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Vampire Chronicle for Matching Service
Vampire Chronicle: The Chaos Tower
Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower


Move Lists:


Vampire Chronicle for Matching Service was originally a Japanese exclusive release for the Sega Dreamcast in the year 2000. The game had an extremely low print run, and was only available through mail-order. In 2005, it was released at launch for the PlayStation Portable as Vampire Chronicle: The Chaos Tower in Japan and Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower elsewhere. There are a few differences between versions of the game, but I'll be talking mostly about the Dreamcast version here.

The game itself is intended to be a dream match Vampire game, where you can select any version of a character, from their incarnation in the first Vampire game to how they play in Vampire Hunter or even Vampire Savior 2. This applies for characters who were introduced later in the series, such as a completely original Vampire Hunter version of Lilith, who was introduced in the following game.

But, the reality is the dream match's potential was never reached. The effort put into the game was noticeably lazy, with all versions of the characters having a Savior 2 base in terms of hitboxes, frame data, damage values, and other stats. Alternate versions of characters, such as say Hunter Demitri, is just Savior 2 Demitri with a few move attributes changed. Most of the characters aren't much like their original versions because of this, with only the basic system mechanics changes from the version select to differentiate between them. To be fair, there are a few incarnations that do stand out on their own, and we'll discuss them further below.

Validity of Use in Tournaments

Using Vampire Chronicle as a stand-in for Vampire Savior is a topic I hear come up frequently and is one of the main reasons for the creation of this article. The answer is no, if you are going to run a Vampire Savior tournament, Vampire Chronicle is not an acceptable substitute.

There are many problems with the release which I'll go over briefly this section, and list character specific changes/problems in the section below.

The base of the entire game is Vampire Savior 2, and almost all of those changes find their way back into the Savior Versions of the characters. Things changed include:

  • Damage - Many characters have some large damage nerfs that were not reverted back to their original values.
  • Special Moves - Some special move changes are extreme, such as being able to block Aulbath's bubble on wake up.
  • Dash Links - Mostly removed from the game. This mostly makes a lot of the mid to upper mid-tier characters worse.
  • Normal Moves - Many properties such as ones hitting high or low that should not remain.
  • Hitboxes and Frame Data - Many of the hitboxes have been proven to be the same through testing. Some of it is very significant such as a taller crouching Q-Bee. Frame data is a bit harder to test, but it seems likely at this point.

Luckily, one of the things that did not find its way over to Chronicle was the problematic throw loops that were possible in Vampire Savior 2.

Beyond the Vampire Savior 2 changes, there are many Chronicle exclusive changes that greatly affect gameplay:

  • Movement options, from air-dashes to short-hops have been nerfed. Its incredibly difficult to combo from some IADs like Zabels, and Sasquatch's hop behaves different from how it did even in Vampire Hunter 2. These changes are more significant than the lack of dash links.
  • Some attacks behave bizarrely, such as being able to perform Demitri's air fireball even lower to the ground.
  • Corner cross-up behavior in Vampire Savior 2 was a bit different than in Vampire Savior, in that you could much more easily cross-up the opponent in the corner. In Chronicle, it seems even easier than it was there.

Many of these changes seem a bit small on their own, but when combined the game has a vastly different feel to it.

Now, if was a tournament billed as being specifically a Vampire Chronicle Tournament, that's fine. I wouldn't mind messing with this game a bit more myself, it just can't be claimed to be Vampire Savior.


This is how the game itself refers to the Versions available, and thats how we will be refering to them in this article.

