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Kaede Hioh is an assassin who lives in an underground community. Kaede has no memory of her past, and is "wrapped in an enigma".

Kaede receives a request for an assassination from the government and enters the fight to fulfill it.

Base Health: 900

Guts Threshold: 40%

Guts Factor: 25%

Total Effective Health: 990

Move List


66: Forward run. Running speed: Kaede > Yui > Saki > Eri > Ayane

44: Back-flip. Huge reversal invincibility. First 38F completely invincible, 10F vulnerable recovery.


Kaede throw.jpg Guard Air Guard Support
Throw - No
Damage Hit / Counter Hit Counter Scale
130 or 150 Knockdown 0%
Grabs opponent and throws them immediately in the direction pressed.

Kaede airthrow.jpg Guard Air Guard Support
Throw No No
Damage Hit / Counter Hit Counter Scale
100 Knockdown -
An aerial throw. Ignores damage scaling, so often a good way to end combos.

Normal Moves

Kaede 5a.jpg Guard Air Guard Support
High No Yes
Damage Hit / Counter Hit Counter Scale
37 - / - +20%
Thrusts her palm forwards quickly. Can be used as an anti-air of sorts due to its quick startup and high hitbox.

Kaede 5b.jpg Guard Air Guard Support
Mid No Yes
Damage Hit / Counter Hit Counter Scale
71 - / Butt Plant +20%
Slashes down with both hands on either side of her, leaving a trail. Good anti-air and poke in general.

Kaede 5c.jpg Guard Air Guard Support
High No Yes
Damage Hit / Counter Hit Counter Scale
135 Spin +20%
Moves forwards in a spinning kick. Slow startup, misses crouching opponents. Very slow and laggy, stick to using it as part of combos.

Kaede 2a.jpg Guard Air Guard Support
Low No Yes
Damage Hit / Counter Hit Counter Scale
17 - / - +20%
Quick low kick with forward leg. Recovers quickly enough to chain into itself.

Kaede 2b.jpg Guard Air Guard Support
Low No Yes
Damage Hit / Counter Hit Counter Scale
66 - / Butt Plant +20%
Spins in a knee-high sweep. Along with 5B, these are your mainstay ground pokes.

Kaede 2c.jpg Guard Air Guard Support
Low Yes Yes
Damage Hit / Counter Hit Counter Scale
95 Knockdown 0%
Leans forwards and slashes with her hand. Has some significant startup, but strong and causes knockdown.

Kaede ja.jpg Guard Air Guard Support
High Yes Yes
Damage Hit / Counter Hit Counter Scale
40 - / - +10%
Lifts her front leg up high. Hitbox remains for entire animation. Decent air-to-air attack since it stays out for a while.

Kaede jb.jpg Guard Air Guard Support
High Yes Yes
Damage Hit / Counter Hit Counter Scale
66 - / - +20%
Kicks her leg out in front of her. Has pretty good range making it good in air-to-air situations. Can cross-up.

Kaede jc.jpg Guard Air Guard Support
High Yes Yes
Damage Hit / Counter Hit Counter Scale
79 - / - +20%
Slashes with both hands in front of her, leaving a trail. Overhead. This attack is a good jump-in since it hits downward. Causes spin on air-to-air counterhit.

Command Normals

Kaede 6b.jpg Guard Air Guard Support
High Yes Yes
Damage Hit / Counter Hit Counter Scale
60 - / Butt Plant +20%
Lunges forward with leg outstretched. It is possible to pass over an opponent while they are crouching, thus crossing them up. +1F advantage on block.

Special Moves

j.236+A/B/C (+ A/B/C): Round Moon Kick
Kaede dive1.jpg
Kaede dive2.jpgKaede dive3.jpg
Guard Air Guard Support
High Yes Partial
Damage Hit / Counter Hit Counter Scale
50 +105 Knockdown +20%
Diagonally downwards dive. If the followup is not used, she leaps off of them after one hit only and can immediately use Support when she does so, making it a bit safer. Followup thrusts away for 3 hits, knockdown, and a lot of stun, but is extremely unsafe. As Button strength increases, the dive moves faster and travels farther forward horizontally.

