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Natalia Glinka is an intelligence officer and soldier from an unknown country. She is very religious, obeys orders to the letter, and is always calm and level-headed.

Natalia enters the fight to gather information on numerous disappearances caused by a new weapon.

Base Health: 1000

Guts Threshold: 45%

Guts Factor: 28.2%

Total Effective Health: 1127

Move List


66: Short hop dash. Can actually be used to crossup after knockdown. Evades throws.

44: Short back-dash.


Natalia throw.png Guard Air Guard Support
Throw - No
Damage Hit / Counter Hit Counter Scale
130 Knockdown 0%
Regular throw, knocks down and allows post knockdown crossup in the corner. Very good for setting up mixups.

360° +A/B/C: Rozarion Buster
Natalia 360throw.png Guard Air Guard Support
Throw - No
Damage Hit / Counter Hit Counter Scale
175 (220) Knockdown +20%
Natalia does a throw with a wide grabbing range, doing 175 damage. Does not have instant startup but is still extremely fast. Best used to punish at close range, or as part of a mixup. Press 2 when Natalia slams them on the ground the first time for a second slam, and 45 more damage (220 total). From Light to Strong, Startup increases along with Range while Recovery decreases. In detail:

A Version: 85 Range
B Version: 95 Range
C Version: 108 Range

Normal Moves

Natalia 5a.png Guard Air Guard Support
High No Yes
Damage Hit / Counter Hit Counter Scale
50 - / - +20%
Seig Heil! Really high hitting and a lot of range so it can work as an anti air. Whiffs crouchers entirely. Ticks straight into 360B on hit.

Natalia 5b.png Guard Air Guard Support
Mid No Yes
Damage Hit / Counter Hit Counter Scale
82 - / Butt Plant +20%
Mid range punch, moves Natalia slightly forward and has moderate startup. Generally her best poke. On counterhit, you can go into a combo easily. For example, parry > 5B (butt plant) > 236A.

Natalia 5c.png Guard Air Guard Support
Mid Yes Yes
Damage Hit / Counter Hit Counter Scale
121 - / Spin +20%
Ass attack. Moves Natalia forward and has lower body invincibility on startup. The range isn't that great but it's useful for avoiding grabs and countering lows.

Natalia 2a.png Guard Air Guard Support
Mid Yes Yes
Damage Hit / Counter Hit Counter Scale
25 - / - +20%
Weak little flick of the back of her pilebunker. Doesn't hit low, has poor range and doesn't chain into anything. Not a very good move overall. Ticks straight into 360A on hit.

Natalia 3b.png Guard Air Guard Support
High No Yes
Damage Hit / Counter Hit Counter Scale
91 - / Launch +20%
Anti Air palm strike. Fast and has upper body invulnerability. Whiffs crouchers.

Natalia 2c.png Guard Air Guard Support
Low - Yes
Damage Hit / Counter Hit Counter Scale
70-150 Knockdown +20%
Groundslam that sends out a shockwave. Does less damage at the tip of the shockwave. Not a very good move unless you're using it for forced knockdown. It allows crossups in the corner.

Natalia ja.png Guard Air Guard Support
High Yes Yes
Damage Hit / Counter Hit Counter Scale
43 - / - +10%
Air chop that aims down. Has very poor hitstun but has a lingering hitbox.

Natalia jb.png Guard Air Guard Support
High Yes Yes
Damage Hit / Counter Hit Counter Scale
84 - / - +10%
Stronger air chop that aims down, slower but deals more damage and doesn't have a lingering hitbox. Generally used for jumpins.

Natalia jc.png Guard Air Guard Support
High Yes Yes
Damage Hit / Counter Hit Counter Scale
128 - / - +20%
Midair ass attack. Not too fast and has a small hitbox but can be a decent air to air. Can be used as a jumpin but it needs to hit very deep to do so. Crosses up if the opponent is just barely pulled out of the corner. Spin on air to air counterhit.

Command Normals

Natalia 6a1.pngNatalia 6a2.png Guard Air Guard Support
Mid No Yes
Damage Hit / Counter Hit Counter Scale
45 +24 (2Hits 68) - / - +20%
Two part forward flip move. The first hit is the pile bunker hitting the ground, the second is the forward flip. Frame advantage on hit and block. Ticks straight into 360C on hit. Natalia can be thrown until after the first hit, at which point she counts as in the air.

