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Costume Colors
Victor von Gerdenheim


Victor von Gerdenheim (ビクトル), the Frankenstein. Victor is a slow but powerful grappler-type character. Although he lacks speed and air movement options he makes up for it with range and utility. His j.HP is easily one of the best jumping attacks in the game and he has fairly good anti-airs, thus he is able to dominate the air and get in on people rather easily. Despite being the "big man grappler" in the game, other characters excel at grappling more-so than him, forcing him to play the zone and poke game with his beefy normals. In order to play Victor, having a great deal of patience and reserve is usually a good asset.

His Strengths

  • Most health in the game. This combined with good defense makes him really aggravating to kill.
  • Gigantic normals that are annoying and do quite a bit of damage.
  • He can electrify his Medium and Heavy normals to give them different properties, and larger hitboxes. The normals can chip too. Electic attacks also crush most projectiles (with exceptions).
  • His grapples do a ton of damage
  • Highest damage pursuit in the game
  • Good Dark Forces
  • One frame command throws
  • Good specials and EX Moves.

His Weaknesses

  • For a grappler, his range on his grabs is not too good
  • Worst dash in the game
  • Mixup is not super good compared to others
  • Fairly slow
  • Huge character, so he is suceptible to shenanigans. This includes his crouch.
  • No good invulnerable attacks outside of GC
  • The cast often does his grappling job better than he does, so he often is played more like a brawler.
  • Not really a combo oriented character


As a Playable Character

Basic Hitboxes & Movement

Victor standing.png
Standing Hitbox

The third tallest standing character in the game. His extreme height gives him several problems, such as big jump-in chain attacks and the inability to walk underneath Demitri's air fireball. He has one of the slower walk speeds in the game, and his alternative movement options (dashing, special moves) are lacking.

While in hitstun, his head hitbox disappears, which thankfully makes some re-jump infinite combos impossible.

Victor crouch.png
Crouching Hitbox


Victor is the second tallest crouching character in the game, being only a pixel shorter than Bishamon. This immense crouching height puts him in the path of many extremely pressuring normals that would typically whiff on everyone else in the cast, such as certain characters jabs and Q-Bee's standing medium punch. To make matters worse, he doesn't have a solid low profile move, like Bishamon's Iai Giri slashes, to attempt to go underneath these attacks. The only attack Victor has which shrinks his hurtbox would be his Mega Forehead, though it's somewhat slow startup would make it difficult to use for such a purpose.

Typically, you need to have solid pushblock or guard cancel skills to deal with players who may heavily abuse this.

Victor jump.png
Jumping Hitbox

A very tall jumping hurtbox with a rather short jump, Victor has some issues jumping away from pressure compared to other characters. However, once he's in the air, he becomes somewhat terrifying due to the power of jumping hard punch.

Again, solid pushblock skills are useful here, to give you the space needed to jump for offense or defense.

Victor dash.png
Dashing Hitbox

The worst dash in the game. It's extremely slow for a dash and travels very little distance. It still has some use in an up close pressure game though. You could use it to go under Demitri's Fireballs too I guess.

Normal Moves

Standing Normals

* Hold the button to electrify a normal move. Electrified normals deal less damage, cancel out projectiles, deal chip damage on block and have radically different move timings. If you reset and opponent with an electrified normal, they will be 'frozen' in the electrocuted for a short duration allowing you to recover first. This gives you enough time to do a mixup while they are recovering.

Victor s lp.png

[ Startup:5 | Active:3 | Hit:+4 | Block:+3 | Renda: H:+7 B:+6 ]

Very nice range for a Jab. Whiff on short crouching characters. Has decent frame advantage on block/hit, very good for a dash in. Cancelable.

Victor s mp.png

[ Startup:9 | Active:3 | Hit:0 | Block:-1 ]

Can be used to hit an opponent trying to jump out, electrify it and you should have enough time for a mixup attempt.

Victor elec s mp.png
Electric 5.MP

[ Startup:8 | Active:5 | Hit:+4 | Block:-11 ]

Victor s hp.png

[ Startup:13 | Active:3 | Hit:+10 | Block:-3 ]

Victor unleashes a mighty punch. Has great range. Reset on hit.

Victor elec s hp.png
Electric 5.HP

[ Startup:16 | Active:10 | Hit:+42 | Block:-11 ]

Victor s lk.png

[ Startup:6 | Active:3 | Hit:+8 | Block:+7 | Renda: H:+11 B:+10 ]

Short range but will hit most crouching opponents. Has quite a bit of frame advantage when it connects. Dash LK can link to LP or LK. Cancelable.

Victor s mk.png

[ Startup:9 | Active:3 | Hit:0 | Block:-1 ]

Few frames slower than MP, slightly higher hitbox. Very possible to counter hit certain low moves.