236+A/B/C (Repeat Command): Thunderclap Claw
Kaede claw1.jpgKaede claw2.jpgKaede claw3.jpgKaede claw4.jpg Guard Air Guard Support
Mid No
3rd/4th Hits: Yes
Damage Hit / Counter Hit Counter Scale
A: 52 +49 +125
B: 62 +54 +125
C: 80 +77 +134
- / Butt Plant
3rd/4th Hits: Knockdown
The first two cause Kaede to dash forward and slash, leaving a trail. Button strength determines dash distance. The last hit launches upwards in a flash kick and Hits twice. Large stun damage, and a full Rekka chain will usually take the opponent all the way to the corner. First and last hits are wildly unsafe on block. Second hit is fairly safe on block.

421+A/B/C: Falling Leaves Decapitation
Kaede overclaw.jpg Guard Air Guard Support
Overhead No No
Damage Hit / Counter Hit Counter Scale
A: 92
B: 106
C: 120
- / Spin +35%
Leaps forwards and slashes down with her hand. Button strength determines distance and height of jump.

A Version: Very short height/distance.
B Version: High height but only slightly more distance.
C Version: Low height but very long horizontal distance.

63214+A/B/C: Vaccuum Decapitation
Kaede cross.jpg Guard Air Guard Support
Mid Yes Yes
Damage Hit / Counter Hit Counter Scale
20 +5 +5 - / - +20%
A version: Slashes with both hands, forming a glowing "X" in the air which travels forwards. Three hits on hit, only one on block. If you are too close to the opponent, the attack will not connect at all.
B version: A fake-out version of 63214A. Spark appears then move ends.
C version: Spins backwards and releases a 63214A. Three hits on hit, only one on block. Useful for getting space and zoning at the same time.

22+A/B/C: Flying Wall Assault
Kaede wall1.jpgKaede wall2.jpg Guard Air Guard Support
Mid Yes Yes
Damage Hit / Counter Hit Counter Scale
B: 79
C: 108
- / Butt Plant +35%
Can miss wall if opponent advances.

A version: Leaps backwards onto wall then ends. Aerial moves possible after.
B version: Leaps backwards onto wall then moves diagonally downwards to kick the opponent.
C version: Leaps backwards onto wall then launches forwards in a flying kick at opponent's face. Misses crouching opponents.

Liberty Arts

236+BC: Godspeed Bloodbath
Kaede super2.jpg Guard Air Guard Support
Mid No No
Damage Hit / Counter Hit Counter Scale
254 Knockdown +50%
Dashes forwards and slashes opponent, then follows up with multiple teleport slashes. 42 hits, leaves opponent on ground. Completely ignores damage scaling, so always a good option to end combos with.

214+BC: Climactic Heavenly Destructive Earthquake
Kaede super1a.jpgKaede super1b.jpg Guard Air Guard Support
Overhead Yes No
Damage Hit / Counter Hit Counter Scale
286-422 Knockdown +20%
Jumps forwards and slams hand down on the ground. Can hit aerial opponents, can crossover crouching opponents, overhead, causes launch. Completely invincible until active, so useful as a reversal.


- Kaede has the slowest assist meter gain in the game, but makes up for it with an above average normal moveset. Most of your midscreen battles will be done without an assist (unless you don't believe in saving up). She is versatile with all the assists due to her minimal use with them. Sierra is good for defensive support as well as giving Kaede some decent long range attack ability. Eko/Hilda/Juliet all provide better combo support in different ways. Kanae is useful for trickery and mixups as normal.

- Her best normals are her B moves: 5B for anti-airs or a super fast ground poke, 2B and 6B for good range and footsies, and j.B for air to air. 2A is a good move as it is her only move that can cancel into itself. It's also a nice combo/pressure starter due to its reach.

- Her rekkas can be a good pressure tool, given you stop at the second hit. The first hit of rekka is incredibly heavy on recovery so you must cancel it into the safer second. They cannot be assist cancelled unless you delay the second hit into the third. This is only good for punish gimmicks and advanced combos. A is used for corner pressure, B is for confirms, and C is for long range punishes. One prime example to use C version is against arrow happy Ayane. Kaede seems to duck the arrow and hit Ayane if timed right. Super does a better job of this so use it if you have the meter to blow.

Using her rekkas like this, you need to be very aware of the opponent's assist meter. They WILL counter a blocked rekka string with an assist call if they have the meter for it, and that can be extremely bad in certain situations. IE, Luna blocks the first hit of the rekkas and calls Eko's 2D, which you eat and then lose half your life for.

