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What is LilithPort?

LilithPort is a Japanese netplay client based on Lunaport, with improved netplay and integrated chat. Because of this, LilithPort is preferred over Lunaport. LilithPort is built around a "server" system, where one player creates a server room and all other players can use that server for matchmaking.

Note: The English LilithPort is NOT backwards compatible with the Japanese version of LilithPort, due to IP Encryption generating different strings.

How do I start using LilithPort?

The first time that you run LilithPort and see the "Startup" dialog, you must set the following settings:

  • The open port (usually 7500)
  • Your nickname and tagline (Options tab) <- Important!

Then, press "Cancel". LilithPort will ask you for the path to the VP executable (if you have not set it already). At this point, set the following settings:

  • The path to the VP executable
  • The path to your replays folder
  • The notification sounds (a notify.wav is included in the VP downloads on the main page)
  • Max. Stage # (must be 5)
  • Random Stage (must be 0)
  • # of Rounds (must be 2)
  • Game timer (must be 60, otherwise desyncs will occur)
  • Game title bar (Recommended settings: check "Nickname", "Number of games played", and "Framerate")

Note: These settings are intended for Vanguard Princess only. They may not work with other Fighter Maker games.

Now what?

First, you must join or create a server.

To create a server: Select "Server" in the Mode tab, use the textbox to give it a name, and hit "OK". Make sure the ports you are using are forwarded properly or no one will be able to connect. You can also go to the "Welcome Message" tab to create a message that everyone who joins the server will see upon connecting.

To connect to an already existing server: The server host will tell you either his IP, or his server code. The server code is an "encrypted" IP that is used to connect to the server, obtained via the "Encrypt IP" tab in the connection dialog.

  • Select either "Host" or "Client" in the Mode tab of the connection dialog. Choose "Host" if you have forwarded the appropriate ports. Choose "Client" if you have not forwarded them.
  • Then, put the address into the "destination IP" box. This can be an IP address, a server code, or a domain name.
  • Press "OK". You will enter the server. If you can't connect, you may have to check or uncheck the DNS box that is under the "destination IP" box before you attempt to connect.

To play games in a server: Select someone's username by clicking on it, then right-click and select "Challenge". This will launch the game for both players. Keep in mind that two Clients cannot play each other (because neither player has forwarded their ports), so at least one of the two participants must be a Host or the Server creator. Hosts have blue names and Clients have black names by default.

When you wish to stop playing, simply close the Vanguard Princess window. You do not need to close LilithPort.

Available Servers

  • French/EU Server

【Server Name】:

【Port Number】: 7500

【MTVer】: LilithPort (English)

【Opening Hours】: Throughout most days

【Max Connections】: 50

【Other】: Welcoming players of all skill levels


Can I launch Vanguard Princess from LilithPort without playing against someone?

Yes! Type /game to launch VP. (/help gives a list of other useful chat commands.)

How do I save replays?

In the Options menu, check "Save replays". This option is turned off by default.

No one in the server is free to play!

You may ask other people from IRC or your own friends to play you. Everyone can join the server.

It keeps saying "too late to spectate".

You must begin spectating someone before they start playing. You cannot join halfway through a game. You can begin spectating a user at any time that they are "available", and spectating automatically begins (VP will launch) when they enter a game.

I want to idle but people keep challenging me!

Type /rest to enter the "resting" state. When resting, you may still talk, but other players cannot challenge you. Type /rest again to exit the resting state.

It keeps dropping the connection to my opponent!

"Connection to opponent too unstable." is an indicator that either the two players are too far away, or one of them has really, really bad internet. LilithPort automatically rejects connections that are too poor, so avoid torrenting or using a wireless network when playing VP.

The game plays slowly even though it's fine offline.

Generally, this means that one player is either too far away or has too poor of an internet connection. However, this can sometimes result from an incorrect delay setting. Delay should be set to "Auto" by default, and this option is fine (most of the time). If you want to set a predetermined delay, the Challenger must set it in his LilithPort options. The delay setting of the person being challenged does not matter.

Known Bugs

It says my port is in use even though I forwarded it.

Only one application can use port 7500 at any given time. If you have other casters or games open that happen to use port 7500, they must be closed before you can use LilithPort as a host or server.

It crashes when I open it.

Some users are unable to open LilithPort. If this is the case, please attempt the following:
  • Move LilithPort to a folder where it has write permissions
  • Run LilithPort as an administrator (This should not be necessary if LilithPort is placed in a folder that it has write permissions in)
  • Create an exception for LilithPort in your antivirus and firewall
  • Install Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Environment 2010 (x86)
If none of these steps resolve the issue, please report it at #vp @

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