Victor elec s mk.png
Electric 5.MK

[ Startup:10 | Active:3 | Hit:+1 | Block:-13 ]

Victor s hk.png

[ Startup:13 | Active:6 | Hit:+2 | Block:-11 ]

Covers a huge area and hits people out of the air. Reset on hit.

Victor elec s hk.png
Electric 5.HK

[ Startup:18 | Active:10 | Hit:+35 | Block:-17 ]

Close Standing Normals

Victor n mp.png
Close 5.MP

[ Startup:9 | Active:3 | Hit:-4 | Block:-5 ]

• At 64 pixels away from the opponent this turns into Far 5.MP.
Victor elec n mp.png
Electric Close 5.MP

[ Startup:13 | Active:8 | Hit:+7 | Block:-7 ]

Since electric moves have no pushback, you can do a [2.LK > Close Electric 5.MP] and then link off of it as a combo extension. Great normal if you can consistently link off of this.

• At 64 pixels away from the opponent this turns into Far Electric 5.MP.
Victor n hp.png
Close 5.HP

[ Startup:11 | Active:4 | Hit:+4 | Block:-9 ]

Victor brings his fist down on his opponent's head. Reset on hit.

• At 64 pixels away from the opponent this turns into Far 5.HP.
Victor elec n hp.png
Electric Close 5.HP

[ Startup:15 | Active:8 | Hit:+44 | Block:-9 ]

• At 64 pixels away from the opponent this turns into Far Electric 5.HP.
Victor n lk.png
Close 5.LK

[ Startup:5 | Active:3 | Hit:+5 | Block:+4 ]

Doesn't have the frame advantage of the far LK. Cancelable.

• At 32 pixels away from the opponent this turns into Far 5.LK.
Victor n mk.png
Close 5.MK

[ Startup:11 | Active:3 | Hit:-3 | Block:-4 ]

• At 64 pixels away from the opponent this turns into Far 5.MK.
Victor elec n mk.png
Close 5.MK

[ Startup:13 | Active:12 | Hit:+6 | Block:-8 ]

• At 64 pixels away from the opponent this turns into Far Electric 5.MK.
Victor n hk.png
Close 5.HK

[ Startup:16 | Active:3 | Hit:+0 | Block:-1 ]

• At 64 pixels away from the opponent this turns into Far 5.HK.
Victor elec n hk.png
Electric Close 5.HK

[ Startup:21 | Active:3 | Hit:+47 | Block:-5 ]

• At 64 pixels away from the opponent this turns into Far Electric 5.HK.

Crouching Normals

Victor c lp.png

[ Startup:5 | Active:3 | Hit:+7 | Block:+6 | Renda: H:+10 B:+9 ]

Victor c mp.png

[ Startup:9 | Active:3 | Hit:+2 | Block:+1 ]

Victor elec c mp.png
Electric 2.MP

[ Startup:8 | Active:5 | Hit:+6 | Block:-9 ]

Victor c hp 1.png
Victor c hp 2.png

[ Startup:11 | Active:6 | Hit:+4 | Block:-7 ]

Victor elec c hp 1.png
Victor elec c hp 2.png
Electric 2.HP

[ Startup:17 | Active:13 | Hit:+46 | Block:-5 ]

Victor c lk.png

[ Startup:6 | Active:3 | Hit:+9 | Block:+8 | Renda: H:+12 B:+11 ]

Victor c mk.png

[ Startup:10 | Active:2 | Hit:+3 | Block:+2 ]

Victor elec c mk.png
Electric 2.MK

[ Startup:9 | Active:3 | Hit:+8 | Block:-6 ]

Victor c hk.png

[ Startup:14 | Active:2 | Hit:+? | Block:-2 ]

Victor elec c hk.png
Electric 2.HK

[ Startup:14 | Active:4 | Hit:+? | Block:-16 ]

Jumping Normals

Victor j lp.png

[ Startup:9 | Active:5 ]

Victor j mp.png

[ Startup:10 | Active:5 ]

Victor j8 hp.png

[ Startup:9 | Active:5 ]

Victor sends both fists down on his opponent. Must be blocked high. Knockdown on hit.

Victor j9 hp.png

[ Startup:12 | Active:6 ]

Victor j lk.png

[ Startup:6 | Active:5 ]

Victor j mk.png

[ Startup:9 | Active:4 ]

Victor j hk.png

[ Startup:15 | Active:2 ]

Command Normals

Pursuit Attack

Victor jumps forward and punches down twice before jumping away again. Not useful on whiff to close distance, and very hard to hit with unless you use Giga Burn. You want to ES this at every opportunity.

Throws & Command Throws

Victor normal throw.png
Normal Throw (MP)

[ Startup:X | Active:X | Hit:+X ]

Victor grabs his opponent and crushes them in his palms. This version causes a reset regardless if the opponent techs the throw or not, giving Victor an opportunity for a meaty mixup.