- Most combos without an assist require rekkas. Learn to take random counter hits (especially off 5B/2B/6B) that trip into super/rekka confirms. This is a very important part of Kaede's damage, and landing CH combos like this puts the enemy just a hair shy of being dizzied. Follow up with a strong mixup to make it stick.

- Rakuyozan (421) is a very ambiguous ground overhead (depending on which button you use) that can easily rack up counter hits. Any ground mixup close enough to the opponent requires this. On counter hit, you can combo into 5C then do whatever. It is very fast and hops over lows.

- Kaede's projectile Shinkuzan (63214) is a good move for corner pressure and good for weak jump ins (C version is since she hops back and does it). You can easily confirm into rekkas from this on hit. B version is a feint, in which she looks like she's doing it, but nothing comes out. Not the best feint in the world but it can trick the opponent a few. Proxy Guarding shuts this move down very easily so be aware of that and act accordingly to it.

- Dive kick is a good jump in overall since it can be assist cancelled. If it whiffs the opponent, it has virtually no recovery so you can proceed your advances.

- Her air throw is very good. It ignores damage scaling so is often a good choice to end combos. And since it has no whiff animation, you will simply get a j.C on a miss.













Damage vs Lilith

Without Assist

5A 5A (72)
2A 2A 2A (48)

CH 5B/2B, 236B->236B->236C (294/289)
CH 6B, 236A->236B->236C (274)
CH 5B/2B/6B, 236B+C (~325)

j.C |> 236A->236B->236C (293)

C, B (202)
C, j.C (211)
C, 236B+C (389)

C, Airthrow (235)
  Must be deep and above to hit from the ground.
  As Anti-air, works very easily.

236C->236B->236C (259)

63214A/C, C ... (vs Standing Only)
63214A/C, 236B->236B->236C (231)

CH 421A, C ...


j.C 6D |> 2A 2A, 236B 236B 236C (305)

3D, 421A/B, 6, C, Airthrow (333)
3D, 421A/B, 236A 236B 236C (356)
3D, 421A/B, 6, C ...
  Can be used to crossup anyone on wakeup, and some while standing.

j.236D~P, C, 236B 236B 236B (312)
j.236D~P, C ...
  Have to be somewhat close for the assist to catch up.

C, 6D~5B, C, Airthrow (402)
C, 6D, j.B, C, 236B 236B 236B (448, Near Corner)

C, 6D~5B, j.B, C, 236B+C (618)
  Midscreen extension. Should work on everyone.

... C, (6D~5B, C)*3 ...
  Corner loops. Easy to do, very strong.

... C, 5D, C, 5B~2D, j.236C->P (532)
  May instant dizzy some characters. Timing after 5D is strict.

C, 5D, C, 6D~5B, C, 5D, C, Airthrow (660)
C, 5D, C, 6D~5B, C, 5D, C, 6D~5B, C, 236B->236B->236C (668, Dizzy)

C, 6D~5B, j.C, C, Airthrow (473, Far from Corner)
C, 6D, j.C, C, 236B 236B 236B (504, Mid)
  Lilith Only, Midscreen extensions.

C, (6D~2C, C)*3, 236B->236B->236C (650)
C, (6D~2C, C)*3, 236B+C (786)
  Lilith only, stronger corner loops.


2B~5D, 5C, Air Throw or 236B+C (309/463)

j.C~5D, C, 3D, 5B, C, Airthrow (488)
  Hit C after the first hit of 3D for best damage.

(Knockdown) 2D or 6D, 421A/B, 236A->236B->236C (275~375)
(Knockdown) 2D or 6D, 421A/B, C, Airthrow or 236B+C (319~568, vs Standing Only)

j.236D~P, 66 5C, Airthrow (261)
j.236D~P, 66 5C, 236B->236B->236C (279, Near Corner, usually)
j.236D~P, 66 5C, 236B+C (415)
j.236D~P, 66 5C, 5D~5C ... (Near Corner)

C~6D, 5B, C, Airthrow (406)

C~3D, 5B, C ... (Close)
C, (5D~5C)*3, Airthrow or 236B+C (605/717, Corner)


6D, 5C, Airthrow (283)
  Need to push yourself slightly deep and above to hit it.

6D, 2A 2A 2A, 5C, Airthrow (296, Close)

6D~ 421A/B, 5B (259)
6D~ 421A/B, 236B+C (463)
  Best range/easiest timing setup, but lowest payoff.

3D~ 421A/B, 236B->236B->236C (354)
3D~ 421A/B, 5C ... (vs standing only)
  Stronger but timing and distance is more restrictive. Easiest to do as a crossup however.