  • Vampire are characters from the first game in the series known as Vampire: The Night Warriors or Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors.
  • Hunter are characters from the second game in the series known as Vampire Hunter: Darkstalkers' Revenge or Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge.
  • Savior are characters from the third game in the series known as Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire or Darkstalkers 3
  • Savior 2 are characters from the update of the third game known as Vampire Savior 2: The Lord of Vampire

Version Select Differences

Mechanics Vampire Hunter Savior Savior 2
Tech Rolls Yes Yes Yes Yes
Guard Cancels Yes Yes Yes Yes
Push Block No No Yes Yes
Hunter Chains No[1] Yes Yes Yes
Chains into Special Move Cancels Yes No No No
Air Chains No No Yes Limited[2]
Air Links Maybe[3] Yes No Yes
VS2 Style Cancelable Jump Light Attacks Yes Yes No Yes
Jump Light Attacks are Active Until Landing Yes Yes No No
Pursuit Attacks No Yes[4] Yes Yes
Renda Bonus No Yes Yes Yes
Savior Dark Force No No Yes Maybe[5]
Savior 2 Dark Force No No No Yes
  1. Chains are only available with Light > Strong > Hard, with no going between two attacks of the same strength.
  2. Air Chains become available when Savior 2 Dark Force is active.
  3. Only about half the cast or less can potentially air link as a Vampire character. Most of the ones that can perform actions after a Medium or Hard attack are ones are newer characters that had a Vampire version created for this game, such as Bulleta. While characters like Demitri, who was in the original Vampire, can perform another action in the air after the first, they have a long recovery time after jumping Medium and Hard attacks.
  4. Pursuit attacks only work with kick buttons, not punches.
  5. Dark Forces are activated with command inputs, but some characters had their Savior Dark Force removed, particularly ones that gave Super or Hyper Armor.


At first glance it may appear the Vampire versions of characters are much more limited than any other version, and that would mostly be correct as many of the characters are watered down variations of their Hunter forms. Still, a handful of characters are given unique and interesting tools that place them the furthest away from their Vampire Savior incarnations we are all used to, so its definitely worth checking out. Characters that make the most of Vampire are Demitri, and Lilith; while characters that may be interesting to check out are Bulleta, Gallon and Lei-Lei.
  • Chains into Special Move Cancels: The only unique benefit to picking a Vampire version of a character. Being able to special move cancel your chain can set up some interesting pressure, and easy combos for certain characters. For many characters this may be the most useful reason to pick this version. You must chain into a special move cancelable normal to make the most use of this. Something to keep in mind if you are trying to cancel into a hard version of a special move from a medium strength normal is that you should delay your special cancel as late as possible, otherwise you will just chain directly into your hard attack normal.
  • This may not work if you chain/link two light attacks into a medium, as in you may not be able to cancel from the medium at that point. Need to re-test.
  • Chains Only Work from Light to Hard: Chains are only available from Light > Medium > Hard, while going between two attacks of the same strength such as Light > Medium > Medium > Hard is not allowed.
  • Air Links: This only works for about half the cast in their Vampire form. Use it where you can.
  • Vampire Savior 2 Style Cancelable Jumping Light Attacks: This is going to be most Vampire characters method to combo and block-string from a jump. While the light attacks cancel into other attacks on hit, it is much later than you'd do from a chain combo Savior style. This also makes jumping light attacks whiff cancelable on hit.
  • Jumping Light Attacks are Active Until Landing: A very strong mechanic, especially combined with an amazingly good jumping normal like Demitri's j.LK.
Differences from Vampire: The Night Warriors
  • Tech Roll: This was not available in the original game. I guess they figured not having this available would simply make the Vampire characters practically unplayable, which is true.
  • Throw Loops: Gone. Throw invincibility on wakeup.


