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SGV-417-I Angelan


Virtuaroid that fires anomalous attacks such as highly tracking dragons and ice bullets that freeze opponents.
It is characterized by its ability to act continuously with no gaps after a dash attack.
Has high-performance V-Armor which can repel many attacks. However the unit has low durability, so even the slightest mistake can lead to heavy damage. Maintaining an evasive combat style is central.

Character Traits

See Notation / Character Descriptions

Strengths Weaknesses
  • High air mobility. Especially jump mobility.
  • Dash attacks do not slow movement during recovery.
  • Instant startup laser for sniping and self-defense.
  • Can summon a shield in place which blocks basic projectile types.
  • Delayed projectiles with heavy homing force pressure in neutral game.
  • Horizontal spread attack.
  • Has high V-Armor: deflects many attacks at range until armor is destroyed.
  • ! Extremely high walking & jumping mobility with advanced ‘rowing’ movement.
  • ? Attacks like RTCW dragons and RTLW have heavy homing and damage forming a trap against beginners.
  • Pixie character, low health. Can die from a couple mistakes.
  • Some extremely bad matchups that make most of your strengths disappear.
  • Basic attacks / fundemental tools dont have strong homing or speed.
  • Advanced movement involves very straining inputs (constantly bufferable mashing).
  • Eventually forced to play for timeouts constantly as other tools are weaker. Hard to recover from health deficit.
  • Poor rotation control while on the ground.
  • ! High reliance on aimed laser sniping once opponent knows how to deal with more gimmicky tools.

Commonly Used Attacks

See Notation / Common Attack Descriptions

Neutral projectile attacks

cRW / RW
cLW / LW
cCW / CW

Movement check, Chip
Snipe, Chip, Prediction, Instant with 0 recovery
Pressure, Chip
Erase (Shield)
Pressure, High damage
Pressure, High damage
Prediction, Freeze (special stun)

Ground dash attacks

GD8: RW / cRW
GD6/4/3/1: CW
GD2: cLW

Pressure, Chip
Anti-melee, Chip

Air dash attacks

AD9/7: LW
AD3/1: CW

Punish, Anti-jump

Pressure, delayed timing

Jumping attacks


Pressure, High damage
Pressure, High damage
Chip, Runaway
Prediction, Freeze (special stun)

Special attacks

Angel mode (crouch + Special)

Comeback tool, Mobility++, Lifedrain melee

Melee attacks

LW melee
RTCW melee
Dashing CW melee

Very fast startup, hits air
High damage,OTG,Lifedrain during Angelmode
Fast startup, High damage, OTG
Delayed anti-melee


General gameplan

Matchup strategy

Angelan / Matchups

Advanced Techniques

RW landing recovery cancel

Landing recovery can be cancelled by firing RW or other projectile. A common technique is to perform this using LTRW laser or LTCW shield.

LAN dash

Universal technique but central to Angelan play.
Input: Perform a horizontal airdash, rotate to the matching side and hold crouch. Keep holding crouch and cancel the dash by pushing a turbo button (hold it to gain additional turbo rotation during fall)

You turn rapidly in midair while staying mobile, and can quickly strafe to a side and prepare an aimed attack. For example a laser.
Central technique for aiming angelans LTRW laser.

Jumping turbo attacks while moving

Universal technique but central to Angelan play.
Input: While rising in a jump buffer a normal jump attack. Then input a turbo attack before the 'normal' attack begins.
Turbo input will no longer cause an air dash and the turbo attack comes out.

Slide cancel route

cLW or sliding cLW can be cancelled immediately into a sliding cRW.

Angelan high speed movement - rowing mashing type

See Advanced Techniques / Rowing for more info
Angelan has a unique type of high speed movement that was more common in previous versions of VOOT.
Input: Mash between movement direction 6 and 3 (or 4 and 1) constantly.

Angelan will accumulate acceleration and eventually get very high speed. Can be maintained in the air and acceleration can be buffered in during any animation! Can be maintained during non turbo or dashing attacks. Current acceleration can be stored and maintained by holding crouch input.
This is a central technique to Angelan and awkward to execute. But it’s not absolutely required so avoid it if the inputs are getting in the way.

High speed movement - 6-9 button lock variant

See Advanced Techniques / Rowing for more info
Input: Move to direction 6, then 9 and immediately hold crouch. Same for left side directions 4->7.

You will move much faster on the ground and in the air in a forwards diagonal direction until crouch is released.
Can be performed in various situations: Walking on the ground, starting a crouch attack, starting a jump attack (lasts for duration), falling in the air.

Angelan can combine this with her other rowing type for even more speed or to switch air movement directions. Combining these two rowing types tends to switch the direction further to a horizontal direction.
These rowing types can also be combined with rotation, and stored including rotation using crouch input.

cCW melee interrupt

cCW melee can be cancelled into quickstep or dash after the first few icicles are formed, removing the recovery. Very difficult timing. Still a slow attack so not very practical.

Additional Resources

External Guides

Frame Data

Rough data collection by Porcupine. Startup frames, duration and forced recovery times. No data on melee attacks.

Notable Players

Angelan / エンジェラン

  • Paffy / ぱひー
  • SoraTsumugi
  • Joe / 姫路JOE
  • Midorino17 / みどりの17
  • Shura Arch
  • Hokkemache

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