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Sasquatch (サスカッチ), undeniably one of the two best characters in Vampire Savior, though he is more accessible than his counterpart Zabel.

His gameplay is characterized by extreme pressure and unseeable high/low mixups. He is backed up by high health, incredible movement speed(if you've mastered short hops), extremely buff normals, and some very high damage combos. His only weaknesses, however slight, is one of the worst walk speeds, though you won't be walking much, and a not quite good air game.

Executional Requirements

Low to Mid Level

Sasquatch is very strong at a low to mid level without putting in much work. At the very least you'll want to be able to do at least a single short hop at will for a mix up or to start some pressure.


Sasquatch at a master level becomes a bit difficult, but compared to the rest of the cast it is still much easier. Short hop becomes extremely emphasized as you must be able to short hop the entire length of the screen, instantly short hopping right as you land from the previous one. Doing them them cleanly definitely takes some time to master, but it looks beautiful when executed perfectly.

You'll also want to be able to 1-hit push block at will. Sasquatch very easily turns defense into offense, potentially more so than the rest of the cast. You will simply push block, and short hop in behind it.

What To Focus On When Starting Out

  • short hop practice
  • air resets into high/low

His Strengths

  • Above Average Health
  • Dash movement is incredibly fast for a character like him, once mastered.
  • Big normals with big damage that accompanies them
  • He has a command throw that freezes you and gives you more combo opportunities
  • He has good normal and air throws

His Weaknesses

  • Not effective if you are not good at moving. He is a slow walker otherwise
  • He has crap specials that you will refrain from using (i.e. Big Blow)

Normal Moves

Standing Normals

Sasquatch s lp.png

Near s.LP [ Startup:5 | Active:3 | Hit:+8 | Block:+7 | Renda: H:+11 B:+10 ] Special Cancels/Rapid Cancels
Far s.LP [ Startup:5 | Active:3 | Hit:+5 | Block:+4 | Renda: H:+8 B:+7 ] Special Cancels/Rapid Cancels

Fairly standard st.LP. As with all standing light punches, you receive a renda bonus if you press the button twice. Good for stopping characters with hops, parabolic dashes, or instant air dashes if they are close. Abusing the renda bonus is necessary to give Anakaris a bad time, as the advantage on-block will be enough to go straight into long hop j.LP. In additon, the renda bonus is strong enough to go straight into 623KK.

Sasquatch s mp.png

[ Startup:6 | Active:3 | Hit:+5 | Block:+4 ] Special Cancels

Talk to the hand. Extremely good poke. If you don't know what to press as Sasquatch, this should probably be the button to press. It's almost as fast as most jabs in the games (most are 5f), but has a staggering amount of priority. Just like st.LP, you can use this to stop hops, parabolic dashes, or instant air dashes if they are close. The reward for doing so is much better, however.

This button, along with st.HP, are your option select buttons for grabbing.

Sasquatch s hp 1.png
Sasquatch s hp 2.png

[ Startup:8 | Active:5(3+2) | Hit:+6 | Block:-7 ]

Pretty good uppercut. This serves as your anti-air normal, but admittedly there won't be many usage of it as a proper anti-air as there are just generally more safe options. This button on-hit will always air reset the opponent, which will lead into one of Sasquatch's mixups afterwards.

Along with st.MP, this is one of your two option select buttons for anti-air. The angle of it is so great that it will catch MOST upbacks in the corner. This button will not catch Felicia in the corner, however; use st.HK instead.

Sasquatch s lk.png

Near s.LK [ Startup:5 | Active:3 | Hit:+7 | Block:+6 ] Special Cancels
Far s.LK [ Startup:X | Active:X | Hit:+5 | Block:+4 ] Special Cancels

High-hitting light kick. This move can be used as anti-hop, and if anything, is better than st.LP in that regard. The difference between st.LP and st.LK however is that this will not benefit from the renda bonus. Use this to tell pesky animals to sit down before hitting them with another mixup.

Apparently this has near and far frame data. Maybe someone will fill in that part one day.

Sasquatch s mk.png

[ Startup:7 | Active:3 | Hit: 0 | Block:-1 ]

For the most part, this serves the same purpose as st.MP in terms of anti-air, but overall inferior to st.MP in raw frame data. This isn't to say that this is a terrible move, as it does cover a higher angle than st.MP. As such, this is better for intercepting higher parabolic dashes or air dashes. Situational at most.

Sasquatch s hk 1.png
Sasquatch s hk 2.png

[ Startup:8 | Active:2/3 | Hit:+11 | Block:-2 ]

The anti-air hitbox is active on the 12th frame.

This move has a couple interesting properties. On the 8th frame it will go over lows, and even though Sasquatch is in the air, he is still considered grounded which means opponents cannot air block the anti-air.

This hs lower body invulnerability, so you can cause some low attacks to whiff.

Crouching Normals

Sasquatch c lp.png

[ Startup:5 | Active:3 | Hit:+6 | Block:+5 | Renda: H:+6 B:+5 ] Special Cancels/Rapid Cancels

It's a standard crouching poke. This move is **NOT A LOW**; use st.LK for that. This normal's plus frames is good enough to stuff any attempt of mashing, and great for stagger.