  • Hunter Chains: Gives Hunter, Savior and Savior 2 characters easy access to much higher damage and pressure strings than Vampire characters.
  • Air Links: Many interesting jump in combos are possible with these, as many characters can even link from attacks like j.HP or j.HK due to how fast they recover.
  • Vampire Savior 2 Style Cancelable Jumping Light Attacks: Easiest way to combo from a jump in. Don't ignore the potential of air links for this though. Can also instantly whiff cancel jumping light attacks into any other jump attack.
  • Jumping Light Attacks are Active Until Landing: A very strong mechanic, especially combined with an amazingly good jumping normal like Demitri's j.LK.
  • Pursuit Attacks: Can only be performed with kick buttons, unlike Savior and Savior 2 pursuit attacks. Nice to have when comparing Vampire and Hunter characters, as it gives access to advanced pressure and mix up options that Vampire characters end up losing.
  • Renda Bonus: While Vampire characters can Special Cancel from their chains, Hunter characters like Bulleta would need this to still be able to do their basic combos, so they were sensibly given access to renda bonus.
Differences from Vampire Hunter: Darkstalkers' Revenge


Home to the strongest characters in the game, though that is not to say it is always the best choice for every character. Air Chains, and Savior Dark Force are what set this apart from the rest. Characters that make the most out of Savior are Phobos, Jedah, Q-Bee, Aulbath, Bishamon, Lei-Lei, and Sasquatch.
  • Push Block: Standard Vampire Savior push block everybody is used to, so perform it like you usually do. The inputs needed to achieve push block are actually the same as Vampire Savior, and not just copied over Vampire Savior 2 push block code surprisingly enough. Having access to push block automatically puts Savior and Savior 2 characters above Vampire and Hunter characters.
  • Hunter Chains: Same as Vampire Savior.
  • Air Chains: While some tricky things are possible with the Air Links available in other versions depending on the character, overall Air Chains tend to be much more useful. Considered a large boon to Savior characters.
  • Pursuit Attacks: Same as Vampire Savior
  • Savior Dark Force: Same as Vampire Savior. In terms of comparison to the Savior Dark Force available for Savior 2 characters, when you are hit you stay in Dark Force, which is good for some characters and bad for others.
  • Renda Bonus: Same as Vampire Savior.
Differences from Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire
  • Look in the above section for a huge list of significant differences.

Savior 2

Despite the obvious lack of Air Chains, there is still value to be found in selecting Savior 2 over Savior for a few characters. Air Links are more difficult but provide a few characters with stronger jump ins, spamming whiffed jump light attacks can be annoying, Savior Dark Force deactivating on hit makes several Dark Forces more spammable since you can't be punished on deactivation, and Savior 2 Dark Force is pretty useful for a few characters that sit on extra meter. Characters that may make the most of Savior 2 are Anakaris, Morrigan and Felicia; while characters that may be interesting to check out are is Jedah, Demitri and Oboro Bishamon.
  • Push Block: Vampire Savior 2 style push block. There is some info about it on the Vampire Savior 2/Hunter 2 changes page on Mizuumi.
  • Hunter Chains: Same as Vampire Savior
  • Air Links: Many interesting jump in combos are possible with these, as many characters can even link from attacks like j.HP or j.HK due to how fast they recover.
  • Vampire Savior 2 Style Cancelable Jumping Light Attacks: Easiest way to combo from a jump in. Don't ignore the potential of air links for this though. Can also instantly whiff cancel jumping light attacks into any other jumping attacks.
  • Pursuit Attacks: Same as Vampire Savior.
  • Savior Dark Force: Not available for every character. Most of the Dark Forces that gave Super or Hyper armor have been removed. Inputs for activation vary. When you are hit, Dark Force automatically ends, which is good for some characters and bad for others.
  • Savior 2 Dark Force: Activated with a Punch and a Kick of the same strength. Gives a number of different benefits, including access to air chains. Costs 2 meters. Look at the Vampire Savior 2/Hunter 2 changes page on Mizuumi for more information, as this has a huge list of effects. This is very helpful to a few characters, though overall the 2 meter cost is considerable.
  • Air Chains: These are only available when Savior 2 characters are in Savior 2 Dark Force. When active they lose access to Air Links and Cancelable Jumping Light Attacks.
  • Renda Bonus: Same as Vampire Savior.
Differences from Vampire Savior 2 and Vampire Hunter 2
  • Throw Loops: Gone. Throw invincibility on wake up has returned.