1B / 3B
Natalia 2b.png Guard Air Guard Support
Low - Yes
Damage Hit / Counter Hit Counter Scale
69 - / Butt Plant +20%
Mid range sweep with some forward momentum. Not as much range or forward momentum as 5B, but significantly faster. You can tick into throw with it on block only.

Special Moves

236+A/B/C: Pilecharge
Natalia pile1.png Guard Air Guard Support
Mid No Yes
Damage Hit / Counter Hit Counter Scale
130 Wall-Bound / Spinning Wall-Bounce +50%
Natalia dashes forward and fires her pilebunker directly forwards. The A version travels the shortest distance while the C version travels the longest. When done up close, this move's startup time is drastically reduced. Her fastest pilebunker attack. Like all the others, it deals a lot of chip damage. Can cancel before the attack with 22. When canceled, Natalia goes immediately to neutral. This move also auto-parries one projectile or assist attack during the initial dash. Untechable midscreen, can be airteched in the corner where it wallbounces.

The 22 input is actually a 2 * 5 * 2 input. This means you need to return to neutral at some point, but other than that you can do whatever you want so long as you input fast enough the buffer does not clear. To cancel a close range pilebunker you can do 236~5~2. To cancel a longer range pilebunker near the opponent, you'll need to press down twice. However if you want to do a long range pilecharge into 360 you can do 236~5~4268 and the down input from the 360 will cancel the attack.

214+A/B/C: Ground Pilecharge
Natalia pile2.png Guard Air Guard Support
Low - Yes
Damage Hit / Counter Hit Counter Scale
100 Spin +50%
Natalia dashes forward just like Pilecharge, but hits low instead. The A version travels the shortest distance while the C version travels the longest. During the dash she has upper-body invulnerability. She can combo after a hit with 5B during the airspin.

421+A/B/C: Leap Pilecharge
Natalia pile3.png Guard Air Guard Support
High Yes Yes
Damage Hit / Counter Hit Counter Scale
120 Launch +50%
A dash followed by a short hop and a downwards blast of the pilebunker. This move is slower than Ground Pilecharge, but it looks like she is using Ground Pilecharge and is overhead instead. Good for mixups. A travels the shortest distance while C travels the furthest. This move also auto-parries one projectile or assist attack during the initial dash. Ground slams on hit, only air techable in the corner. Combos into super or assist midscreen, but linking into super can be difficult. Can also combo into 5B or 236A in certain situations.

BC / 6E: Rising Peach
Natalia butt1.pngNatalia butt2.png Guard Air Guard Support
Mid No -> Yes No
Damage Hit / Counter Hit Counter Scale
100 +31 (2Hits 130) Knockdown +20%
Natalia uses her butt and launches up in the air at her opponent, it's like a more powerful version of 5C. Does heavy calcium damage and chip but is very unsafe on block. Because only the first hit is air unblockable, it is not actually that useful as an anti-air. Upper-body invulnerability on startup.

Liberty Arts

236+BC: Assault Pileheaven
Natalia super1.pngNatalia super2.pngNatalia super3.png Guard Air Guard Support
Low -> Low -> Mid No Yes
Damage Hit / Counter Hit Counter Scale
5 +10 +275 (3Hits 262) Wall-Bound +20%
Natalia thrusts forward with her pilebunker 3 times. It does a lot of damage and assists can be used at any time during it's activation. Also worthy of note is that Natalia is completely invulnerable during the initial dash, making it an alright reversal, though it can trade with very long duration attacks. Several ways to combo into this super as well, best damage is off a counterhit where an assist isn't needed. You can cancel the last hit from coming out with 22 just like you would a 236X.


Natalia strong points lie in her very powerful mixup, as well as good chip and calcium damage. Every time you score a knockdown you can subject your opponent to a 2-3 way mixup that is almost completely in your favor. She can also ignore some projectiles and assists with her pilebunker attacks which will not only go through but dissipate projectiles and assist moves. Even in non-okizeme situations her mixup capability is quite strong, she is definitely a character adept at breaking open defenses.

Natalia's best assist is without a doubt Sierra, who in addition to having the basic uses most assists have, has a very important tool for Natalia: 6D. Natalia is often moving forward very fast, and outside of the corner you will find any other assist move to be pretty much useless. 6D is vital in not only compensating for Natalia's weakness in neutral game, but also plays a key role in her okizeme and combos.

However, Natalia does have a fairly large weakness. At first her normals seem good and she has a good variety of them, but several other characters in Vanguard Princess have much better normals and will make her feel a lot of pain at neutral. Pilecharges are not normally an effective approach on their own, and assist cover isn't free so it's obvious that Natalia has to do something to get in so she can start her mixups. Generally she has to play it carefully and make use of both assists and her very good anti-airs until a good chance shows up.