Sasquatch c mp.png

[ Startup:6 | Active:3 | Hit:+4 | Block:+3 ] Special Cancels

This move can be used as a means to anti-air air dashes, especially Q-Bee's, but it's not really a great move to mash unlike st.MP. Just like cr.LP, it's not a low; use cr.MK for a low instead. Can be used for staggers and frame traps.

Sasquatch c hp 1.png
Sasquatch c hp 2.png

[ Startup:7 | Active:2+3 | Hit:+3 | Block: 0 ]

This move is definitively an anti-air, and if anything, slightly better than st.HP in the regard. If the opponent jumps bad, you can use this to swat them out of the sky and air reset them, leading to a 50/50 that the opponent obviously doesn't want.

Has utility in the corner for combos. You can use this as an ender instead of cr.HK to air reset them and lead into a quick and dirty mixup.

Sasquatch c lk.png

[ Startup:5 | Active:3 | Hit:+5 | Block:+4 ]

An amazing crouching low. Use this normal a lot, as it is the low you should be using at most given times. This move also has the benefit of moving Sasquatch slightly forward as he uses this, and has great plus frames. Good for staggering and keeping close to the opponent.

Foot invincible frames 4F-13F. Must block low.

  • Is Sasquatch air-reset if hit out of this?
Sasquatch c mk.png

[ Startup:5 | Active:3 | Hit:+5 | Block:+4 ] Special Cancels

Pretty good crouch medium. Surprisingly, this is just as fast as cr.LK, but it's not as spammable as that move. Use this as mixup as well.

Sasquatch c hk.png

[ Startup:10 | Active:4 | Hit:Knockdown | Block:-6 ]

Sasquatch's sweep. This normal goes far, so much so that you can use this on round start. Use this to end your combos or get your mixup game started. Pretty negative on block. Opponents should not pushblock this if they are close.

Forward and Back Jumping Normals

Sasquatch j9 lp.png

[ Startup:5 | Active:6 ]

Hitbox is positionally the same as neutral jump LP, but the hurtbox on the arm is positioned a bit further forward and higher.

Decent range, and downward trajectory on the hitbox. This is extremely useful for both jump ins, air chains and air whiffing.

One of Sasquatch's main short hop normals on grounded opponents.

Sasquatch j9 mp.png

[ Startup:6 | Active:6 ]

Hitbox is positionally the same as neutral jump MP, but the hurtbox on the neck is positioned much further back and a bit lower. Due to how much further back it is I'd say it's superior to the neutral jump version.

Great air normal, use often. It works extremely well for option select air throws as well.

One of Sasquatch's main short hop normals on grounded opponents.

Sasquatch j9 hp.png

[ Startup:10 | Active:4 ]

Hard knockdown on contact, no matter if the opponent is grounded or in the air. Good usage on long hops as either your first or second option, as this move does sport some great range.

Sasquatch j9 lk.png

[ Startup:5 | Active:6 ]

Very great poke in the air, and excellent options on a short and long hop. You can use this air-to-air to swat opponents out of the sky, and if that happens to fail, you can go straight into j.MK for another attempt.


[ Startup:6 | Active:6 ]

Essentially the same as j.LK, but hits harder and maybe has a better hitbox. Someone will upload the picture...

Sasquatch j9 hk 1.png
Sasquatch j9 hk 2.png

[ Startup:7 | Active:6 ]

Two-hit normal. This move is great for sticking to the opponent, but is arguably guard-cancel bait and easy to pushblock. This move can be used to crossup opponents from a short hop and long hop if timed correctly. This move will usually crossup most short crouchers from a short hop, so abuse it when you can.

Neutral Jump Jumping Normals

Sasquatch j lp.png

[ Startup:5 | Active:6 ]


Sasquatch j mp.png

[ Startup:6 | Active:6 ]


Sasquatch j hp.png

[ Startup:10 | Active:4 ]


Sasquatch j lk.png

[ Startup:5 | Active:6 ]


Sasquatch j mk.png

[ Startup:6 | Active:6 ]


Sasquatch j hk 1.png
Sasquatch j hk 2.png

[ Startup:8 | Active:6(3+3) ]


Old Normal Moves Info

LP: Small range but comes out fast with huge priority. Use as combo starters or to jab people out of everything. Whiff crouching opponents. Cancelable.

MP: 'Talk to the hand' move. Huge hitbox, come out fast and cancelable. Sasquatch's key to stopping air guard, wake up meaty and huge combos.

HP: Uppercut. Stop jumps.

LK: Not much use. Cancelable.

MK: Whiff crouching opponents but pretty good range.

HK: Despite its look it's air unblockable. Decent meaty, and goes over low attacks

c.LP: Like LP but doesn't whiff crouching. Seems to have less range though. Cancelable

c.MP: Similar to MP. Trades range for shrunk hitbox. Cancelable.

c.HP: The flip. End combo with this instead of cr.HK if you don't want to knock down your opponent (allowing them to roll away) . Also decent anti air.

c.LK: Hits low. Move yourself a little forward (possible kara cancel for Big Brunch grab ?) . Good combo starter. Cancelable.

c.MK: The ass. Less range than MK, but now cancelable !

c.HK: Sas' sweep. Reach like half a screen. Great combo ender.

j.LP: Good for short hops. Also j.LP j.LK is a good jump in chain.

j.MP: Headbutt. Staple move in short hops. Big hitbox, good damage and stun.

j.HP: A knockdown attack. j.MP will probably lead to more damaging combos but this move is good for mindless long dash raids ... hmmm

j.LK: Nifty. Use this for short hops instead of the punches.

j.MK: Identical to the LK version ... I think it has more starting frames and hit harder. Possibly everything you can do with j.LK can be done with this instead.

j.HK: The butt. 2 hit, and can cross up. Very powerful move in rushes.

