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How to play VP?

To get started, watch this tutorial and basic knowledge video by PPN462 (2011):


  • The game doesn't run.
Placing the VP folder at the base of your hard drive might work.
Make sure the folder has no Japanese characters in its name and that there are no spaces.
The filenames have to be correct, i.e. not a bunch of boxes. Some editions of the game are in Japanese by default. Switch to Japanese locale to fix this. To change your computer's locale to Japanese (no, this does not make EVERYTHING Japanese), you go to Control Panel > Regional > System Locale. It requires a restart to change system locale. Alternatively, you can rename all the files or use AppLocale or NTLEA to run the program in Japanese locale. Select the "Execute by NTLEA" option to do this (this doesn't work on Windows 7 64-bit). An easier way to do this, is to rename the .exe and the .KGT file, it's recommended to change them to "vanpri.exe" and "vanpri.KGT" without quotes, respectively.
  • Netplay doesn't work.
Read this section
  • The game runs slowly.
This happens when the Joystick option is checked in Option > Game but no joystick is connected yet. Either plug in a Joystick or uncheck the option.
  • The game flickers to a point where it is unplayable
This is an issue caused by ATI's CrossfireX. To fix the flickering issue, disable the Windows Sidebar (if you are running Vista), and then access ATI's Catalyst Control Center. Under the Crossfire section, change the Catalyst A.I. option to Standard instead of Advanced. The game should now run without any flickering. Alternatively, if it does not solve the issue (or if there is no option to set the Catalyst A.I., as is the case with customized OEM drivers for laptops), disabling Crossire serves as a temporary solution.


  • Which character should I use?
Read this article
  • How do I enter practice mode?
While in VS mode, select your character and your training dummy. After the match starts, press the F button for player 2, then the F button for player 1. The life bars and super meters will regenerate automatically. Player 1 can hit F during practice mode to instantly fill the assist meter and restore all of Luna's bullets, if chosen. Hitting player 2's F button will exit practice mode.
  • The time still ticks down during practice mode, how do I fix this? / How do I change the round timer?
At the top menu in the window, select Option > Game > then go to the fourth slider (the default option is 60). It goes from 0 to 99, with 0 being infinite time. Alternatively, open your game.ini file and change the value for "Editor.TestPlay.time" to zero.
  • How do I select stages?
At the top menu in the window, select Option > Game > then go to the drop down menu at the top of the window that pops up. Alternatively, open your game.ini and change the value for "Editor.TestPlay.StageNb".
  • How do I change the round options?
At the top menu in the window, select Option > Game > then go to the first slider (the default option is 2)
  • How can I see the hitboxes in-game?
Open your game.ini and change the value for "Editor.TestPlay.HitJudge" to one.
  • The game menu doesn't open for me... how can I change the in game options?
Open the game.ini file located in the same folder as your Vanguard Princess executable, change the options you wish to change and save the file. Alternatively, you can set the executable to Windows 98 compatibility mode to access the game menu.
  • Where do I find people to netplay?, #vp
  • How do I return to the main menu?
Pause(Esc), and then simultaneously hit ABC.
  • What does it mean when the combo counter turns red and displays CARELESSNESS underneath?
This display shows that the combo was techable; that is, the opponent could have airteched in the middle and avoided the followup hits, invalidating the combo.


1 school/statue -- Saki/Haruka

2 pool -- Kurumi/Eri

3 shrine -- Ayane/Kaede

4 ruined city/demolished buildings -- Yui/Lilith

5 base/streets with tanks and soldiers -- Natalia/Luna (Best if you're having FPS issues)

6 rain/grass | Sub-boss and mirror matches

7 boss/space | Final boss Hilda

6 and 7 are currently blacklisted for netplay.

Frame Data


  • The game runs at 100 fps. Because of this, there may be some slight variance in numbers when testing.
  • There might be additional variance caused by multi-hitting moves.
  • If you see a number surrounded by "[ ]" in the Duration column, it means the move lingers even after returning to neutral. In this case, the Recovery column will start when the first frame of the hitbox comes out.

Character Specific:

  • The Recovery on jumping attacks refers to the number of frames the character takes when landing. If a character returns to neutral while in the air, there will be a value in the Total column.
  • If you see a number surrounded by "[ ]" in the On Hit/Block columns, it means the frame advantage couldn't be determined. Therefore, the number represents the length of hit/blockstun instead.

Assist Specific:

  • Start-up is an approximation. The start-up will increase if the assist is between the points where it can act.
  • Due to the way assists work, determining frame advantage isn't feasible. Instead, the frames the opponent is in hitstun and blockstun are listed.
  • The Duration listed for 4D is the minimum the move will last.
Vanguard Princess

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