Okizeme and Mixups

Pilecharge Mixups:

Knockdown > ...
Time 6D to hit meaty >
214C (Low, Neutral / + on block)
421C (High, Neutral / - on block)
236C 22 > ...
360C Tick throw off 6D, or 360 during Proxy Guard
6A or some other poke and continue with a blockstring or some other mixup

Activate 6D right after the activation of a pilecharge > ...
236C 22 360C before 6D hit
236C 22 2B etc...
214C > 5B > 6D (hit) > 236C (Low, stronger combo options on success)
421C > 6D (hit) > 236C (High, strong combo options on success)

  • To bait DPs either use a meaty 6D setup where you delay the pilecharge slightly, or use 236C 22 and simply block the DP.

Crossup j.C: In the corner 2C and regular throw create a situation where j.C can crossup. This is a very situational, but strong mixup.

2C / Throw > walk forward slightly (do not push into corner) > 6D > j.9 > deep j.C (crossup) > 236A

  • Corner crossup into a midscreen pilecharge setup.

2C / Throw > walk forward slightly more (pushes into corner) > 6D > j.9 > deep j.C (does not cross up) > 2C

  • Resets back into corner crossup situation.

A more advanced version of the previous combo is also possible, and should work on most characters. ...j.C > 6D hit > walk forward 6A > 5A+5D > 2C

On either of these setups you can do the j.C slightly early, causing it to whiff. Then you can go straight into a 360A tick throw or 2B/2C for a low option. All these taken into account this is effectively a 4 way mixup with the option of tick throwing.

Body Hop

Natalia can dash after any knockdown where she is close enough. Set up anywhere off 2C or a regular throw, or situational distances near the corner. You dash over and meaty 5D them with Sierra assist or something similar and go into a combo with a 236C or 214C. 6A can also be used to hop over corpses..


Generally speaking Natalia has good matchups against characters who need to rely on projectiles, and bad matchups against characters with high speed / range on their normals. Anyone else is generally pretty fair game for anyone.

Yui: Her normals are 1000x better than Natalia's, and her shoulder charge is faster and more safe than pilecharge. Her overhead is quick and completely safe unless you can shield it, and all her attacks have huge range. Definitely not in Natalia's favor. Block patiently as best as you can and shield your way out of her slower attacks if you're able to. When you win in this matchup, it's going to be because of Natalia's okizeme. Save your super for guaranteed situations if you can because you need the damage.


Lilith: She can grab Natalia out of any of her pilecharges, so you have to limit your mixup options in order to stay safe. Completely unable to use pilecharge as an approach because of her throw, so Natalia has to rely a lot on her normals which are mediocre/average. Not falling for DDT/dashing throw/loli elbow drop/headbutt is key to not getting lamed out. Block or parry the elbow and headbutt to punish. Duck DDT and punish. Just 1B counterhit the dashing throw. Once you get Lilith in block stun you might be able to go for some safe mixups. Don't bother trying to tick throw; the risk-reward is not in Natalia's favor. At least minor disadvantage overall because even if Natalia is able to react very consistently, a well timed grab beats everything she has except for 5C, which is punishable by grab on block.

Luna: Major advantage, Luna has a hard time getting you to even block her fullscreen shots, and when you do you can always just use proxy guard. She ends up needing to rely completely on her jumping shots attack as well as her other moves which are capable of avoiding attacks up close. Risk-reward is almost never in her favor. Matchup is slightly less advantageous for Natalia now because her pilebunker's auto-parry dropped from absorbing two projectiles to only one.


Saki: This matchup is slightly better than against Yui, but still not very good for Natalia. Saki's normals are shorter than Yui's but still cause Natalia trouble. Also, forget about Saki's DP, just her teleports will screw up Natalia's okizeme, which she really needs. Dive kicks, multi-hitting axe kicks, and lows with assist confirms means Saki has a decent mixup game of her own. Thankfully, Saki does not have much going for her at mid- or long-range, so this is a matchup where assists other than Sierra can be useful.




Ayane: Average advantage, Ayane's 236A arrows are pretty useless against Natalia. However her 214A arrows can still trade even if she is punished for them, and she has a lot of very high speed pokes which can catch Natalia off guard if you get overzealous. Pilecharge approach and assist cover are game winners in this matchup, don't try to press her with your poking game too hard.


