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Sierra Support Meter Consumption

Sierra is a fairly slow but useful assist. Her moves provide excellent cover and combo opportunities and go as far as full screen and last for a good duration. She has average damage dealing ability.

Move List

Support shiera 5d.png On Hit Damage
- 25
A very quick and simple hit with her little sword. It doesn't have much range or damage but it has decent stun. Excellent for applying pressure and extending combos.

Support shiera 6d.png On Hit Damage
- 8 * 4 (4Hits 31)
Sierra takes out her gun and aims to the front before firing 4 bullets. The attack has some startup but the bullets travel most of the stage instantly and combo for low damage, keeping the opponent in hitstun for a long time. Excellent for cover or for combos. Has a small blind-spot right where her gun is.

Support shiera 3d1.pngSupport shiera 3d2.pngSupport shiera 3d3.png On Hit Damage
Direct Hit: Small Launch 22 * 3
Sierra activates her special shield and floats in place until it deactivates, advancing forwards slowly. This move has a much faster startup than her 6D or 2D and stays active for a very long time. On a direct hit, it knocks the opponent slightly into the air and allows them to be combo'd. Otherwise, it pushes a grounded opponent back with some hitstun.

Support shiera 2d.png On Hit Damage
- 40 * n
Sierra flies into the air and rains missiles down on the stage. Can hit 3 times for decent damage and can be used in a similar manner to 6D. Can hit even after a Support Counter.

Support shiera 4d.png On Hit Damage
- -
A normal proxy guard.


Her full-screen dominance goes well with any character who needs to control space to get in. She also works well with Natalia and Kaede who travel large distances quickly and characters who can combo well at close range. Overall a very versatile assist.

Frame Data

Move Start-up Duration Recovery Total Hitstun Blockstun
5D 28 7 42 77 41 40
6D 102 44 32 178 39 41
3D 33 167 42 242 56 43
2D: 1st Barrage
2nd Barrage
20 172 49 37
4D 1 12 55 68 - -

Vanguard Princess

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