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RVR-33 Apharmd S / Striker


Virtuaroid with high power launchers mounted on the right arm and left shoulder. Mobility and defense are average.
Its tracking and cancellation performance are a bit weak, so it becomes required to use napalm to neutralize your opponent's attacks and get into mid-range firefights. Melee attacks using the knife are also strong.

Character Traits

See Notation / Character Descriptions

Strengths Weaknesses
  • High sniping / recovery punish ability with dash CW.
  • Able to set delayed missiles in place for area control.
  • LW Napalm and Grenade explosion variant of CW to defend area and erase enemy attack.
  • Good melee with very fast animations.
  • Very short ground dash cancel recovery.
  • Basic tools are weak apart from some high damage.
  • Low air mobility.
  • Low homing on attacks. Must match opponent movement vectors.
  • Forced to play around opponents weapons and look for big openings.

Unique playstyle with focus on fundementals which can be good for learning the game.

Commonly Used Attacks

See Notation / Common Attack Descriptions

Neutral projectile attacks

cRW / RW
LW / cLW
CW / cCW (half-cancel)
cLTCW [Left half-cancel]
RTCW [Left half-cancel]

Movement check
Movement check, Chip, Erase
Erase, Chip
Armor piercing, High damage, OTG
Chip, Erase, Interrupt, Armor removal
Pressure, Knockdown
High damage, Erase
Erase, High damage
Manual CW gauge reduction (for AD8: CW)

Ground dash attacks

GD8: cRW
GD9/8/7: CW (half-cancel)
GD8: cRW (late)
GD9/7/6/4: cRW (late)
GD8: cLW

Punish, Knockdown
Punish, High damage
Punish, Knockdown, (Fast recovery)
(Fast recovery)
Chip, Erase

Air dash attacks

AD8: CW (gauge below 100%)
AD4/6: LW

Punish, Erase
High damage

Jumping attacks

jLTCW [Left half-cancel]


Special attacks

Air tackle (AD8: CW 100% gauge)
Hyper activation (double jump CW)

Prediction, High damage
Damage reduction, Timeout

Melee attacks

CW melee
RTLW melee
CW dash melee

General purpose
Very fast
Very fast


General gameplan

Matchup strategy

Apharmd S / Matchups

Advanced Techniques

Apharmd S Half-cancels and CW properties

Striker has a variety of half cancels with CW, cLTCW, RTCW etc. Mastering these is central.

For CW and dash CW variants the left side is a heavier type missile projectile. This deals high damage but moves more slowly. The right side is the faster, sniper type projectile. When fired without half-cancels they rarely both connect at once, but there is a chance to get a double hit at close range.

  • Learn to choose which missile to use in each situation.
  • With CW left half cancel by holding the left trigger you can fire three of the heavy missiles.

One very unique tool to Striker is cLTCW left half-cancel. This deploys small missiles in place that will a few seconds later fire at the opponent. Can be used to control areas and restrict the enemies movement.

Apharmd S dash cancel movement

Striker has very little recovery on ground dash cancels. You can use it to throw out neutral attacks in rapid succession.

Things like Attack (cancel) -> Double tap Dash -> Attack are viable.

  • Example 1: cLTLW (single shot) -> Dash -> Dash cancel -> cLTRW (single shot) -> etc.
  • Example 2: cLTCW [Left HC] -> Dash -> Dash cancel -> cLTCW [Left HC] -> etc.

Firing dash cRW late into dash

Common technique with Striker. Let ground dash run ~1.5-2 seconds of its duration, then do dash cRW.

The attack will only fire a single shot, making the attack end very quickly and be much safer to throw out. This means heavy use of Vertical Turn until the given time to avoid getting hit during the dash.

  • The single shot deals the same damage as a full volley in many situations.

Apharmd-series crouch walk

Start walking, then hold the crouch input. You will continue walking with drastically increased speed. Can be combined with walking attacks by inputting crouch after the walking attack has begun.

RTRW Cancel

RTRW has a window during the attack to input normal RW. You can use this to reduce recovery time.

RW can be held to get this window immediately. If you input dash on the first possible frame you can dash from holding RW. Jump input can be done at any time.

Defensive barrier

When behind a wall..
Alternate between firing RTCW [Left half cancel] and cLTLW at a wall. Constantly defend yourself with explosions.

God Launcher

Melee combo
LW or RW melee -> RT horizontal dash (hold RT) -> dash cancel -> RTRW melee

Swallow blade

Melee combo
LW or RW melee -> down quickstep -> GD8:CWCC

Additional Resources

External Guides

Frame Data

Rough data collection by Porcupine. Startup frames, duration and forced recovery times. No data on melee attacks.

Notable Players

Apharmd S / アファームドST

  • Shiningstone
  • yamada / ymd
  • Yoo

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