus, this allows him to hitconfirm the c.MP into a special move for a BNB.
  • Zabel:
c.LP c.LP 64PP, Although this is a cancel and not a link, the c.LP into 64PP would normally be impossible, but the renda bonus allows c.LP canceled to 64PP to combo.
c.LK c.LK 64PP, Same as above. A single c.LK canceled to 64PP would not combo but the renda bonus allows this to be possible.
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