Command Normal Moves

Pursuit: Doesn't do much damage, but leaves you at a great position for pressure. The es version is faster and hits twice

Special Moves and Throws

Sasquatch normal throw.png
Normal Throw (MP or HP)

[ Startup:1 | Active:1 | Hit:Knockdown | Throw Tech:+11]

One of the best normal throws in the game. Both MP and HP excellent option select into anti-air normals if the opponent jumps, and if they tech they are left close to Sasquatch and he has a good advantage. In the corner, Sasquatch is left right next to the opponent and can throw loop them as long as they keep throw teching.

Sasquatch actually gets +12 on a throw tech from Jedah, Bulleta and Q-Bee.

Sasquatch air throw.png
Air Throw (MP or HP)

[ Startup:1 | Active:1 | Hit:Knockdown | Throw Tech:-3]

One of the best air throws in the game. If you look at other characters air grabs, their grab 'box' is actually just a single pixel line. Sasquatch actually has a box for his air throw.

Sasquatch bigbrunch.png
Big Brunch - 63214P

[ Startup:2 | Active:1 | Total Frames: 65 ]

An absolutely amazing command grab. When it connects, the opponent will be frozen and Sasquatch can hop in to get a free combo. This move is incredibly fast, and easily lets you confirm into an ES Big Typhoon for big damage. The only downside is that it is one of the few throws that always gives a whiff animation. The whiff animation is long enough that if someone neutral jumps they will have time to land on Sasquatch's head and punish.

There is not any difference between the normal versions, and the ES Big Brunch does slightly more damage and freezes the opponent for longer.

The main thing to keep in mind with this move is every character has a different freeze timing, and distance Sasquatch spits them out at. It is not at all consistent between characters.

Check here for more information about the freeze times and distances for each characther:

  • Is it possible to mash out of this?
Sasquatch bigswing.png
Big Swing - 360K

[ Startup:2 | Active:1 | Total Frames:65 ]

Good range, though not much reason to ever use this over Big Brunch, especially since this has a whiff animation as well.

LK Big Typhoon
Sasquatch typhoon lk.png
MK Big Typhoon
Sasquatch typhoon mk.png
HK Big Typhoon
Sasquatch typhoon hk.png
Sasquatch typhoon es 1.png
Sasquatch typhoon es 2.png
Big Typhoon - 623K

LK Big Typhoon [ Startup:8 | Active:11 | Hit:-5 | Block:-6 ]

One of Sasquatch's two useful versions of this move. Its useful as an anti-air, though it is air blockable. Most character's won't be able to punish it on block unless they have a way of altering their air movement, and even then it can tend to be a bit of a tight punish. Still, it hits a nice part on the screen, comes out fast, and recovers surprisingly quickly. Useful in certain situations and matchups.

As a guard cancel this move has 9 frames of invincibility, which makes it invincible past start up. This means will not lose or trade unlike the other two normal version guard cancels. Also, it is the safest version on block at -6, which is potentially punishable but not quite easily. Besides those advantages, the problems are numerous. You'll still be at -5 on hit afterwards, which is potentially punishable. You'll have to watch out for this completely whiffing on small crouching opponents due to the high hitbox. And even as the fastest version of Big Typhoon, it is still slow for a guard cancel and easily baited. In the end, the guard cancel LK Big Typhoon has a little bit of use, but you may as well push block instead.

MK Big Typhoon [ Startup:11 | Active:22 | Hit:+2 | Block:-15 ]

Not much to say about this version. It is plus on hit unlike his other two Typhoons, which may actually be punished.

(I'm not sure if the game will select the weaker or stronger version of a special if you don't have meter for ES, but I am considering using LK+MK or MK+HK on the basis on which button combination will give you MK Typhoon if you have no meter. With the idea that the game will select the version that gives you a decent frame advantage if you do not have meter for ES Big Typhoon. This is only if you somehow have issues paying attention to how much meter you currently have.)

As a guard cancel, this move has 9 frames of invincibility, and with an 11 frame startup, there is a chance it may be stuffed. Not only that, the startup is so slow it is very easy to bait out. Out of the 3 normal versions of this move, it is plus on hit which is nice, you just just won't get the chance to make use of it.

HK Big Typhoon [ Startup:10 | Active:33 | Hit:-5 | Block:-22 ]

Not much to say about this one either. Does the most hits and damage of any of the normal versions, but you're better off comboing into a knockdown or resetting to keep your momentum going.

As a guard cancel, this move has 9 frames of invincibility, and with a 10 frame start up, this has a high chance of trading. Plus the start up is so long it will be easy to bait out, at which point you're dealing with -22F on block. Not a good guard cancel.

ES Big Typhoon [ Startup:9 | Active:48 | Hit:Knockdown | Block:-52 ]

The most useful version of Big Typhoon. Does massive damage and is great as a finishing move. While you are advantageous on hit, recovery is long, and you have a very good chance of losing pressure after knocking down with this move. Its generally best used when finishing an opponent off.