2D~ 421A/B, 236B+C (472)
  Timing is very tight, but slightly more damage.

j.236A, 3D, 66 5C ...

5C Combos

C, 3D, C, Airthrow (390)
C, 3D, C, 236B+C (524)

C, 3D, C, 236B->236B->236C (431)
  May miss some characters at midscreen.

C, 3D~5B, C ...
  Extra damage for 3D combos but requires you to be close.

C, 2D, C, Airthrow (446)
C, 2D, C, 236B+C (620)
  Slightly more range specific and finicky but better damage.

... C, 3D~5B, C ...
... C, j.C~3D |> C ...
  Corner loops. j.C version does a little more damage but less stun.

C, 3D~5B, C, 3D~5B, C, 236B->236B->236C
C, j.C~3D, C, j.C~3D, C, 236B->236B->236C
  Corner loop examples. Super finish works too.

C, 3D, j.B |> C ...
C, 3D~5B, j.B |> C ...
  Midscreen only extensions. Followup rekkas might miss if not somewhat close to the corner.

j.C+5D |> C, j.C~3D, C, j.C~3D, C, 236B+C (772)

CH 5B+5D, 66 5C, 3D~5B, 5C, 3D~5B, j.236CC (606)
  Corner, Guaranteed Dizzy on Lilith, end with combo into air throw or super for best followup.

CH 5B+5D, 66 5C, 3D~5B, 5C, 3D~5B, 236B->236B->236B (?)
  Corner, Guaranteed Dizzy on weaker characters ...

vs Lilith Only

C, 3D+2C, C, Airthrow (452)
C, 3D+2C, C, 236B+C (606)

C, 3D+2C, C, 236B->236B->236C (498)
  Near Corner only

... C, 3D+2C, C ...
  Stronger corner loop

C, 3D+2C, C, 3D+2C, C, 236B->236B->236C (629)
  Corner loop example

C, 2C~3D, j.C |> C ...
  Stronger mid screen extension



C, 6D, 6B, C, Airthrow (434)
C, 6D, 6B, C, 236B+C (598)
C, 6D, 6B, C, 6D, 5C, Airthrow (554)
  Mid, somewhat sketchy in how it hits.

C 3D, 5B, C, Airthrow or 236B+C (478/632)
C 3D, 5B, C 3D, 5B, C, Airthrow or 236B+C (641/743)

(Knockdown) 2D, 421A/B, C, Airthrow (405)
(Knockdown) 2D, 421A/B, C, 236B->236B->236C (436)

5C+5D, 5B, 5C+5D, 5B, Airthrow (517)
5C+5D, 5B, 5C+5D, 5B, C, Airthrow (572)
  Corner, do 5B as late as possible and the following 5C as fast as possible.

63214A/C, 6D, 6B, C ...

Frame Data

Move Start-up Duration Recovery Total On Hit On Block
44 - - - 48 - -
Jump 5 - 2 - - -
Reflect 1 10 29 40 - -
Throw 10 1 31 42 Down -
Air Throw 2 1 - - Down -
5A 2 4 8 14 +4 +5
5B 8 10 15 33 +1 +4
5C 28 4 30 62 Down -1
2A 4 3 12 19 +7 +5
2B 9 7 21 37 0 0
2C 12 5 36 53 Down -10
j.A 2 40 8 - [29] [30]
j.B 8 9 8 - [34] [36]
j.C 16 3 8 - [47] [34]
6B 15 13 22 50 -7 -5
j.236X 14 Landing 4 - Down -12
(j.236X) +X 20 2 26 48 Down -60
236A (1st) 13 3 48 64 -24 -27
236B (1st) 20 4 48 72 -24 -27
236C (1st) 29 4 48 81 -24 -27
+236X (2nd) 19 4 30 - -6 -7
+236X (3rd) 16 26 78 - Down -49
421A 38 3 19 60 +10 +9
421B 34 4 22 60 +10 +9
421C 52 5 18 75 +10 +9
63214A 39 [36] 26 65 [34] [23]
63214B - - - 30 - -
63214C 51 [37] 23 74 [34] [23]
22A - - - 75 - -
22B 67 12 22 101 -7 -1
22C 58 8 16 82 +13 +13
236BC 5 4 53 62 Down -26
214BC 32 18 46 96 Down -32

Vanguard Princess

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