Changes Between Vampire Savior and Savior in Chronicle

Savior Anakaris

Only in Chronicle
None currently known.
Same as Vampire Savior 2
  • s.LK hits low.
  • ES Coffin Drop has the ability to juggle.
  • Dash Links removed.

Savior Aulbath

Only in Chronicle
None currently known.
Same as Vampire Savior 2
  • Bubble will not unblockable opponents on their wake up. They may block it a set number a frames after standing from a knockdown. This applies to Hunter Aulbath as well.

Savior Bishamon

Only in Chronicle
  • ES Projectile and HP Projectile have been swapped as Bishamon's combo tool. This means he now gets Projectile knockdown combos for no meter. ES Projectile no longer combos from any further away than point blank. LP and MP Projectile work as well, but not quite as far away. Since ES Projectile no longer combos, his matchup against Bulleta is even worse now. The reason for this seems to be the point in Bishamon's body the Projectile originates from has been swapped, the regular version appears on the end of his hand and the ES one from his inside his torso.
Same as Vampire Savior 2
  • Unblockable ES Fireball removed. Though it would be different to setup because of the changes to ES Projectile.
  • Cannot dash link generally. It is barely possible from a 66.LK, feels like 1 frame.

Savior Bulleta

Only in Chronicle

Same as Vampire Savior 2

Savior Demitri

Only in Chronicle
Same as Vampire Savior 2
  • Air Chaos Flares may be thrown lower to the ground than in Vampire Savior. This means Demitri himself and Donovan cannot walk under them and are forced to block if standing.
  • s.LK hits low
  • Far s.LP does less damage than Close s.LP.
  • Same general damage nerfs as implemented in Vampire Savior 2.
  • I'd be worried ES Bat Flare is still mashable to escape too, needs to be looked into.

Savior Felicia

Only in Chronicle

Same as Vampire Savior 2

Savior Gallon

Only in Chronicle

Same as Vampire Savior 2

Savior Jedah

Only in Chronicle

Same as Vampire Savior 2

Savior Lei-Lei

Only in Chronicle

Same as Vampire Savior 2

Savior Lilith

Only in Chronicle
None currently known.
Same as Vampire Savior 2
  • Dash links removed.
  • Standing Hard Kick is the same as her Savior 2 version, where its much slower, only hits once, and hits as an overhead.

Savior Morrigan

Only in Chronicle

Same as Vampire Savior 2


Only in Chronicle
  • While in the flight Dark Force, none of Phobos' jump normals will hit high, they can be blocked low. (Need to test if this applies to his low attacks as well.)

Savior Q-Bee

Only in Chronicle

Same as Vampire Savior 2

Savior Sasquatch

Only in Chronicle
  • Sasquatch's short hop is much more difficult to hit out of. If you cancel the hop too soon you will land before you can get your attack out. While something similar was the case in Vampire Savior 2, the feel of his hop is different event from that.
Same as Vampire Savior 2

Savior Victor

Only in Chronicle

Same as Vampire Savior 2

Savior Zabel

Only in Chronicle
  • Extremely difficult to combo from his Instant Air Dash. There are obvious landing frames added in Chronicle. It is typically easier to combo from a meaty, so you may still be able to land a combo after the unblockable. This change is huge and makes Zabel near unplayable in his previous style.
  • Unblockable j.LK is surprisingly still in.
Same as Vampire Savior 2