While it looks like it may have a decent anti-air hitbox, do not use it as such since it is still air blockable and the recovery is long.

As a guard cancel, this move has 9 frames of invincibility, and with a 9 frame start up it has a single active frame before the invincibility putters out. This is his best guard cancel of all version of big typhoon by far, as it starts up second fastest, fully invincible and completely safe on hit. It even does semi-decent damage on hit for a guard cancel. If baited though, it is by far the easiest to punish so watch out what move you cancel from into this.

LP Big Breath
Sasquatch breath lp.png
MP Big Breath
Sasquatch breath mp.png
HP Big Breath
Sasquatch breath hp.png
Sasquatch breath es.png
Big Breath - 236P

[ Startup:X | Active:X | Hit:+X ]

Sasquatch shoots a little bit of hot air at the opponent, and freezes them if they get hit by it. No range, but it negates fireballs, and builds meter fairly fast. EX version allows for an additional hit if you freeze them.

  • (Any Version) Ice puff.
  • (ES Version)
Sasquatch icetower 1.png
Sasquatch icetower 2.png
Sasquatch icetower es 1.png
Sasquatch icetower es 2.png
Big Towers - 22P

LK Big Towers [ Startup:7 | Active:12 | Hit:+24 | Block:-8 ]

MK Big Towers [ Startup:7 | Active:22 | Hit:+14 | Block:-18 ]

HK Big Towers [ Startup:10 | Active:32 | Hit:+4 | Block:-28 ]

The normal versions of Big Towers are very useful, and generally aren't given enough credit by the player base who ignores them for ES Big Towers. The anti-air hitboxes are great, and its active for ages. The only real downside is they are air blockable, and probably only a little bit more easily punishable on an air block than ES Big Towers.

Its use as an anti-air is a bit matchup dependant. Generally it is extremely strong against Jedah, Morrigan, and a few other characters who have to end up committing to their air movement. Tossing out the super active HK Big Towers means you don't even really have to time it either. I've seen it work consistently on Demitri as well since none of his normals can get below the hitbox down to the hurtbox.

The plus and block frames on hit and guard listed up above don't really tell the full story, since that is on grounded opponents, and this does not have much utility outside of anti-airs.

On an air hit, this move does a knockdown.

ES Big Towers [ Startup:9 | Active:6(Each Spike) | Hit:Knockdown | Block:-18 ]

This is the move. Usually referred to as 'Ice Tower', it is one of the most frustrating things to deal with when fighting Sasquatch. It is multi-functional, since it works as: An anti-air(but still air blockable), a full screen punish, and a combo tool. Hell, I even just mash it as a reversal sometimes when I see my opponents timing is slightly off.

It travels full screen extremely fast, both in front of and behind Sasquatch. This can be used to punish people throwing bad fireballs, or just jumping around pressing buttons at any position on the screen.

Advantage from a knockdown on hit is huge. You get plenty of time to dash in from full screen and start applying pressure. Plus it does tons of damage to boot. This is not something you want to be hit by.

As a combo tool, I've seen it used occasionally to get a knockdown after a Big Brunch, but when they don't want to deal with the poor advantage on knockdown that ES Big Typhoon gives. Though this is at a price of less damage.

Sasquatch blow 1.png
Sasquatch blow 2.png
Big Blow - 623P (hold P to charge)

[ Startup:X | Active:X | Hit:+X ]

Winds his fist up and unleashes a long punch. Goes further the longer you hold the button. The longer you hold the button, the more unsafe it becomes on block. ES version fully charged hits 3 times.

Really useless move. Takes too long to start up, and the unsafeness of it makes it worthless.

  • (Any Version) Guru guru paaanchi.
  • (ES Version)

EX Moves

Sasquatch bigsledge.png
Big Sledge - 720kk

[ Startup:2 | Active:1 | Total Frames: 65 ]

EX Command throw. If Sasquatch didn't have Big Brunch, this would actually be a strong move. It does a ton of damage and has a great throw range. But when you can do comparable damage or more with Big Brunch and gain meter from the follow up hits, you really don't have a good reason to be using this. On a miss, it always gives a throw whiff animation, like the rest of his command throws.

Sasquatch freezer 1.png
Sasquatch freezer 2.png
Big Freezer - 41236pp

[ Startup:38 | Active:49 | Hit:Knockdown | Block:-25 ]

Ice Beam. Generally ES Big Towers is favored over this by most players as it initially comes out much faster and is generally safer against opponents jumping in on you randomly. At full screen, I'm not quite sure which would reach the other end first, but I am inclined to say ES Big Towers would or it would be about even as Big Freezer doesn't travel quite as fast as it may seem.

There are a few characters I'll occasionally use this on from full screen, such as Lei-Lei, Demitri, Morrigan or Jedah. Usually its just if they are jumping around doing dumb stuff. This move does slightly more damage than ES Big Towers, but its hard to say if you get any REAL benefit out of using it.

Not sure of the comparative advantage on hit you get from this fullscreen compared to ES Big Towers either.

