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Eko Support Meter Consumption

A simplistic assist who has many direct attacks. Her abilities are highly flexible and can be used to deal with a variety of situations. She doesn't deal much damage with her hits but is quick and has very low costs.

Move List

Support eko 5d.jpg On Hit Damage
- 3
Eko spins and blows out a small heart from her hand. It floats in the air for a moment and can shock the opponent briefly. The heart itself does not hit immediately upon being created. The window to combo from this is extremely small and the opponent has full body invulnerability at the start of the shock animation. If it hits an airborn opponent, it will negate her current trajectory and cause her to freeze in place.

Support eko 6d.jpg On Hit Damage
Air: Knockdown 50
Eko hops forward a short distance and kicks at the opponent's back. A very useful move for extending combos since it not only causes decent hitstun, but pushes the opponent closer to the point character. After the attack, Eko does a slight jump backwards.

Support eko 3d1.jpgSupport eko 3d2.jpg
Support eko 3d3.jpgSupport eko 3d4.jpg
On Hit Damage
Spin 30 (+3 +10 +20)
Eko jumps high into the air and then comes down with a triangle kick followed by a somersault attack when she touches down on the ground. Juggles and allows for combos. It is great for providing cover during an offensive. Its startup is still quite slow.

Support eko 2d1.jpgSupport eko 2d2.jpgSupport eko 2d3.jpg On Hit Damage
Direct Hit: Knockdown 80 > 50
A jumping uppercut shoryuken style. This move hits once and knocks down close grounded opponents, or hits multiple times and knocks down on an airborn opponent. Opponents that are further away on the ground will only be in hitstun for a short bit. It is very quick, but has short horizontal range. After performing the attack, Eko hops backwards once. Can hit even after a Support Counter.

Support eko 4d.jpg On Hit Damage
- -
A normal proxy guard.


Eko goes well with almost every character in the cast. The hitstun on her moves are useful for extending combos naturally and her low cost allows her to fit in even with characters who have poor assist meter regen.

Frame Data

Move Start-up Duration Recovery Total Hitstun Blockstun
5D 57 [40] 15 72 42 41
6D 56 7 105 168 53 42
3D 1st Hit
2nd Hit
67 230 Down 42
2D 13 34 115 162 58 40
4D 1 12 50 63 - -

Vanguard Princess

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