Vampire and Hunter Character Versions


Vampire Demitri

Vchronicle demitri vampire.gif
New Moves or Moves with Changed Inputs
  • Midnight Pleasure - 263.PP, costs one meter. Easier input, less meter. Cannot cancel from chains now.
Special Move Changes
Demon Cradle
  • Demon Cradle is air unblockable until a moment after his feet leave the ground.
This means you can get away with using HP and ES Demon cradle more for the extra damage.
  • ES Demon Cradle hits 5 times instead of 8, damage lessened from 35r/47w to 25r/34w.
Chaos Flare
  • A ground and air Chaos Flare can both be on the screen at the same time.
  • Demitri and Donovan cannot walk under low to the ground air Chaos Flares, they are forced to block.
  • Regular and ES Chaos Flares both knockdown on hit.
  • Grounded ES Chaos Flare hits twice, but does the same damage as the single hit Savior version.
  • Air ES Chaos Flare hits only once, and only does half the damage at 7r/11w. This is much less than a regular Chaos Flare which does 10r/16w.
  • ES Chaos Flare is too slow to combo into.
Bat Drill
  • Regular Bat Drill can behave as an ES one, as per a bug in the original game. Simply keep pumping the 214 input while pianoing all the kick buttons and you will keep spinning until you reach the ground. Makes Bat Drill pretty much safe.
Negative Stolen
  • Negative Stolen will not work out of a dash.
Missing Moves and Mechanics
  • Demon Billion
  • Midnight Bliss
  • Kick Throw
  • Air Throw
  • Does not have Air Links, combos are done with Jump Light Attack Cancels.
Normal Move Changes
  • c.HP knocks down.
  • c.MK has the same animation of s.MK but has an incredibly fast recovery(You can even link from it). In the original game, this move had a stupidly buff hitbox and was one of the best normal anti-airs in the game.
  • c.MK can be blocked standing. (re-test this)
  • j.LP has j.MPs animation, and seems to have a similar hitbox. A definite improvement over his Savior j.LP.
  • j.LK points downward, and is an amazing jump in. It can even instant overhead. You can link any of his other normals off of it easily.
Major Differences From the Original Vampire 1 Demitri
  • No free Midnight Pleasures on an air reset, it can always be jumped out of.
  • c.LK > c.MP > c.HK
15 Red/30 White
  • c.LK >> c.LK > c.MP > c.HK
16 Red/31 White
  • c.LK > c.MP xx 236.HP
18 Red/32 White
  • c.LK > c.MP > c.HP
18 Red/33 White
  • c.MK >> c.LK > c.MP > c.HK
19 Red/37 White

Hunter Demitri

Vchronicle demitri hunter.gif
New Moves or Moves with Changed Inputs
  • Demon Blast - 263.KK, costs 1 meter. A returning move from Vampire Hunter. Major Improvement to Demon Billion.
  • Midnight Pleasure - 263.PP, costs 1 meter. Easier input, less meter. Cannot cancel it from chains now.
Special Move Changes
Demon Cradle
  • Demon Cradle is air-unblockable during the startup frames.
  • ES Demon Cradle hits only 7 times, doing less damage at 32w/43w from originally 35r/47w.
Chaos Flare
  • Chaos Flare has a different animation and stun effect
  • Regular Chaos Flare does not knockdown like in Vampire
  • ES Chaos Flare hits 3 times and knocks down. 13r/21w
  • ES Chaos Flare is too slow to combo into.
Normal Move Changes
  • j.LK aims directly downward and has an amazing hitbox. It links into any one of his other air normals.
Missing Moves
  • Demon Billion
  • Midnight Bliss
  • Kick Throw