  • Probably need to do proper research for this move at some point.
Sasquatch icepuddle.png
Big Eisbahn - 41236kk

[ Startup:45 | Active:67 | Total Frames on Whiff:119 ]

The Puddle. Unblockable, super-active, character-detached ground grab. A strong move, especially in the corner and the opponent is up-backing just outside of your anti-air range. They'll land on the ice sheet and be unable to escape. You can also set it up with a s.MP canceled into this. There isn't much of a gap to poke out, especially if you canceled from a s.MP that air resets. Setups from s.MP aren't exactly solid though, as in all cases if they notice it, they can simple hold up forward and punish Sasquatch. On defense, make sure you don't try up backing away from it in the corner. You'll just fall back on top of it as you land due to how super-active the move is.

Sasquatch banana.png
Banana - 41236 + Start

[ Startup:70 | Active:179 | Hit:Knockdown | Regains Movement:74 ]

Easter Egg EX Move. Hits low. Causes knockdown on hit. Even though this is projectile that sits on the screen for a good 3 seconds it isn't very good. It costs a meter, has an extremely long start up time, and does almost no damage. Its just not really worth it.

Dark Force

Super Armor: Big Resistor / M.A.P.S. - Same strength P + K

  • Big Resistor (Light or Medium Version/LP+LK or MP+MK: Super Armor: Big Resistor. Adds super armor (not hyper armor). Useful for getting out of traps. A decent option to use when being pressured, but only works on the ground. It also allows you to chain more attacks when dashing.
  • M.A.P.S. (Heavy Version/HP+HK): Magical Avalanche Penguin Super-units. Summons an army of penguins to throw at your opponent. Toss penguins by hitting any punch. Penguins chip on block, and the distance depends on the strength of the punch button. Can be used on the ground and in the air


Walk: The forward walk speed is fairly average, but his backwards walk is a little slower.

Dash: Sasquatch takes a big leap at his opponent. Very easy to hit him out of a regular dash, but Sasquatch also has a shorthop. (Forward, Forward, Back). It shortens the total distance of the hop, but increases the speed greatly. A good portion of where his pressure game comes from.



You want to master Sasquatch's short hop (6,6,4). From the short hop Sasquatch can create a variety of fast, high priority overheads that also get him closer to the opponent! This leads to a multitude of mixups that all ends with painful combos.

Mixup :

MP : stop people from jumping away and air guard Sas' short hop attacks.

short hop MP/LP/LK link to ground combos : hits high

(empty short hop) cr.LK -> ground chain : hits low

(empty short hop) Big Brunch grab -> combo or just P throw : unblockable

Generally Sas is strong against practically anyone, and his game isn't too overly complicated either. In neutral situations space yourself out for your short hop attacks and sweep to hit at max range. Use MP and LP to defend yourself, or just stay back building meter with backdash HP and kara canceled breath.

Ice wave (22PP) is one of the tools to setup your pressure. Use it to catch Demitri spamming air fireballs, catching people off guard when they try to dash in, etc even anti air. Don't be too predictable though, this move is easily react to from a good distance. Don't spam it, decent players won't try to counterattack Sas after one Ice wave, you're just wasting meters.

Once you've knocked them into the corner, keep them there as long as possible. Air throw to keep them from chickenguard jumping out, if they tech it then either sweep, MP or prepare for a command grab. Also ending combos with cr.HP is a pretty good idea to end combos, it prevents rolling, after the reset a random sweep can catch desperate players offguard. MP is still your main sort of annoyance, cancel into sweep if you see your opponent block it high. Once you've maintained good pressure, keep hopping.

Also the Whale super thingie ... it's a big gimmick (you can really get killed for using it) but it's incredibly effective to throw out once in awhile when you're pressuring your opponent. When you've trained your opponent to stay defensive when you're at hop distance, throw out a MP xx this super and it'll break their guard. If you haven't used it a lot, you might just pull this off TWICE in a match.