Victor normal throw.png
Normal Throw (HP)

[ Startup:X | Active:X | Hit:-X ]

Victor grabs his opponent and beats them senseless with his jaw. Deals more damage, but also allows the opponent to ground tech which may or may not sacrifice okizeme options, depending on the character.

Victor normal throw.png
Normal Throw (MK or HK)

[ Startup:X | Active:X | Hit:+X ]

Victor tosses his opponent with his butt cheeks. Use this to switch places with your opponent or if every one of your P throws is being teched.

Victor air throw.png
Air Throw (MP or HP)

[ Startup:X | Active:X | Hit:+X | Block:+X | Renda: H:+X B:+X ]

Victor throws his opponent to the ground. A great throw to use by accident especially when fighting air-to-air with j.MP

Graviton Knuckle (throw followup) – 28P

[ Startup:X | Active:X | Hit:-X | Block:-X ]

Use during Victor's P throws. You must input the command before Victor starts hitting his opponent. It deals more damage than the throw normally would, but sets your opponent a fair distance away afterwards. Can be teched to avoid the knockdown but damage won't be reduced, so this is an effective way to get some guaranteed damage when you grab your opponent.

Victor cmd throw.png
Giga Shock (throw) - 236K (close)

[ Startup:X | Active:X | Hit:+X | Block:+X | Renda: H:+X B:+X ]

Mash kicks to deal additional hits. Not especially useful. Giga Spike or P throw into Graviton Knuckle will deal more guaranteed damage.

Victor cmd throw.png
Giga Spike (throw) - 360P (close)

[ Startup:X | Active:X | Hit:-X | Block:-X ]

Great damage. You want to hit with this. Once your opponent is afraid of this move you can get easy anti-air hits on them.

Victor 720 throw.png
Gerdenheim 3 (throw) - 720KK

[ Startup:X | Active:X | Hit:+X ]

EX Move, costs 1 meter to use. 720 motion means you will either have to buffer this from a normal or a jump in. Damage is incredible, so try to learn the setups for this move.

Victor darkforce throw.png
Darkforce Throw

[ Startup:X | Active:X ]

Special Moves

Giga Stake (overhead) – [2]8P:

A great tool to hit with from across the screen, and the slow startup looks almost identical to his pursuit attack. Use it if you think your knocked down opponent is going to tech backwards to catch them. Avoid using it up close as the move only hits where his fists are.
  • (LP Version):
  • (MP Version):
  • (HP Version):
  • (ES Version):

Giga Forehead (rush) – [4]6P:

This move will lose you games. Will hit once in a blue moon as a surprise anti-air but that will usually be the ES version. It deals a hefty amount of chip damage but Gyro Crush is probably better used in that situation. ES version can combo from c.LK x2 or c.LP x2 and deal a fair amount of damage.
  • (LP Version):
  • (MP Version):
  • (HP Version):
  • (ES Version):

Giga Burn (diagonal) – 623K (GC):

Fairly quick move compared to Victor's normals, has moderate recovery time if it misses. One of Victor's more useful special move. Anti-air and guard cancels are obvious uses, but since this move is fast you can use it to shorten gaps after a knockdown while building meter. At close range you can use it to beat out some pokes and jumping attempts. It's also a very useful move to start guessing game, for example getting it blocked in the corner open a tricky 50/50 game where you either go for a throw or beat the jump-out attempt with an electrified normal. Whiffing it on crouching opponent is also useful against players with slow reaction, you can throw them very easily when it recovers.
  • (LK Version):
  • (MK Version):
  • (HK Version):
  • (ES Version): Deals three hits. You can combo a HP Gyro Crush after this, timing is strict though.

Gyro Crush (lariat) – 214P:

The Gyro Crush will cancel out projectiles it comes into contact with. Use L and R to control Victor's position during it. Be wary, low attacks will go under this and hit you.
  • (LP Version): You can throw this out randomly at almost no cost to you. It will stop some jump-ins and allow you to effectively walk through fireball spams.
  • (MP Version):
  • (HP Version): On block you can maneuver yourself out of range of most punishes, deals a good amount of chip damage and can be used to finish people off.
  • (ES Version): You can follow up this move with a HP Gyro Crush or another ES Gyro Crush for more damage. Timing is strict.

Minimum Step (hop) - 2KKK:

A command hop. It's not really useful, it has about the same speed and travel distance as a normal jump. The low jump angle isn't an advantage either, and remember you can neither airblock nor attack during this. You can do some funky mixup by canceling a normal into this if you want to.