Vampire Lilith

New Moves or Moves with Changed Inputs
  • Air Dash (j66) - Not cancelable with a back input. This air dash can be done about as low as Zabel's air dash, but it is extremely hard to combo out of in Chronicle just like his. If it did not have landing recovery like Zabels, comboing out of this would most likely be consistent. Attacking with her new 2 hit j.HP or a max range j.HK is strong.
Special Move Changes
Soul Flash
  • Soul Flash travels much further. LP goes about half screen, and HP goes almost full screen, and ES travels full screen.
  • ES Soul Flash hits twice and knocks down, on the air and ground. Does
  • Because you cannot super jump, you tiger knee the fireball much faster and a little lower to the ground.
  • All versions travel the same speed.
Shining Blade
  • Shining Blade is air unblockable during the starting frames.
Luminous Illusion
  • Luminous Illusion will not combo out of anything longer than a 2 hit chain. The move itself seems more affected by pushback from attacks, giving it less forward momentum. Even then, comboing from 2 hits is difficult when hard attacks are included.
  • Will not combo on an airborne opponent. It will hit once and cause a knockdown. This also means you also can't do a combo such as ES Mystic Arrow >> LI
  • Cannot perform in the air.
Normal Move Changes
  • Jumping Hard Punch hits twice. Does 10r/15w damage.
  • Standing Hard Kick hits twice. Does 14r/19w damage. (Savior Lilith in this game has her Savior 2 s.HK)
Missing Moves From Savior
  • No Air Throw
  • No Pursuit Attack
  • No Super Jump
  • No Splendor Love
  • No Gloomy Puppet Show
  • No Dark Force
Generally if you get the chance, you'd rather combo into HK Merry Turn rather than c.HK.
  • j.LP >> j.HP(2hit) >> c.LK > c.MP > c.HK
24 Red/40 White
  • j.LP >> j.HP(2hit) >> c.LK > c.MK xx HK Merry Turn
31 Red/48 White - c.MK gives the most consistant chance of landing Merry Turn from further away. If you are too far just go into c.HK
  • instant j.LK >> j.LP >> j.HP(2hit) >> c.LK > c.MK xx HK Merry Turn
30 Red/48 White - Works on standing Demitri. Able to instantly attack out of a jump and carry until the ground.

Hunter Lilith


Potentially Interesting Characters

  • Hunter Bulleta
  • 236.P/K missle input. Lock down with this seems potentially strong.
  • Air unblockable Moltov
  • Vampire version seems pretty much the same, but missing the Hunter system mechanics.
  • Vampire Gallon
  • Kind of weird. Interesting to check out just to see what he has. Better have a move list infront of you because his inputs are extremely strange.
  • Has a bunch of wonky normals... Though missing some incredibly useful ones like j.HP, a cross up j.LK
  • Beast Cannon is a super and only hits a max of 2 times for regular damage. His normal special is 'Beast Rush'. Hits once and does a knockdown. Decent damage for what it is.
  • Still has kinda stupid damage with doing a simple combo like j.HK >> c.LP > c.MP xx ES Climb Razor
  • Air game seems much weaker. You can't whiff cancel or link from j.LK into anything and j.LP seems pretty terrible. Have to watch out for chicken guarding.
  • You may just wanna play footsies and try to confirm a far c.LP > c.MP xx Beast Rush for a knock down. May be a strong ground based character.
  • s.HK potentially good AA?
  • Hunter Gallon seems much better.
  • Hunter Gallon
  • Mirage Body is a super here, and not a dark force. It has invincibility on startup, zero recovery, and he is not knocked out of it when hit. He also builds meter while it is active. Honestly this move seems terrifying and he can probably be played just by constantly activating it due to the meter it builds when active.
  • Million Flicker doesn't hit a million times when in Mirage Body like it does with the Savior Dark Force.
  • ES Beast Cannon only hits a maximum of three times, but you have control over it for 5 inputs.
  • Has a couple strange looking normals, but most of his attacks besides far s.HP have the same use either way, even Close HK.
  • Hunter Jedah
  • Holding down or up during his ground dash alters the trajectory. Looks cool.
  • Can't properly combo from his dash HK. Kinda works with HP but puts you at a bad distance to get a decent follow up.
  • You get extra float time when attacking out of his dash at a very low height. You can do things similar to CFJ Jedah chains.
  • HK wheel goes full screen, MK goes midscreen.
  • Vampire version seems pretty much the same, just missing some good special moves and the superior Hunter system mechanics.
  • Much worse than his counter parts in Savior and Savior 2, but has a few interesting things.
  • Vampire Lei-Lei
  • Has a regular ground dash. She can attack standing or crouching out of this and press back to cancel. Very floaty when using Medium or Hard attacks out of it.
  • Air dash does not automatically decend after pressing an attack button. You still float forward until the end. That is unless you cancel it with back. This may actually be about the same speed you can attack out of her air dash in Savior. Comboing from this can still a little bit difficult due to the dash mechanic changes.
  • ES Item Toss is her ES Item Toss from Hunter and Anakaris' ES Item Toss from Savior. Oddly enough, her ES Item Toss in Hunter is her ES Item Toss from Savior.
  • Items are only giant spiked balls with a slightly different trajectory. You can hit people from almost full screen with the LP version. I'm inclined to believe the projectile is better as well.
  • Hunter Q-Bee
  • Air dash is ruined. Can't combo out of it as far as I can tell due to how it moves.
  • She can do crouching attacks out of her ground dash... Which is almost kind of terrifying to be honest. But only if she doesn't have her Savior 2 crouching hitboxes.
  • Not seeing any other difference really to be honest.
  • Vampire Q-Bee is basically the same, but more limited, except she can airdash backwards for some reason. She faces the way she is dashing like Lei-Lei.