Advanced Techniques

  • Long dash links in the Corner
Dashing J.attack, recover, J.attack. This string can combo if linked with the right normals & will negate tech-Hits as Sasquatch maintains his momentum.
  • Renda cheese to exploit Anakaris
(st.lp, RENDA st.LP, instant long dash j.lp, instant, Land) xN
  • Long dash links after Brunch
Some opponents make it possible to combo after brunch with long dash links, The initial attack becomes MEATY to allow the second link to connect & be easier to execute. without the MEATY setup, d.j.lp, LINK is a 1-2 frame link.
  • Long dash cross-ups at mid-screen
Against wide opponents (GA, LE, BI, VI, JE) whom are crouching at mid-screen, it's possible for Sasquatch to long dash on the first side & connect with as a cross-up on the second air attack.
  • Short-Hop cross-ups at mid-screen.
Against short crouchers (MO, LI, BU, GA, QB) whom are crouching at mid-screen, it's possible for Sasquatch to short hop and force a J,hk to cross up.
  • Short-hop x Turn Around Brunch
Against short crouchers (MO, LI, BU, GA, QB) whom are crouching at mid-screen, it's possible for Sasquatch to short hop over the opponent then avoid the turn around frames by a perfect input of ES-brunch. ES-Brunch will grab behind Sasquatch & force an instant turn-around.
  • Guard Cancel on trade combos
See memo's section below - HK guard cancel, on trade, can lead to a ridiculously long hit-stun state on the opponent. This creates very easy combos.
  • 2-Hit Ice Towers
Ice towers can hit twice, so long as the opponent's hurt-box resides on both sides of Sasquatch during activation.
  • Hosokawa Resets
While the opponent is in the corner, it's ultra-effective to constantly do short chains ending in to force a corner reset. This build tremendous white life. Mix in these options until the next opening will be a max damage to secure the deathblow.,
Short hop,,,
Brunch, Short-hop,,
  • Guard-Lock Short-hops
Completing a frame tight short-hop j.lp, land short-hop is a 100% block-stun state with no gap for the opponent to act otherwise. the only option for the opponent is GC or Tech-Hit.
  • chain to beat throw attempts
When you make a read that the opponent will throw you, execute an instant 8-jump, (whiff), falling j.lp, string to get some offense & advantage out of the situation.
  • HP-Throw OS & Backwards Knockdown
HP-Throw is also an Option Select for catching players jumping out of the corner; abuse this. Additionally, recognize that after Sasquatch'S HP-Throw connects (No throw-tech) the opponent wakes up BACKWARDS. Their ground rolls are reversed & will most likely NOT execute a reversal.
  • corpse hop slightly moves Sasquatch forward. Use this to corpse hop after correctly guessing the opponents ground roll.
  • Throw-Tech Offense/Confirms
After executing HP-Throw & the opponent completes a Throw-tech, Sasquatch can still maintain an advantage with specific attacks.
  • Short-Hop confirms at neutral
At neutral Sasquatch has a really strong approach/confirm tool; short-hop be sure to follow-up according to the scenario.
Opponent crouches & is hit = xx ES-Typhoon
Opponent stands & blocks = Another short hop or a low attack to maintain offense
Opponent air blocks the = confirm into a grounded UB normal then purse after the reset scenario
Opponent is hit out of jump-startup = purse after the reset scenario
  • xx Big Eisbahn
Gimmicky, but effective if the opponent is being very defensive - after a corner reset, mount an offense with xx Big Eisbahn or a corner combo ending in cr.hp then do an immediate Big Eisbhan
  • hits on both sides
Correctly guess the opponents ground roll then descend with a 8-jump just as they wake-up.
  • Pursuit (whiff) - Big Towers Option Select
When going for a deathblow with pursuit, the opponent may roll away (instant back-roll). Sasquatch can execute ES-Big Towers to cover the whiff & force an instance of cheap-kill damage. Just execute 22+PPP just after Sasquatch lands from the sweep.
If the opponent rolled away = Es-Big Towers cheap-kill
If the opponent didn't roll away = Pursuit's animation covers the 22+PPP input.
  • Kowappa-Sweeps
At higher levels of play, because of the overall risk-reward being in Sasquatch's favor to dash-in at mid-range, most opponents block standing at this distance. Kowappa recognizes this & successfully land many's at this range. The sweep gives Sasquatch time to dash-in & cover all of the opponents roll options.
  • Long-Dash, offers cross-up offense for opponents who are wide while crouching; Lei-Lei, Gallon, Etc.



> = next move is a chain
>> = next move is a link
xx = next move is a special or EX cancel

Basic Combos

  • 2.LK > 2.MP > 2.MK > 2.HK
23 red/41 white
Sasquatch's most basic close range knockdown combo. Works on the entire cast.
  • 2.LK > 2.MP > 2.HK
18 red/32 white
If you're too far away to connect all four hits of the combo above then use this as a long range knockdown chain.

Short Hop Combos
All the following combos can be done from either a regular jump in attack, or off of a short hop (664). The j.MP can also be substituted for a j.MK, which has longer range but can be crouched by certain characters.

  • j.MP >> 2.LK > 2(or)5.MP > 2(or)5.MK > 2.HK
29 red/50~ white
After a short hop, depending on the spacing, you may not be able to land all four hits of the ground attacks due to push back, usually having to remove one of the medium strength attacks (MK recommended) to connect the sweep – I find that this is usually a problem standing opponents. However, by using 5.MP and 5.MK rather than 2.MP and 2.MK in the middle of your chain you are able to hit all four grounded hits from a greater distance due to the standing normals having less push back on hit. The problem with that is about half the cast can croucher under 5.MK and Q-Bee can crouch under 5.MP, so you either need to confirm that the opponent is standing after the 2.LK or just not do chains with standing normals on those characters. The characters that can crouch under 5.MK are: Bulleta, Felicia, Gallon, Lei-Lei, Lilith, Morrigan, Q-Bee, Sasquatch and Zabel.
  • j.MP >> 5.MP > 5.MK > 2.HP
33 red/55 white
Most damage available from basic chain off of a short hop. 2.HP gives an air reset on hit and leaves Sasquatch at +3, this reset is most useful in the corner. You can add in an 2.LK before the MP to add in a bit of a high low mix up, however this will actually cause the combo to do less damage at -2 red/-3 white due to damage scaling.
  • j.MP >> 5.MP xx 623.HK
35 red/55 white
  • j.MP >> 5.MP xx 623.KK
38 red/59 white
  • 664 j.HK (1 hit) >> 2.LK > 2.MP > 2.MK > 2.HK
26 red/44 white
Used on crouching opponents that are crossed up when short hopping.

Jump-In Combos

Including j.HK (2 hits) in your jump in combos is more of an optimized thing and doesn't pop up too often in real matches. Most of the time you'll be jumping in with "j.LP > j.MP" or "j.MP > j.MK" chains.

