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Kanae Support Meter Consumption

Kanae is a very interesting but costly assist who sports many unblockable moves. These take a while to set up, but can allow for resets and heavy pressure.

Move List

Support kanae 5d1.png
Support kanae 5d2.pngSupport kanae 5d3.png
On Hit Damage
Bomb: Knockdown 25
Bomb: 45 +100
Kanae waves her brush in the air and summons a wash basin that slowly descends to hit the opponent on the head. As far as assist moves go, it's kind of slow but it starts very high up and can be useful for pressure. Occasionally she will summon a bomb which lands and then explodes.

Support kanae 6d.png On Hit Damage
Air: Knockdown 1
Kanae waves her brush in the air and summons a ghost that drifts slowly down at an angle until it disappears completely. Like her 5D, it starts high and will miss most standing opponents. Will whiff crouchers. When the ghost hits it will slowly drain the opponent's special guage. Another great property of this move is that it's unblockable so it can be used to discourage jumps, but it can be reflected. When hitting an airborn opponent, they are stunned until they hit the ground which allows for the move to be used effectively in launcher combos. The ghost disappears if the opponent if thrown. Note: Does have a hitbox. The ghost can be killed by any attack (e.g. Lilith 2C).

Support kanae 3d.png On Hit Damage
Knockdown 1
Kanae draws a manhole right in front of her that stays out for a short time. If hit by it the opponent will fall down and reappear from a portal above the same spot, then fall helplessly to the ground. Another unblockable, it can be escaped by jumping or using an airborn special. Very useful in combos or for resets.

Support kanae 2d.png On Hit Damage
Launch 1 +50
Kanae draws up a white dog on the ground which extends it's jaws and catches the opponent before spitting them out. Like most of Kanae's moves, it has some startup. Like the ghost it is unblockable and excellent for pressure and combos. However, this move has a large blind zone right in front of Kanae, so it's not so useful as a close range attack.

Support kanae 4d.png On Hit Damage
- -
A normal proxy guard.


Kanae can prove very useful to Haruka, Yui, or and any characters who do a lot of their fighting at long range. She also works well with characters who can pressure the opponent into her traps or whose assist meter fills quickly.

Frame Data

Move Start-up Duration Recovery Total Hitstun Blockstun
5D (Basin) 76 [20] 12 88 36 40
5D (Bomb): Drop
31 88 40
6D 57 [178] 27 84 36 -
3D 54 [79] 21 75 Down -
2D 88 4 24 116 Down -
4D 1 16 55 72 - -

Vanguard Princess

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