Taunt - Start:

Taunts are technically a special move and two of Victor's four taunts work as an attack: the bird that comes out of his head, and the booger he picks out of his nose. His taunts are randomized with an equal 25% chance of getting any of the four. His butt-shake taunt does not work as an attack, but it is randomized so he'll wag his behind 2, 3 or 4 times.

EX Moves

Thunder Break (ground slam) - [2]8KK:

Victor jumps up and slams the ground causing electricity to travel on the ground in both directions. In addition to dealing damage with the impact and the electricity, Victor can sometimes knock people out of the air when they try to jump in. Horrid move, the damage is strangely low, can be beat out easily and can't be comboed into, not to mention how unsafe it is on block.

Gerdenheim 3 - 720KK

See info in the Throws section up above.

Dark Force

Great Gerdenheim - Same strength P + K:

Victor gains increased armor and speed.
  • (L/M Version):

Victor loses his standing LP, MP, and HP moves which become untechable command grabs.

  • (H Version):

Victor's standing normals become their close range version and always come packed with electricity.


  • 5LP c.LK LP xx 214PP 214PP
Double Lariat combo.
  • j.LP-j.LK, 5LP-5MP-(5HP)
Two-hit jump-in combo. Condition with j.HP, 2LK, and this two-hit combo can hit those switching to crouch block too soon. End in any knockdown chain.
  • 623K, 8PP
DP into pursuit combo. Victor can have trouble using his meter safely, so the ES pursuit can be used to burn extra meter. Do not attempt to pursuit after a knockdown in the corner, as it will whiff.


Offense Victor doesn't have the insane mixups of Sasquatch or Zabel. Victor does have a fair amount of priority in his moves though, so he can often out poke others leading to a combo.

His choice for a combo starter is usually LP, cr.LP, cr.LK, MP. These come out fast, have good priority and have good combo potential.

His jumpin should be j.HP.

For antiair use cr.HP.

All other pokes have their use, but the above are what you'll probably use the most.

Forcing the opponent to stay defensive then go for a mixup is another part of Victor's offensive game. Victor can create several situations where he's at frame advantage :

Blocked j.HP

Blocked weak pokes (LP, LK etc)

Knockdown (grab, sweep)

Reset (MP throw, anti air with ground normal - preferring the electrified version for even more advantage)

Victor's high/low mixup involves getting to jump distance, do a jump in j.LP then either :

Do a j.HP which must be blocked high

Or whiff the j.HP by doing it a little close to the ground, then cr.LK which must be blocked low

Up close Victor can also add grab to his mixup to counter overly defensive players.

Victor can also lock down an opponent in the corner using his weak pokes to create frame advantage then dash in and repeat attacking.

Grab setups :

Blocked/whiffed Giga Burn, grab

Empty jumpin/whiffed jumpin, grab

Knock opponent down next to you, Giga Burn crossup when they wakeup, grab

Reset, dash in grab

Blocked j.HP/LP/LK etc dash/walk in grab

Corner opponent, knock down. Stand at opponent's roll distance and wait for them to roll out then grab. This is also a great 720 setup, just wait for the opponent to roll to you, buffer 360 in a whiffed LK, then do another 360 + K when they stands up.

Victor Memos

  • Character highlights from Twitter
  • Video composite of some links, Strategies & Throw Setups
  • Against MO & LI, from Midscreen, it's very reliable to connect with ->, Renda xx ES-Gyro, ES-Gyro, HP-Gyro
  • Victor's Taunt - Bird or Booger - does 1 damage, Air Unblock, Special Finish KO & does not knockdown.
  • In Dark Force, you can chain into a punch, causing a grab. This will beat Super Armor!
  • Meaty st.[mk] is so advantageous that Victor can LINK J.hp. Not an ideal combo, just an example.
  • Thunder break has air UB frames, early in the startup. The opponent can enter proximity block & still get hit!
  • While in Dark Force (possessed state?) Victor's dashing frames are much better, such that links is a viable combo/offense option.
  • Corner reset x walk-thru x low reset
  • Es-Mega Stake LINK ES-Giga Burn
  • 1998 Combo Video
  • Getting hit out of 360 leaves opponent in a Juggle-state

Victor Bugs

  • Turn-Around x 720
Vic's 720 hits behind has more priority than turn-around frames. It's possible to backwards grab with a 720.
  • Turn-Around x Giga Forehead Head Rush
  • Unblock ES-Guard Cancel Frames
See The first chart here - Victor is at frame# 07

Notable Japan Players

Japanese Player Index:

Name (English) Name (Japanese) Color Location Contact Notes
Oboro オボロ KK Victorl color kk small.png Kansai Mega Offense
Kame カメ (Sometimes 亀) HK Victorl color hk small.png Kanto Mega Defense
Oshikiri 押切 MP Victorl color mp small.png Kanto Author of the manga "Hi Score Girl".
Tate PP Victorl color pp small.png