  • j.MP > j.HK(2 hits) >> 5.MP > 5.MK > 2.HK
35 red/57 white
  • j.MP > j.HK(2 hits) >> 5.MP xx 623.LP(or)MP
38 red/59 white
  • j.MP > j.HK(2 hits) >> 5.MP xx 623.HK
40 red/65 white
  • j.MP > j.HK(2 hits) >> 5.MP xx 623.KK
44 red/69 white

Big Brunch Combos

There are three important things to know about Big Brunch, first being that the opponent can mash while frozen to escape sooner, second that Sasquatch spits the opponents out at different distances some follow ups will not work on the characters that are spit out further away, and lastly ES Big Brunch gives you more time to follow up.

  • 63214.xP >> Short Hop j.MK >> 5.MP xx 623.KK
51 red/77 white
Mid-screen big brunch combo, works on the entire cast.
  • 63214.PP >> j.MP > j.HK(2hit) >> 5.MP xx 623.KK
58 red/92 white
ES Big Brunch only(?); Corner only

Other Combos

  • 5.LP > 5.LP xx 623.KK
28 red/45 white
  • 5.LP > 5.LP >> 5.MP xx 623.KK
34 red/54 white
  • 66j.LP (Early) >> j.MP >> 2.LK > 2.MP > 2.MK > 2.HK
Dash link combo. You must start your dash from far away, press j.LP a bit early so that it will hit later in the active frames which will allow you to link into j.MP. The right spacing and timing is necessary even for comboing into the ground chain portion.
  • 236PP >> (brief wait) >> j.MP >> j.HK (2 hits) >> 5.MP xx 623.KK
52 red/81 white
ES Ice Puff allows for a follow up combo, but if you attack the frozen opponent too early it will cause an air reset and only allow a single hit.

Dark-Force Combos (LP+LK / MP+MK ver.)

  • 66j.LP > j.MP > j.HK(2 hits) >> 2.LK > 2.MP > 2.MK > 2.HK
33 red/54 white
Basic combo utilizing Sasquatch's ability to chain air hits during his hops while Dark-Force is activated.
  • 66j.LP > j.MP > j.MK > j.HK >> 66j.LP > j.MP > j.MK > j.HK >> 66j.LP > j.MP > j.MK > j.HK >> 66j.LP > j.MP > j.MK > j.HK >> 2.LP > 5.MP > 5.MK > 2.HK
51 red/88 white
You do the dash loop 4 times and then end in the ground chain. 24 hits. Works only on standing opponents. It may be possible to get one more dash loop...


Frame Data


Move Startup Hit






Guard Cancel Notes
n.LP 5 +8 +7 0/3/6 Mid Yes/Rapid Renda+: H: +11F G: +10F
n.MP 6 +5 +4 3/9/15 Mid yes
n.HP 8 +6 -7 6/15/24 Mid no
n.LK 5 +7 +6 0/3/6 Mid yes
n.MK 7 0 -1 3/9/15 Mid no
n.HK 8 +11 -2 6/15+9/24 Mid no
LP 5 +5 +4 0/3/6 Mid yes/rapid Renda+: H:+8F G:+7F
MP 6 +5 +4 3/9/15 Mid yes
HP 8 +6 -7 6/15/24 Mid no
LK 5 +5 +4 0/3/6 Mid yes
MK 7 0 -1 3/9/15 Mid no
HK 8 +11 0 6/15+9/24 Mid no

Move Startup Hit






Guard Cancel Notes
c.LP 5 +6 +5 0/3/6 Mid yes Renda+: H:+9F G:+8F
c.MP 6 +4 +3 3/9/15 Mid yes
c.HP 7 +3 -6 6/15+9/24 Mid no
c.LK 5 +5 +4 0/3/6 Low no
c.MK 6 +5 +4 3/9/15 Low yes
c.HK 10 Down -6 6/15/24 Low no

Move Startup Meter


Guard Cancel Notes
j.LP 5 0/3/6 High no
j.MP 6 3/9/15 High no
j.HP 10 6/15/24 High no
j.LK 5 0/3/6 High no
j.MK 6 3/9/15 High no
j.HK 8 6/10+4/15+9 High no

Special Moves

Move Startup Hit






Guard Notes
236LP 28 +60 +24 12/12/12 Mid
236MP 28 +60 +24 12/12/12 Mid
236HP 30 +62 +26 12/12/12 Mid
236PP 30 +103 +26 0/0/0 Mid
623LP 18~ down -19 18/22/26 Mid
623MP 37~ down -31 18/22/26 Mid
623HP 69~ down -47 18/22/26 Mid
623PP 22~ down -45 0/0/0 Mid
623LK 8 -5 -6 18/19+1/21+3 Mid
623MK 11 +2 -15 18/19+1+1/21+3+3 Mid
623HK 10 -5 -22 18/19+1x3/21+3x3 Mid
623KK 9 down -52 0/0/0 Mid
22LP 7 +24 -8 18/21/24 Mid
22MP 7 +14 -18 18/21/24 Mid
22HP 10 +4 -28 18/21/24 Mid
22PP 9 down -18 0/0/0 Mid
624MP 2 variable - 12/22 Throw Causes Freeze
624HP 2 variable - 12/22 Throw Opponent can mash out
624PP 2 variable - 0/0 Throw
360MK 2 down - 12/42 Throw
360HK 2 down - 12/42 Throw
360KK 2 down - 0/0 Throw