Without Assist

j.B > 5A / 2A / 1/3B (15%) / 2B (17%-20%)

DEEP j.C > 236A (20%-28%) / 236B+C (38%-44%)

6A > 5A / 2A
   1/3B connects if the second hit of 6A hits Meaty

214X > 5A (14%-18%) / 5B (15%-20%)

CLOSE 421X > 5B (21%) / 236X (24%-27%)
   5B does not work when opponite is cornered.
   236X combo only works when Natalia's back is in the corner

CORNER 421X > 5A

CH 5C > 236X (22%-30%)

CH air-to-air j.C > land > 236X (28%-37%)

CH 2B > 236X (22%-26%)

CH CLOSE 1/3B > 6A / B+C (23%-28%)
   B+C does not work on Lilith

CH 1/3B > 2C (25%-27%) / 236X (20%-23%) / 236B+C (33%-40%)

CH 5B > 5B (18%-20%) / 236X (20%-24%) / 236B+C (33%-40%)


5B/C +6D > 214C > 5B

5B/C +6D > 236B+C > late 2D(2 hits, in corner) > 236A

Corner: 236A > 6D/2D > 236C

214X > 6D > 236A / late j.B > 236C

421X > 6D > 236A / late j.B > 236C


5B~5D / 5A+D > 236A / 236B+C

5A+D / 2B~5D > 214C > 5B

214A > 5D > 236C

421A > 5D > 236C

6D > 214C > 421C > 236C

421C > 6D > 421C > 236C

214C > 6D > 5A > 421C > 236C

421C > 2D > 421C > 236C

2D~214C > 421C > 236C

6D > j.C > j.C > 236B+C / 236C / assist combo

CH 5C > 6D > 5B > 236C

CH j.C > 236C / 421C

high CH j.C~6D > 421C > 236C

Corner: 6A > 2B~5D / 5A+5D > 236C / 236B+C

Corner: 5C / 5B > 3D > deep j.C > B+C

Corner: CH 236C > 6D > 5A > 236C

Corner: xx > 236B+C > 6D (activated on first hit) > 236A

Corner: xx > 236B+C > 3D (activated 2nd hit) > j.C (after 2 hits of 3D)


5A+D > 236C / 236B+C

214C > 6D > 421C (hit right after 6D lands) > 236C

421C > 6D > 421C (hit right after 6D lands) > 236C

214C > 3D > 421C > 236C

421C > 3D > 421C > 236C

Corner: 5C~3D > j.C > 236C / 236B+C

Corner: 236B+C > 2D


214C > 5D > 236C

421C > 5D > 236C

6D > 214C > 236C

421C > 6D > 421C > 236C

3D > 421C > 6D > 421C > 236C

214C > 2D > 421C > 236C

421C > 2D > 421C > 236C

214C > 2D > 421C > 6D > 236C


5D > 214C > 421C > 236C

5D~421C > 421C > 236C

6D~5B > 421C > 236C

  • The 5B has to push the opponent into the second hit of the 6D.

3C+D > 421C > 236C

2D > 2C > 421C > 236C

214C > 2D > 5B > 421C > 236C
421C > 2D > 421C > 236C

  • Can use 3D instead of 2D if close.

Frame Data

Move Start-up Duration Recovery Total On Hit On Block
44 - - - 33 - -
66 - - - 38 - -
Jump 12 - 2 - - -
Reflect 1 8 30 39 - -
Throw 7 1 34 42 Down -
360A 13 1 33 47 Down -
360B 15 1 22 38 Down -
360C 17 1 19 37 Down -
5A 5 4 15 24 0 -3
5B 13 10 18 41 0 -2
5C 26 12 24 62 -5 -5
2A 5 5 11 21 +4 +4
2B 8 9 15 32 +1 -
2C 18 14 33 65 Down -17
j.A 8 17 7 - [29] [30]
j.B 16 2 8 - [35] [32]
j.C 13 4 8 - [47] [49]
6A: 1st hit
2nd hit
11 79 +11 +11
1B / 3B 7 5 20 32 +4 +4
236A 29 3 75 107 Down -34
236B 38 3 75 116 Down -34
236C 45 3 75 123 Down -34
214A 38 5 37 80 Down +4
214B 50 5 37 92 Down +4
214C 62 5 37 104 Down +4
421A 45 2 34 81 Down +7
421B 58 2 34 94 Down +7
421C 68 2 34 104 Down +7
BC 23 18 62 103 Down -42
236BC 14 64 61 139 Down -22

Vanguard Princess

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