Disappointing Characters

  • Vampire & Hunter Aulbath
  • WHERE IS THE KANIPAN? The c.HP overhead?
  • His Psycho Crusher actually hits overhead and comes out fast. Does it hit high in Hunter as well? (Apparently this doesn't hit high on PSP version)
  • Where is the Zabel infinite in Vampire in the corner with MP xx Sonar?
  • Every version of Aulbath has the problem where Bubble can be blocked several frames after waking up. It cannot unblockable someone as a meatie.
  • Vampire & Hunter Bishamon
  • Also where is his big dumb damage?
  • Can't do anything with his light attacks. Bad frame advantage.
  • Nothing really interesting besides his sword projectile and dumb hand command throw that has a hitbox if you are out of range or they jump. Well ok those things are a little interesting.
  • Vampire & Hunter Morrigan
  • Probably has the same air unblockable DP all the other versions of these characters have.
  • Can instantly attack out of her dash into a normal and cancel into into Shell Kick before she lands.
  • Has the same issues with connecting Darkness Illusion that Lilith does.
  • Astral Vision Super with Hunter Morrigan seems interesting. No recovery, can be activated in the air. Functions a bit like Gallon's Mirage super potentially.
  • Vampire Morrigan has nothing that Hunter doesn't already do better. Go with that one. Savior 2 Morrigan may just be the best version overall though.
  • Hunter Sasquatch
  • Hunter Sas Tatsu is funny, is missing his Hunter juggle combos though I believe.
  • Vampire Sasquatch doesn't really do anything interesting. His command throw looks stupid and is kinda funny though.
  • Vampire & Hunter Zabel
  • Well, I'm not exactly disappointed, but he has a weird glitch with his air dash. If you dash cancel, and then do a normal, he will simply float in place for a moment after the opponent blocks the normal, kinda like he would if you didn't cancel the air dash at all. Amazingly, he can somehow combo still like this in Hunter.
  • Interestingly, he can tigerknee Death Hurricane. Not Death Voltage though.
  • The only Vampire character with a pursuit? Input with 2-8.K(KK)
  • Drill causes hard knockdown in Vampire. No Light Kick drill though.

Still Need to Check Out

  • Hunter Demitri - Looked at him a bit but need to check out a lot more still, may be decent
  • Vampire & Hunter Felicia
  • Hunter Lei-Lei
  • Vampire & Hunter Victor
  • Vampire & Hunter Phobos
  • Vampire & Hunter Donovan
  • Vampire & Hunter Pyron
    • Vampire Pyron is not the boss character he once was. Maximum damage is very low, and broken tools like Orbital Blaze being air unblockable is no longer the case.
Vampire Savior
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