EX Moves

Move Gauge Startup Hit




Guard Notes
426PP 1 38 Knockdown -25 Mid
426KK 1 45 Knockdown - Unblockable
426[Start] 1 70 Knockdown - Unblockable
720KK 1 2 Knockdown - Throw

Sasquatch Memos

  • Character highlights from Twitter
  • HK-Guard Cancel, on a trade, can lead to big damage
  • Use close.HP to Guard Cancel bait against Demitri
  • Cr.hp & no chain is better recovery then cr.hp,
  • It's possible to get (3) attacks from a single long-dash using (3) 1-frame links
  • Punish Tenraiha on block examples
  • Mid-Screen throw-tech follow-ups
  • Punish/Option-Select for Zabel's Hell-Gate on wake-up
  • Punish Aulbath's mid-screen throw-tech x Bubble
  • Punish ES-C>R x TK-Quick Jelly setup
  • Unlike most projectiles, Sasquatch can issue a Big-Towers while another one is still on the screen
  • If using super-armor to beat Aulbath's Water-Jail, do not block. you have to use an attack or be in neutral
  • Guard-Lock Unblock will not work with Dark Force Penguins as they have no hitstop.
  • The distance & frame advantage after Big-Brunch varies by the opponent. See the frame data here:
  • hits low & is tall enough to hit air-opponents. Because of these properties, it's super effective to beat Felicia's Cat-Guard Bug
  • Ascending will hit against - Victor, Bishamon, Jedah & Anakaris
  • Brunch combos are specific to the opponent. Some opponents require a long-dash instant J.lp then LINK afterwards.
  • Although ES-towers is not invulnerable, it's still very strong & you should be confident to use the technique as a REVERSAL.
  • While in Dark Force-Armor, Sasquatch can chain from dash attacks
  • To do short-hop j.lp, x short-hop at the fastest possible timing causes the opponent to remain in block-stun such that a Guard Cancel or an invincible attack cannot be accepted.
  • How to ground roll to avoid Sasquatch's ES-Pursuit: By Hosokawa
  • Sasquatch has a secret Draw Game Animation
  • Big-Trap Combos
  • Big-Trap does not interrupt throw, air-throw, 360, 720 or Puddle for additional damage/combo potential
  • Extended corner Big-brunch combo against Gallon'
  • 1998 Combo Video
  • Meaty Typhoon x LINK combo

Sasquatch Bugs

  • Sasquatch can inconsistently hit a long-dash link after Brunchie on certain opponents
  • Super Armor Blocks Command Overheads
  • Super Armor can avoid certain knockdowns & force Sasquatch to disjoint projectile graphics
  • Y-axis During x Throw
  • Standing Animation x Sprite Layer
  • 2-Hit Ice Tower
  • Post ES-Brunch, Resets = Forced Knockdown
  • ES-Typhoon Graphical Bug -
ES-Big Typhoon must be interrupted on specific frames then Sasquatch must go to player-2 side.
  • Tech-Hit x Projectile Displacement w/ Puddle
if the opponent is hit, the animation transports to the original position
  • Turn-Around Priority x ES-Brunch
  • Similar to Anakaris's curses, Sasquatch's "Big-trap (Banana)" has no guard-stop graphic. It's easy to confirm because the animation is there in AUTO-GUARD mode.
  • Big-Blow will buffer punch inputs causing some execution challenges. Even if the buttons are pressed 1-frame apart, the input is still retained.
  • Unblock ES-Guard Cancel Frames
See The first chart here - Sasquatch is at frame# 07
  • ES-Big Breath graphical errors
ES-Breath into any other ice animation can retains an ice animation
ES Breath into an instant attack (sweep, D.lp, Etc.) retains the ice animation longer than normal - Ice may have a minimum duration.
  • Super Armor x Big Towers graphical error
  • Head-Ride canceling Big Towers will cause graphical to remain unti the move is executed again

Notable Japan Players

Japanese Player Index:

Name (English) Name (Japanese) Color Location Contact Notes
DD DD or 山岡士郎 LP Sasquatch color lp small.png Kanto Region
#01 Sassy
Kowappa こわっぱ LP Sasquatch color lp small.png Kanto Region #02 Sasquatch
Also goes by "Kowahara"
Very Active
Haitani ハイタニ HK Sasquatch color hk small.png Osaka, Japan Inactive, but a GOD
TKO KK Sasquatch color kk small.png Kanto Region
Japanese Vampire Hunter Community leader
#01 Hunter Sasquatch
Sasunii さす兄 MP Sasquatch color mp small.png Tokyo, Japan
Big Brother Sasquatch
Nasu ナス LK Sasquatch color lk small.png Kanto Region
Hosokawa ホソカワ MP Sasquatch color mp small.png Nagoya, Japan
uses as corner resets
Okekebi おけけび MP Sasquatch color mp small.png Saitama, Japan
Orecom 俺こん LP Sasquatch color lp small.png Used to be Felicia.
Kuma クマ HP Sasquatch color hp small.png Yamagata, Japan
Tsune ツネ KK Sasquatch color kk small.png Kanto Region